Is Hejik The New Bob Vegas….Or Worse?

I can’t remember there ever being a time on the Betfair forum(s) where someone hasn’t been in the business of making a name for themselves. There’s something about the anonymity aspect of public internet forums and message boards that brings out the Mr Hyde in many people who probably wouldn’t say boo to a goose in reality.

As the recipient of a lifer ban from the Betfair Community I can’t post (obviously) but look in now and then to see who is doing what to whom and I see that a new player is emerging from the primordial swamp that is the forum collective and is currently pushing all the right buttons that will catapult him to notoriety. Whether or not he will take King Bob’s crown is uncertain at this early stage but he seems to be applying some of the methods that Bob used to successfully shape the world around him, forum world that is.

In fact there are many who are starting to claim that Hejik is actually Bob….the following forumite is clearly convinced and you can find his and

many others’ comments here.

“CJ70 19 Dec 12 22:48

Bob, why don’t you just get a grip? You had the perfect opportunity to go under the radar, integrate yourself, prove yourself without hassle.

You’ve taken that chance, f**ked it off in favour of being the forum pest that led to you being banned in the first place.

Go sort yourself out and then come back a different person.”

There are others, however, who aren’t in agreement with the above forumite as the following post lifted from the same thread shows…

“Biscuit1979 20 Dec 12 10:24

Whilst it’s becoming fairly obvious with every passing day that hejik isn’t quite who he makes out he is, i am certain that he definitely isn’t bob vegas.

Aside from the fact that hejik uses betting terminology that vegas would never dream of using, the two of them used to argue loads on here and hejik even reported vegas for ‘vile and racist abuse’.

So unless bob was arguing and reporting himself, they’re not the same person.”

Regardless of what anyone thinks, our friend Hejik appears to have a much darker agenda than Bob ever did. I’m fairly sure that Bob and Hejik are polar opposites when it comes down to it. Bob took a lot of flak (before the meltdown) for asking a lot of questions, many of which were repeated to anyone and everyone who gave him their time. I’ve no doubt that, while this could be construed as irritating, it wasn’t borne out of anything other than a genuine desire to do better on the exchange. In other words our Bob was simply looking for answers from those who gave the impression that they were doing alright thank you very much.

Hejik, on the other hand, talks a different talk. He appears, on the face of it, to have a bit more of an idea about all things betting, ie understands the concept of value, knows how to price up an event, knows all about entry and exit points from a traders perspective, etc. So this negates the requirement to do a Bob, instead his focus appears to be to engage others in a pissing contest with the sole intention of drawing a remark or post that clearly contravenes TSE’s terms and conditions so that he can then report it and have the ‘offender’ removed from what he appears to think is ‘his’ forum.

If you want a taster of what I’m talking about you can visit the thread I linked to a couple of paragraphs above this and you’ll find the following exchange…

“smithy91 21 Dec 12 08:05

well it was only a matter of time before you got your own thread hejik well done sir.I was just wondering tonight is mad Friday I’m off out round

burnley for a night out perhaps you should come along and meet some real people. please don’t tell me your spending another night on the forum ;(?

this week’s price ramp is arsenal at 1.79 surely 1.75 tops at lunchtime tomorrow. please inform bob!”

“hejik 21 Dec 12 09:16

would be easy to assume you were “offering me out” there smithy91
i’m sure you would wind your neck in if we were to meet in person
of that i have no doubts

on the price ramp side of things
work is in motion to get you exchange banned for breaking T&C
please laugh again πŸ™‚ “

I’ve written to Betfair many times about their forum moderation policy and in particular about the fact that the odds are stacked in favour of the few (idiots, babies, sensitive types) who can, if they so choose, get pretty much anyone they don’t like removed by having that handy little report button right there in front of their faces. I’m not saying that every report generates a ban but I am saying that if the reporter whinges loudly enough then they’ll have their wish granted. It fucking stinks to high heaven.

If this bullshit is allowed to continue then there will be no forum left. The people that want and use the forum for what it was meant for (small fallouts aside) need to make their voices heard and tell TSE that this crap cannot stand. The few CANNOT be allowed to control the many. Moderators need to re-evaluate their job terms and start coming down hard on the subversive fuckers on there before it’s too late.

I have it on good authority that the current forum issues, namely the ban on new user registrations, are actively being worked on and will be resolved but please don’t hold your breath as you will most definitely expire before the changes are implemented. I, for one, would like to see a revision of TSE’s T&C’s to coincide with the introduction of the ‘new’ forum that even out the playing field a bit more so that the guys that make the forum an enjoyable place, people like Twomatchpoints for example, don’t get banned on the whim of another guy with an axe to grind. Now I’m not having a pop at Bob here, I’m pointing out the flaws that exist in ways that common sense dictates shouldn’t.

The current campaign that Mr Hejik appears to be undertaking will no doubt result in some poor fuckers removal, probably as a result of someone finally losing their patience with him and writing something that he or she rather wished they hadn’t (that would be the instant they receive the email telling them that they’ve been banned). Hejik, if you’re reading this, stop with your bollocks and realise that it isn’t your forum alone and, as has been pointed out by others on the threads that you’ve invaded, you aren’t whiter than white, you’ve broken T&Cs yourself many times but you’ve lived to tell about it because others have seen fit to ignore your comments and let it drop.

The price ramping crusade you appear to be on is a non starter too and I can only assume that you started it as a result of being suckered into a bet that you later regretted and decided to take it out on some of your fellow bettors. Using ‘price ramping’ as your smokescreen for your underhanded activities fools nobody. Word of wisdom, never ever put your hard earned down as a result of reading something on an anonymous forum. Do your own research and draw your conclusions from checkable facts and stats. That way you only have yourself to blame when your selection gets beat by 20 lengths or the wrong team wins. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    how can he beworse than VEGAS?

    • swearbox says:

      What d’ya think yer chances of getting a Merry Christmas from SBV are Bob ?

      [ ] None whatsoever
      [ ] Fuck all chance
      [ ] Two hopes…Bob Hope and no hope
      [x] All of the above

      • Bob says:

        i have no interest as i don’t know who it is.

        good day SB?

        • swearbox says:

          Not really…watched those Man City bastards spawn another single goal win albeit one that shouldn’t have been allowed. Last time I heard you aren’t allowed to climb on an opponents back to get to the ball…fucking ref and linesman must have both backed City.

          Been out to buy some groceries in readiness for hosting the rest of the horde for christmas dinner. Fucking freezing cold outside today. Back in now and as soon as the gf returns from yet another shopping expedition I’m getting stuck into whatever booze she brings back.

          You all set for crimbo Bob ?

  3. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    of course he isn’t, Santa doesn’t go to cunts hohohohoho

  4. Bob says:

    working lots SB. not much of a christmas for me old chap

  5. swearbox says:

    Just had to post this up here…originally brought to my attention by Lord Kal of Glesgae…top bombing Kal mate πŸ˜‰

  6. Kal1984 says:

    Glad you like it mate. Will see what another tunes i can think of 2nite. I do miss the late nite music freds on the forum

  7. swearbox says:

    I have to post this one for the Irish boys…makes me smile

  8. Kal1984 says:

    lol seen that one floating about SB!. Another tune for your enjoyment –

  9. Kal1984 says:

    How do i post the link so it embeds (like yours have done SB)

  10. Kal1984 says:

    Paul Van Dyk

  11. Bob says:

    SB – bit of a meltdown alert on general betting from hejik

  12. Bob says:

    Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately I do not have an actual date for new sign ups but please rest assured that this is a high priority with the powers that be and we hope to be in a position to allow new sign ups in the very near future.

    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,

    TSE Global

  13. Hejik says:

    interesting post swearbox
    i understand how it may look from the outside
    i assure you it’s not me just being a cunt

    I do have to say I admire your gumption though
    not many direct hits for “hejik”
    smart guy

    • swearbox says:

      Coming from the standpoint of someone who is now blocked for life on the BF forums it’s like a red rag to a bull when I see people openly advertising the fact that they are currently engaged in a mission to get others banned. It’s a sad individual that stoops that low.


    sigh sigh sigh

  15. Hejik says:

    you’ll see what kind of people I’m dealing with on there when you see they have a petition on general trying to getme banned for educating them
    you need to read the old thread aswell to see what a total cunt green army is


    birdseye….. very happy and well thanks




    you bummed BOB yet?

    Answers on a post card.



    why do your opening blog statements differ in the English language compared to your replying replies?

    Yes, I have noticed you are cutting and pasting…..


    thin ice?????

  20. paddy says:

    Hejik and bob are similiary annoying fuckers, both incapable of chatting normaly and just getting on with folk..

    • Bob says:

      all i want paddy. so what were those pm’s greenviking sent you about me?

      • paddy says:

        oh just fuck off bob you stupid persistant little cunt, you dont chat just questions questions endless repetative questions …freak

        • Bob says:

          seeeething paddy. be nice fella.

          ” just getting on with folk..”

          you choose to try and bully me you prick so at least be prepared to stand up to your antics

        • paddy says:

          oo touched a nerve did I? why do people think hejik is you bob? il tell you why, you’re both lonely bi-polar freaks addicted to an internet forum, and both grassing twats ….and if you feel bullied then good, you should be beaten to within an inch of your tragic life, and the que to do it would be long, very long…

        • Bob says:

          whys that paddy?

    • swearbox says:

      Evening Paddy…Mrs SB has me on a major bull night here cos we’re hosting chrissy dinner…thing is she’s watching me like a hawk…can’t get away with running a duster over the obvious and spraying a bit of air freshener. It’s like being back at Swinderby ffs 😦

      • paddy says:

        haha, you’ll be sleeping on the floor so as not to disturb your bed next!, sounds like you need to open a beer tell your mrs who’s boss, ride the fallout and all will be well ;-)….well thats what I’d like to do but in reality..

        • swearbox says:

          “well thats what I’d like to do but in reality..”

          Yes…nailed it right there mate πŸ˜‰

        • paddy says:

          Just getting over man flu here mate so have been let off the hook a bit, working tomorro so should shake it off to be in the mood for supping a few xmas day!

        • swearbox says:

          Good man. Not a christmassy sort myself…I usually just drink and let the rest get on with being festive…much prefer New Year.

          My next task is before me…put the cushion covers back on the settee that have just been washed and paint some trim where I hung some French doors in me dining room. No rest for the wicked…

        • Bob says:

          where do you work paddy?

  21. Bob says:

    “Not at all hejik. I have a Kurdish friend who tells me that ‘hejik’ is a name adopted by many young Kurdish homosexuals. Apparently if somebody introduces themselves to you as ‘hejik’, there is a good chance they are very ‘light on their feet’.”

    didn’t know the gay part

  22. paddy says:

    Wish I was fooking single some times, the shit they have us doing. Same as you mate, I aint the christmas type either just enjoy being with family and friends and over indulging! baby jesus ffs

  23. paddy says:

    How many you got coming over sb?

  24. paddy says:

    Met a few canadians over the years, one of the dumpies was married to a proper honey too, they aint that bad…dont get me started on yanks tho!

  25. Bob says:

    ok guys. what’s everyone’s predictions of when new sign ups to forum will happen?

    jan – mar?
    apr – jun?
    jul – sep?
    oct – dec?


  26. Kal1984 says:

    Between Jan-March. I imagine TSE/Betfair will have had a meetng and outlined their plans for the coming year. I would gladly take 6/4 on new registrations between Jan-March.

  27. Kal1984 says:

    On another note – Are Green Army and Green Viking the same?

    • swearbox says:

      I don’t know Kal…don’t see them on the threads I read.

      • Kal1984 says:

        green army is the one on Gen Betting. Hejik has taken a disliking to him.

        • swearbox says:

          Yeah I read the thread Kal. Don’t see green army post much on footy though which is where I mainly look in. Only looked at the thread on GB cos there was a bit of a fight going on with Hejik and others.

          You oan the swally the night Kal ? I’m having a quiet beer or two cos I have sahit to do tomorrow.

        • Bob says:

          no way green army and greenviking are same mate. greenviking is a truly despisable sort. not seen many come close to his level of vile

        • Hejik says:

          not sure who he is Kal
          he is a cunt though
          green viking always seemed alright to me
          green army is a bullshitting cunt

  28. paddy says:

    SB if you get back on I reckon it will be a one chance only thing, pretty sure it will be funded accounts only and unless anyone has multi addresses, bank accounts and email then just signing up again wont be an option..bob will be a prick within 10 posts and banned forever πŸ™‚

    • Bob says:

      all depends on the rules on previously banned forumites. reckon they’ll wipe the slate clean?

      • swearbox says:

        No chance of that Bob though it would be nice. Give everyone who has had the boot a fresh go at it. If they fuck up again then it’s goodbye for good. I think everyone would respect that IF they fucked up again and it resulted in a final banning from which there is no coming back.

    • swearbox says:

      I’ll be pretty fucking disappointed if I don’t get back on Paddy. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to get my pathetic sentence overturned and reading between the lines in the many emails that have been exchanged between myself and the powers that be I’d say my chances are odds on.

  29. Kal1984 says:

    SB – i gave two tips on twitter today. Chelsea -1 at 1.96 and over 2,5 goals in Hearts match at 2.14 which both obliged. I was at the pub mate and not long back. Enjoying myself just now. January will be a detox month. How about yourself Sir?

    • swearbox says:

      Just reading it again Kal…top fucking fishing that was…remember it well. There were some funny comments on there from a few of the guys…

      “blΓΆder Wichser 27 Dec 11 00:36
      Kal, you will have to ramp up your language a bit to get under Stoke’s skin. These lads are hard. They might even shorten the size of their monitors so they don’t have to read your mail.

      “Suso30 27 Dec 11 03:02
      Kal84, you should go on a hunger strike, and refuse to eat until Stoke and Villa play better football.”

      The end of your ’email’…”Yours faithfully. Kal. Ps – I still have pains in my chest and my head hurts ” PMSL

      I actually watched the game as well…

      “Swearbox 28 Dec 11 23:48
      stu β€’ December 27, 2011 4:29 PM GMT
      Though this post is obviously a little OTT, I did notice one thing that made me seethe just a little – right at the end of the game Stoke got a goal kick and with the home side only at 0-0 the keeper deliberately took as much time as possible, including crossing over his goalmouth very slowly, and pausing as long as possible before taking the kick – I did think WTF for a home keeper wasting time in that position??

      If you could stomach watching a rerun you’d see that coont of a Stoke keeper time wasting almost from the start of the match…he was at it all right, no mistake.”

      • Kal1984 says:

        lol. As i say will get 1 of the twitter lads to TT it on its anniversary. U all set for xmas SB. U on the drink? πŸ™‚

        • swearbox says:

          I’m as ready as I’ll ever be Kal though we have more fucking house cleaning on the agenda tomorrow ready for everyone coming round on Tuesday (not that we live in a sty…it’s nice once in a while to have a really good clean up so this is our excuse). Having a couple of quiet cans of Moosehead as I piss around on the comp…I feel a bit of Tillmann coming on πŸ™‚

  30. Kal1984 says:

    boxing day will be the anniversary

  31. Kal1984 says:

    SB – was a shame when i heard Tillmann passed away. Think it was just about a year ago.He died suddenly. An absolute tragic loss and he was fairly young too. The only way to remember him is that song. And it has to be played to the MAX, Amazing song and a wonderful lad. But he would want you to be happy – so play it to its max ON THE RUN

  32. paddy says:

    BEER CALL! let the festivities commence…hows the cushion plumping coming on SB?

    • swearbox says:

      Just back in from a beer run Paddy…tons to do today though 😦

      • paddy says:

        Fuckin coronation st and eastenders for 2 hours 😦 bet you dont miss that shite sb…Has anyone told bob santa aint real?

        • swearbox says:

          Definitely don’t watch that pish Paddy…never watched it when I lived in UK.

          Seems my christmas eve boozing is on hold for another couple of hours. Some of the extended family who were due to travel up today found their car is fooked so I have an hours drive there and an hours drive back to pick them up. Have a good night mate…I won;t be back on til tomorrow.

  33. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    well Bob I hope Santa beats your fucking small brain in tonight and shits on your bed. No sign-ups untill after April 3rd 2013 and VEGAS will not be able to squirm back in

  34. Bob says:

    SB what’s this prick on about 3rd April? talking shit as usual?

  35. paddy says:

    How was the mad house sb? decent xmas I hope…all good here well fed and watered and been to the everton game today (as a neutral) got some work to do tomorro so a quiet night tonight

    • swearbox says:

      Survived it Paddy but now it’s back to the grind as we’re in the middle of a snowstorm which doesn’t show any signs of letting up (started around 10pm last night…it’s approaching 9am as I type). Canada would be a much nicer place if it were nearer the equator.

      • paddy says:

        Your weather is makng the news here mate, I would love it to snow like fuck here and cause utter chaos, im off now till 23rd Jan so could sit back and laugh as the country grinds to hault after an hour or so of it. Any new year plans?

        • swearbox says:

          No plans as yet Paddy…would rather go to a club or a do in a hotel but those things are thin on the ground around here. Will probably hear of a house party somewhere that we can crash…either that or an early night (the latter of which i’m definitely not up for).

        • paddy says:

          Nowt wrong with an early night if the weathers shite mate, we might go to Ireland 29/30th for a few days to see her family and have new year there

        • swearbox says:

          Sounds good mate…believe it or not I’ve never been to Ireland…been practically everywhere else though…should be a good time…Paddys are always up for a good piss up πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          Its a great place mate, Ive old camcorder vids now on a dvd from 93 in Aldergrove, hanging out the side of pumas, wessex and chinooks, few minutes on there emptying a 200 round mag box from a gmpg whilst in the hover at 200′ in a puma and another doing a high speed pass whilst firing…great fun…

          she’s not phased neither are her family but I was warned early in our relationship not to ever mention my past where they live its quite a stronghold area, we’ve been together 8 years now and Im accepted in the village but even as just a civi Englishman that took time if they new ex forces I’d be eh, did you not get chance of a det to Aldergrove?

        • swearbox says:

          When I left Halton I filled out my application for where I wanted to be posted…I put down Wittering Catterick and Aldergrove as my choices…got Brawdy. After 4 and a half years at Brawdy I put a request in for an environmental posting…can’t remember all my choices but two were St Mawgan and Chivenor…in the negative choice box, ie the place I absolutely DIDN’T want to go, I simply put ‘Not Scotland’…some coont with a twisted sense of humour had me put on a Red Top / Firestreak missile course at Newton then posted up to missile city at Leuchars…how I laughed…NOT.

        • paddy says:

          I’d have been fucking gutted if they’d sent me to Scotland mate, sounds like some twisted shiny arse humour to me, sad twats.

        • swearbox says:

          There was an upside to it…the Jock beer is tremendous…finest beer in the world imo

  36. Bob says:

    your off til 23rd paddy?

  37. Bob says:

    didnt think you worked paddy? what do you do?

  38. Bob says:

    so you must feel incredibly lucky working a fifth of the time for more money, correct?


    happy families in here now…. SIGH


    Bet “BOB skint pants” was wanting to post on xmas day with his LIDL xmas dinner for one……


    “SpongeBOB skid mark pants” sounds better….


    Happy xmas and happy new year to all reading….


    LOL LOL LOL…. fucking class…..

  43. Bob says:

    PADDY –

    “Not lucky, I worked hard for it”

    so you don’t think we live in a weird world if you work the equivalent of 1 day a week to an office workers 5 and you get paid more!?

  44. Bob says:

    office monkey paddy. so 18 months and i could work a fifth of the time for more money like you?

  45. paddy says:

    Its not cheap mate, cost me around Β£65k, more if you add in not earning a wage for 18 months and spending far to much in the pub every night with the other lads, you know what its like..these days people are paying inxs of 100k via loans and not getting a job, fucking madness

    • swearbox says:

      Wow. Definitely need a guaranteed job after spending that kinda dosh. Still if you get a gig after you’re done it’s probably a nice way of earning a living…no being stuck on the M6 or M25 when yer mode of transport is a flying machine πŸ™‚

  46. Bob says:

    “Hardwork to get a licence harder again to get a job and work your way up, networking, not pissing people off, able to stand on your own two feet and think for yourself etc etc etc”

    why cant i/anyone do that?

  47. paddy says:

    Everyone of sb’s blogs your conversation is exactly the same, enough now bob

    • Bob says:

      nope! it’s usually about greenvikings pm’s or strategy.

      now you say you made 65k willy nilly to fund your bizjet course!? how???? who has 65k just like that!?

      telling porkies?

      • paddy says:

        No such thing as a bizjet course, its a licence that means you can be paid to fly, what ever aircraft that may be…as for telling porkies only you would jump to that conclusion….you just keep dreaming bob or go out there and do something, you asking me personal financial questions aint going to help you. Dont you have work soon?

  48. Bob says:

    ok how old were you when you made 65k ready to plough it all into this flying course?

  49. Bob says:

    ok so why can’t you say how you made 65k+ and how long it took?

  50. Bob says:

    ok so they all run their own businesses. what sort of industries? the difference is you said you raised it working an office job didnt you?

  51. paddy says:

    and I’ve no idea where you got the thought of me working in a fucking office…

  52. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    a happy new year to SB and all of his followers except VEGAS of course who I hope crashes when learning to fly.

  53. Hejik says:

    paddy, not sure if we ever crossed words
    not sure why you have taken a dislike to me either

    live and let live
    i’m not like paulme
    i don’t care what you have done or do

    good luck getting back on the forum since it obviously means a lot to you
    i don’t care either way
    just have a problem with the dickheads in general betting
    doesn’t really require your input

  54. Bob says:

    ok Paddy but i don’t know anyone who can build up 65k+. what were you doing to raise the course money?

    • swearbox says:

      Bob, some folk land on their feet sometimes. I got 1100 shares of Seagate stock options when I joined the company. These were options to buy up to 1100 shares IF the company decided to do an IPO. Less than two years later we had a meeting telling us that the company had done a deal with Veritas (another company in the same business intelligence market space) and part of that deal was that we could now consider our shares as ‘vested’ (which meant that we effectively owned stock that we could sell if we wished). At the time my 1100 shares were worth a little less than Β£60k. Not long after that meeting I found myself being downsized along with 9 others but I didn’t give a toss as I had over 60 grand to my name at the time. Took a year off to fuck around and fix up my house. Betfair didn’t exist back then..probably a good thing too LOL. Point is that everyone’s personal circumstances are different…60 grand isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

  55. paddy says:

    Bob says:
    December 29, 2012 at 1:50 pm
    The contents of this post from user Bob have been blocked beause he’s a nosey cunt.

    Click here to remove Bob from your blocked cunts list.

  56. Bob says:

    ok SB that’s amazing. so simply by joining the right company you came out with 60k???? i dont know anyone who has anything near that and they work 5 times harder than rude paddy.

    paddy was your story like that?

  57. Bob says:

    …as i don’t see how on anything less than 100k/year or a share payout anyone could raise 65k like that unless paddy is in his 50s??

  58. paddy says:

    Did you work on seats SB?

  59. Bob says:

    “Did you work on seats SB?”

    paddy isn’t that also invading someone’s privacy?

  60. paddy says:

    Sb had already told me in the past, I was reminding myself, so no

  61. paddy says:

    lol That brings back some drunken memories!

    • swearbox says:

      They were ahead of their time Paddy… πŸ™‚

      • paddy says:

        Did you ever have the bavarian beer stompers on in the NAAFI?

        • swearbox says:

          Might have done at Brawdy Paddy when I was a singly…but I got barred from the NAAFI for being a bad boy so may have missed them πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          lol and the naafi hardly had a high morale code, you must of been a bad fooker to get a ban from one of them estalishments mate

        • swearbox says:

          I had my moments πŸ™‚ I got banned after someone set fire to the notice board…I tried to piss on it to put it out…after I was ejected I threw a bag of plaster that had been left outside by workies through the bog window which smashed and left a tremendous mess inside the bogs…I got collared later that night by plod and part of my punishment was to clean up the unholy mess I made in the bogs. Worst part of the ban was when we had strippers on…I sneaked in to watch them but the eagle eyed NAAFI manager spotted me and threw me out again so I had to make do with climbing on the roof and watching through the skylights.

        • paddy says:

          classic, sounds like a good night…stripper nights lol how did I forget, were the fook they found some of them I dont know

        • swearbox says:

          We had some rare old times at Brawdy mate…fooking loved it back then…get pissed as arseholes, do something you later regret, then roll in to work the next day with a stinking hangover to roll around on the tarmac.

  62. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    VEGAS go jump off a cliff you fucking bellend

  63. Bob says:

    paddy why cant me and you talk openly like you are above?

    • Bob says:

      it seems you will happily wax lyrical about the military days but not the years saving up that 65k? dark period?

      • swearbox says:

        Them was happy times Bob…would do it over in a heartbeat…Paddy would too most likely. There’s a different kind of bond between service people, cops, firemen and the like that you don’t get in civvy street. The 65k thing you keep asking about is a non starter…nobody is going to ever show you the way to a better life, you have to do it for yourself. I’m not where I want to be…yet…but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to stay where I am right now which means I have to find my own way out. Necessity is the mother of invention Bob…we’ve all got it within us to make a change for the better…stick at it and your time will come…and you don’t need 65k mate πŸ™‚

  64. Hejik says:

    thanks for your input paddy
    it’s unwarranted abuse unless we’ve had words before
    shame since i believe I’ve been most courteous and polite on here

    hi bob
    hope things pick up for you in 2013
    amazing that you believe Β£65k is a staggering sum of money
    not belittling anyone
    just saying it’s not really that much these days

  65. Bob says:

    ok paddy so. you left school. went straight into the RAF on a 30k salary. bought some property (which there’s no money in so i assume you were doing them up and selling on?) – also i think you’d struggle to buy more than one considering the deposit needed for each one. invested in some companies – now this is also questionable as how would you know who to invest in? how much did these 2 ventures make? then claim to make 65k somehow and plunge the lot into a course to become a bizjet pilot?? spot on?

    • paddy says:

      lol no money in property…funniest thing your niave little fingers have ever typed

      • Bob says:

        explain how. i have bought property

        • swearbox says:

          My boss did it and I helped him do it. He bought a bank repossession and the previous tennants made sure they expressed their displeasure at being kicked out…left the place in a right state. Thing is the place was on a nice enough street so he bought it and made it his primary residence. We spent around 6 months doing the place up and when it was done he put it up for sale. Was snapped up in no time and I’m pretty sure that one flip alone netted him over $60k.

        • Bob says:

          how much did he buy it for SB? i am in a position to do something like that if i knew what i was doing

        • swearbox says:

          Not sure Bob…probably about 100-120k. Thing is with him he did all the work to fix it up himself…even down to installing a new electrical panel which technically he should have had done by a qualified leccy. If you know how to build stuff you can save a shitload of dough on the front end which means more profits when you are ready to sell.

        • Bob says:

          ah so im guessing he laid out maybe 20k deposit? which most never have. and is good at DIY, which i’m not 😦

        • swearbox says:

          Dunno how much down payment he put up but he used to be in the building trade so knew a bit about most aspects of fixing things up (electrical, plumbing, framing, plasterboarding etc). If you have no diy skills to speak of then it’s no use trying to make any money at it as you’ll end up squandering all of your potential profits on tradesmen.

        • Bob says:

          exactly SB. kind of what i meant by no money in property. unless your rich already i guess, or unless your DIY savvy

    • swearbox says:

      Fooks sake Bob you’re relentless. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to flip two houses a year or even three and if you are careful when you choose the houses you intend to flip you can probably do it with a fairly small budget but realise a fairly substantial gain when it’s sold. I’ve seen articles and documentaries about folk who have gone from 0 to millionaire status doing exactly this is a very short space of time. Embrace it Bob, it can be done.

      • Bob says:

        i have SB. doesnt work. tenants repairs and mortgage repayments outweigh the rent = make a loss.

        sorry to be relentless as you say but it’s just i don’t know anyone who has even 10k so this is really fascinating to me.

      • paddy says:

        Bobs obviously bought at full price through an estate agent with a mortgage from a bank…tip bob researh gearing (buy to let) bridging finance for developement, HMO’s and how to do one….there are many many ways of making a livng from little outlay or risk to you individualy

      • Bob says:

        “obs obviously bought at full price through an estate agent with a mortgage from a bank”

        you are implying this is not the way to do it. so you obviously didn’t need a mortgage?

        • paddy says:

          See what I mean you dont fucking listen or think…

          β€˜tip bob researh gearing (buy to let), bridging finance for developement

  66. Bob says:

    ok gearing just seems to be buying a house on an interest only mortgage and selling it off for more money than you paid. what if you cant?

    bridging finance is just waiting for an inflow of cash? where is this coming from exactly?

    • paddy says:

      Right ok, if it gets you off my back and stops you recking another blog Il give you one of deals I did..

      Shop with 2 empty stories above bought for Β£70k, the 9 rooms upstairs were made into 7 bedsits (HMO) with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Filled with tenants brought in Β£22k pa, this was sold 4 mths after purchase for Β£160k

      Β£10k deposit rest finance

    • paddy says:

      And gearing is how to build a portfolio,you dont sell off, bridging finance is basiaclly no questions asked short term finance as long as the figures stack up.

      • Bob says:

        cant be done paddy on a normal salary as people cant raise more than one deposit.

        • Bob says:

          hence my shock at you raising 65k. did you come out of school without a penny?

        • paddy says:

          It can, It has, and it always will for those who put the effort in

        • Bob says:

          i know of no-one an a normal salary 20-30k who has raised a 15k deposit twice.

        • swearbox says:

          You don’t bite off more than you can chew…one property at a time is the way to go initially until you start building up a bit of liquid funds…it’s not a difficult concept to grasp. If I had the funds I’d definitely flip a house (or houses) for a living…once you get going it’s like a snowball made of money I would think…money comes to money Bob, always remember that.

        • Bob says:

          but SB i bought one, which i make a loss on and which cost loads. you then need to work for a few more years to afford another surely. paddy just somehow shits out 65k. it doesnt make sense and it’s hard to read.

  67. Bob says:

    ok paddy so you did all the building/DIY work yourself?

  68. paddy says:

    How much equity do you have in your home?


    skid marks BOB pants,

    why can you not answer my question?

  70. paddy says:

    Bob did you see DO WAH DIDDY on general betting, some people think he’s simple and give him stick, I think he’s a decent guy and a charater but even he has money stashed…it goes to show its not unusual people do make money and have it available, I do wonder whether you’re fishing most of the time or really have never mixed with other humans.


  71. MONEY TREE says:

    wow you bunch of sad pathetic losers

    shitebox writing essays about a gambling forum he cant even use, and bob virgin hasnt been outside for over a year


    • swearbox says:

      Go fuck yourself Tree. I’ll write about whatever the fuck I want to write about. Maybe next essay I’ll write something about clowns who have been forum banned that are still posting despite the ban. Now go back to your BEER BEER BEER SEX AND BEER you fucking mong.

  72. Kal1984 says:

    Swearbox is a good lad and was one of the better posters on the forum.TBH I think his blog posts are quite good. Its just a pity the forum has been ruined now. THe more i think about it the more pissed off i get. I got a life ban for changing my username yet others are free to sign up again or access old user accounts so they can post on the forum. Where is the justice?

    • Bob says:

      i agree Kal but there’s no new sign ups since August. crazy shit!

      • Kal1984 says:

        Yes and thats down to you Bob. Personally i think your a good lad and we have always got on – you know that. But because of your antics the forum is ruined now. You had a problem with betfair and should have persued it with them directly and not spammed the forum. I see we now have a poster called ‘Hejik’ running amok. I must say his behaviour towards Biscuit is uncalled for. Biscuit is a top poster with a lot of knowledge on world football. Hejik trying to provoke people into comments which may lead to a ban is just scummish behaviour and just shows exactly what is wrong with the forum these days.

        • paddy says:

          Bobs a spoilt pathetic little gimp Kal who didnt get his own way, his philosphy seems to be ‘if I get a speeding ticket then everyone should’

  73. MONEY TREE says:

    I can still use the forum, YOU CANT

    shitebox seething hahahahahahaha

  74. Bob says:

    happy new year SB, Kal and (i’ll be the bigger man) paddy!! πŸ™‚

    • paddy says:

      How can you be the bigger man when I’d already wished one and all a happy new year?….take it you’re staying tonight franticly clicking refresh on bf

    • swearbox says:

      LOL….Happy New Year to one and all. As I have man flu I’ll be doing nothing more exciting than sitting at home feeling miserable so I hope you all have a better evening planned than me.

      • paddy says:

        I feel your pain mate, had it the week before xmas, we couldnt get a flight to Ireland so staying here, my little bro is having a party the mrs is havng a bath and I just cant be arsed going out, will have to guage how she’s feeling aout going out!

  75. Bob says:

    interesting how hejik is now harrasing undern whereas he tried to get me banned when i did similar.

  76. paddy says:

    Hows the man flu sb?

  77. paddy says:

    Arsenal are as inconsistant as Liverpool, 2 teams who should be on my banned list!

  78. MONEY TREE says:

    Im having a good laugh on the forum tonight.

    How about you shitebox and bob virgin?

  79. paddy says:

    See hejik had a cracking new year all alone, posting on the bob vegas fred…some people have tragic lives

  80. Kal1984 says:

    Happy New Year to you all lads. Best of luck to you and your families for 2013

  81. Hejik says:

    You sure we have never had words paddy?

  82. MONEY TREE says:

    You sad cunts shitebox and bob virgin, still wasting your lives reading the forum all day when you cant even post


  83. paddy says:

    SB any thoughts on the liverpool & everton games tonight? thinking lpool win and draw in the newc/everton game. I hate late night mid week games tho

  84. Hejik says:

    i’m still on the forum paddy
    did you say you were still on there too?

  85. Hejik says:

    It would appear that betfair now condone homophobia, racism and price ramping on their forum
    but not honesty

  86. paddy says:

    lol hejik banned, good work bob

  87. paddy says:

    Time to lay 0-0 in the chelsea game I think, cant carry on like this second half

    • swearbox says:

      I’m out of this Pish Paddy…Chelsea have played like an Argie B league team here and I can’t trust them with any more dough. Should gone for the Liverpool game. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Have to nip out for a bit but will check back in later. If you lay the 0-0 then best of luck πŸ™‚

      • paddy says:

        I should have gone with my opening post, lpool win everton draw and qpr parking the bus, would have a nice green now…but just layed 0-0 chelsea

        • swearbox says:

          Just back in…good to see QPR fucked over Chelsea and you won your bet into the bargain πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          Pleasing scenes all round mate, do you get match of the day over there?

        • swearbox says:

          No…not as such…we still get the games but the presenters are Yanks or Canadian unless it’s being shown on a premium channel like what used to be Setanta (now Sports Net World or something like that).

        • paddy says:

          I’d have to turn the sound off and do my own commentryif it wa yank rabbiting on about soccer…BBCi player shows match of the day 2 I think.

        • swearbox says:

          The commentary is as you’d get in the UK…just the prematch and half time punditry is yanks plus a token brit ex footballer is usually wheeled out for good measure.

        • paddy says:

          I spilt wine on my keyboard hence some letters missing sometimes^

        • paddy says:

          hic, Been quoted Β£35 to fit a new keypad which doesnt sound to unreasonable

        • swearbox says:

          Can get a whole new keyboard for that…tell ’em to get fucked…better still if it’s a Logitech keyboard here’s what I would do…phone ’em up and tell them it’s just stopped working or that it’s working intermittently but make out as if you are asking if it’s a problem that others are experiencing…they’ll ask you for make and model etc and mail you, free of charge, their latest and greatest keyboard & mouse combo because they are THAT good of a company. I’ve done it twice in the last 8 years or so (both times I had genuine issues with the keyboard acting up)…no fucking around they just take your details and the new shit is in the post the next day. Would never buy a mouse or keyboard made by any other company.

        • paddy says:

          Cheers for the tip! but this is on a netbook, not a seperate keyboard

        • swearbox says:

          Ah…I’ll get me coat then 😦 πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          lol no need mate I should have been clearer, will try the logitech tip tho see what I get!

  88. Bob says:

    Hejik gone then. was only a matter of time…

    • Bob says:

      oh and nothing to do with me

      • swearbox says:

        He got booted for posting on every thread on the first page of general betting…only a smiley or wqhatever but a page full of threads where every one was last posted on by mr Hejik was enough for BF it seems…didn’t want a repeat of the August angst suffered by the many at the hands of the very few (well, two if truth be told ;-))

      • swearbox says:

        Bob are you any good with web page building ?

        • Bob says:

          i could not be bothered with pointless smiley’s on every thread. i’m not SB sorry. hejik will regret it now when the realisation hits him that the door is closed to returnee’s

  89. Bob says:

    still working with greenviking paddy?

  90. paddy says:

    Herts Hibs only game tonight and I know I shouldnt get involved but…you playing sb?

  91. Hejik says:

    forum needs guys like me and vegas
    look at it now
    it’s dead

    • swearbox says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you…the forums need everyone they can get, even the ones who tend to upset others either by design or accident. A sterile and boring forum is not appealing at all…everyone the same……reminds me of that Groove Armada tune that I shall now embed …

  92. Hejik says:

    makes me laugh
    sad little fuckers can’t stop talking about me either

  93. Hejik says:

    what is the purpose of a forum paddy
    please explain to me
    i’m amused by your attitude towards me if I’m honest
    you will paint the same picture as the other pricks on the forum
    you abuse without provocation
    yet will then try and claim moral high ground when I choose not to accept it

  94. Hejik says:

    no paddy you’re not
    what makes you think I am retarded?
    shame to lower the tone of swearboxes blog
    but you seem insistent

  95. Hejik says:

    are you insinuating people of iraqi descent are automatically retarded paddy?
    where are you from?

    • paddy says:

      lol hejik, pinch a few words from different sentences put them together and come up with that, not doing yourself any favours..

  96. Hejik says:

    it is you that is obsessed with iraqis paddy
    i’m not iraqi
    i don’t dislike them though
    i don’t dislike any race or nation of people

    what favours do you think I am trying to do myself?
    we are only engaged in debate because you started insulting me
    are we not?

  97. Hejik says:

    Assuming that’s your standard response when you have made yourself look a cunt paddy

    “paddy says:
    January 3, 2013 at 4:14 pm
    The only sad fooker was you hejik”

    Entirely unprovoked abuse from you.
    I had not mentioned you.
    I have never mentioned you

    I can only conclude you’re trying to be some kind of “forum hero” πŸ™‚
    sad really
    maybe we could discuss on the forum instead
    would save littering swearbox’ blog with pointless debate

  98. Hejik says:

    yeah of course paddy
    another one that shirks the issue when he’s made to look an idiot

    well done paddy
    look forward to seeing you on the forum πŸ™‚

  99. Hejik says:

    we’ll see paddy πŸ™‚
    are you still on the forum?
    i thought you had been banned on multiple occasions.
    who are you on there?

    is a shame we never met on there yet paddy
    you sound like you could have been a real rager πŸ™‚

    yes i am
    i got banned because of pricks like paddy really

    silly little boys that wanted to start an argument on a betting forum
    so i played the game and didn’t let up
    because i don’t give a shit about the betfair forum
    i just enjoyed annoying the little weirdos

    who is paddy on the forum bob?

    • Bob says:

      you dont care about being banned then and not being able to return? i miss it 😦

    • paddy says:

      lol the delusion is quite something, funny how the majority think you’re a prick, and as I’ve said I ignore the bellends on the forum hence why I’ve never posted a response to you, and you got banned because of pricks like me? are you insinuating I’m some sort of grass like yourself and bob?

  100. Hejik says:

    paddy clearly quite a bigot
    i feel sorry for him but won’t converse with bigots
    i won’t respond any more paddy
    you’re an embarrassment and should be ashamed

  101. Bob says:

    paddy is revengeofpaddy and paddysrevenge not your originals then?

  102. smithy91 says:

    the trend is reversing on manchester united I’ve backed liverpool at 4.6. The liverpool game is a gold mine.

    Cricket: Β£272.21 | Soccer: Β£1,356,029.09 | Tote: | Total P&L: Β£1,356,301.20 -last seven days

  103. sweetchildofmine says:

    smithy you are so wonderful. watch out for the premium charge you;ll be paying it in no time.

    p.s i love you and want to have your babies.

  104. Kal1984 says:

    Evening SB. WIll you be having a few refreshments 2nite? Just bought a couple bottles of red. I think i am in the mood for some Friday Night Tunes

    • paddy says:

      On the red later too kal, dont ask SB for tunes we’ll end up with suicidal morrisey lol

      • Kal1984 says:

        Lol Paddy. Just about to open a bottle. Sure by the end of the night I will have a few old classics. I should really dig out my old vinyl records. Got a decent collection of dance/trance

        • swearbox says:

          Hello Kal. I’ve had a very fucking trying sfternoon fixing my hot water tank. I won’t go into detail but I can tell you that if you need a couple of hundredweight bags of calcium I can supply it. Could not believe how much of that shit was in the bottom of my tank. Anyway I fixed it and I’m a fooking hero. As for drinking and choons I am right in the mood but I have to pick up my other half from work when she’s done so I have to lay off til then (9pm my time :-() after which I will be tanning the arse of a bottle of Absolut voddie. And don’t listen to Paddy…I opened his eyes to the Smiths and he’s never been the same since…can’t stop playing it he tells me πŸ™‚

        • Bob says:

          love The Smiths SB. hi Kal.

  105. paddy says:

    lol sb, listened to them once in 1996 and managed 7 minutes in 2012..

    • Bob says:

      paddy 2 questions please:

      1. how many posts a week are you averaging on the forum?
      2. are you still making money with green “sick fuck” viking and his theory?

  106. Kal1984 says:

    Good stuff SB sounds like you have had a ‘mare today. You will be looking forward to a voddy. Just started on the wine so will be up for a while. I am watching that Celeb Big Brother (for my sins). I am backing Toadfish at 5.9. Dont usually bet relaity shows but have a feeling he will go close.

  107. paddy says:

    Red is now cracked so bring on the tunes Kal, did you ever get into jungle?

    • Kal1984 says:

      No mate not really into it at all. There are a few tunes i have heard that i liked but just cant get into it. Love old skool,.dance, trance. Paddy are your clubbing days now over or you still going out these days?

      • paddy says:

        Similar stuff then, I like the trance/mellow jungle but been to a couple of the darker nights in manchester with a black mate and his crowd, I stud out like a sore thumb and the atmosphere was somewhat on edge….dont do clubbing now, but do the odd outdoor dance festival type thing in the summer,roll on warm evenings again..

        • Kal1984 says:

          My clubbing days are over but i ended up going to an old skool night a few months ago. EVeryone was out their faces on E but i was just in the drink. Not taking anything anymore plus my new year resolution was to stop smoking. Only enjoyment i get these days is my betting and having a drink with the tunes on naturally

  108. Kal1984 says:

    Hi Bob how you doing? Any joy on the darts? I backed MVG in the final. Gutted to say the least!

    • Bob says:

      i backed Taylor in semi’s and final so did ok thanks mate!! havnt bet much since a monumental loss on Camelot in the Leger 😦

      • Kal1984 says:

        Bob – The Welsh National 2moro. Teaforthree. Its hardly an ‘original’ selection but i am going to smash the place market on this. It is 7/2 favourite at the moment. Its got McCoy on board and he rides the track well and he NEVER gives up. I am playing safe and going place only. Prob get around 1.7-1.8 when Betfair unsuspend the market.

  109. Kal1984 says:

    Anyone heard from EZ? Havent heard from his from a while. Hope he is well

    • Bob says:

      no mate. good lad EZ. even aaron doesnt post on the forum now!! how come your clubbing days are over?

      • Kal1984 says:

        Cos i dont take drugs anymore and i just cant be bothered with it . Prefer the pub these days. Had some mad experiences on E you wouldnt even believe. Done with it now though. Need to find myself a good woman. Do they exist? lol

  110. swearbox says:

    I’ve just registered a website through which I am going to make money and fucking lots of it. If I can get my arse in gear I expect to be able to report that by this time next week I will have made AT LEAST $1.00 from it. Anything more will be a huge bonus but more importantly will galvanize me to rinse and repeat the process until a 4 figure per month passive income is commonplace. I thank you.

  111. Kal1984 says:

    Its hard to make it pay Bob. Why dont you study certain markets? I do well on the overs/unders and the handicap betting. Sometimes i will use the bookies for the handicap betting. Its hard as fuck this game Bob. If i could start with say Β£5000 on betfair then i would just stick to trading each day. Something i will consider

  112. Kal1984 says:

    On another note was at Ayr races a few months ago. Met Enzo from At The Races and had a good chat with him. Top guy and down to earth as well

  113. Kal1984 says:

    Love this little beauty

  114. paddy says:

    What you chaps listening through? hopefully not laptop speakers, headphones for me the music is just so much better

  115. paddy says:

    Sorry to go off track but have you seen this ?? the duo 2 and half mins in would be emotional I imagine, who would you bring back using this technology?

    • Kal1984 says:

      I seen that a few months ago and it looked very real. Actuall had to question whether he was dead or not. Top fuckin work tho whoever thought of the idea. Paddy – i would bring back Freddie Mercury without a doubt

  116. Kal1984 says:

    Good stuff Pad as long as your happy. I am goin to be meetin up with a girl in the next week. Known each other for years and mad about her so hopefully things will progress

    • paddy says:

      Good stuff, hope it goes well! you treating her to a nice night or a maccies and a finger in the bogs? πŸ™‚

      • Kal1984 says:

        I might upgrade her to a burger king depending on how the next date goes lol. In all serious i love her mate but she fucked me about so take it slow and see how it goes

  117. Bob says:

    some nice trance here lads when it kicks in:

  118. Kal1984 says:

    U on the ABSOLUT yet SB?

  119. supersmith says:

    Betfair Fixed Odds attempting to fleece punters offering 11 for the draw at half time for the Spurs v Coventry match with Spurs leading 3-0.

    Other bookmakers prices were 100 plus and the exchange 200.

    The Betfair ‘crack traders’ should hang their heads in shame.

    The new website is absolute crap and Betfair appear to be infiltrated by people looking to destroy what was a good business.

    Don’t worry about a forum ban as this company will not need a forum soon with the liquidity increasingly falling week by week.

    The Betfair customer service is also a joke and it is clear to most customers that this business is now firmly on its way down the pan.

    • paddy says:

      The website is that slow and unstable its a joke and the customer service people seem to think we should be grateful they allow us to bet there, place is a shadow of its former self hence the reason I use betdaq for the most of my betting now, enough money on the markets I play on, easy to navigate, a million times quicker and there new app ‘B+’ is brilliant.

  120. Bob says:

    Kal – teaforthree 2nd. well done mate!

    • Kal1984 says:

      Cheers Bob. The race went just as i thought it would. Superb ride by Carberry on the winner though

      • Bob says:

        you have much on?

        • paddy says:

          Was on it to place too kal, great run for the winner coming from the back! nice little win on o3.5 in the man u game when RVP came on and and a earlier win on the brighton game…all in all a pleasant day, just weighing up whether to get involved in the sevilla game.

        • Kal1984 says:

          Had a decent amount on Bob. Not touching Sevilla at home paddy. They have let me down time and time again. If i was pushed then i would back unders

        • Bob says:

          hey Kal did you ever quit work to go Full Time in the end pal?

  121. Hejik says:

    i don’t visit internet forums to make friends you sad cunt

    it’s a good job everybody knows you’re a joker on the forums as you’ve made a right prick of yourself this last few days on a number of threads πŸ™‚

  122. Hejik says:

    i don’t visit internet forums to make friends you sad cunt

    it’s a good job everybody knows you’re a joker on the forums as you’ve made a right prick of yourself this last few days on a number of threads

  123. Kal1984 says:

    Yes Bob i quit my job and gone FT. Not making as much as i expected but enough to live on. As you will know when we spoke on the forum Bob i was very pissed off with my job and quitting was the best thing for me to do. Its so bloody stressful doing this FT and my bank could be busted if i have a bad month. I will see how the next month goes but may decide to withdraw most of my balance and just do it part time like i used to. I would be much happier starting with say 5 grand and just stick to trading each day. I am at a bit of a crossroads on my life at the moment. I am going to just chill this year and decide what i want to do long term. Have always wanted to go abroad

    • Bob says:

      wow Kal you’re actually making a living off this!? i take it you had money saved up when leaving work? are making 3 or 4 figures profit from the betting per month mate? anything above a loss is amazing i reckon!!

      • Kal1984 says:

        Yes Bob. Find yourself an edge or have a strategy. Whats the latest from Betfair re new sign ups?

        • swearbox says:

          No new signups Kal…we’re all fooooked…but we don’t care…if all the banned folk show up on here it’ll just be like the old days πŸ™‚

        • Bob says:

          that’s awesome Kal, i’m still a massive mug. literally have to try and not bet at all as totally clueless. what you making roughly a month then to live on from there?

  124. swearbox says:

    For those who care it is almost ABSOLUT time…I have one more driving duty to perform then I’m going to tie one on…feel free to join in (with your own booze of course) πŸ™‚

  125. Kal1984 says:

    Thats fine with me SB mate. If we did end up back on the forum then no doubt the grassers would be out in force tryin to get us banned. Hope EZ makes an appearance again. Sound lad. Hope he is ok. Not heard from him in a while

  126. Kal1984 says:

    Bob why didnt you just sign up under another a completely new username. You could have easily do your betting at the Daq and stlll continued to use the forum under another alias? It would have been so much easier.

  127. Kal1984 says:

    Betfair are a bunch of cunts Bob. Fuck them. Hope everyone starts posting here. ANother tune here. Listen to the full song and wait till it hits 2.27. Its beautiful

  128. swearbox says:

    A bit of Electronic for me while I sip on my voddie & coke…

  129. swearbox says:

    Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Frankie Wilde

  130. swearbox says:

    At going on 12 minutes it’s a long one but anyone who claims to be a music lover only has to listen to this tune all the way through just once to appreciate how fucking tremendous it is when Underworld and Bedrock collaborate.

  131. Kal1984 says:

    SB i am loving the idea of – ‘Tonight Matthew i am going to be…’ Lets make it a feature on your blog. We can all have turns on being a star for the night. What you reckon? lol.

  132. Hejik says:

    who is paddy on the forum now bob?
    do you have any ideas?

  133. paddy says:

    lol hejik’s a stalker too

  134. Hejik says:

    i got banned because that cunt green army and his little bum chums made up shit about me

    i have been in consultation with Betfair
    more bannings are on the cards
    once I get round to sending my file of screenshots

    for example
    green army has already confessed to letting his 8 year old daughter use his account to trade on betfair.
    That should be enough to get him exchange banned i think.

    chap i’m dealing with agrees that would be the case if there was proof that he admitted this and its currently being dealt with
    I can’t say anymore than that for now I’m afraid Bob.

    That’s just the start
    plenty up my sleeve
    i don’t know why I’ve been singled out and aim to make sure that I haven’t been

    hopefully I’ll be able to find out who Paddy is and get him banned
    he seems a vile individual

    • paddy says:

      What a tragic mess you are….and what would you get me banned for? Il tell you how the conversation will go..

      BF; Betfair, Good afternoon
      hejik; Paddy called me a name I want him banned
      BF; FOYDC
      click brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • Hejik says:

        Yawn Yawn Paddy

        For someone that hates me and Bob you seem incapable of leaving either of us alone

        Now that’s a tragic mess
        Only people to talk to are two people that he hates on the internet πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          err you pop into someones blog with jabs at me and you twist it to that ^ are you bipolar?

        • Hejik says:

          How have i “twisted” anything?
          Is an observation that anyone could make
          I fear you are not as smart as you try to come across Paddy

        • paddy says:

          And I thought you wernt responding to paddy ‘the biggot’ anymore….

        • Hejik says:

          “paddy the illiterate BIGOT” maybe a little more apt
          and ironic also since it goes to reinforce the post you were replying to πŸ™‚

        • paddy says:

          Oh sorry I forgot those with mental problems like perfect literacy, satisfies a part of the brain that looks for a weakness to make them feel better about themselves…someting like that anyway, I kare litel bout literasea we’re itt dont materr

        • Hejik says:

          Are you Irish paddy?

        • paddy says:

          No Im English, remind me what were you doing new years eve at the stroke of midnight? oh yes posting smileys, insults and chatting to yourself on BF hohoho…..

    • swearbox says:

      “hopefully I’ll be able to find out who Paddy is and get him banned
      he seems a vile individual”

      Paddy’s a good chap whereas you sound like you need therapy of some sort. I’ve read a lot of your posts on the forums and the majority of those lead me to think that you are better off banned as you had sod all constructive to offer in the first place. There’s banter and then there’s that dark place where only the fucking borderline mental cases lurk just looking for a fight or a chance to fuck someone over who probably doesn’t deserve it. That would be where you hung out slowly increasing the toxicity of the place by seeing to it that the numbers of normal level headed people who enjoy a laugh and a bit of craic get gradually reduced. You aren’t the first and sadly you won’t be the last of the serial grasses that pollute the forums. Here’s an innovation I’d like to see implemented – a fucking report count that shows up alongside your username that shows how many times an individual has hit the report button. At least we’d all know who the fucking snakes were so that we could a. avoid them, or b. tear right into them. That’s my rant over for now. Thanks for reading.

      • Hejik says:

        no need to rant swearbox
        you can only take people at face value

        I’m a nice guy
        yet you probably still think I’m a cunt despite me saying that

        from my dealings with paddy (all instigated by him on here) I’ve concluded he’s a cunt

        Don’t know why you have taken a sudden dislike to me to be perfectly honest. I thought you liked “traffic generators”

        • swearbox says:

          I haven’t taken a dislike to you Hejik as you haven’t fucked me over. I’ve taken a dislike to your agenda of trying to get all and sundry banned for various reasons best known to yourself. I’ve written to Betfair many times bemoaning the situation that is that the few rule over the many due to the fact that they have the power to have anyone they like removed merely by setting a trap and then grassing them up. The majority on the forums are there for a laugh and maybe a bit of info exchange but at the end of the day we’re all supposed to be adults and if someone has to go crying to BF because someone called them a batty boy (in my case) then it’s time that things changed. I’ve known Paddy for a long while now and I am a fairly good judge of character. He’s like me, we call a spade a spade, we like to get in amongst it when the opportunity arises, and we don’t go crying to Betfair when someone upsets us.

        • Hejik says:

          Neither do I swearbox
          I’m now compiling reports on certain posters on the forum in order to get them removed.
          I just need to present my evidence in a way that Betfair MUST agree with me
          because i believe that what they did to me was far worse than what i did

          not you, nor paddy know what kicked it all off to start with since those threads are long removed
          suffice to say there’s a very good reason I have a problem with those few posters

          paddy sticking his oar is unwarranted and you will note that until one too many posts about me I was very polite to him on here

          persistent unprovoked insults and digs are what put me off him
          to be cast as the bad guy in that situation makes me laugh since i clearly came here with no problem

        • swearbox says:

          Well all’s fair in love and war so they say. I’ll keep my beak out of your spat with Paddy as it’s your own business at the end of the day. I just didn’t want my silence (on my own blog) to appear to condone your methods of trying to get rid of certain posters which is really why I chucked in my two penn’orth. Carry on.

      • paddy says:

        Cheers SB and nail on head summing up

  135. Bob says:

    hejik are you dealing with Betfair directly or TSE Global. Are you trying to get people banned from the forum or the exchange itself?

  136. Hejik says:

    betfair directly now Bob

    a couple in particular I want banning from the exchange and seems highly likely given recent discussions I’ve had with them
    2 posters in particular that need to go and I’ve had encouraging feedback that one is pretty much walking dead as we speak

    just need to compile my evidence (times, dates, screenshots etc..) and he could be off the exchange for good.

    a few more that need to leave the forum and also seems likely since my original complaint was cyber-bullying and they are all still making posts about me on a daily basis (digging their own forum graves without knowing it)

    paddy wasn’t on that list, nearly made it tonight but out of respect to swearbox for allowing us to use his stage I’ve decided to spare his mate paddy

    • swearbox says:

      You do realise that a lot of BF forumites read this blog as well as BF mods? Without naming names you’ve pretty well given the heads up to your detractors (and those that you seek to use to have them removed) that you’re out to get them. Knowledge is power and you’ve just given away any advantage you may have had.

      • Bob says:

        hejik can’t see much chance of you getting anyone exchange banned. they are an ignorant and spineless bunch at betfair towers πŸ™‚

        the forum team aren’t much better. allow greenviking to promote the murder of another forumites mentally disabled friend without even a temp ban. sick fucker!

        • paddy says:

          You do realise there are many other forums out there were all sorts is said and posted and no-one is banned, just look at club forums etc, why are you two bob and hejik obssesed with getting people banned? its not normal behaviour for adults

        • Hejik says:

          Bob, they’ve been very accomodating from conversations i’ve had with them

          i agree the forum needs looking at and that is my whole point

      • Hejik says:

        i don’t care if they read
        they’ve already signed their warrants
        nothing they can do about that now
        in fact i hope they do read so they know it was me that got them πŸ™‚

        • Bob says:

          they said anything about when they might allow new forumites?

        • Hejik says:

          haven’t asked them Bob
          i accepted my ban with dignity
          it’s not betfair or TSE’s fault
          they just weren’t aware of what has really been going on
          now they are

        • swearbox says:

          Can you qualify that a bit Hejik…what aren’t TSE aware of?

        • Hejik says:

          I can’t say too much swearbox in case I jeopardise my chances of success
          you’ll have to wait it out I’m afraid and then I’ll reveal all when my mission is accomplished

  137. Bridge says:

    Very good of you to have mercy on paddy lord hejik

  138. green army says:

    hi hejik – just seen this stuff and have been on the floor pissing myself, you’re such a loser, you gormless oaf and you didn’t even see what was happening, you’re the dumbest, most gullible troll in the history of the internet – enjoy

    • Hejik says:

      I don’t really understand your post green army
      you strike me as a little retarded
      on the forum anyway
      no way to know if this is you
      on the forum you always seemed a bit simple to me
      i felt bad in the end making a fool of you
      so decided to start with your bum-chums scom and biscuit

  139. Hejik says:

    Could you confirm for the knobheads on general betting (smithy in particular) that whoever posted as “smithy” on here is nothing to do with me

  140. Kal1984 says:

    Hejik do you have any plans on returning to the forum at some point? If so then can i suggest that you hold off submitting your evidence to Betfair until they allow new signups? In fact even better if you just draw a line under it and move on. The last thing Betfair/TSE need is another ‘Bob’ (no offence Bob) pleading for them to ban certain posters. I’m sure there are lots of people who would actually like to return to the forum IF betfair decide to let new signups. i havent had any issue with you before and whatever problems you have with certain posters are nothing to do with me. Its just a shame the way the forum has went downhill and it doesnt seem like you are helping matters. I doubt there will even be a forum left if things continue lke they are. Sad state of affairs really.

  141. Bob says:

    “Thank you for your email.
    We hope to allow new forum users in the near future, but had to restrict it as the forum was being overrun with serial forum abusers.
    As soon as we implement the correct sign up procedures in place we’ll be allowing new users again. Unfortunately I’m unable to tell you exactly when that will be.
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.”

    serial abuse πŸ™‚

    • paddy says:

      yeah hilarious bob you wierdo, you fucked the forum, well done.

      • Kal1984 says:

        A shame Paddy isnt it? Forum was great last year now totally ruined

        • paddy says:

          Go back a few years kal it was a funny old place, proper bloke banter, then the report feature, serial grassers and spammers arrived, I pop in now to see if there is a thread on what Im betting on and thats it.

        • Bob says:

          there was no report button or bannings at all!?

        • swearbox says:

          There was no report button in the past but there were bannings…I got a 2 month ban for saying the word bollocks…here’s an exchange between me and another forumite going back to 2004 after I got a ban and he was asking what naughty words were taboo (after I told him I’d emailed BF asking for a list of offensive words)…

          >From: Swearbox
          >To: para para
          >Subject: Re: naughty betfair words
          >Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 14:35:13 -0800 (PST)
          >Hi Para…here is their list, followed by my mail back to them…
          >A least of offending words below.
          >bitch (unless referring to greyhounds)
          > insults towards presenters
          >Hope this helps with your quire.
          >Kind regards,
          >Betfair Helpdesk
          >………………………………………………now my reply,
          >Thank you. In addition I would like Betfair to incorporate this list in a
          >posting or notice somewhere on the site as it would serve as a reminder to
          >myself and many other basically decent forumites which words are
          >unacceptable. Please advise me as to when this can be made so.

  142. Bob says:

    i called Undern a prick in 2011 so that was my crime. this outburst led to the no new sign up rule 😦

    • Hejik says:

      i think
      whichever way you look at this
      the current state of the forum can be laid at the feet of a handful of posters/liars

      green army – a sick cunt that lets his kids gamble and thinks it’s funny.

      If ever there was a chancer in this game it’s him. completely clueless and when this is pointed out he spits the dummy out and starts talking about “adminstrators”

      this “man” is the biggest wanker I’ve ever come across on the forum. bar none.
      read back through his posts, hos threads and you will see what I mean

      caught out numerous times lying about bets that he hadn’t even made,
      first he lies some more
      then he plays his “oh you don’t understand what I mean / it’s too complicated for you routine”
      then he starts threatening bans.

      for everyone that hates me, i’ve always been honest about what I’m doing and you won’t find a lie on that forum from me.

      this cabbage has told hundreds
      also a MASTER GRASSER yet receives no criticism.

      smithy – a mentally challenged apprentice that wins even when he loses. spends all week watching pre-game markets and then spends weekends typing up his imaginary bets on the forum.

      He doesn’t care what anybody on the forum thinks though
      which is strange since he appears to live for the adulation (from retards) that he receives from people that he doesn’t know or doesn’t like on a forum that he doesn’t care about.

      Sweetchildofmine – clueless and deluded, probably not all his fault but has been snared by the bullshitters.
      Likes posting lists of numbers that other people give to him.
      A bit of a joke poster, he gets things wrong a lot when he tries to act knowledgeable.
      I tried to help him once in private messages but i was never thanked and ultimately had it thrown back in my face.

      finally Undern
      thick as a bag of shite
      likes doing lots of pretend bets and “challenges” that nobody cares about. does around one a week now and thinks it is really funny
      master grasser yet gets no criticism

      • paddy says:

        Hejik = Obsessed stalker imo…

      • Bob says:

        i only know smithy as a good lad and Undern as an ignorant arrogant prick. no idea about the others…

      • Hejik says:

        i don’t really think anybody cares about your opinion paddy
        i certainly don’t
        have dropped more valuable turds in my time

        everyone on my list is a prick
        biscuit nearly made it but it would probably have made him cry
        so i spared him

        • paddy says:

          Not just my opinion though is it…bob will be able to help you through these dark days you seem to be having, sleepless nights seething over anonymous people on the internet, I would normaly laugh at freaks like yourself hejik but you’re so far fucked I half feel sorry for you.

        • Hejik says:

          why do you keep replying to all of my posts then?
          me, bob and swearbox are the only people you communicate with paddy
          and swearbox must be busy

          if you don’t like me, just don’t keep trying to talk to me
          i don’t want to talk to you or be your friend

        • swearbox says:

          LOL…I’m never too busy to see what’s going on in the comments Hejik…I like a nice flame war now and then. As you’ve probably discovered you can get away with saying way more on here than you ever could on the BF forums and that’s the way we roll. Have at it matey.

        • Bob says:

          hear hear SB

  143. paddy says:

    None of the lads on general betting wanted you there, many requests for you to leave them to it, why did you insist on posting none stop shite?…. your little outburst is somewhat ironic is it not? I’ve been posting here for a while keeping in touch with me old mucker SB who as you know is banned, but as this blog has become the bob/hejik cold turkey seeth together blog, I shall keep in touch with SB by other means and leave you and bob to fist yourselves into a frenzy about bans, grassing yawn yawn…

  144. Hejik says:

    deep breaths paddy
    time to calm down
    you are going to make yourself ill with this
    i think all i’ve asked is –

    if you hate me, you hate bob, you think we are both idiots etc etc (yawn yawn)… then why do you come here all night long every night replying to all of our posts?

    it’s clearly not doing you any good as now you’re quitting the blog you’re so annoyed about things

    • paddy says:

      It was quite simple to understand really hejik, to keep in touch with SB and hurl a bit of abuse at the internet freaks ie you and bob, it seems you’re the one thats ill with rage and the irony in your posts is quite hilarious…how many times were you kindly requested to fook off on general betting? did you? no, could you? no, seek help and best of luck with your quest to satisfy your extremley dull life, cheerio

      • Hejik says:

        I don’t care if you post
        I don’t care what you post

        but if every post is about how much you don’t like me and aren’t going to post any more then you’re going to end up making yourself look stupid

  145. green army says:

    hejik what was that that question you asked me again ?

  146. Bridge says:

    Just love the way hejik HAS to have the last word

  147. green army says:

    yet there’s something quite fascinating about him, like a car crash or a freak show at a circus you just want to poke him with a stick and watch the result – the brain is slow so he’s easy to wind up and play with – come on stalky tell us how many men you’ve owned today – stalky admits batting for the other side, nothing wrong with that luvvy

  148. Kal1984 says:

    I see Ladcrooks are taking over Betdaq. Wonder if they will be setting up a forum. πŸ™‚

  149. Hejik says:

    wondered how ;long it would take the vermin to show up

    come back next week green army
    see if you still think you’re funny then πŸ™‚

  150. green army says:

    I’m always funny stalky, – and are you suggesting in your wildest dreams that bf are gonna take any notice of the biggest troll and abuser in the history of the forum who has been thrown off for having a mental fit and since he has left the entire forum including the admins have had a collective sigh of relief that loony tunes has gone –

    the best bit is that you’re spending hours preparing some drivel and they wont even bother reading it when they see its from the freak – straight in the bin with a circular motion of the index finger by the temple – it just gets better – but keep it coming stalky you’re now a legendary source of entertainment, even the children laugh at you – more more

  151. Bridge says:

    Wonder what the betting is that ga is still on the forum in a week? 1.05 ga is still posting next week

  152. Bridge says:

    Sorry should read 1.000000000000000000005

  153. smithy91 says:

    bradford aston villa goldmine alert

    layed villa for 5k at 1.8 it’s now 1.99 πŸ™‚

    Soccer: Β£2,525,257.25 | Tote: | Total P&L: Β£2,525,257.25

    • sweetchildofmine says:

      laydraw +Β£1849
      lay2fav -Β£82
      laydog -Β£186
      backfav -Β£504
      layfav -Β£896
      back2fav -Β£1058
      backdog -Β£2625
      backdraw -Β£3379

      smithy you’re so amazing, i wish i was as good as you. slurp slurp slurp.

      don’t forget to lay the draw in the cricket.

  154. betquack says:

    Swearbox has kindly allowed me to post a link to a new sport forum, with the demise of the Betfair forum it seemed a logical step, whether this is tempory or not remains to be seen, if Betfair get their act together and re-open the forum to new users then fine, but if not then its their loss and ours to gain. Thanks.

  155. smithy91 says:

    green army nice one mate cheers for posting. No offense but if the forum weren’t dead you would have been kicked off aswell for being a deluded aftertiming fantasist for making up bets and pretending to be intelligent. You dug yourself in to such a hole and just kept lying.

  156. green army says:

    swearbox the smithy91 and sweetchild on here are hejik, its his attempt of humour cos he cant post on bf – no-ones mates with anyone really , we all like trading football prices & all hate hejik for trying to ruin the thread with his trolling, we wound him up and spat him out

    • swearbox says:

      Don’t want to burst your bubble but unless Hejik has a wormhole device of some sort that can transport him from his location to the location that the others you mentioned are posting from then it’s clearly not him.

      • Hejik says:

        thanks SB
        nice to see some honesty

      • Kal1984 says:

        What about if you hide your IP address SB? Would it be a silmilar one to your real address or a completey different one?

        • Hejik says:

          some people desperate to believe

        • swearbox says:

          You can hide behind a proxy if you like Kal but once you stop using that proxy (say at the end of the day when you turn your comp off) then the chances of getting that exact same proxy IP address the next time you go looking for one is more remote than getting abducted by aliens.

        • swearbox says:

          The addresses assigned to most folk who comment on here rarely change from their very first post to their latest UNLESS they travel about the country a lot and post from different locations as a few on here do. But so far no-one (I believe) has managed to be two different posters in the same day with different IP’s and got away with it because there are too many tell tale signs that would expose them.

  157. Hejik says:

    green army
    as swearbox can clearly see
    neither of those people are me you fucking idiot

  158. green army says:

    SB its easy to hide or put up a false IP – someone like hejik would be used to doing this

    and who else is gonna make up posts pretending to be 2 posters from the SADO forum – look above those are the 2 along with me he’s threatening to report – not v subtle stalky and hey mind your language, theres children reading this

    • swearbox says:

      GA you’d be surprised at who does what on here. I know it’s not difficult to mask your IP…I used to do it to circumvent an IP ban from Betfairs forums til they simply disabled all my accounts…but I’m 100% sure that Hejik only posts on here using his own name and no others which would mean someone else is stirring the pot to wind you all up…and it isn’t me before you ask πŸ™‚

  159. Hejik says:

    green army
    i would actually have no idea how to do that
    are you an expert in computers now?
    last week you though IP addresses were URL’s πŸ™‚

    you appear to be under the delusion that there’s only me that thinks you’re a bunch of dickheads

    children shouldn’t be reading this
    if they are then their parents want looking at in my opinion

  160. Kal1984 says:

    Ah rite SB cheers for explaining. Hejik i wasnt desperate to believe i just wanted to find out how easy it can or cant be to hide your IP generally. Not accusing you of doing so.

    • swearbox says:

      Actually I didn’t really answer your question Kal so I’ll make amends. You asked “What about if you hide your IP address SB? Would it be a silmilar one to your real address or a completey different one?”

      The IP address structure would be identical to the one you are actually assigned by your ISP…which would look something like (for example). So when you’re surfing around and Googling and all that crap and writing on forums the web servers that you are hitting log all of these details…IP address, time, date, etc. Now, if you don’t want these web servers knowing your real IP address you can use what’s called a ‘proxy’ whereby all of your searching and googling goes through a ‘proxy server’ which might look like 167.43.345.22 to all of the web servers you are going to through it. So instead of you appearing to the web servers under your real IP address as assigned by your ISP (in my example that would be you appear to be coming from 167.43.345.22. This is useful in cases where Betfair has IP banned you because when they put a block on your 86.x.x.x number you simply use a proxy to come in from the 167.x.x.x number. Does that make sense ?

  161. betquack says:

    What if you post on a smart phone or tablet via the 3g mobile network Swearbox? How does that show out of interest?

    • swearbox says:

      I would think that it would show up as an IP address as normal.

      • betquack says:

        I dont know how the location would be detectable though, if Im using wifi then certain sites that run adverts at the side of the screen my location will be pretty near, i.e Buy Ladders near xxxxxxx, the x’s being my location, now if I tether my laptop to phone and use the data allowance instead of wifi then the locations are way off, last one was Hemel Hempstead which is 150 miles + away.

        • swearbox says:

          If you are using it in a rural location then this may be true inasmuch as the IP reflects where the network to which you are connecting is connecting to the Internet. In big towns and cities you’ll find the IP you are assigned (if you do a lookup) is showing your location pretty accurately (at least not hundreds of miles away) but out in the sticks this will change dramatically.

        • betquack says:

          Il experiment, next post from my phone and see what it says out of interest SB

        • swearbox says:

          Good stuff…will be interesting to see how far out it is. I suspect it won’t be too far given your current location.

  162. Hejik says:

    ok kal1984
    following more sad attempts to discredit those who disagree with him, i assumed you were in agreement with mr munchausen

    apologies for that

    hopefully swearbox has now managed to clear up at least one lie green army is telling today

  163. green army says:

    dont worry stalky people look at me all the time

    maybe it does show a bit too much imagination for stalky, the gormless oaf, tho the only other person from bf it could be is stalkys mate kenny, another ageing troll , but even he wouldn’t stick up for stalky when he completely lost the plot the other week

  164. Hejik says:

    i imagine they do green army
    they probably all think you’re a cunt too

  165. smithy91 says:

    Ere swearbox I’ve been limited by some bookies. How do I hide my IP/ get a proxy and is it safe to do this?

    By the way excellent blog.

  166. smithy91 says:

    bradford 1 villa 0. 56 mins played

  167. Kal1984 says:

    Email sent SB

  168. Bob says:

    wow this blog is busy lately!! πŸ™‚

  169. smithy91 says:

    I have to go, bye everyone.

  170. Kal1984 says:

    Yeah very busy 2nite Bob.

    Just opened a bottle of rioja there. First time i have tried this particular one. Its rather good πŸ™‚

    • Bob says:

      nice on Kal. must be nice not to have to work. what you making roughly a month then to live on from there?

      • Kal1984 says:

        Wont give specifics figures Bob but i aim for around Β£30 a day. I made enough 1st couple monthstolive on then had a bad month where i could have gone mad and done my bank in. Thats why i may withdraw most of my balance and just do it part time.

        • Bob says:

          ok mate that’s the danger i suppose. im guessing you had a few thousand in the bank when leaving work as safety?

  171. green army says:

    stalky so you’ve been limited by some bookies, is that for interfering with the customers and trying to own men in the shops ?

    SB i can assure you that smithy91 and sweetchild is hejik, and he’s your best mate now !

    • swearbox says:

      GA…how can you ‘assure’ me that what you say is correct? I’m going by what I see in my stats and that tells me that Hejik isn’t the other guys. If you can prove otherwise then be my guest. If it turns out that Hejik fooled me then well done to him (I won’t be losing any sleep over it). As for being my best mate I wouldn’t go that far just yet .

      • Hejik says:

        this is what he does SB
        such an arrogant little prick
        he can’t assure you
        he’s just assuming you are thick like the retards who lick his arse on general betting

  172. Hejik says:

    if green army assures you then you had better take him at his word
    even though you are certain that he’s talking shite (again)

    if you don’t he will just keep coming back making these shit jokes

  173. green army says:

    its him allright SB

    stalky my jokes are great, how about this one, knock, knock – who’s there – not stalky cos he’s banned – da da

    • swearbox says:

      Here’s a little bit of a show for you GA just so you can see that stats are very powerful tools…I’m fairly confident that the letters MJ mean a great deal to you. Tell me I’m wrong.

  174. Bob says:

    SB’s blog gets more posts than the betfair forum!!!! haha

  175. Kal1984 says:

    Welcome to the Betfair Graveyard Hejik

  176. green army says:

    SB i’m not trying to hide anything but hejik will have got the “Hide the IP” software that picks up random IPs so you cant tell where he’s posting from – the other chaps have noticed what he’s doing too – he used to talk to himself on bf agreeing with himself – i actually miss him a bit when its quiet on there, its like losing your own personal jester

  177. Bridge says:

    Whats mj mean sb? Any meaningful letters for me?

  178. Bridge says:

    Did move house around that time and may have joined bf around then, giz a clue

  179. Bridge says:

    Wow ive been on youtube for 4 years, you know stuff about me even i didnt know, funny day to join though two days before christmas

  180. Bridge says:

    Rappidly checking and changing privacy settings on everything, oh God the porn the fkin porn

  181. Kal1984 says:

    ON another note i have just finished watchin Celeb Big Bro. Wouldnt it be an idea if banned forummites could go in the Big Bro house instead of the celebs? Def be a ratings winner IMO. Bob would you go in the house if u were asked?

  182. Bridge says:

    Great blog(read through a lot of the other expat posts last couple of days)hope a few more join, some good tunes posted up, ill pop in tomorrow to check the hejik baiting

  183. Bob says:

    haha SB you’re called bob in real life!? πŸ™‚

  184. Kal1984 says:

    Bob. I have access to a lot of money. It just takes a word or 2 from me. Not goin into details. but lets just say i dont get taken for a mug in my area. One phonecall and things happen.

    • swearbox says:

      Well make a fucking call on my behalf mate…I’ll give you my bank details via email πŸ™‚

    • Bob says:

      ah fair play. you’re a hard working lad from what i remember aswell so that’s good. i need a few months to save up enough to fall back on. taking a week off at cheltenham though πŸ™‚

      • Kal1984 says:

        Good man Bob. Done Cheltenham 2 out the past 3 years. I know you have never been but if you never go you will regret it. Experience it Bob. Put betfair out your head for a week and start enjoying your life and experiencing new things.

      • swearbox says:

        Bob I put something in place on Friday last week…nowt to do with betting…I’ve set myself a target to have made at least $1.00 by this coming Friday. If I make that single dollar I’ll bung up a post, no stone unturned, on how I did it. This, if successful, will be residual autopilot income for years to come without lifting a finger.

        • Bob says:

          you will put it on here? hope it works SB and i look forward to if it does. hey nice band there local to me U-U-U-Utah Saints!!

        • swearbox says:

          I know $1.00 doesn’t sound much Bob but it’s the proof of concept that counts. It’s a big world out there and if you can get a lot of folk paying you just $1.00 a month it adds up. I almost wrote a blog post tonight but I’d rather wait to see how things stand at the end of the week.

  185. Kal1984 says:

    Bob doesnt respond to advice on betting or life. FFS. No point trying is there lol.

  186. Kal1984 says:

    Bob me and a few of the lads would love to catch up with you and discuss betfair and hown to make make money.Would love to see how you make profit and we could exchange ideas. There will be at keast 15 of us. What you say Bob. Would be good to exchange ideas

  187. Kal1984 says:

    My pals are dyin to meet you Bob. What you say? They love travelling aswell.

  188. Kal1984 says:

    the lads are a bit mental after a few drinks but will keep them in check Bob.

  189. Kal1984 says:

    They just want advice from you Bob. Wheres the best place to catch up?

  190. Kal1984 says:

    Bob have told the lads the story but unforunatly they are not very sypathettic, They want to know how to suceed at betting? Now i have told them that you are the man to answer their questions. They want to meet you Bob. Cab u suggest a location?

    • Kal1984 says:

      the lads have suggested they will not ask as many questions if you ignore the spelling? They said they will be a lot calmer. Just passing on their words Bob

  191. Kal1984 says:

    Told them your a lovely guy Bob. Said to them that ‘you come in piece’ (your words). Not sure they will accept that Bob. What can i do?

  192. Kal1984 says:

    Just had 4 texts from the lads Bob. The are keen to meet you

  193. Kal1984 says:

    You ever thoight about emigrating Bob? Might be a good idea

  194. Kal1984 says:

    Bob we can at least talk over with my 15 pals firstly

  195. Kal1984 says:

    u met them yet Bob? They have stitict insructiond Bob. Guess what i told them?

  196. Kal1984 says:

    Told them that you ruined the forum Bob. They want to meet you to talk it over.

  197. green army says:

    seen your sounds SB – ever tried some Front 242 ?

  198. Kal1984 says:

    Guess what i had to eat today Bob? Not fuckin telling you. Because you thrive on information WIthout information you cannot cope. Endless fuckin questions Bob. Information, questions, bannings, betfair and TSE. This is what makes you tick Bob. 1.01 your middle name is ‘questions’. Hellbent on obtaining every single last piece of information before your bleed people dry Bob. Nothing anyone says to you makes a difference. You are not normal. As for you ruining the forum you will never be forgiven. You need to be punished. Not just by Betfair.

  199. Hejik says:

    kal1984 having some sort of breakdown here

  200. green army says:

    hey stalky reminds me of you a few weeks back

    dont appear to have had my banning orders yet – why dont we make it a bit more interesting – if I get banned by the end of Jan I’ll pay Β£100 to charity via SB and if not you do likewise – if either of us doesn’t stick by this we get banned from here by SB – you reckon I’m banned by next week, so its a win win for you stalky

  201. Bob says:

    Kal – what the fuck mate? is that really Kal SB?

  202. Kal1984 says:

    More questions from Bob. You ruined the forum you fuckin wanker. Ruined for good now Bob. No sign of remorse. Nothing. For that Bob your goin to be sorry

  203. green viking says:

    Leeds is were the crew needs to head for kal, you’ll find the fucker holed up in squalor surrounded by files full of the notes of a mental case

    • Bob says:

      ah greenviking is back. still taking your wife for a bukkakeying and promoting the murder of the mentally disabled and the depressed you sick fuck!?

    • Kal1984 says:

      Bring back the death penalty GV. You have access to the forum, Put up a thread if you mean business? If you really do then put my name at the top

      • Bob says:

        easy Kal. i have no beef with you as up until tonite we’ve always been cool. this guy was born a sick nasty fucker

      • paddy says:

        hey up kal, that ball is in motion already, il keep you posted if gv doesnt

        • Bob says:

          peace and love x…

        • Kal1984 says:

          hi paddy, Dont start the fred yourself. Bob will be on your case of course. Make sure a fred is started on the football forum, Let them know i am holding Bob responsible. Make it happen Paddy, Hope ur havin a good nite pal

        • paddy says:

          All via pm and text mate,keep it off the forum! the element of surprise as we burst through his front door! someones on camera duty so we stick a pic of the wank stained freak up with the fear of god in his eyes and piss soaking through his spiderman pyjamas

  204. Bob says:

    hejik on tonight? wonder if he was on chelsea match tonight

    • Hejik says:

      i am here now bob
      i don’t bet straight win lines anyway.. but no was not on chelsea

      free advice bob
      1.) don’t give away too much on a handicap
      2.) bet on the handicap
      3.) don’t bet on anything else but the handicap

      see how it goes

      • Bob says:

        cheers hejik. you seen paddy above? he’s a middle aged pilot and he’s talking like that on a public blog. mature hey?

        • Hejik says:

          yes bob is pathetic really
          paddy, come and burst through my front door you mong

          bring your faggot mate kal1984 with you and whoever else you want

          and you can “surprise” me if you want

          sad fuck

  205. EZ says:

    I see some things just never change……..

  206. EZ says:

    yeah all good mate, thanks, you all good? been staying off the gambling, my mug punting hasnt been able to cope! πŸ˜‰

    have you completed your goal of pissing every single person in the world off yet bob? lol. id say you were pretty close!

  207. Hejik says:

    i don’t think it’s him bob
    if it’s not then i’d wager it’s green army
    sad cunt can’t let me go πŸ™‚

  208. Kal1984 says:

    Hejik your next on the list. Come up to Glasgow. I dont hide behind a computer. Come up to Argyle Street when u can afford it.

    • Hejik says:

      and seriously, what a stupid thing to say

      “Kal1984 says:
      January 9, 2013 at 6:38 pm
      Hejik your next on the list.”

      as i’m sure you can appreciate, I’m currently shitting my pants at the thought ot an illiterate scottish mong and his pretend friends coming down to tick me off “the list” πŸ™‚

      ffs, how are you going to find me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  209. Hejik says:

    i’m not threatening people from behind my computer
    you are…

    “You ever thoight about emigrating Bob? Might be a good idea”

    ” As for you ruining the forum you will never be forgiven. You need to be punished. Not just by Betfair.”

    “Bring back the death penalty GV. You have access to the forum, Put up a thread if you mean business? If you really do then put my name at the top”

    “Kal1984 says:
    January 9, 2013 at 6:16 pm
    You need shot Bob”

    Hard to take you seriously when you say things like this..

    and then this

    “Come up to Argyle Street when u can afford it.”

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ doesn’t really look like a place where you’d need very much money to go to Kal

    A “ten bag” probably all the currency i’d ever need up your way πŸ™‚

    • Kal1984 says:

      Copy and pastes dont float my boat Hejik/Bob. Hisw behind a computer if u feel safe. Woudnt want to be in your shoes.Will gladly post my address here if u want to meet up. Few of the lads are just out the jail/ They love fresh meet

  210. Hejik says:

    i don’t care what floats your boat Kal
    what’s wrong with my shoes?

    kal, as I’ve already said, i am dead scared by your posts
    especially if these people have been in british jails πŸ™‚
    they must be really tough to get through that kind of ordeal

    yes please do send me your address somehow
    post on the blog maybe

    failing that, i await your visit with “the lads” πŸ™‚

  211. swearbox says:

    Music time. I give you the very wonderful New Order

    • paddy says:

      chilling! any chance of a new blog for music only chap? this ones taking an age to load again for me now

      • swearbox says:

        Yeah I’ll have to see what I can do about that. It’s possiblr to actually have a proper forum attached to the blog but not so easy to achieve with a free WordPress blog like this. I have another site just sleeping that I’m waiting to unleash that isn’t a site, it’s my own paid for domain even though it’s powered by the WordPress platform and I can get a plugin that basically adds a forum to the site. I could migrate all of the content from here but that might be a pain to do…need to look into it.

  212. green army says:

    “i think you should have bigger concerns than betfair if i’m being perfectly honest” – says tough guy hejik, but he’s not being honest he’s being a prick, gonna hit me with your walking stick are you stalky you pillock

    too much of a coward to take me up on my wager stalky – is it cos i’m about as likely to get banned as you are to have a woman you old mincing queen

    • Hejik says:

      No i’m not threatening violence green army
      i’m just saying that it’s highly likely you’ll have more important things to worry about than betfair

      • green army says:

        well its certain that you don’t have to worry about bf stalky cos you were banned for being a prize pillock and you should have seen the messages pinging around – stalky the troll has gone – trebles all round

        did you tell them on here about your little popularity vote asking people to post if they wanted you to stay on the thread – result nul points – there’s not many people in this world who have as much to worry about as you do ya weirdy man owner

        • Hejik says:

          green army
          eventually the lies you tell will catch up with you
          please post us a link to this “vote” and everybody can make up their own mind

          not the first time you’ve told a porkie though is it? πŸ˜‰

  213. Bob says:

    can we all agree to get along today? yesterday all got a bit nasty and (quite frankly) childish chaps…?

  214. paddy says:

    Why should anyone be nice to the spoilt little prick who ruined the forums for thousands of people world wide, and is also a grassing cunt and a pathetic little bubble of spunk who thinks he’s been wronged somehow, go and see a head doctor, get fixed then try and be normal and stop prying on everyones privacy with endles repetative boring fucking uestions…..even when you’re not asking a question you use a question mark^^ twat

  215. Bob says:

    “hey up kal, that ball is in motion already, il keep you posted if gv doesn’t”

    also what is already in motion?

    and are you and GV still making money off his strategy?

  216. paddy says:

    ….’try and be normal and stop prying on everyones privacy with endles repetative boring fucking questions’….

  217. Bob says:

    “Signups Disabled Due to the recent disruption in the Community Forums”

    is August recent!?!?!?!

    • swearbox says:

      It’s the 5 month anniversary today Bob…I must fire off an email to TSE to see where we’re at.

      • swearbox says:

        Done but probably won’t get a reply til tomorrow now .

        • Bob says:

          ah good shout SB. post up a summary of their reply on here please bud

        • swearbox says:

          Had a reply already which surprised me. Without going into details my advice would be don’t hold your breath while you wait for a resolution as you will surely die.

        • Bob says:

          ah so the usual none-descript template response as we are working on it bollox?

        • swearbox says:

          No Bob, it was an actual ‘here’s what options we are looking at’ response however priorities place the forum issues below other issues. That said I get the feeling that they know what they need to do and how to achieve it once the forum issues get to the top of the list.

        • Bob says:

          and what do you think it is that they want for the forum and it’s future then?

        • swearbox says:

          It’s obvious what they want and that’s the ability to prevent a re-occurrence of what went on in August. Further to that they want to ensure that when someone is banned they stay banned, ie no sneaking back on. Personally I think if someone has a really strong will to get onto the forums even though they are banned then they will achieve it no matter what steps Betfair take…but having said that the hoops you would have to jump through to achieve that would make it not worth the effort.

  218. Hejik says:

    I’d just like to make it clear that I haven’t had a visit from Kal and his bum-chums yet.

    Kal, when are you coming?

  219. paddy says:

    You about Kal?

  220. paddy says:

    lol what a fanny

  221. Kal1984 says:

    Afternoon Paddy. Just seen your nessage from yesterday. Hope all is well

  222. Kal1984 says:

    Bob – some of the stuff i said to you was a bit OTT – so apologies for that. You have always been fine with me, Just needed to let you know how pissed off i am about you destroying the forum. Not just for me but for others too. Gave you endless advice about taking a break from the forum and then come back under another alias, Ended up smashed for a couple of days and needed a good old seethe. So apologies again

  223. paddy says:

    Hey up Kal, hows tricks? could have done with you yesterday for musical inspiration on SB’s music blog

  224. Bob says:

    Paddy – you still making money with GV and his theory?

  225. paddy says:

    cant beat a good conspiracy, anything in particular? just watching the end of a film with the mrs, Knowing, pretty good then she’ll be of to bed as up for work in the morning, il crack open the good stuff when she fecks off πŸ™‚

    • Bob says:

      paddy what were those pm’s from the nasty prick GV to you which you sent micky?

    • swearbox says:

      Mainly 9/11 stuff. I’m into all the ‘inside job’ theories, christ knows there’s enough evidence to support the notion that something stunk to high heaven when all was said and done. If you’re into this stuff there’s a great youtube vid where a lady called Kay Griggs spills a boatload of beans about issues going back as far as the Kennedy assassination…really fucking illuminating but it is a long vid…the link is here

      • paddy says:

        Cheers Il have a watch in a bit, I work with a bloke now (ex hereford) some of the jobs he’s been involved in do make you wonder, il fill you in by pm, but things you just wouldnt imagine UK Forces being anywhere near.

  226. paddy says:

    PM sent sb

  227. The Punisher says:

    I knew that Hejik was bound to be banned, but he was right in his crusade and has my full support.

    I was a frequent reader/poster of smithys fred until the aftertiming and backfitting became unbearable. The agenda became obvious.

    I know FOR SURE that Green Army had plans to start a tipping service, which I found laughable to say the least. The guy didnt even know how the betfair matched bets works, and he was exposed as a tremendous liar on this fred:—huddersfield-345?liveView=0

    He is full of it and talks to people as if he knew better. ZERO

    Sweetchildofmine (a guy who 4 months ago was clueless and now is an “expert” and gives advise in other freds) became annoying aswell with his constant asslicking specially to smithy.

    Now they have a more appropiated titled fred. LIARS SAD AND DELUSIONALS, and They live up to it.
    Look at the latest arsenal trade yesterday against swansea: they all layed Arse at 1.57/1.59 but oooppss Arse shortened to 1.48 at ko, but yet they all manged to make a profit or bail out on time (ONLY AFTER Arse price had shortened of course).
    What a bunch of scumbags.

    Quote smithy from today:
    “”its best to ride a trend through until kickoff. though .if you keep greening out to early on winning trades and not cutting losses short on losing trades the losing trades could out do the winning trades””

    REALLY??? The retarded dog of my nephew knows that!! That is trading 1.01, ass!!

    He probably read it and copy/paste. Makes me sick to read these clowns trying to make it look like they really know what they do FFS.
    But hey, wait a minute… aren’t you the same guy who just yesterday bailed out of the Arsenal trade?? How come you managed to make a profit or scratch when you firmly believed the price would drift??
    No matter what, they ALWAYS get the trade right or scratch (AFTER the odds are know to the entire mankind, of course)

    OMG, these days anyone is a trading expert, reading these liars and their “lectures” is very sad.
    I fear the worst for the newbies who read these guys.

    Cue “smithy and co prematch trading web site, only 49.99 a month”

    If I post this on BF forum I will get sadly banned as the good ol’ Hejik.

    The Punisher.

  228. Paddy says:

    Another fuckin grass who thinks he owns the forum

    17 Jan 13 21:08
    GODSEND ive been watching your posts closely i just want to let you know they are being noted

    17 Jan 13 21:09
    it would be in your interest to bring it down a tone or two

  229. […] who also managed to get himself banned from the Betfair forum, posted an entry on this individual (HERE) – and it dulyΒ sparked a running flame war in the comments section of that post that […]

  230. green army says:

    hi stalky – “the punisher” wow thats a hard name, except you can’t punish anyone cos you were banned for being the most unpopular troll in the history of the forum, remember your popluarity poll – no votes – I’ll tell the guys on bf about this, stalky “the punisher” thats epic , this poor old sod in his bedsit threatening to “punish” people by slapping them with half a stick of wet lettuce, I really do miss having my monkey about on the forum – lets have some more you old queen

  231. The Punisher says:

    “The lot” are all wrong, well, as per usual.

    I’m not Hejik or stalky as you call him in BF forum.

    I guess Swearbox has access to my IP and can confirm I come from far far far away from the UK.
    Looks like green army and co are as good at gueesing as usual.

  232. green army says:

    not sure i’ve ever tried “gueesing” stalky (aka “The Punier”) is that one of your more deviant practices like man owning ? its you ok stalky posting up that same link for the 500th time that no-one has ever looked at cos no-one is in the slightest bit interested in anything you’ve ever posted

    hey and my monkey’s learnt to hide his IP – have a banana you loser – and everyone’s pissing themselves on the forum at The Punier sorry The Punisher, stalky you couldn’t punish a marshmallow

  233. Hejik says:

    swearbox could you please confirm for these fucking retards that i only post under my own name

    green army seems obsessed that everybody is me
    hejik taken over his sad little life πŸ™‚

  234. green army says:

    stalky “The Punier” everyone knows its you, no-one in the world gives a shit about some match with huddersfield last year which no-one has ever looked up – including me – to see wtf you’re on about, cos no-one gives a flying one – doesn’t matter what name you use you’re still my little monkey performing tricks for me

    come on for the boys on the forum lets have another identity , how about “The Tosser” or “The Buffoon” – dont let us down stalks

  235. Hejik says:

    i wonder if anybody else thinks your juvenile attempts at humour are funny in any way?
    are all janners a bit slow maturing?

    I can assure you i have posted under no other names

    if you choose not to believe that to make you feel important then that is your prerogative and I don’t care

    everyone knows i think you are a cunt
    everyone has seen me post that link before and mock you
    everyone knows you are a chancer now (apart from SCOM who IS a fucking clueless idiot who shouldn’t be offering advice to anybody) and smithy who’s a bit simple and lies all the time
    like you do
    so why would i start posting under a different name?
    what would that achieve?
    i am happy to post my thoughts as Hejik and can’t think of a reason why i shouldn’t be

    and this

    “no-one in the world gives a shit about some match with huddersfield last year which no-one has ever looked up – including me – to see wtf you’re on about,”

    highlights what a complete cock you are since it’s you that started the thread πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
    so you know exactly what i’m on about

    keep lying though green army
    when is the tipping service starting?

  236. The Punisher says:

    And yet another gem:

    “my main trade though is sunderland at 3.95. at 2.14 wigan can surely not go any shorter imo”

    “sunderland 3.5 now one of my best trades of the season so far”

    “wow sunderland now back to 3.9”

    “my profit has gone from +Β£400 down to around Β£100”

    Sunderland at 4.0 at ko.


    green army, you talking about this fred???β€”huddersfield-345?liveView=0

    YOU ARE RIGHT nobody cares about that game, you’re missing the point here. The thing, sir, is that in that fred you have been exposed as the arrogant ignorant prick you are, not to mention a LIAR.

    And by the way, leave Hejik alone. You are obssesed with Hejik because he not only drove you mad and exposed you as the liar you are, but he also ruined your plans for your laughable “tipping service”.

    I’m not associated with him in any way. I’m just a former poster from smithys fred, until I couldn’t take your lot lies and aftertiming anymore and stopped posting.
    Also your agenda to start a tipping service, you can’t deny it. You are pathetic and I really feel for the newbies you will be preying on, if you ever can get any credibility, that is.

    I still remember the game Wales v Belgium, you advised your “followers” to lay Belgium at 2.02 (they had started at 2.20) because you thought they couldn’t come in any shorter!!
    Well, you know the rest, don’t you?
    Belgium started at 1,82!!

    There is a world outside the UK, and guess what? Yes, we too can read the internet and have smart people pointing out liars and aftertimers.

    Anyway, no time to keep writing about these clowns.
    I did my bit to expose them.
    Hope I saved someone’s money.



  237. green army says:

    stalky you old perv, you’ve posted under 5 names on here including talking to yourself just like you did on the forum, and “The Punier” spews out almost word for word that drivel you have been spouting for over a year –

    but stalky no-ones listening, you’re a loony banging on the padded walls of your cell and no-ones interested – you’re just a monkey for people to point at and laugh

    hey stalk lets have “The Punier” back on telling everyone what a fine fellow you are (which would be a turn up as when you had your popularity vote on the forum asking anyone on bf who doesnt think you’re a tosser you got nil votes) come on monkey lets have you’re imaginary friend back

  238. green army says:

    thats brilliant i even predicted you would do it , you;re talking to yourself again and pretending its 2 people , this is priceless , i’m getting the kids in to look at this, who needs miranda – stalky the gift that just keeps on giving

  239. Hejik says:

    i think it’s only you and paddy that think every single poster who doesn’t agree with you is me

    you’re a thick cunt and i’m inclined to think paddy isn’t much brighter

  240. green army says:

    oh stalky bring back “The Punier” he’s not so rude – come on my little monkey you’re in form today, switch your login and sit in the other chair to switch to your more cosmopolitan alter ego – what – only got one chair – well improvise you old queen you’re up against jeff stelling – entertain us !

  241. Hejik says:

    I’m afraid i don’t get your jokes green army
    I think it’s because they’re a bit shit

    Are you having a breakdown?

  242. green army says:

    no stalky, you had the breakdown, remember when you put smilies next to 50 threads and got banned, how we laughed, we told you you’d get banned and you kept checking by posting smilies eg on xmas day at 7am – ironic really the troll whose entire life was the bf forum (and still is by the looks of “The Puniers” reading matter), got banned from it, but a bit sad too , poor old lonely stalky – still at least you can talk to “The Punier” face to face – just look in the mirror and there’s your best (and only) mate

  243. The Punisher says:

    green, u r a serious sick prick. Hejik is not the only one who believes your group of self called “traders” are a bunch of scumbags looking to eventually start a paid tipping site.
    Here is an idea: fire SCOM right now, he is the most useless and annoying of you lot.

    anyway, another gem from today (2 in the same day!!) brought to you by green prick and co:


    Oh dear… UNDERS NEVER MADE IT LOWER THAN 2.08 AND STARTED AT 2.14 ANOTHER BRILLIANT TIP FROM THE CREW AT green army and co prematch masterminds of aftertiming and backfitting. But of course they never mentioned this “trade” again.

    Spread the word!!! Save newbie’s money!!


  244. Hejik says:

    i did it to wind you up you and your SADO bum-chums up moron

    i think you are having a breakdown green army
    you think everybody is me posting under a different name πŸ™‚
    has it not occurred to you that the forum is an international place?
    there are probably more people on there who would think you a wanker if they even knew who you were

    but you hide in general betting now where you don’t get exposed so nobody has even heard of you

    you have accused every single poster that doesn’t like you of being me. that’s worrying.

    so far today, you have insulted a poster on here by claiming he is me (a name on an anonymous internet forum that you hate) because he doesn’t like you.

    then you have implied swearbox is lying multiple times even though he hates me too and has no reason to defend me other than that he’s a decent guy

    then you claim not to know what a thread that you started is about

    i think you are losing it pal
    you are obsessed with me

    if it’s any consolation i don’t read the forum very often now but i will start again because it seems some more people have finally worked you out and i’m excited about seeing what happens on there

    shithead πŸ™‚

  245. green army says:

    thats the stuff stalky , talking to yourself with your imaginary friend , “The Punier”. and shouting with the caps lock on , solid trolling fayre maybe , and a bit obvious , but one cant expect too many tricks from a monkey

    SCOMs gonna be chuffed he’s the new apple of your eye stalky, what have i done wrong , you’re my little jester , and if i ignore you, you’ll be all alone in your bedsit with “The Punier”

    and stalky cut out the backfitting stuff, we were disgusted enough with your “owning men” and “gueesing” , keep it clean you dirty old man

  246. Hejik says:

    more hilarious stuff from the tipster πŸ™‚
    rib-cracking stuff
    does your daughter think your jokes are good green army?

  247. Hejik says:

    green army
    whenever anybody actually takes time out to record the truth behind the bullshit you spew on the forum
    you always come out all guns blazing, looking for support on the forum from your cronies (or secondary accounts)
    why is that?
    why don’t you argue the point that’s being made each time rather than resort to abuse, threats or your favourite “this is hejik in disguise” response?
    I assume you are agreeing with the posts made by not disputing them?

    I would leave you with this, every single time either you or your secondary account SCOM goes on a thread that ISN’T the thread for self-confessed sad liars.. you get routinely ridiculed for everything that you post.
    It was that bad with you that you now only post on one thread where everybody that comes on the thread is either another one of your accounts or is in on the tipping service with you.

    Ask yourself, would any person with half a brain take a “tip” from SCOM or yourself if they knew what you were really like?

    Not a fucking chance they would!

    So have I answered my own questions?

  248. EZ says:

    Your all idiots.

    That is all.

  249. green army says:

    didnt really follow that one stalky ,what were your questions ? Log back in as “The Punier”, he might know

    and hey stalky remember you said a couple of weeks back you were “compiling reports” and for me to “come back next week green army see if you still think you’re funny” – well i’m back you old tosser and still laughing – hey you weren’t spouting empty pathetic contrived bullshit with not an ounce of substance were you stalky , wouldn’t be the first time you naughty monkey, at least everyone here now knows what a complete bucket of shite you are and whatever name you post under its utter bollox

  250. green army says:

    ok stalks , what was the question again ?

  251. The Punisher says:

    u know what is funny?? I’ve never been to the UK, I’m thousands of kilometers away, I even used to exchange opinions with the bootlicker scum..err scom, sorry, and even green envy here. They do not have any ideas.
    greenie, why dont u talk about today’s fantastic TWO trades that you and your crew advised?? oh right, yeah, those are not to be mentioned again.
    Will there be a money back guarantee if I sign up 2 ur service?

    THE PUNISHER (from accross the pond)

  252. green army says:

    So you live across the pond do ya stalky, across the duck pond in accrington public park mebbe, they dont give freaks like you passports, and what country would let you in, syria’s the only one i can think of, hey when you morph into “The Punier” stalky do you stomp around your bedsit in blackleathers clutching a mace , you could stay in costume for when your young friends come around for their dose of backfitting

  253. Bridge says:

    Funny as fuck

  254. green army says:

    hey stalky lets have a new character today, “The Punier” was lacking a bit of imagination, you just regurgitated everything you said as stalky right down to referencing the same obscure championship game

    why not log in as “The Mincer” , is it a bird is it a plane, no its hejik the punters friend and the Mincer will make your every fantasy come true for you, he’ll pretend he’s over the pond, he’ll threaten to ban you from bf, look out its the Mincer,he doesn’t mince his words, although they are all utter bollox

    come on my little monkey, entertain us

  255. Paddy says:

    The Punisher, can I ask why you have never mentioned your concerns on the forums? for someone so ‘outraged at whats going on’ it seems odd you’ve stumbled across this blog and used it to vent exactly the same dribble that hejik has and in the same style

  256. Hejik says:

    I mentioned my concerns on the forum paddy
    look what happened
    i’d say this fellow (who i’m sure has messaged me on the forum before now) has the right plan

    • Paddy says:

      Why have you answered a question I specifically asked ‘the punisher’ do you speak for him? and you didnt mention your concerns hejik, you acted like a cock and got banned.

  257. Hejik says:

    i mentioned my concerns numerous times you fucking moron
    read the thread

    as for the other bit of shite in your post, i am merely highlighting how stupid your point is

    anybody that “mentions their concerns” is a “cock and deserves to get banned”, anybody that doesn’t, doesn’t deserve an opinion in paddy’s world

    i know you’re not very bright, not many Liverpudlians are, so maybe is better if you stay out of the debate

    • Paddy says:

      Bright as a button hejik thinks Im a fooking scouser lol and you call me a moron….

      How many thousands of ‘lump on’ and ‘full bank job’ threads are there and have been every weekend since the forum began hejik? thousands, did you post on every one pointing out your concerns for the newbies?, who in your simple mind, follow blindly the ramblings of gamlers on a forum about err gambling, albeit one thread in a dark corner that you’re obsessed with (no-one is telling newbies to join them, but you just ignor that bit.)

      You didnt post on the lump on threads, what you did was just spam the forum with smilies and focus solely on 3 posters on one thread, just like you and your alter ego is doing here.

      I fear your simple immigrant mind is failing to keep up with your own bullshit.

  258. green army says:

    hahahaha – oh stalky you feeble moron you forgot which one of you should be answering the question, and then “outraged of accrington” messaged himself on the forum, its comedy gold, stalky makes mr bean look like stephen hawking, more more

  259. Hejik says:

    i have to question your intelligence in supporting Liverpool then paddy.
    why do you support them?
    and what’s wrong with scousers?

    i don’t understand the rest of your post, and assume you are talking to the other guy

    green army
    your posts are getting more and more insane. you are speaking in code which only you understand now, please provide me a key and i will decipher what you are saying and then respond

    • Paddy says:

      What dont you understand? its simple, if you’re so concerned about newbies losing money why focus all your 9 brain cells on one thread in which people give their reasons and talk sport? Why aint you concerned with any of the thousands of lump on, full bank, free money, max bet etc threads?

      Are newbies looking to trade?, you’ve an obsession with one thread and 3 posters you think newbies will follow when many thousands of other threads are much more misleading and The Punisher has exactly the same concerns, freaky eh

      • Hejik says:

        paddy, the authors of those threads look wankers if they lose and can’t deny the outcome of their advice

        these Sad, Delusional knobheads are inventing bets and lying about results, repeatedly, in order to impress.

        is a bit of a difference
        why do they do ti?
        who are they trying to impress?

  260. Paddy says:

    Hejik says:
    January 20, 2013 at 3:26 pm
    i have to question your intelligence in supporting Liverpool then paddy.

    Tell me more Einstein about the link between itelligence and what team a person supports….

  261. Hejik says:

    Why do you support Liverpool Paddy if you’re not from there?
    Have you ever been to a home game?
    If you had you would understand what i mean

    • Paddy says:

      I’ve been to many a home game at Anfield, I’ve also been to many other clubs, generaly I hand in a ticket, sit down and watch a game of football, not once have I taken 40,000 IQ tests with me and asked fellow audience members to complete it and return it to me so I can produce a link between intelligence and who you may watch. Please tell me more on your findings.

  262. Bob says:

    Paddy are you still making money with Green Viking?
    what wheels are in motion?
    how did you make 65k you liar?
    what were those pm’s to dellman then?

  263. Paddy says:

    Bob says:
    January 21, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Paddy are you still making money with Green Viking?
    what wheels are in motion?
    nothing that concerns you
    how did you make 65k you liar?
    I’ve told you on this fooking thread
    what were those pm’s to dellman then?
    I’ve answered this several times

    You bore me to tears now fuck off and seeth bore someone else.

    • Bob says:

      thankyou for answering.

      how does it not concern me if it was about me?

      you never said how you made 65k. how old are you?

      you havnt told me what the pm’s were. they got dellman banned πŸ™‚

      • Paddy says:

        And again and for the final time I’ve answered all the above many times before, I wont be doing so again, sb was right bob you’re like a broken record…a tedious boring one at that.

  264. Bob says:

    show me where you said your age and prove it’s me with dementia and not you

    • Paddy says:

      Autoloop was a good call by dell, bye bob

      • Bob says:


        • Paddy says:

          See how boring you are bob, you used the exposed line again…4th time on this thread alone when someone doesnt want to answer you’re tedious questions, your life must be so boring stuck on the same old roundabout day in day out.

          paddy says:
          December 29, 2012 at 10:55 am
          I’ve tried ignoring his endless questions but he just keeps asking or worse getting people banned for not responding, I’ve tried being civil and answering but he just wants more and more and they get more personal, then when he gets no more out comes the ‘β€˜i’ve exposed you’’ line in a futile seeth for more…the lads beyond help

        • Bob says:

          tell me how you made 65k to prove your not lying

        • Paddy says:

          Bob I’ve just had a read through this thread you must have asked me that same question 20 times and I answered ffs whats wrong with you?

        • swearbox says:

          Bob…ur being a dickhead…if I can read how Paddy made 65k then so can you. Stop being a cock, it’s fucking boring.

  265. Bob says:

    sorry SB. just searched the word 65k through this whole blog thread and not one mention is followed with the answer. where is it mate?

    • EZ says:

      paddy says:
      December 24, 2012 at 10:22 am
      I made 65k pimping whores and dealing coke. if I can do it then so can you!

    • swearbox says:

      Here…I’ve done all the hard work for you…read it digest it and then ffs shut up asking any more ‘how did you make Β£65k’ questions…

      paddy says:
      December 30, 2012 at 9:28 am (Edit)

      I can and I have several times told you, but you dont listen and always want more….property and investments for the last fucking time, now stop the questions ffs or Il just ignor you.

      paddy says:
      December 30, 2012 at 9:49 am (Edit)

      Bobs obviously bought at full price through an estate agent with a mortgage from a bank…tip bob researh gearing (buy to let) bridging finance for developement, HMO’s and how to do one….there are many many ways of making a livng from little outlay or risk to you individualy

      paddy says:
      December 30, 2012 at 10:06 am (Edit)

      See what I mean you dont fucking listen or think…

      β€˜tip bob researh gearing (buy to let) bridging finance for developement’

      paddy says:
      December 30, 2012 at 10:15 am (Edit)

      Right ok, if it gets you off my back and stops you recking another blog Il give you one of deals I did..

      Shop with 2 empty stories above bought for Β£70k, the 9 rooms upstairs were made into 7 bedsits (HMO) with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Filled with tenants brought in Β£22k pa, this was sold 4 mths after purchase for Β£160k

      Β£10k deposit rest finance
      paddy says:
      December 30, 2012 at 10:17 am (Edit)

      And gearing is how to build a portfolio,you dont sell off, bridging finance is basiaclly no questions asked short term finance as long as the figures stack up.

      paddy says:
      December 30, 2012 at 10:43 am (Edit)

      Well thats more than enough, to do something heres a project we’re currently looking into that you could do with the equity you’ve got..

      get this for 25k, turn it into an eco home, pellet boiler & solar panels etc councils love that, and the buyer makes a 10kish return per annum from the government incentives….will cost you 60kish to do, ask around Β£170k.

  266. The Punisher says:

    Paddy, I did not express my concerns on BF forum for obvious reasons… being banned. And because I have an interest in posting in different freds, I do not wish to be banned.
    I did not “stumble” this forum here, it was mentioned several times by the crew of “expert traders” so I found a place to write my thougths.

    SCOM, just to let you know, nobody thinks you are part of the tipping service plan, you couldnt tip a waitress, let alone a trade ffs.
    The tipping service thing was purely green envy’s plan, nobody else.
    That is why he doesn’t like this fred:β€”huddersfield-345?liveView=0

    He says nobody cares about that obscure game, which is true, but the point is, ONCE AGAIN, he was exposed as a blatant liar.


  267. Bob says:

    SB – just to let you know aswell mate. you know i’m not like that really. it’s just hard as paddy has always been nasty and mean to me and then i read that he works 8hrs a week for more money than me and all my friends. hard sometimes ya know

    • Paddy says:

      I work a shit load more than 8 hrs a week bob, I just work for myself. SB cheers for the effort above ^ but give it a week he’ll be asking the same shite.

    • swearbox says:

      Bob you should have my fucking job…wiping the arses of millionaires and other well to do types is not all it’s cracked up to be I can tell you. We all have our own lot in life…we all have the power within us to change our personal circumstances. If Paddy earns more in 8 hours than you do in a week then so what? There are guys that earn more in 10 minutes than Paddy does in 8 hours. It’s all relative. I fucking HATE my lot in life but I don’t sit here at home every night bemoaning the fact…I’m constantly researching and educating myself to be able to change my circumstances. I live in a community that is basically full of old people and a bunch of drunks with ZERO real decent job prospects for a guy who holds a 2:1 Honours Degree in Computing…I’m shovelling snow right now…that’s what I do. When the snow starts to clear up I’ll be removing fallen sticks and branches from the rich guys’ lawns in preparation for mowing their fucking grass. In Autumn I’ll be removing the leaves from their fucking gardens and in and around their property, then in December I’ll be back to shovelling snow. It’s tiring and I hate it and I keep promising myself NO MORE…but I’m fucked because of the location I live in. So I’m turning to my IT skills to break free of this shite…if you aren’t happy in what you are doing then fucking well move on…but quit going over the same old stuff, the time for hand holding is long gone.