CONCACAF Champions League 2012/2013

Santos Laguna won’t be winning this comp…this year.

Just finished watching their dismal performance against Toronto FC and while they came away victorious with a 1-0 win they didn’t give me the impression they were the same outfit that made it to the final last year (losing 3-2 on aggregate to Monterrey).

Toronto actually had at least three very good scoring chances in the first half but they don’t possess natural born goalscorers so they failed to capitalise.  Shame really as the match was desperate for a goal and maybe if they had found the net in the first half I might have reserved judgement about Santos’s future in this competition as I feel sure they would have picked up their game.  Having said that they did have their moments but equally inept performances in front of goal (and admittedly shut out by both the woodwork and a couple of heroic off the line saves) saw to it that only a bullet of a shot from Hercules Gomez could separate the two sides.

But let’s face facts…Toronto have been shite this season and this match was pretty much the equivalent of a cup final for them…mathematically if they beat the Mexicans 3-0 or won the game by two but scoring at least four they were into the quarter finals but it never looked like going that way. SL haven’t exactly set the world on fire so far this season either having failed to win in their last three domestic league games and currently occupying the 7th slot in the Liga MX table.

Back to the game and exasperatingly not one but two TO players were booked for TIMEWASTING of all things… Terry Dunfield and goalie Freddie Hall both had their names taken after the ref decided they were running down the clock. WTF ? Toronto need all the playing time they could get so it made no sense to waste it…ref was a dick imo.

All in all it wasn’t a very memorable performance by either side and while we know that Toronto are now out I wouldn’t be placing any of my hard earned on Santos Laguna to be lifting the trophy this time around.  Lay the bollocks off SL…you know it makes sense.

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