If You Hate Spammers Then Read This

Apart from kiddie porn there’s nothing more odious in the online world than spammers who bombard you with endless bullshit emails advertising all manner of garbage that no-one in their right mind would touch with a 10ft pole.  Thankfully the vast majority of the excrement that finds it’s way through contains at the very least a link through which one can unsubscribe an email address thereby making the spammers aware of the fact that we don’t want them to send us any more unsolicited emails…ever.

In most cases that’s all it takes…click the link and you are redirected to a page with a form on it that you fill in with your email address and, once sent, the emails stop.  Then you have the ‘other’ type of spam email that doesn’t have a link but has instructions on how to stop further mail coming your way…’simply type in the word REMOVE in the subject line and send it to us at  spammer@arsehole.com’.  It would seem that this second approach isn’t as effective as the first one mentioned.

I am currently being plagued with email coming from some tipping operation whose website can be found at www dot maxtips dot info.  I haven’t linked to them as I really don’t want any traffic going from this blog to their site by the way of backlinks.

A while ago on two separate occasions about a week apart I managed to succumb to an email borne virus of some sort that managed to change my Yahoo password and then send a bunch of mixed spam to everyone in my Sent items folder.  There weren’t many recipients as my Yahoo account isn’t my primary email (which is also the reason that there were no mails sent out to my Contacts list as I don’t maintain one in Yahoo).  Since I managed to get that issue sorted out I have since taken the steps of, after each time I send mail, moving the mail from my Sent folder into another custom folder that I created just in case the same thing happens again in the future.  However, I only move the Sent mail out for people I know.  Any replies I send to spammers (to take me off their list) or to the Nigerian 419 scammers (I actually reply to them to see how far I can get for a laugh), or anyone else I consider to be a cunt, I leave in the Sent mail folder so that if there is any re-occurrence of my account getting hijacked then they get all the pills and porn emails.

So, a quick check of my Sent folder reveals that I’ve mailed the above mentioned pricks at Maxtips on 5 separate occasions asking for them to remove me from their list.  They simply ignored my request and kept on sending their crap.  I strongly suspect that the wording I used in my replies to them may have something to do with their not complying with my ever more abusive requests for them to cease and desist.

A bit of research into this ‘company’ reveals that they hide behind a domain privacy registrar thereby shielding the actual real owners and operators from any WHOIS lookups.  I suspect they may have done that after their site got hacked into by a team of Kuwaiti hackers, most notably a Mr.L4iVe and his pals Xrapt0r & Cyb3r-Dz (top work guys :-)).

Now, as far as the quality and quantity of their tips go I can’t say as I’ve never been, nor do I ever intend to be, one of their members.  If you visit the site you’ll see plenty of posts bigging themselves up on their fantastic tipping performances and outrageously massive priced winners but I’ve been around long enough to know that that is the way these people operate.  They’ll make up all sorts of shite to suck in potential subscribers and good luck trying to get your dough back if the first ten horses you get tipped go lame.

Also if they can’t manage a simple fucking request to remove someone from their spam list then that displays an ignorance and arrogance that I would want no part of.  The site in it’s entirety stinks to high heaven.

So, here’s my personal request to anyone reading this and especially all you lot on the BF forums who have a refreshingly brutal way of dealing with spam posters…when you have a minute hop on over to their site and leave them a comment on my behalf….I don’t care what you put…’Please unsubscribe Swearbox’…’Swearbox says fk off’…whatever you like.  It won’t appear immediately, in fact it probably won’t ever appear…it might be that while it says ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ no-one actually bothers to read them but there’s a very good chance someone actually will see that the comments section in the admin panel is full to bursting when they log in to post their next bunch of lies and take a look to see what’s going on.

Oh, and while I’m at it, there are a couple of links at the bottom of this post for Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn…hit those as well why don’t ya and spread the word to those in your own circles that may not read my blog. Even if it’s only for a day help me to piss these guys off as much as they piss me off by continuing to ignore my requests for them to stop sending me their spam.  Thank you in advance to all who go out of their way to assist, and spammers…go fuck yourselves.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  It would appear that someone at maxtips has finally heeded my repeated requests to be removed from their spam list as I haven’t received any mail from them since the day after this post first went public (Oct 28th).  In the words of the old BF forum legend PPKing it is ‘a pleasing result’.

4 Responses to If You Hate Spammers Then Read This

  1. swearbox says:

    Got another email this morning so fired off another reply PLUS went to their poxy site to leave a comment. Will be phoning up their domain privacy registrar in San Fransisco when they open for business in an hour’s time to see what I can find out.

  2. paddy says:

    anything like this just goes straight to my spam folder which I never open and it auto deletes them. I turn off auto delete now and again and get anything between 10 and 100 messages a day, usual shite job offers for you please send your details to blah blah, online gaming, on line pharmacy, horse tips etc

  3. jalle says:

    I’ve also received lot of spam msgs from this same domain (maxtinps.info) I hate i t because no matter if I click junk email or not every times it comes it ends up in my inbox.
    Do you have idea how to report and block this spammer ?

    • swearbox says:

      Just keep mailing them…send to remove@maxtips.com…give them dogs abuse over and over. They hide their details so there isn’t much to be found online except MaxTips, 4/87 Shirley, Southampton, Hants. A WHOIS search of their domain doesn’t reveal much either…eventually they’ll stop pestering you but if they begin mailing you (after they appear to have stopped) step up the abusive mails back to them.

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