Drinking And Gambling – A Recipe For Disaster ?

November 12, 2012

An individual’s attitude towards risk can make or break them financially, of that there is no doubt.  Those that rely on their ability to make money solely from gambling or similar (stock markets for example) simply cannot afford to throw caution to the wind on a whim and bet the farm in a bid to increase their wealth.  That would be dumb because the risk so much outweighs the reward it’s unthinkable.  However, when you add drink into the equation things change. There are others who may be not so cautious after a drink or two and decide it’s a great idea to lump on over 3.5 in an Argie B footy game at 4 in the morning only to face ruin 90 minutes later when the game finishes 0-0.  And then there are others still who, tanked up on the the equivalent of racing alcohol (Google it), will risk their mind body and soul and not give a flying fuck for the outcome when they are pissed up, especially when holding a one way ticket to Heathrow linked to an exit visa from the Middle East. Cue another war story…

In 1988 I was seconded from the RAF to British Aerospace in Dhahran to teach Saudi Air Force chaps the finer points of loading assorted weaponry to their shiny new Hawk T65 jet trainer aircraft…except we had no trainees to teach. The year I spent there was one of the best I ever had during my time in the RAF.  Here I was doing a job I loved but with no trainees for the whole time I was there.  It was like being back on the flight line at rain sodden RAF Brawdy in S Wales only with brilliant sunshine the whole year round.  That, plus the fact that everything we as Westerners held sacred was banned…so getting pissed up and going partying was so much more enjoyable because we were getting away with it…in spades.

All good things come to an end eventually, and all too soon, my year in Saudi came to a close. I could have stayed on for another year and had I been single at the time I would have signed on the dotted line in a heartbeat but alas I was married and staying out there a second longer would only have got me a decree nisi which in hindsight would have made 1993 a much better year than it turned out to be as that was the year that, for other reasons, my wife and I divorced.

Weeks prior to my scheduled exit date I had shipped all of my worldly goods back to the UK and only had enough kit to basically go to work and go out on a weekend so packing for my flight home was a breeze…all I had was a sports bag which I intended to carry onto the aircraft rather than stow it in the belly…travelling light was the plan all along.

My flight was scheduled for a ‘weekend’ so it fell on a Thursday as I recall (Thursday and Friday are the Saudi equivalent of Saturday and Sunday).  I spent most of the day flitting from villa to villa (some converted into pubs) saying my goodbyes to the many very good friends I had the pleasure of working drinking and socialising with.  The local hooch, affectionately known as ‘Sid’ (short for Siddiqi, ‘my friend’ in Arabic, because after drinking it everybody is your friend), was the order of the day and let me tell you it takes a fierce hold of you when you least expect it.

During the course of my day of goodbyes several people handed me VHS tapes that they had borrowed from  me at some point in the past, all of which were crammed end to end with porn.  Porn, much like booze, was a kind of currency over there.  If you had either in sufficient quantity you could move mountains.  My own personal porn stash, which numbered in the hundreds of tapes, had already been shipped and these few tapes made up the remainder.  Waving away the words of those wiser than me “You don’t want to get caught in Saudi customs with THAT.” my Sid addled brain decided that it wouldn’t be a problem and bunged them into my sports bag as there was ample room.  Eventually my afternoon of drinking and handshaking and address swapping came to a close and I was on my way.

Cut to the queue at Dhahran International airport and there I was waiting for my ticket to be checked to board the shuttle flight over to Bahrain and my main concern was whether or not they would allow me to board the flight due to being extremely drunk rather than what they might find in my bag if they searched it.  No such worries…the exit visa that accompanied my ticket saw to it that the Saudi official stamped it promptly (no doubt glad to see the back of another debauched Westerner) and onwards I went to the departure gate.

The hop over to Bahrain is short, so much so that just as soon as the aircraft starts to climb it then begins it’s descent…all over in a very short space of time.  So now I’m in Bahrain with around 6 hours to kill before my BA flight whisks me back to Blighty.  The obvious thing to do is to get out of the airport and go bar hopping in the many hotel bars that are in close proximity (Bahrain is an independent state with no stupid drinking laws like Saudi has).  Making my way to exit the airport I must have gone through 4 or 5 different security checkpoints, some manned, some electronic, until I arrived at the final one which appeared to be unmanned.  I could see the taxis outside queueing up to take people to wherever they wanted to go.  I placed my bag on the rollers and walked through yet another electronic doorway and just as I was about to collect my bag an airport official appeared as if from nowhere and began to quiz me.  Where was I going?, where had I come from?, WHAT WAS IN MY BAG ?

Emboldened by drink I fronted him out and answered his questions trying not to appear too fussed when he removed the porn tapes from my bag…

“What are these?”, he asked

“Oh, just a bunch of videos”, I replied

With that he told me to wait and then disappeared into a room with my tapes and quickly reappeared and told me to pick up my bag and follow him.  I was led to a fairly large hallway with a row of chairs placed up against the wall of an office, the door of which was open and traffic in and out was exclusively made up of people wearing police uniforms.  My heart sank.

After what seemed like an age one of the junior coppers came out bearing a tray with a small glass of tea on it and offered it to me.  I was slightly bemused…here I was in a Muslim country where they scribble in black marker pen over any and every picture of any female flesh in every copy of every newspaper and I’m carrying a whole bunch of explicit porn yet I’m being offered hospitality instead of being beaten with a rubber hose prior to being gang raped.

So there I sat and every now and then a brown face would appear from the office doorway and cast a glance my way as if to check out the international porn smuggler they had caught.  When my gaze caught theirs they smiled sheepishly and  ducked back into their sanctum.

Finally I was summoned inside and told to take a seat whereupon the fatter twin of the prison guard in Midnight Express lumbered into the room and sat opposite me.  I swear this man had never seen his feet for decades.  Brandishing one of my tapes he began his interrogation..

“What is this?”, he asked

“It’s a tape”, I cockily replied

During my spell sitting ‘outside the headmasters office’ the drunker part of me decided that I would take a chance on them not having checked the tapes and would front this out no matter what.  What will be will be.

“What is on this tape? Describe it for me.”, came the reply

It was at this point that I noticed they had a whole bank of VHS players sitting on shelves in a room just off the one we were in.  It was 1.01 they’d looked at every tape I had.

“I taped it off the TV.”, I offered

Technically it wasn’t a lie.  Back in the day that’s what you did.  You played the original onto the TV so that you could see what you were pirating.

“What is on the tape?”, he pressed

“Women…”, I answered

“Pornography”, he countered

“Well, yes I suppose so.”, I admitted

I then figured that a change of plan was required and fucking quickly as the deck heavily favoured the house and further gambling on their ineptitude might lead me into trouble, if not the black hole of Calcutta (or it’s equivalent), so I switched my play.  I decided to go with my gut and be honest and forthright.

I pointed out that first of all I was on an exit visa back to the UK so there would be no coming back.  I pointed out that I had just arrived in from Saudi Arabia which is where I got the smut.  The Commandant’s jaw dropped.  I then told him of the drink drugs and debauchery that was commonplace in Saudi and he looked like he was about to pass out.  I told him that these tapes were my personal property that people had given back to me earlier in the day and if he wanted to take them off me then that was fine.  I told him that if he wanted to give them back to me then that would be OK too.  I told him that I wasn’t an international porn peddlar and I wasn’t hell bent on trying to corrupt the people of Bahrain…I was just a guy trying to go home after a year away in a foreign country who happened to have a handful of sex tapes in his bag. Big deal. Your call.

I was sent back out to the chairs outside the office to await the verdict.  There was another western looking chap occupying one of the seats so I sat next to him to find out his story.  He was found with a suitcase full of women’s underwear though he told me (and presumably the cops) that he was a lingerie salesman.  More little glasses of tea arrived which we gratefully accepted.

My chat with the other guy was cut short when I was wheeled back into the office once again and sat opposite my fat tormentor.  He asked me about my flight home, what time it was due off etc so I showed him my ticket and he asked me what my plans were in the meantime.  I told him I was going to go to the hotel bars and waste some time there.  He said that was OK but I had to report to his office upon my return to the airport so I said fine and I was escorted ‘sans videos’ to the taxi area.

After an uneventful tour of Manama’s hotels I dutifully made my way back to the airport’s cop shop and was ushered in to see the fat controller.  He sat opposite me and produced my porn, all shrink wrapped in a Bahrain customs bag bearing the legend “CUSTOMS CHECKED” in red in both English and Arabic.  He pushed the bag across the table to me and basically told me to get out of his sight and had two of his men escort me from his office all the way through every security checkpoint right up to the boarding gate where they remained until I boarded the aircraft.  Several hours and one tremendous hangover later I landed at Heathrow and skipped through customs without a care in the world.  I was home and I still had my smut.

Of course this tale could have ended very differently depending upon a number of factors but I think it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t have happened at all had I been sober at the time the tapes were offered back to me. No way would I have chanced taking them through customs and risk getting caught. While this particular story has a happy ending the outcome could have been very much the opposite.  Don’t drink and gamble folks, you know it makes sense 😉

If You Hate Spammers Then Read This

October 27, 2012

Apart from kiddie porn there’s nothing more odious in the online world than spammers who bombard you with endless bullshit emails advertising all manner of garbage that no-one in their right mind would touch with a 10ft pole.  Thankfully the vast majority of the excrement that finds it’s way through contains at the very least a link through which one can unsubscribe an email address thereby making the spammers aware of the fact that we don’t want them to send us any more unsolicited emails…ever.

In most cases that’s all it takes…click the link and you are redirected to a page with a form on it that you fill in with your email address and, once sent, the emails stop.  Then you have the ‘other’ type of spam email that doesn’t have a link but has instructions on how to stop further mail coming your way…’simply type in the word REMOVE in the subject line and send it to us at  spammer@arsehole.com’.  It would seem that this second approach isn’t as effective as the first one mentioned.

I am currently being plagued with email coming from some tipping operation whose website can be found at www dot maxtips dot info.  I haven’t linked to them as I really don’t want any traffic going from this blog to their site by the way of backlinks.

A while ago on two separate occasions about a week apart I managed to succumb to an email borne virus of some sort that managed to change my Yahoo password and then send a bunch of mixed spam to everyone in my Sent items folder.  There weren’t many recipients as my Yahoo account isn’t my primary email (which is also the reason that there were no mails sent out to my Contacts list as I don’t maintain one in Yahoo).  Since I managed to get that issue sorted out I have since taken the steps of, after each time I send mail, moving the mail from my Sent folder into another custom folder that I created just in case the same thing happens again in the future.  However, I only move the Sent mail out for people I know.  Any replies I send to spammers (to take me off their list) or to the Nigerian 419 scammers (I actually reply to them to see how far I can get for a laugh), or anyone else I consider to be a cunt, I leave in the Sent mail folder so that if there is any re-occurrence of my account getting hijacked then they get all the pills and porn emails.

So, a quick check of my Sent folder reveals that I’ve mailed the above mentioned pricks at Maxtips on 5 separate occasions asking for them to remove me from their list.  They simply ignored my request and kept on sending their crap.  I strongly suspect that the wording I used in my replies to them may have something to do with their not complying with my ever more abusive requests for them to cease and desist.

A bit of research into this ‘company’ reveals that they hide behind a domain privacy registrar thereby shielding the actual real owners and operators from any WHOIS lookups.  I suspect they may have done that after their site got hacked into by a team of Kuwaiti hackers, most notably a Mr.L4iVe and his pals Xrapt0r & Cyb3r-Dz (top work guys :-)).

Now, as far as the quality and quantity of their tips go I can’t say as I’ve never been, nor do I ever intend to be, one of their members.  If you visit the site you’ll see plenty of posts bigging themselves up on their fantastic tipping performances and outrageously massive priced winners but I’ve been around long enough to know that that is the way these people operate.  They’ll make up all sorts of shite to suck in potential subscribers and good luck trying to get your dough back if the first ten horses you get tipped go lame.

Also if they can’t manage a simple fucking request to remove someone from their spam list then that displays an ignorance and arrogance that I would want no part of.  The site in it’s entirety stinks to high heaven.

So, here’s my personal request to anyone reading this and especially all you lot on the BF forums who have a refreshingly brutal way of dealing with spam posters…when you have a minute hop on over to their site and leave them a comment on my behalf….I don’t care what you put…’Please unsubscribe Swearbox’…’Swearbox says fk off’…whatever you like.  It won’t appear immediately, in fact it probably won’t ever appear…it might be that while it says ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ no-one actually bothers to read them but there’s a very good chance someone actually will see that the comments section in the admin panel is full to bursting when they log in to post their next bunch of lies and take a look to see what’s going on.

Oh, and while I’m at it, there are a couple of links at the bottom of this post for Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn…hit those as well why don’t ya and spread the word to those in your own circles that may not read my blog. Even if it’s only for a day help me to piss these guys off as much as they piss me off by continuing to ignore my requests for them to stop sending me their spam.  Thank you in advance to all who go out of their way to assist, and spammers…go fuck yourselves.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  It would appear that someone at maxtips has finally heeded my repeated requests to be removed from their spam list as I haven’t received any mail from them since the day after this post first went public (Oct 28th).  In the words of the old BF forum legend PPKing it is ‘a pleasing result’.

CONCACAF Champions League 2012/2013

October 24, 2012

Santos Laguna won’t be winning this comp…this year.

Just finished watching their dismal performance against Toronto FC and while they came away victorious with a 1-0 win they didn’t give me the impression they were the same outfit that made it to the final last year (losing 3-2 on aggregate to Monterrey).

Toronto actually had at least three very good scoring chances in the first half but they don’t possess natural born goalscorers so they failed to capitalise.  Shame really as the match was desperate for a goal and maybe if they had found the net in the first half I might have reserved judgement about Santos’s future in this competition as I feel sure they would have picked up their game.  Having said that they did have their moments but equally inept performances in front of goal (and admittedly shut out by both the woodwork and a couple of heroic off the line saves) saw to it that only a bullet of a shot from Hercules Gomez could separate the two sides.

But let’s face facts…Toronto have been shite this season and this match was pretty much the equivalent of a cup final for them…mathematically if they beat the Mexicans 3-0 or won the game by two but scoring at least four they were into the quarter finals but it never looked like going that way. SL haven’t exactly set the world on fire so far this season either having failed to win in their last three domestic league games and currently occupying the 7th slot in the Liga MX table.

Back to the game and exasperatingly not one but two TO players were booked for TIMEWASTING of all things… Terry Dunfield and goalie Freddie Hall both had their names taken after the ref decided they were running down the clock. WTF ? Toronto need all the playing time they could get so it made no sense to waste it…ref was a dick imo.

All in all it wasn’t a very memorable performance by either side and while we know that Toronto are now out I wouldn’t be placing any of my hard earned on Santos Laguna to be lifting the trophy this time around.  Lay the bollocks off SL…you know it makes sense.

Rogerthebutler I Salute You

October 8, 2012

I was minding my own business doing a bit around the garden (it’s a day off here in Eskimo Land), cut my grass, seeded some dodgy looking patches, layed a few rolls of turf to fix up the bit I dug up when I built my fence last summer, then found a convenient time to break for a cup of tea and a turkey sandwich.

I headed off for the only spot in my house that is guaranteed to cause a rift between me and Mrs Swearbox, that being sat in front of my computer.  It’s not like I spend ALL of my time there, just most of it, when I’m not otherwise engaged in doing men’s stuff outside.

I happened to wander onto the Betfair forums to check out who’s been doing what to whom and I came across what I consider to be one of the better quality posts that I think is worthy enough of a mention on here.

The thread appears on the Footy forum and was started by none other than everyone’s favourite bell end, your friend and mine, Money Tree.  Now don’t get me wrong, MT can be a very clever poster when he has a mind to be, and I seriously suspect he’s not the absolute cretin that most folk say he is however he does leave himself wide open to shedloads of abuse on occasion.

Consider the following post he made earlier today…

Good evening forum full of dunces and mugs.

08 Oct 12 18:31


02 Jul 09

| Topic/replies: 24,973 | Blogger: MONEY TREE’s blog

hows it going?

Now, while the content of the post, the simple ‘how’s it going?’ is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things it’s the thread title that grabs everyone’s attention and this was pounced upon in no uncertain terms by the forumite who goes by the name of Rogerthebutler.

Pleasingly Roger was first to reply to MT’s thread which serves to increase the effectiveness of his words which I can wait no longer to share with you my dear readers…cop this…

rogerthebutler 08 Oct 12 18:34

Well it was awful, but then you started your charm offensive, at which point golden rays of buttery sunshine chased away the miasma of hostility and indifference.

I tip my hat to Rogerthebutler for an outstanding reply, the likes of which are rare these days on the BF fora.  Since I started writing this piece there have been more replies to said thread, the ‘next best’ award going to another forum favourite, the mentally challenged Return_Of_Dawsy.  His simple yet effective ‘fck off’ reminds us that you don’t need to be articulate to get your point across.

Moving swiftly on I notice that there is a planned outage scheduled for tomorrow on Betfair.  They announce it thus on the Service forum…

Planned service outage Tuesday 9th October

05 Oct 12 10:52


22 May 02

| Topic/replies: 6,137 | Blogger: Betfair Customer Services’s blog

Please be aware that there is a planned release scheduled for Tuesday 9th October 05:00 AM (BST) – 06:00 AM (BST). While all products will remain available during this time, please be aware that there may be sporadic interruptions in service. Updates during the outage will be available at service.betfair.infoWe would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will do our best to complete this upgrade as soon as we can.


Could this be the long awaited upgrade that sees the forum back in full swing, ie new forum registrations permitted ?  Only time will tell but I for one will be glad when things get back to ‘normal’ as I’m looking forward immensely to seeing how the likes of Bobby V and Hudson fare in their quests to join the rest of the clowns that currently have posting rights.

One thing I really would like to see, and I’m being super sincere now, is that when the forum is operating properly again we have a change to the way the moderators currently handle the reports and requests for bans that come in from the pricks with a grudge to bear towards someone else.

I see posts daily that contravene T&C’s, some very close to the bone especially on Chit Chat since all this Jimmy Savile bollocks came to light, yet nothing is done.  I’m not saying ban the guys responsible but at least approach everyone with the same level of fairness.  I got a lifer ban after getting grassed for saying ‘Batty boy’ yet there are folk getting away with describing extremely explicit sex acts, albeit within the context of the mockery of a dead alleged paedophile.  Get real BF…level the playing field for EVERYONE.

No doubt this post will find it’s way to the forums at some point and if you’re reading and want to offer your thoughts then comment away.  If the ‘usual suspects’ show up and decide to post then please behave and post something semi sensible…the dog comments are just a waste of your time and mine as they’ll be going straight into the bin.

Woof Woof.

Free Money

September 13, 2012

I think it’s safe enough to write this piece now that the virtual ATM appears to have been fixed.  I’m referring to what appears to have been a bot operating on Betfair that went haywire and literally gave away money this past few days in the in play Footy markets.

I first noticed it during the River Plate vs Newells match on the 9th Sept.  The prices for Any Unquoted Half Time score were doing really odd things…up and down like a whores drawers.  One minute the back side was offering prices upward of 36.0 and the next it’s back down to 4.5 ish…then the money is snapped up and I saw the same thing happen again.  At the time the match was probably 30 minutes old and the score was 2-1 in favour of the home side so plenty of time for a third goal to send the market unquoted yet someone was offering huge prices…financial suicide almost.

I dipped my toe in the water and availed myself of some 34.0 and immediately upon being matched I layed back my stake plus more at around the 5.0 mark…green is good.  The first half played out and remained 2-1 at the break and I got paid.  I didn’t really think anything of it as I’ve seen similar things happen in the past when bots or amateurs get things wrong but blow me down if it didn’t happen again yesterday (can’t speak about the 10th & 11th as I played very little due to other stuff getting in the way).
I was actually looking out for similar odd occurrences in the evenings’ Half Time markets and I wasn’t disappointed as most of the in play games appeared to be affected in some way so I waded in for more free money during the first half betting in three separate games, one MLS and two in Brazil.  Then, just when I was beginning to enjoy myself, I noticed some cretin had posted up on the Toronto v Chicago match thread that there was free money to be had.  It didn’t take long before every man and his dog was now privy to what was going on and the rot set in.

Why on Earth would you alert the rest of the world to the fact that if you went to certain markets there was an aberration that meant you could pretty well make money hand over fist without really trying?  It’s akin to finding a tap out machine that dispenses tenners every time you press a button on the keypad then passing that info on to the local radio station for fucks sake.

As news went round it became more difficult to get on as you had to constantly try to undercut the most current offers and this was all happening in play so a goal could have upset the applecart majorly if the wrong bet went down at the wrong time.  That said there was, during the Toronto vs Chicago match, the opportunity to lay the 0-0 half time score AFTER Chicago had gone a goal up so in that case a goal didn’t really alter things too much.

The fun carried through til the early games of the day today where there were some ridiculous prices to be had about Any Unquoted in the Hong Kong Div 1 game between Kitchee and Southern District RSA.  I managed to lay the Any Unquoted in the CS market at 1.77 pretty much at the off…ten or fifteen minutes later it was trading at 2.62 on the back side…no brainer…I’d have let it run but I had to leave for work.  Game finished 3-0 to the home side and my largest green was for unquoted not to come in.

There’s still talk about this rare but welcome event on random threads on the Footy forum and who knows, it might well happen again soon.  Hopefully next time the people who think they are doing everyone a favour by blabbing it all over the forum will keep their traps shut and just quietly help themselves.

New Community Registrations Suspended Until Further Notice

August 10, 2012

Betfair, 10th Aug 12, 21.20

“Due to the recent disruption in the Community Forums,  we have suspended all new registrations to the Community with immediate effect until further notice.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.”

Didn’t really have much choice did they?  In over 10 years of being on (and occasionally off) the forums it has never been as bad as in the last few days with wanton forum destruction being acted out nightly by a couple of posters with a grudge to bear.

We like to name names on here because that’s how we roll, well me anyway, so for the very new folk that haven’t a clue who I’m talking about it was Bob and Hudson.

Bob: Originally came to forum life as Paulme  and soon thereafter (or maybe even at the same time) Paulol, later changing his name to Frimpong and then a whole host of Frim and Frin related names before settling for the now legendary Bob Vegas inspired suite of names that number in the low hundreds…probably 🙂  By his own admission Bob says he is banned from betting on the exchange as well as perma banned from the forums for calling Undern something unsavory.  A harsh punishment imvho for an alleged first offence.

Hudson:  First came to our attention as Hudsonhicks though I never really paid him much attention after reading through one of his fishing expeditions…once you’ve seen one you get tired of the next and the next etc etc.  He really began to grate on everyone’s nerves after he started his Polish immigrant bashing via a slew of Job Seeker / Dole scum inspired names that became his wonderful legacy.  Another self confessed exchange banned punter that came about (allegedly) after he created a thread bragging about a 10 grand loan he obtained to use for betting purposes.  My thoughts are that Betfair simply thought he was a cunt and used his post as their excuse to get rid of a ‘problem gambler’.  That way they kill two birds with one stone – get rid of a twat from the forum (probably their primary aim) while at the same time being seen to be proactive where it comes to preventing a gambling problem spiralling out of control (Grrrreat PR).

In both cases above the removal of said forumites from the exchange did not precipitate the desired end result of their expected lack of interest in the forums.  In fact it looks like it became the catalyst that energised both posters to use all of their cunning and guile to overcome their respective forum bans and stick it back to betfair with a very obvious two fingered salute but in the end Betfair will prevail, that I’m sure of.

At the time of writing Bob is still active and I suspect when Betfair close down his current outlet he may well have a couple of plan B’s to fall back on.  Not so sure about Hudson but we’ll see soon enough.

There is a third poster who deserves an honourable mention who is probably feeling a little lonely tonight as yet another of his usernames has been filed into Room 101.  Let’s talk about  Stretch baybee, let’s talk about you and me, la la la la…you know the tune.  Yes, poor little Nikki Minaj fanboy Stretch Armstrong aka christ knows how many other names has also got the boot again today and, unless he took prudent steps like Bob to have a whole bunch of unused aliases on standby for those harder times, we won’t be seeing much of him for the forseeable….awww, shame 😦

It’s fair to say that there are a great many very disgruntled forumites who, if given half a chance, would cheerfully separate all three from their breath though I don’t number myself amongst them as I think a bit of controversy like this adds colour to what could easily become a very stale forum if people continue to get permanently removed from the forums as has been the case in the past year or so.  I’m not saying it should be a weekly occurrence (the interruptions), far from it, all I’m saying is that if we all played nice and got along with each other it would be very very boring.

If you have an opinion, good or bad, then don’t be shy…I don’t bite.  Thanks for reading.

Betfair Grass MisterWinner aka Torres 9

August 2, 2012

Well you finally made your reappearance though you took your time it has to be said.  What I found immensely funny was the fact that your attempt at misleading the rest of the forum by choosing a name that’s already been very prominent in the past (but created by a different person) fell flat on it’s face on the first day.  At least two other forumites had you down as an imposter after your first post LMFAO.

Are we going to see the Torres of old this time around?  Leopards can’t change their spots so I’m assuming the answer would be yes.  So more of your gobbing off that you’re the number 1 on the forums, free money, follow me in, bollocks bollocks bollocks…can’t fooking wait.

I really wish I had a voice on the forums but I don’t so I’ll have to keep my comments to this blog…at least I won’t get banned for calling you a prick on here.  I had toyed with the idea of posting up an email I sent in to Betfair after you grassed me up.  For some, part of the content might be old news, but for many it’ll show you up for the whiny grassing little cunt you are…in fact, fuck it,  here’s a taster of part of it…

…There are several other examples of Torres9’s desire to have others banned. Consider the following posts lifted from a thread way back in June last year( (Thread created by RMB titled The Majority Of You Are A Bunch Of Tarts)


TORRES 9 27 Jun 11 12:18

Good plan Rocket

Let’s face it.

I tip and abuse

But Forumites

Like daveyboymoyes, Calmug just abuse and take the p .

I’m really keen to get them banned. I tried to get rid of moyes but didn’t work


TORRES 9 27 Jun 11 12:24

You can’t tho

It’s in our nature.

We need them banned. I am here to help. I have had 5/6 forumites ask me advice, and has given out my email etc wtc

Guys like moyes and Calmug must go imho


TORRES 9 27 Jun 11 12:57

Totally agree.

Maybe RMB who started the thread can draft a letter.

We really need this cleaned up.

I’m going try and get Calmug & Davey banned by the end of the week.

Cramped and Alex worked a treat-going after these guys now.

And here’s a bit more….

The following is taken from yet another thread where he openly admits to attempting to have another forumite banned…


Thread Title TORRES 9 Free money tips with me T9  17 Dec 11 08:00

TORRES 9 18 Dec 11 00:42

I tried to get Davey banned twice

Don’t care what or anyone thinks about that

I wish I got Alex kicked off – but I can’t take the credit for that


TORRES 9 18 Dec 11 00:44

Davey posted a a picture of a baby in napkins

So I wrote to Betfair saying he posts child pornography


TORRES 9 18 Dec 11 00:53

You deserve a life ban for that sort of thing

It’s not allowed
That’s pretty fucking low trying to pin a child porn complaint on another forumite in a desperate bid to get them the boot.  I hope this post gets around as you are one despicable person that other forumites need to be aware of.  If I’m wrong and this MisterWinner character is not the same guy as Torres 9 then feel free to offer up some proof and I’ll remove this thread without delay.  Have a fooking great day you complete bell end.


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