120 Days Of Night

120 days of night is the term I use to describe the Winter period here in Ontario because that’s what it feels like.  We got off lightly last year but all the forecasters, professional and otherwise, are telling us we’re going to get a battering this year.  If the levels of snow that have fallen over the past three days are anything to go by then there’ll probably be an increase in the seasonal suicide rate in these parts come April.

I hate the winter season for many reasons, not least the fact that it’s fucking freezing cold and somewhere therein lies the Christmas period (yuck), and this time round the beginning of the snow was accompanied by a new pain that I’ve never had to deal with before, namely a tooth extraction.

Around 25 years ago I had a root canal job done by an RAF dentist and sometime in the past 7 years that same tooth broke in half but wasn’t painful due to the tooth having no nerves to speak of.  Recently though it became abscessed and I had booked in to get the root canal redone as, apparently, the RAF dentist didn’t do that good a job.  Anyway, off I popped two days ago to get it attended to and after scraping about a bit the dentist informed me that the decay had broken all the way through the bottom of one of the tooth roots (it was an upper deck molar) so the decision was taken to yank it out…a first for me in all my years man and boy.

7 needles full of anaesthetic saw to it that I didn’t feel any pain during the extraction, just a lot of pressure and a strange cracking noise transmitted through my jaw to inside my head.  Of course the freezing has long worn off and now the pain is way worse than before I went in to have it done so I’m leaning heavily on good old T3’s (Tylenol 3 for those who don’t know) to see me through this stage of the procedure.

Moving swiftly on and changing tack completely I’m strongly considering a rethink on the punting side of things.  The markets on Betfair, particularly on the footy, are so tight it’s driving me mad. That, coupled with the fact that the game of football itself has changed to a point that it’s almost unrecognisable to the game I grew up playing and watching, makes me want to give it up for betting purposes altogether and go back to an equally bent sport, that being horseracing.  Or I could just stop betting altogether but one thing is for sure and that is that I need a completely fresh look at the way I do things.

Just as this post starts to get interesting I’m going to sign off.  I’ll save my betting related woes for another post.  This post was just for my mate Paddy who wanted a new thread to post insults at Bob V because the thread currently being used takes too long to load on his netbook.  So can all you Vegas haters (you know who you are) start using this thread for the abuse until it becomes unmanageable then we’ll start anew.  Cheers chaps 🙂

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  1. paddy says:

    lol cheers sb, on the topic of RAF dentists, I lost half a front tooth when some faggot navy dude took offence to me bagging some NAAFI slag he’d been buying drinks for all night, the fooker calmly walked up and twated me with a bottle, fortunatly I got my arm up in time and it was a ‘gentle’ deflected blow to the mouth…

    Anyway knocked half a front tooth out and a couple of stiches here and there, but the RAF dentist was great, told me I needed it out and some sort of metal peg inserting into the jaw bone on which he’d build up a tooth….fuck that, I asked for the least painful option and he just mixed up some paste matched the colour and built up the half tooth but told me it wouldnt last 2 years….16 years later its still holding strong and looks normal 🙂

    • swearbox says:

      Fooking hell…Navy guys aren’t usually that mental…worst case of Navy abuse I came across was when the cunts at Rosyth stuffed our pockets (in the changing rooms) with sheep shit while we were on the footy pitch thrashing them at 11 a side. I’ll never forget that game. One lesson I learned was never to drink Kokinelli on the bus BEFORE the game…doesn’t enhance your performance on the pitch in any way whatsoever 🙂

      • paddy says:

        lol I remember playing the RAFP at Con, half pissed and they turned out like a premership team, our 20 stone keeper had a hip flask and fags in the net for everyone during the game..

  2. paddy says:

    Some dreadful spelling mistakes there^ and forgot to add the navy guy and his bum chums got a pasting, obviously didnt notice the 25+ strong group of armourers out on a beer call 😉

  3. paddy says:

    Its gone to far for that sb, she marked when the painters where in on the calender this month….im fooked

  4. Bob says:

    i think you are probably right Paddy

    • paddy says:

      With what bob?

      • Bob says:

        “Join the forces bob, surely beats sitting in a sales office shuffling paper 9-5”

        that 🙂

        could i fit into the Intelligence Analyst role due to my betfair file keeping? LOL

        • paddy says:

          Yeah, having thought about it tho bob RAF Police would suit you better..

        • swearbox says:

          I got called a ‘Lancastrian twat’ once during an interview with an RAF copper over an alleged ‘out of bounds’ enquiry where two airmen allegedly pissed up allegedly broke into into the airmans mess via an unlocked window at 3.30 in the morning and allegedly availed themselves of a hearty breakfast before retiring (allegedly) to bed. The reason for the copper’s insult was down to the fact that I admitted nothing and he was getting nowhere but more to the point he hailed from the other side of the Pennines – a fact that I quickly acknowledged by calling him a Yorkshire pimp. True story.

          By the way, I got off said charges due to insufficient evidence.

  5. paddy says:

    lol, I’ve lost count of how many times they had me in, used to run rings round them, I got court martialed for smacking some gobby bastard (he was fast a sleep in his pit and I climbed thru his window pissed), good old Gilbert Blades and me blagging the plods got me off…

    • swearbox says:

      Gilbert Blades…he represented one of the dumpies at Leuchars in a CM but unfortunately didn’t get him off. Never got CM’d (you fucking bad lad Paddy) but I may hold the record for Formal Warnings…had 3 of them…the second of which was issued before the first one ran out. Fuck, I’d have been a Chief when I retired had I not had all those bad boys LOL.

      • paddy says:

        I was always in the shit for one thing or another, in fairness you could get away with all sorts that would have you sacked in an instant on civi street, having a brawl in the NAAFI getting hauled in front of the boss in the morning for a one way followed by who won? and a wink lol

        • swearbox says:

          I always chuckle when I read about sexual harassment cases in some office or other on Civvy Street….the PC brigade would have had kittens if they saw or heard some of the shit that went on in the Missile Site or the Dump…from the boss all the way down too. I always to this day regret not trying to get into the pants of a certain young WRAF baby officer who came to MSF for a week of ‘being in charge’…I kick myself whenever I think of that missed opportunity. I’m sure I saw her at Coningsby a year or so later but I was in a van with a bunch of guys from Leuchars on our way to the mess (we were staying in transit there for the week for the RAF Championships fishing comp).

  6. paddy says:

    Oh yeah a wafy officer would be good one! and time off paid for fishing ffs, I could just imagine walking in to the boss now and saying I wont be in next week Im in a fishing comp and your picking up the tab!… I did a fair bit of canoeing and had so much time off doing so…no wonder its hard to adjust to civi street!

  7. Bob says:

    hows your betting going paddy/SB. i have really had to cut down since September. the P+L thread died i noticed. would be my first point of call if i ever got back on the forum to try and resurrect it 😦

    • swearbox says:

      In a word Bob, shit. I’m going to switch off from it and retake a course I did earlier in the year. It’s online and I can still access all of the training materials. Plenty to learn before I make a bid for internet riches.

  8. paddy says:

    I trade bob, small movements just skimming small amounts here and there on lively markets and usualy out before it goes in play..minimum risk slowly slowly.

  9. paddy says:

    consistent profit….bob you’ve been offered more help than anyone with all your pestering on the forum over the years, you just dont listen

  10. Bob says:

    still cant make any money paddy without huge risk. SB – maybe everything but i do know one thing. no-one can make it pay by trying to pick winners…

    • swearbox says:

      You don’t have to rely on picking winners to make money though Bob. You can win just as much by picking losers…in fact if you ask anyone who’s been around for a while laying is the way to go. What do you think the bookies do? They lay punters’ bets.


    Ffs Did I just have a proper giggle.

    Paddy ans SB having a decent conversation about the good old days, which I was enjoying.

    Then guess what, who sticks his nib in and changes the conversation the way he wants it?


    Not suprised at Paddy, was just pissing myself laughing. Well, I did not piss myself as such, maybe a little dribble.

    I am glad he is thousands down, just shows what a thick cunt he is.

    Anyway, will not turn this thread into a slanging match. Like I say was enjoying your tales…..

  13. paddy says:

    Bobster, have you tried working to percentages and not chasing?

  14. Bob says:

    who is Stretch back as SB?

  15. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    Vegas gearing up to grass again you vile piece of filth

  16. Bob says:

    if he is posting he’s seriously diluted his “forum persona”

    i dont see new sign-ups for maybe 3-6 months now… 😦

  17. Bob says:

    The Betfair Forum. i want in… 🙂

  18. Bob says:

    probably paddy. you still making a living off greenviking’s theory?

  19. Bob says:

    yeah yeah i know. you’re a lucky guy.

    Paddy I have a theory of sorts-pertaining to somehting mentioned on this blog but on the other thread

  20. Bob says:


    now Kal’s a top lad and HorseRacingExpert was a crackpot, but this thread is pure gold. you seen that before SB?

  21. Bob says:

    If i ever get back on the forum i will unlock my backlog of funny quote. lots of great stuff there 🙂

  22. MONEY TREE says:

    sad cunt


    Still talking at Bob skint pants level I see?

  24. Bob says:

    we live in hope of us all getting back on paddy. so pad, you working a day job at current?

  25. Bob says:

    we’re all banned paddy.

    your private messages cost dellman his posting rights.

  26. Bob says:

    paddy how’s greenviking’s theory paying off?

  27. paddy says:

    Sorry bob Il be ignoring you from now on, yet again you’ve hijacked on of sb’s blogs with the same old repetative shite…

    • Bob says:

      i geddit. you don’t like it when people call you out do you. all fun and games at the time…

      • paddy says:

        No idea what little games are going on in your head bob, I sure there will be a group near you somewhere were you can mix with people like yourself under supervsion…begone and let the adults get the blog back on track.

  28. Bob says:

    haha so was greenvikings system a load of bollox? yes or no?

  29. paddy says:

    SB hows the tooth extraction now? I’ve a cracked lower tooth, big fooker last tooth on the right hand side, it’s been like it for over 2 years now and not causing any bother but the dentist says it’s to bad to repair due to how much is missing and i’ve been putting it off. Sat in the chair twice and shit myself and left on both occasions.

    Its the thought of him twisting and pulling plus all the shit my mouth which would have me gagging then to top it the pain following! How long did the pain last you?

    • swearbox says:

      How do Paddy. I think I mentioned at the time that I’d never before had a tooth yanked out but I made a deal with the dentist. He said (on his first inspection) that I needed the root canal redoing and he was happy to do that but his recommendation was to simply forget about going through all that time and effort and pull it out. I said I’d rather him do the root canal but with the proviso that if it failed then I’d have it extracted.

      Got in the chair for the root canal and he started his mission pulling out the previous root canal filling then he told me that he saw that one of the root canals was so badly decayed that the floor had a hole in it so would be a waste of time doing the job. I elected there and then to have it pulled out.

      Now I’m a big soft arse when it comes to needles, I fookin hate them but for some reason I don’t mind the dentist ones. Anyway, I was more concerned with how much pain I’d be getting when he was snapping chunks of tooth out so he offered me a combo of needles (which to be honest would have sufficed) plus nitrous oxide for an extra bit of relaxation…I chose to have the nitrous too. All told I think I had 7 injections, each one having more of a numbing effect than the last. I have to say I didn’t feel fuck all, just the pressure of him wiggling the tooth out of the socket in various pieces (3 pieces in all). I got a scrip for 40 T3’s which are probably the same as DG’s in the UK (Distalgesic) which I needed, not for the pain where the tooth was but for the pain in my gums where the needles had gone in. Now I’ve had it done once and know what to expect It wouldn’t bother me at all if I had to have another pulled out some time in the future (but obviously I’d rather keep my teeth where they are thanks very much). Hope that answers your q mate…go for it if it’s bothering you, the op itself isn’t painful at all and you only have to go a couple of weeks with a couple of stitches in (had mine removed on Friday night at my house….GF’s son’s GF did it (she works in the dental office where I had the tooth pulled).

  30. paddy says:

    Stitches! what? christ I wasnt expecting that! think il live with it till needs be thanks very much….I honestly wasnt expecting the wound to be big enough for a stitch or two!

    • swearbox says:

      Not sure why they stitch it Paddy but they do….and you have to be super careful with it for two or three days or else you can get what they call a ‘dry socket’ which apparently is just as painful as raging toothache…I was a good boy and I’m in good shape. No spitting, no sucking drinks through straws, no carbonated drinks, no coffee…I pretty much ate on the opposite side of my mouth for over a week and even managed to avoid getting anything that I drank into the socket….It’s fine now though…just munched my way through a p[acket of Salt & Vinegar crisps both sides of my gob 🙂

  31. Hejik says:

    are you here bob?

    • swearbox says:

      Hello Hejik, not seen you post here before but thank you for dropping in. You’re the first to post a comment today but as most folk get alerted by email when new content appears, (posts or comments), then I’m sure Bob will see this and find his way here at some point.


  32. Hejik says:

    Hi Swearbox
    Know no other way to get in touch with Bob

  33. Bob says:

    hello Hejik my old mucker. i’ve been reading you’re comments on Undern’s thread 🙂 hows things?

  34. Hejik says:

    Hi Bob,

    Yes Undern is an odd-ball. Accused me of being you today.

    • Bob says:

      he’s an annoying pompous hypocritical aussie twat!

      i told you that when you first joined the forum when you, him and that other pompous git Lord Bobbin were ganging up on me.


      • Hejik says:

        Bobbin another weirdo yes
        Reason I came to speak to you Bob is some serious price ramping going on on the forum
        Amazing that legends like yourself are unable to post yet this kind of abuse is allowed to prosper

        • Bob says:

          hmm you make a good point. however, ramping is a betfair issue, whereas my issues were purely a forum/TSE Global concern 😦

  35. paddy says:

    legends lol are you ill hejik?

  36. Hejik says:

    no paddy I’m fine
    thanks for your concern

    • paddy says:

      Thats good, but bob was the most annoying twat the forum has ever seen, but what tops that was his pathetic grassing and what tops that again is it was him that fucked the forum for decent people worldwide…..the tragic little freak ruined it for everyone

      • Hejik says:

        Well whatever he is, he is a legend however you look at it

        I think he was just a bit misunderstood and can’t see him treated unfairly while far worse antics are overlooked on the forum now

      • swearbox says:

        That reminds me…today is the 4 month anniversary of BF turning off new registrations…an email is required I think 🙂

        • paddy says:

          Whats the chances of an honest answer? no doubt a copy and paste job regards Lee Puddybollocks Betfair Customer Services..

        • Bob says:

          definitely a template response from Alex Graynor is it? let us know SB

        • swearbox says:

          No template responses for me Bob…I go right to the source for answers.

        • Bob says:

          is the source not just forum@betfair.com?

        • Bob says:

          oh you have a personal secret TSE contact mate?

        • swearbox says:

          I’ve been trying for the best part of a year to have my ridiculous ban overturned Bob and that required some out of the box thinking which ultimately got me the ear of the people who can make things happen IF they choose to. That’s pretty much it and it would be churlish not to mention foolish of me to be naming names on here as I know they or their representatives look in from time to time.

        • Bob says:

          sure SB. well let us know of the latest response regards the forum anyway. 4 months!! haha

        • swearbox says:

          To be honest I’m getting increasingly more concerned that it may end up going the same way as the Betdaq forum. Not the end of the world I know but it means a lot of wasted time with emails and keeping hopes up etc. The word I have is that BF will not be opening up their forum until their security guys are 110% sure it’s bullet proof, ie nobody gets on, or back on, who shouldn’t. I’m not compromising myself by relaying that – it makes perfect sense that they don’t want any repeats of what forced them into making the decision that they did. That said, if they can’t find a way to make it work I’m worried that they’ll just say fuck it and slowly wind the forums down. Hopefully that won’t be the case.

        • Bob says:

          you’ve had a response today/tonight then SB?

        • swearbox says:

          No that was taken from a previous reply about a month ago.

        • Bob says:

          sounds feasible enough. the high security bit sounds really OTT though. like there was something really serious afoot when all it was was a few swear words and a few lads larking about on a sports forum :/

        • swearbox says:

          That wasn’t what forced them to close their doors though Bob. What you and Hudson managed to pull off was the equivalent of a DOS attack on the forum. It was rendered unusable so they resorted to the only means at their disposal to stop it. Their task going forward is to ensure it never happens again.

        • Bob says:

          i see your/their point but when they would ban me and you for a swearword, and let cyber bullying and the likes of greenviking talk of rape, suicide and the promotion of the murder of the disabled, it was hard to accept!!

        • swearbox says:

          Unfortunately there hasn’t been a great deal of fairness when it comes to dealing with customer complaints. I think the unwritten rule has been to treat the complainant much like referees treat goalies, ie rule heavily in their favour.

        • Bob says:

          hmm i’m not sure when it came to me and greenviking, they admitted he was well out of order yet did nothing.

        • Bob says:

          if your rule were true i would be very much on the forum surely, SB? 🙂

        • swearbox says:

          I doubt that very much…what I was trying to say in my last post was that the mods ruled in favour of those who complained at the expense of those who were being complained about. In my case getting life banned for saying batty boy to someone was simply a gross miscarriage of ‘justice’. In your case with your original spat with Undern the same could be said but in the case of the forum disruption you haven’t a leg to stand on unfortunately.

  37. Bob says:

    Hejik you make a good point. however, ramping is a betfair issue, whereas my issues were purely a forum/TSE Global concern

    wish i was back on the forum with you guys 😦

  38. Hejik says:

    what did you do Bob?
    to the forum?
    when they finally banned you for good

    • paddy says:

      He spammed it every night so that the whole of the football forum first page as well as horse racing and chit chat had 50+ threads saying ‘betfair customer services are pricks’ or ‘udern is a prick’ there where litterly thousands of them, different every night….he also bombarded customer services with emails and phone calls too…..the laughable part is he wasnt banned from the forum as the prick was still posting…

      • Hejik says:

        what possessed him to do that?

        • paddy says:

          Your guess is as good as mine, no doubt he’ll have some bizzare reasoning though…

        • swearbox says:

          In a nutshell Bob wasn’t happy at the fact that he’d been EXCHANGE banned as well as forum banned for a minor transgression in the past. That, coupled with the fact that others who had been banned for similar minor swearing infractions were only banned from the forums and not the exchange itself.

        • swearbox says:

          Bob saw this as unfair and unjust (rightly or wrongly – I tend to agree that the punishment meted out the first time was overly harsh for his alleged offence of swearing at another forumite). Since his original ban Bob reappeared under a whole slew of names, each one eventually getting banned only for him to reappear two minutes later with a new name.

          An attempt at IP banning Bob failed as he figured out how to reset his IP address fairly quickly thereby ensuring that this IP banning was pretty much rendered inert as a weapon against him.

        • swearbox says:

          Finally, after being banned more times than anyone in living memory he went mental and, along with a copycat (of sorts) poster called Hudsonhicks, decided to bring the forum to a standstill by preventing any meaningful conversation to take place by simply posting up repetitive nonsense in rapid succession until the first pages of most of the more popular forums were full of cloned thread posts. That’s when Betfair acted and closed the forum down to new sign ups (after banning him for the final time).

        • paddy says:

          And after they locked out new members he started bombarding them again with emails reporting previously banned members, grassing in other words and betfair true to form banned them on this idiots say so, thats why its so quiet there now

        • paddy says:

          i dont know if was that reason sb, as bob said earlier:

          Bob says:
          December 10, 2012 at 6:06 pm

          hmm you make a good point. however, ramping is a betfair issue, whereas my issues were purely a forum/TSE Global concern

        • swearbox says:

          Bob will be along later Paddy. I guarantee that most of what I put is accurate and he’ll bear me out on that. His beef was and still is with the way the forum was moderated. He can get round the exchange betting a piece of piss but not the forum ban.

  39. paddy says:

    But he wasnt banned as he proved by registering a million user names

    • swearbox says:

      Prior to August 10th NOBODY was really banned…if someone got the boot by the mods it was a piece of piss to register a new name and carry on posting until someone grassed you up again or the mods spotted you. Their (Betfair’s) next logical step to try and stop folk re-registering after a ban was to block traffic to the forum by IP banning the miscreants. That worked for the dummies and those who couldn’t figure a way around it but wasn’t exactly a panacea as Bob and (ahem) I myself proved.

  40. Bob says:

    yep pretty much everything above is on the money, unfortunately.

    basically if I hadn’t called Undern a prick in 2011 none of the above would have happened either really… funny old life…

  41. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    “In a nutshell Bob wasn’t happy at the fact that he’d been EXCHANGE banned as well as forum banned for a minor transgression in the past.”

    when will you lot get it through your heads? VEGAS WAS BANNED FOR FRAUD that is not a minor transgression. He will never set foot on the BF forums again no matter how much he comes in peace.

    • swearbox says:

      Whoa SBV, I’m only repeating what I heard. I was under the impression that Bob’s first ban was for calling Undern a cunt. He got exchange banned and forum banned for that. That’s not fraud it’s plain and simple contravention of T&C’s. He resigned up to get access to the exchange as well as the forum BUT his resignup was not using his own details…that’s the bit what you are on about where you say fraud took place. Am I right or was there a different story about his FIRST TIME ban?

      • Bob says:

        yes and no SB. i was forum banned for calling undern a “prick”.

        i was exchange banned for multiple sign-ups

        • Bob says:

          there was an 8-month gap between those 2 events

        • swearbox says:

          Well I was under the impression all along that they exchange banned you as well as forum banned you for the Undern thing. That’s why I remarked that it was very harsh punishment. I wasn’t aware that the Undern thing only got you a forum ban

          So I’m guessing that to circumvent the forum ban you created a new BF accopunt using bogus details and that’s why they exchange banned you when they figured out what you’d done. That about right ?

  42. Bob says:

    SB: neither Jerry in accounts, or any other betfair staff ever once gave me a proper reason. i had a 1-hour call with this Jerry. next thing i’m exchange banned. never managed to get the guy on the fone ever again despite many calls trying. the call centre staff simply read a file note saying refer to email from november 2011. this email also gave no reason. havn’t rung for a while as busy with work, but will again at some point.

    other multi banned forumites told me they’d signed up many times. some in own details, some in made up ones, including Brain Surge. so there’s no consistency at all!!!!!

    there was no fraud though. just wanted to post

  43. Bob says:

    “was u who was the one who got so emotionally destroyed by my post you began to foam at the mouth and started bringing up several of my threads”

    classic Brain Surge here 🙂 (to Undern) lol

  44. Hejik says:

    mad i missed this night
    sound like fun!

    did forum crash?

  45. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    you were banned for setting up a fraudulent account VEGAS before you were forum banned. Personally i would have had you prosecuted and sent down. Still you will never be back again hahahahahahahaha

  46. Bob says:

    SB is the forum acting weird for you tonight at all?

  47. paddy says:

    lol a thread about bob and he cant post on it hohoho….

  48. Bob says:

    i see Paddy. post on it please. it’s that Hejik being a nuisance. he was nasty to me at first but we made our peace towards the end of my stint

  49. Bob says:

    no paddy only when you were Threegreens as i didnt know who you were. i loved you and Brain Surge’s banter

    • paddy says:

      And ROP you tragic mess

      • Bob says:

        cant remember. why did i do that? and how did i pull that off?

        • paddy says:

          You did it because you’re pathetic, have no life, more than likely obese and a virgin, betfair forum is your life, you’re a cunt and probably sniff your mums knickers….just a few of many reasons bob.

        • swearbox says:

          “… you’re pathetic, have no life, more than likely obese and a virgin, betfair forum is your life, you’re a cunt and probably sniff your mums knickers”

          🙂 🙂 🙂 the refreshing honesty is what I like about some of the comments on here 🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Bob says:

    guess the being nice and civil to each other project is over between us then paddy x 😦

  51. paddy says:

    I thought yours was 9-5 shuffling paper?…tomorrow me and a mate are going out on a flying fish hovercraft we’ve just bought and are looking at setting a new type of stag do type venture on the estuary and sand banks…

  52. Hejik says:

    My post got a bit lost there

  53. Bob says:

    so Paddy how did you raise money in the first place to be able to make investments and be free of the regime of office 9-5 like most of the population?

  54. Bob says:

    oh right so the RAF. and then you bought property?

  55. Bob says:

    im interested. i’d like to go hovercrafting rather than sit in office too

  56. paddy says:

    Its not vague, it s very simple get of your arse and do something asking endless questions doesnt do the hard work needed….what did you do with your free £10 on daq today?

  57. Hejik says:

    you here bob?


    see this blog has turned into the Bob skint square pants show…..

    • swearbox says:

      If I ever thought that was the case I’d do something about that. When people go to blogs they go to read the posts not the comments below the posts. If the comments engage them as well then so much the better. People blog for lots of different reasons. People stop blogging usually for just one reason, that being no-one visits their pages. The more people that visit here the happier I am. A lot of people come here just so see what Bob is up to these days. Bob is a traffic generator plain and simple.

  59. Bob says:

    i didnt bet paddy, not been betting much since September.

  60. Bob says:

    how did you turn 10 into 109?

    how much did you save up before quitting your job?

    • paddy says:

      With a few risky (if it was my money) bets, as for how much money you need, how longs a piece of string? do you want to sell stuff on a market or build a nuclear power station…

      • Bob says:

        please post a few bets.

        i wanna leave work and live of investment royalties and go hovercrafting on a weekday like you. so how much?

  61. paddy says:

    Getting back to the med centre SB, were your docs like ours, what ever was wrong the treatment was always the same, take these bright pink cocodamol and have a day off..



    • paddy says:

      Wish the original stretch would drop in here and have a seeth at me or sb, used to be funny watching him have a meltdown live…if only nobhead bob hadnt fucked the forum these mentalists would still be around….

  63. Bob says:

    micky could still be using the forum. he chose not

  64. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    VEGAS you are a dirty fucking grasser

  65. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    By the way, what’s the weather like in Nuneaton?

    hahahahha just spotted this, and the answer is I haven’t a fucking clue never been there. VEGAS you are still a cunt and still banned. SB you haven’t got the brains to work out who I am and i will put cash on it if you like

    • swearbox says:

      You’re lying, simple as. You were in the Nuneaton area on the 13th and the day before you were somewhere in Coventry. Look at the map fuckwit…it’s a 20 minute drive on the A444. Even if you were using a proxy server the chances of you getting two IP’s in locations that close together on two consecutive days are too staggering to compute. Your area of operation is the Midlands, namely Leicester, Notts, Derby, and you popped up to Gateshead on one occasion. This narrows down tremendously who you might be. I look forward to you disputing the facts I’ve just laid before you.

  66. Hejik says:

    Bob do you have a contact number for people that can get things done at TSE?

  67. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    Leicester, Notts, Derby, and you popped up to Gateshead on one occasion

    this is fucking hilarious, infact it is more funny than VEGAS’s moanings hahahahahahahaha. Where am i today Wales? You’re a bellend, simple as.

  68. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    fucking hell I do some travelling, find a gypo on betfair and you have found me hahahahahahahha

    • swearbox says:

      Not that interested in ‘finding you’ as you don’t interest me in the slightest. Jog on.

      • Shoot Bob Vegas says:

        really? says the arsehole who is trying to “track me”

        • swearbox says:

          I’m not tracking you you tosspot…whenever you post your ip address is attached. When cunts like you give me stick it’s nice to know who it is giving me the gears. I can count on one hand how many people have given me abuse on here, in fact you can take away my thumb and little finger and that narrows the figure down even more. Thing is some folk reveal just a little too much that gives away exactly who they are. I don’t mind you posting on here like I already said…if you want to give me abuse then fire away.

  69. Bob says:

    what thoroughly horrible cunt this “frank” guy is… boring too

    “I’ve already answered this and you keep asking, are you mentaly ill?”

    paddy you havnt answered either. where?

  70. Bob says:

    look at that thread with everyone thinking hejik is me. “how many people have i owned today” is really not my style 😦

  71. paddy says:

    Why would a person have an agenda on an anonymous sporting forum…bit odd dont you think?

  72. Hejik says:

    a few of them on there bob that think I’m you

  73. Kal1984 says:

    Evening Betfair Graveyard 🙂

    • swearbox says:

      Evening Kal mate…how’s tricks ?

      • Kal1984 says:

        all good mate. Indulging in a nice malt and hoping for an Espanyol win. How are you?

        • swearbox says:

          Not too bad Kal. Not done a stroke of paid work in a fortnight so used the time to read up about potential money spinners using Facebook of all things. We had a bit of now a couple of weeks ago but that’s all gone now and everything is green again. Looks like we could be in for a green christmas 🙂 fingers crossed (I hate snow and I hate christmas – much prefer ringing in the New Year).

  74. Kal1984 says:

    Nice one SB just you take it easy over the festive period – thats what i am doing. I dont mind sharing this info with you but trading the 0-0 can be very profitable if you chose the correct games. If you havent already then look into it further. Any questions then u got my email mate. On another note i will be playing the ‘Beaver Remix!’ later

  75. paddy says:

    🙂 I couldnt agree more…

    Stringer 20 Dec 12 16:22

    bob vegas clearly wasn’t all there

    i wouldn’t put it past him to have a double personality that he’d have arguments with

  76. Kal1984 says:

    added to my favourites. Great little mix you can leave on for an hour and enjoy. Heres one of my all time classics – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM7PljpCwWw

  77. Kal1984 says:

    cool mate will have a wee look at that. So u all set for xmas then? Hows the weather at your bit? Its a wee bit cold here but have suffered worse! On the booze for next couple weeks then calm down again.

    • swearbox says:

      My other half is christmas daft so she attends to all that shite. We’re having everyone round for christmas dinner (16 people that I know of) so it’ll be a busy day. Must try not to get pissed up before the dinner is rolled out or we might end up having to make sandwiches LOL.

      Weather is cold but like I said no snow yet. All this talk of booze is steering me towards a quick snifter of wine…could be dangerous..once I get going on the piss and fire up the tunes I lose myself in it all…fucking love music 🙂

  78. Kal1984 says:

    Same here. Soon as i am on the drink i am on youtube and on my sky planner. You know Queen are one of my favourites but as its xmas i have been ibeen playing the festive tunes. Pogues of course. However, for now, heres another old skool tuuuuuuuune – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaZHinwPqc4

    • swearbox says:

      Fucks sake Kal…I’m on me second glass now…mrs don’t finish work for another 3 hrs…i’ll have to put a load of laundry in to make it look like i did something or she’ll be pissed to find me half cut blasting tunes out when i’m supposed to be getting things organised for next week.

  79. Kal1984 says:

    Finish the full bottle mate i am sure ur misses wont mind – its XMAS. Well hopefully betfair let new members on the forum next year. ITs just not the same anymore. Especially on Saturdays. Forum was the best ever. Its a shame what has happened. Are you enjoying Andrew Mat’s ‘FEATURED NIGHT MATCH’ fred on a daily basis? lol. He seems like a good sort tho

  80. Kal1984 says:

    Andrew Mat starts freds for virtually every game you can imagine. All over the world. Seems like a good lad tho. SB -i am on the whisky 2nite. Fuckin expesive tho. On the glenmorangie, ARe you doing well betting wise?

    • swearbox says:

      Glenmorangie…always reminds me of a time when I was in a pub in St Andrews…Ma Bells it was…I was fucking skint and nursing a pint…in comes a bunch of Yanks just finished a round of golf and the guy buying bought a round of Glen and I remember him paying with a £50 note…I had ten bob in my pocket…felt like mugging the fuckker lol.

      Not been on the punt for a while Kal…to tell the truth i’m a bit disillusioned with it all…too much cheating going on…just makes it harder to take when a result goes against you. I need a rethink to my gameplan.

  81. paddy says:

    You got good bass SB? with a classic breakdown a couple of mins in

  82. Kal1984 says:

    Paddy this loonball will sort u out mate – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP9C3V5w8NE

    • paddy says:

      lol, seen a few of them during the clubbing days!

      You stil cubbing kal?

      • Kal1984 says:

        No mate. Stopped taking drugs when i was roughly 23-24. I just buy online from the ‘legal’ highs you get. Trust me they are 10x better than what u get off the street. My pal indulged recently and he tried to phone the army conviced he would make it as a soldier lol

        • paddy says:

          Me neither, in the summer a few of us put on a mini thing at a mates farm in Snowdonia area, camping, couple of marquees, bbq’s, decks, other mixing shit and a laptop only my mate understands, gets a few decent dj’s that turn up and a decent crowd…keep in touch if you’re up for it

        • swearbox says:

          I’m in…starting to save as of now. Me and the mrs need a break…best that simple minds track gets played tho.

        • paddy says:

          Will keep you posted! international visitors!!, we could be on the cover of Mixmag…or the local paper again, feds turned up this year, people in the next valley, yep next valley! complained about the bass! lol

  83. swearbox says:

    Simple Minds anyone ? Remixed of course…the eagle eyed amongst you will no doubt comment upon this offering (cryptic I know but my money is on Paddy to come up with what I’m expecting)…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJF-y68p7as

  84. Kal1984 says:

    UNDERWORLD! I used to DJ at partys. Still have my old numark decks. I prefer Vinyl. Hate mixin with CD decks

  85. swearbox says:

    I knew hitting the wine was a bad idea…just ruined a perfectly good batch of chili…house is full of fukking smoke…doh!

  86. swearbox says:

    Anyone familiar with BT’s Flaming June ? Here’s a different take…very chilled..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrn8iNWOICI

  87. Kal1984 says:

    SB – willl isten to that Flamin June 2moro. Love the original. However i wanted to post this little number. Memories of Cheltenham 09. Horses have feeling and they do have hearts. I leave you with this interlude – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjy4DnF6Mxg

  88. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    goodmorning SB, I am lost can you tell me where i am today?

  89. Kal1984 says:

    ok SB. Hows things? Just chilling with a few cans and waiting on another goal in the St Mirren match

  90. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    I don’t deny the truth, I am indeed Frank. Today I am somewhere in paradise or Gillingham

  91. Kal1984 says:

    So from the midlands then? Dawsey NAP lol

  92. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    Ilkeston 🙂 fuck me I’m on the move again, costing me a bloody fortune in fuel

    • Kal1984 says:

      You sure get about SBV 🙂

    • swearbox says:

      Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…you know what ‘area’ you are in same as I do…you may not be in Ilkeston high street but you closer to it than you are Gillingham, 1.0fucking1.

      Now, as we’re approaching the season of goodwill to all men and all that bollocks I’m going to forgive you for giving me grief in the past and wish you a Merry Christmas right here and now. That’s the kind of bloke I am. I suggest you do the same to Bob 🙂

  93. Shoot Bob Vegas says:

    merry christmas to you and your family SB, and if you are reading Bob then I wish you would choke on a wishbone you cunt.

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