Shiny Disco Balls

By request here’s a new post that should be quicker to load than the current one being used by the masses to, ahem, ‘exchange views’, and post up any other shite that they see fit.

Plenty of music vids get embedded in the comments and while I love that as I get to see what others are listening to and get exposed to gems that I now can’t do without (Tillmann Uhrmacher comes to mind – cheers Kal ;-)) they can affect load times for guys on tablets or other mobile devices so now and then a new post is called for to start afresh. This is it so have at it…and by the way here’s what I meant by Shiny Disco Balls…

205 Responses to Shiny Disco Balls

  1. paddy says:

    I wish my mrs responded to requests that quickly, cheers sb…Im on a chillin groove tonight

  2. paddy says:

    Starting the night easy but fancy getting pissed so no doubt it will progress

  3. paddy says:

    An oldy but a goldie and brings back memories of pissed naafi slags πŸ˜‰

  4. paddy says:

    Have you knocked the embedding off SB or is it me? and barca at 1.15 tonight πŸ™‚ if im pissed enough at ko I might lump on for some drunken betting

  5. paddy says:

    Friday lads where’s the beer and tunes? kal must be fooked after being pissed for the last two days, knew those jocks cant handle their buck fast πŸ˜‰
    Acoustic night so far..

  6. paddy says:

    The link to that one ended ‘_embedded’ sounds like you’re right

    • swearbox says:

      Fuck…I’m a genius and I never knew it πŸ™‚

      Been pissing around all day with code of one sort or another…came across a good tool called Firebug that basically helps you debug any element of a web page..

  7. paddy says:

    ‘came across a good tool called Firebug that basically helps you debug any element of a web page..’

    I’ve no idea what any of that means lol,arabic is clearer..

  8. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    is VEGAS THE CUNT dead yet?

  9. Bob says:

    feeling this SB mate?

  10. paddy says:

    lol, carnage as betfair falls over at 15:01 and still down πŸ™‚

    • swearbox says:

      I don’t feel so depressed now…was watching the Chelsea Stoke game on telly and I almost got off my arse to lay the 0-0 HT score really late on in the first half…didn’t bother and Chelsea went a goal up in the 46th minute…felt robbed…but as BF is down then I couldn’t have placed the bet anyway πŸ™‚

      • paddy says:

        Some people fooked again I’d imagine, do you get betdaq over there?

        • swearbox says:

          I don’t have a daq account Paddy though I recently signed up for a Smarkets account however I have never used it. My priorities aren’t betting related right now, in fact they haven’t been for several years. I used to have accounts with pretty much every bookie going including a couple of independents when I lived in Ipswich. How things change.

  11. paddy says:

    Just had a look around Smarkets a I’d not heard of it before, not much money floating about, I take it its fairly new? I only use an exchange and have never really bothered with bookies, could do with a late goal in the Everton game dont care who!

    • swearbox says:

      It’s been around about 4 years but apart from that I don’t really know much about it.

      • paddy says:

        What a shit day of footall, hopefully the mighty reds of Anfield Rd will win tomorrow although fergies doting official is howard mufc webb ffs…

        • swearbox says:

          Utd to fook Liverpool tomorrow Paddy…always nice to beat the scousers especially on their own ground (now I’ve said that cue 4-0 LOL).

        • paddy says:

          I’d fucking love suarez to punch one in hand of god style in the 94th minute for a win, old bacon face karted off by the police for seething oh happy days!

        • swearbox says:

          I’d love to punch Suarez the cheating diving little shit πŸ™‚

          I love the Liverpool/Utd matches, tons of commitment, tons of seething, probably the fiercest rivalry of any two teams in the Prem and always good value even if you don’t support either team.

        • paddy says:

          Love them too, the shit that gets put on my facebook from ex RAF gobby mancs before during and after (depending on result) is hilarious and all good banter, obviously I retaliate πŸ™‚

        • swearbox says:

          Hmmm…now you mention that I think I might do a little digging…you might find one more ex RAF gobby manc posting grief on your FB page…isn’t the internet wonderful πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          lol bring it on πŸ˜‰

  12. Hejik says:

    do you live in Liverpool paddy?

  13. Hejik says:

    probably got tired of us owning him bob

  14. paddy says:

    Would I be right in saying its possible for us to upload pics on here thu instagram or photobucket sb?

    • Bob says:

      haha point proven Hejik paddy is so quick to give it out but is a complete coward and a child when he is asked to address his comments. pathetic!

    • swearbox says:

      I would think so…if there’s a path to the pic then it should work.

      • green viking says:

        Good stuff, just so I can post up suarez celebrating his hat trick πŸ˜‰

        • swearbox says:

          …or maybe I could post up a pic of Suarez getting carted off after Scholesy puts his boot through his shins πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          Suarez will leave that OAP for dust, for some reason I always thought you were a city fan sb

        • swearbox says:

          Fucks sake no Paddy…first team I ever went to watch was Oldham Athletic…got into a few skirmishes here and there as you do…then I went to OT for the first time (1978 ish) and it was a different world…supported United ever since though now I’m obviously an armchair fan.

        • paddy says:

          I remember when Oldham briefly made it to the premiership, no ideas what they’re like these days though, never bothered with the lower league stuff, although I did used to go and watch Bournemouth when I lived down there.

  15. paddy says:

    This code stuff is quite interesting sb, found this below, do you know what this blog prefers, the old style or the new?

    There are two styles of embed codes that are available for YouTube videos. The new embed code begins with “<iframe…" and supports both Flash and HTML5 video. The older style of embed code begins with "<object…" and only supports Flash playback.

    Some services only support the older "<object…" embeds. If you do encounter a site that rejects your "<iframe…" embed code, the recommended course of action is that you use the older "<object…" code for the time being.

    To generate an "<object…" embed code, you can take the following steps:

    Click the Embed button under the video.
    Select the Use old embed code checkbox.
    Once you’ve selected this checkbox, copy the code into the Embed field.
    Paste the embed code into the third-party site.

  16. swearbox says:

    ***** Living Dead Girl *****

  17. paddy says:

    πŸ™‚ …right, have it this time!

  18. swearbox says:

    What a fookin’ save….

  19. Bob says:

    anyone watching BDO final later?

  20. paddy says:

    No gloating SB? decent game and although we lost thought we played pretty well, Sturidge looks like he will do well and I would not tire of punching Evra in the face!

    • swearbox says:

      Wasn’t really a gloatworthy performance Paddy. Was a real game of two halves from where I was watching. United had the first half by the balls but somehow managed to relinquish their grasp and let Liverpool into the game in the second half. But for some poor finishing Liverpool could and should have got at least a point from the game. Not the best match between these two sides by a long way.

      • paddy says:

        I agree with that, Joe Allen shouldnt play again though, RVP is pure class how he squeezed that one in I dont know, and good to see smiles towards the end between wellbeck & sturidge when wellbeck fell over.

        • swearbox says:

          I see City are two up and Arse down to 10 men…gap still at 7 points…was hoping for a better show from Arse on their own turf.

        • paddy says:

          Id just got on o1.5 and greened out after the first one, should have left it but was thinking this would be a tight game, arse missing your man

  21. paddy says:

    Wonder what happened to kal does he know about this blog?

  22. paddy says:

    You sir are a wizzard and should be burnt lol

  23. paddy says:

    Have you seen brainsurg on chit chat? 4k of his dads money gone missing from his bedroom πŸ™‚

    • swearbox says:

      LOL…fancy that…he’ll have to do overtime in his dad’s kebab shop to pay it back πŸ™‚ Fuck I miss those piss taking threads I really do. He’s never poked his nose in here which surprises me…probably because he knows he’d get a mauling..prefers to rip the piss out of Kenny Mann and others instead cos I think he thinks they are easy targets.

      • paddy says:

        He takes it well in fairness, he has never grassed on anyone considering the shit he takes, I was giving him some stick on a thread the other day and it got pulled, the suicide thread, he asked about, and his words, the canadian fruit, I can get a pm to him if you want?

        • swearbox says:

          Tell him the ‘Canadian fruit’ is alive and well and any time he fancies having a pop at me on here he’s very welcome…I actually like the cunt because of the shit he takes without grassing…he’s great for banter (when those cunts at BF aren’t looking in).

        • paddy says:

          Message sent, betfair make me fuckng laugh, the knobheads changed it from a forum to a ‘community’ but dont seem to realise a community is made up of characters and personalities…tossers

  24. Bob says:

    tossers indeed.

    SB any idea what reading were to win 8 mins to go 2-0 down yest??

    it’s times like this i really miss the forum 😦

  25. paddy says:

    Il pm surgs response for fear of the grassing type getting to much info

  26. Bob says:

    Visa Delta
    United Kingdom

    what is Brainsurg saying here exactly?

  27. Bob says:

    greenviking 11 Jan 13 17:09
    14 Oct 02
    | Topic/replies: 3,551 | Blogger: johnn’s blog
    After 10 years of marriage I spent 6 months this year living alone.
    I spent less than Β£20 per week on food. I cooked, ate healthily, lost a considerable amount of weight.

    probably wanted to get away from the sick fucker

  28. paddy says:

    Have you ever seen a shitter night of football on a monday night…

  29. Bob says:

    SB can you actually block people here or is he just reading and ignorning?

    • swearbox says:

      No blocking on here Bob…I can edit comments off and I can block by IP or username but regular commenters can’t interfere with each other, if you get my drift.

  30. Bob says:

    fair enough SB. might be just you and paddy on here then now? 😦

    • swearbox says:

      Well the stats show that there’s still plenty of folk just lurking and reading the site content as opposed to actually posting which is fine by me. It’s swings and roundabouts…sometimes it’s a madhouse and sometimes it’s not.

      • paddy says:

        Makes you wonder why bob was here if he’s fucking off because I’m ignoring his endless shite…

        • Bob says:

          makes me wonder who would lurk here and not post. seems strange. hey ho

        • swearbox says:

          I think a LOT of folk from the BF forums pop their heads in here Bob, especially the ones who were around during August. We’re humans so we’re instinctively curious. If you build up a fanbase of haters (like you and Hejik have done for example) and then all of a sudden you are removed from in front of the faces of your detractors (ie banned from the BF forum) when they find out where you can actually be found they come for a nose around to see if you’re up to your old tricks then report back. I find it comical that the folk who seethed when you were on the forum can’t let go for good. I told you before Bob, like it or not you’re a legend, simple as.

        • green viking says:

          I’d of said circus freak but legend will suffice ‘Adjective
          Very well known’

        • Bob says:

          the guy who thinks the depressed and mentally disabled should be murdered calling me a freak. how do you sleep at night GV?

        • green viking says:

          yaaaaawn boring bob dull boring bobby same old boring dull shite meaningless response, boring bob bores, yaaaaawn is that why your imaginary girlfreind left you boring bob?

        • Bob says:

          GV you’re a sick cunt you really are.

  31. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    hey VEGAS Frank says you are a cunt

  32. Paddy says:

    Must have been prepd by SB πŸ™‚

  33. Paddy says:

    Funny how things stick with you, not touched a Sidewinder or Skyflash since 96 but could still name every part, strip it, service it and stick it back together…

  34. Bob says:

    Hi SB. hows everything with you? betting? betfair emailing? your website?

  35. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    you wont get back on VEGAS you fucking grasser I’ll make sure of that

  36. Paddy says:

    Manc shite on normal tv here tonight…all together now

    I’m forever blowing bubbles,
    Pretty bubbles in the air,
    They fly so high,
    Nearly reach the sky,
    Then like my dreams,
    They fade and die,
    Fortunes always hiding,
    I’ve looked everywhere,
    I’m forever blowing bubbles,
    Pretty bubbles in the air.

  37. Bob says:

    wonder if dellman has found a new forum to troll…!?

  38. Paddy says:

    Step back to the 90s

  39. Bob says:


  40. Paddy says:

    320-1 winner at ling today :-0

  41. Paddy says:

    Evening gaylords, who’s about?

    • swearbox says:

      Just me and you it would seem….

      • Paddy says:

        Snow was a let down mate, about an inch and now gone to solid ice, hopefully some more over the weekend tho….not looked at fixtures whos the manc shite playing this weekend?

        • swearbox says:

          Away to Spurs on Sunday I believe. We had snow today and it’s fucking snowing as I type… have to go out in it in about half an hour to pick the mrs up from work. Fcking hate the snow plus it’s minus fooking 10 outside (putting the bollocks on the old saying “it’s too cold to snow”).

        • Paddy says:

          Does she work pretty close? wouldnt fancy being on the roads at -10 with snow! at least you get decent snow tho not one day then grey sludge and ice for a week

        • swearbox says:

          About a five mile drive one way. Roads are pretty dicey right now as the snowplows won’t have been around on many of the smaller roads…easy to end up in a ditch. Thank fk for snow tyres though…like night and day driving with them fitted as opposed to not…and we live in a place where every exit road is up a hill so you need decent traction just to get out of town.

        • Paddy says:

          Thought you all had 6 litre 4x4s as standard, snow tyres a must for you I imagine, not worth the expense for the few days here though

  42. Paddy says:

    Fookin state of the forum how many games on and no i/r threads, fucked

  43. Paddy says:

    SB very quiet, howd the mancs get on πŸ˜‰ I see betfair have recently sent out a survey to a few about the forum, you can request it from bf customer services if you want to apparently.

    • swearbox says:

      To be honest I was out in the snow all day so I’ve only just seen the results…fucking outrageous result…ref was obviously a yid…90 mins + 3 goal…load of arse.

      What’s this survey they sent…you get one ?

      • Paddy says:

        ref was a yid lol dont you just love fergie time! I was happy with united winning because it does us a favour but had a bet on over 1.5 just after h/t expecting you to get another but by 93mins I couldnt care less where it came from…I didnt get one of the surveys but a few mentioned it earlier, love bhoys comment he said bob vegas should reinstated immediately, but was obviously taking the piss.

  44. Paddy says:

    Cheers sb on the other blog, if you’ve got 5 mins check out this walter mittey the more I read the more my draw dropped

  45. Kal1984 says:

    Evening SB and Paddy – Hope youz are well. Stumbled on this little number, A wee bit long but fook it

  46. Kal1984 says:

    shite that was wrong song – this is it

  47. Paddy says:

    Long shot but can anyone name the tune at 16:00 in this mix? its about 4 mins long here..

  48. swearbox says:

    Afrika Bambaataa & Leftfield…shite vid but good old tune

      • Paddy says:

        Not heard that in years! Jo Wiley was playing some old stuff the other night on radio2 which had me bouncing, internet slow as fook here mrs watching a movie on love film and downloading something on her tablet so I have to suffer with a buffering youtube for a bit…

        • swearbox says:

          I’m doing a photoshoot here…have to get some pics of my ugly mug to put into youtube and facebook…it’s all part of this marketing shite I’m getting into…hate posing for pics.

        • Paddy says:

          I know there is an airbrush option on photoshop but it has limits πŸ™‚

        • swearbox says:

          Cheeky count…just told my mrs what you said…she thinks it was funny…gonna get a tuning up shortly…just warming the back of my hand up first.


  49. Paddy says:

    lol keep them in their place mate….not heard them before^ but it was alright, between fucking buffering!

    • swearbox says:

      A spin off from Echo & The Bunnymen…one of the better things to have come out of your neck of the woods…this is Tillman Uhrmacher, currently my fav tune (cheers Kal;-))

      • swearbox says:

        The spinoff from Echo & The Bunnymen remark was in reply to you saying you’d not heard of Electrafixion before…nowt to do with Tillmann.

        • Paddy says:

          No miss understanding here mate, Tilmann is class but I have to bow out listening or posting tonight, she’s fooked off to bed now but internet still slow as fuck, happens every now and again possibly maintenance at this time in the a.m…

        • swearbox says:

          no probs mate…I’ll catch up with ya tomorrow after your lot have thrashed Shitteh Citeh

        • Paddy says:

          I hope so, I’ve a good feeling about it, I know that means fuck all but we’ve got a good chance, and if suarez is going there in the summer as the rumours are saying then paddys law states a hatrick.

        • Paddy says:

          Fucking Reina gifted them, did you watch mate?

        • swearbox says:

          Didn’t see it but at least you took 2 points away…doesn’t help your mob that much but it means the gap has just got a little wider. Been busy doing training stuff all day prepping for internet domination…fuck there’s loads to learn but I’m loving it.

  50. Paddy says:

    Bob free styling πŸ™‚

  51. paddy says:

    Any new musical gems sb? I’ve been to busy of late to delve into youtube but tonight Im having a night off accompanied by a bottle of red or 2 and chased with Tulomore Dew, a fine whisky. Take it you’re still beavering away on tinternet?

    • swearbox says:

      No mate…been tremendously busy lately…getting into all sorts…even managed to put my ugly mug onto youtube for the masses…built a new website…learning a shit ton of stuff…I’m convinced that this is the way forward for me personally (internet marketing)…you would not believe the money that some of my team members are pulling in.

      • paddy says:

        I can well imagine mate, rewards are there to be had for those that put the effort in, to many give in early because they wont put the work in at the begining and reap it later, is the youtube vid on your normal channel or have you set a seperate one up?

        • swearbox says:

          Google teamswearbox

          To be honest I set the channel up a while ago and I can’t change the url so unless I move all the vids from it to a new channel I’m stuck with the swearbox moniker (which I didn’t really want for this new venture)…though I don’t think it’ll make any difference.

        • paddy says:

          Nice one, just had a quick look but will have a proper listen later when she fooks off to bed, 1st night back so my peace is shattered….Hand on heart and for the first time ever, Im glad to hear a manc accent otherwise I’d of had to of said something about half manc half canadian, bird on the news is half scouse half canadian and Im sure she’s lovely but her accent is fucking awful, enough to make me feel physical violence towards her is warranted, and a judge would only agree when she gave evidence Im sure.

        • swearbox says:

          LOL…I know what u mean…there’s some twat over here who does tv ‘infomercials’ where he’s selling a Magic Bullet or something similar and you can tell he’s English and a Northerner to boot but when he says ‘Tomaydo’ it makes me want to kick the fookin’ screen in…there’s zero chance of me dropping my accent…I’m proud to be who I am and where I’m from…though I will say my accent is slightly more refined than my brother’s who has lived all his life in the town we were born and brought up in…doesn’t take me 2 minutes to revert to his way of talking though if we’re on Skype or if I make a rare visit across the pond.

        • paddy says:

          I can understand that, shes just come back from deepest darkest south west Ireland and Im struggling to understand half the time what the fook shes on about, I just nod and agree and it seems to work..

        • swearbox says:

          Just off out to pick up the mrs from work then grab a case of ale from the beer shop…I’ll look in later on if you’re still about πŸ™‚

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