Rogerthebutler I Salute You

I was minding my own business doing a bit around the garden (it’s a day off here in Eskimo Land), cut my grass, seeded some dodgy looking patches, layed a few rolls of turf to fix up the bit I dug up when I built my fence last summer, then found a convenient time to break for a cup of tea and a turkey sandwich.

I headed off for the only spot in my house that is guaranteed to cause a rift between me and Mrs Swearbox, that being sat in front of my computer.  It’s not like I spend ALL of my time there, just most of it, when I’m not otherwise engaged in doing men’s stuff outside.

I happened to wander onto the Betfair forums to check out who’s been doing what to whom and I came across what I consider to be one of the better quality posts that I think is worthy enough of a mention on here.

The thread appears on the Footy forum and was started by none other than everyone’s favourite bell end, your friend and mine, Money Tree.  Now don’t get me wrong, MT can be a very clever poster when he has a mind to be, and I seriously suspect he’s not the absolute cretin that most folk say he is however he does leave himself wide open to shedloads of abuse on occasion.

Consider the following post he made earlier today…

Good evening forum full of dunces and mugs.

08 Oct 12 18:31


02 Jul 09

| Topic/replies: 24,973 | Blogger: MONEY TREE’s blog

hows it going?

Now, while the content of the post, the simple ‘how’s it going?’ is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things it’s the thread title that grabs everyone’s attention and this was pounced upon in no uncertain terms by the forumite who goes by the name of Rogerthebutler.

Pleasingly Roger was first to reply to MT’s thread which serves to increase the effectiveness of his words which I can wait no longer to share with you my dear readers…cop this…

rogerthebutler 08 Oct 12 18:34

Well it was awful, but then you started your charm offensive, at which point golden rays of buttery sunshine chased away the miasma of hostility and indifference.

I tip my hat to Rogerthebutler for an outstanding reply, the likes of which are rare these days on the BF fora.  Since I started writing this piece there have been more replies to said thread, the ‘next best’ award going to another forum favourite, the mentally challenged Return_Of_Dawsy.  His simple yet effective ‘fck off’ reminds us that you don’t need to be articulate to get your point across.

Moving swiftly on I notice that there is a planned outage scheduled for tomorrow on Betfair.  They announce it thus on the Service forum…

Planned service outage Tuesday 9th October

05 Oct 12 10:52


22 May 02

| Topic/replies: 6,137 | Blogger: Betfair Customer Services’s blog

Please be aware that there is a planned release scheduled for Tuesday 9th October 05:00 AM (BST) – 06:00 AM (BST). While all products will remain available during this time, please be aware that there may be sporadic interruptions in service. Updates during the outage will be available at service.betfair.infoWe would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will do our best to complete this upgrade as soon as we can.


Could this be the long awaited upgrade that sees the forum back in full swing, ie new forum registrations permitted ?  Only time will tell but I for one will be glad when things get back to ‘normal’ as I’m looking forward immensely to seeing how the likes of Bobby V and Hudson fare in their quests to join the rest of the clowns that currently have posting rights.

One thing I really would like to see, and I’m being super sincere now, is that when the forum is operating properly again we have a change to the way the moderators currently handle the reports and requests for bans that come in from the pricks with a grudge to bear towards someone else.

I see posts daily that contravene T&C’s, some very close to the bone especially on Chit Chat since all this Jimmy Savile bollocks came to light, yet nothing is done.  I’m not saying ban the guys responsible but at least approach everyone with the same level of fairness.  I got a lifer ban after getting grassed for saying ‘Batty boy’ yet there are folk getting away with describing extremely explicit sex acts, albeit within the context of the mockery of a dead alleged paedophile.  Get real BF…level the playing field for EVERYONE.

No doubt this post will find it’s way to the forums at some point and if you’re reading and want to offer your thoughts then comment away.  If the ‘usual suspects’ show up and decide to post then please behave and post something semi sensible…the dog comments are just a waste of your time and mine as they’ll be going straight into the bin.

Woof Woof.

1,431 Responses to Rogerthebutler I Salute You

  1. 8 incher says:


    Wish I could express myself in the ways you just did….

    Thank you for the interesting read…..

  2. paddy says:

    good read sb, but ban bob now before he trashes this blog too

    • swearbox says:

      It would be hypocritical to ban Bob Paddy…besides he’s never posted anything on here to warrant the boot. Betfair is a different matter though.

      • Bob says:

        thankyou sb it’s true i never once stoop to TEAPOTS or dog bumming immaturity.

        regarding the other thread, could you not just have banned/blocked the dog bumming idiot?

        • swearbox says:

          I could Bob but I decided to just close the thread to comments.

          Going forward I’ll be paying a bit more attention to what I allow to show up…if it’s dog related (if ya get my drift) then it goes into the bin. I don’t mind a heated argument now and then but some of the comments on that other thread were a little bit harsh to say the least but moreover the repetition became boring in the extreme.

        • paddy says:

          as did bobs questions sb…..your mrs sounds like mine so I bought her an ipad now I get peace 😉

        • Bob says:

          i agree SB. would be nice to chat rather than repeat crap like micky or be repetively nasty like dumpey.

          when you say harsh you mean frank and dumpey on me?

        • paddy says:

          2 posts 2 questions, if you want others to change their tune then change yours bob

        • Bob says:

          i will paddy. no more crap. fresh start please? lets be polite

        • paddy says:

          the contradiction within two sentences is astonishing….

        • paddy says:

          Bob says:
          October 8, 2012 at 2:59 pm

          thankyou sb it’s true i never once stoop to TEAPOTS or dog bumming immaturity.

          regarding the other thread, could you not just have banned/blocked the dog bumming idiot?

  3. Bob says:

    SB just noticed micky putting WOOF all over MT’s thread. he must have been Jason Corcoran aswell. that guy is embarrasingly dull. most irrelevant forumite ever imo.

  4. paddy says:

    I guess you’ll never change bob…..this blog already hijacked by you too

  5. Bob says:

    sorry where’s the contradiction?

    and what’s wrong with questions? i’m not harming no-one

  6. paddy says:

    bob, dont mind if i ignore you do you, like i said you just take over every thread and blog you post on with endless questions which aint fair on sb.

  7. Bob says:

    SB – a reply to your point about jimmy saville and bannings, which i found to be a very valid one, unlike this response:

    “Thank you for your email. The forum is not actively moderated, as it would be impossible to read the tens of thousands of posts we get across so many different forums. If no one reports specific posts or they are not brought to our attention, we are not able to act. If we are given the specific details of the posts and where they appear then we will endeavour to deal with them as quickly as possible
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind Regards,
    TSE Global”

  8. Bob says:

    currently awaiting a response to this from TSE:

    “Of course but there’s still people on there who discuss suicide, rape and the murder of the mentally disabled so most should be ok. i can prove all 3. the forumite in question is “greenviking”.
    Are these going to be acceptable topics going forward, as they were in the past on the Betfair forum?

    “Thank you for your email. We do not have a set date for when the restrictions on new forum registrations will be lifted. Please be aware however, that when a forum ban is put in place it applies to the person, not just that specific account. Any currently banned users found to be opening new accounts will be suspended from the forum under these new accounts also.”

    what you guys reckon? they seem reluctant to reply 🙂

  9. Bob says:

    *currently spamming TSE with 5+ emails per hour*

  10. Bob says:

    well not spamming just trying to get them to do their job!!

    “Ok so why was i life banned for calling someone a prick, and someone who discusses the murdering of the mentally ill not?”

  11. Bob says:


    “ok then moving on can i ask please:
    what is worse –

    1. the promotion of the murder of mentally ill people?

    2. calling someone a prick

    Please help guys.

    “Thank you for your email. We now believe this matter to be closed and will no longer enter into discussion with you regarding your or any other user’s forum access.
    Kind Regards,
    TSE Global

    This customer services email is sent by Betfair Limited on behalf of one or more Betfair Group companies.”

  12. paddy says:

    SB not noticed any new changes to the site since the planned release this morning…you spotted anything?

  13. Bob says:

    my current batch of emails to TSE have the following subject line:

    “does TSE Global support murder, rape and suicide?‏”

    please let me know as one of your active forumites has promoted all three:


    it really is disgraceful to say the least!!

  14. Frank says:

    I agree SB some of the posts on chitchat regards savile have been very libelous. A post on the politics forum even calls Jonathon Ross a paedo, they could be in deep shit with that and Betfair for allowing it. Regards the forum updates I have seen 3 new members who have posted today.

    • Bob says:

      1.01 you can’t post a link to any of them

      interesting about libellous claims Frank. i shall email TSE about that right now

    • swearbox says:

      Posting libellous shit on BF doesn’t really bother me Frank…it’s the fact that as per Bob’s reply from BF they don’t really read or moderate the posts UNTIL someone reports it in. When you have sneaky snidey cunts who don’t particularly like you (there are at least two fucking dickheads that will stop at nothing to get me booted) you have to really watch what you write…fucking pisses me off…I could get 25 guys banned in the next hour if I so desired just by browsing through a few threads on any forum you care to name but I’m not a cunt like that…fucking pisses me off no end I can tell you.

  15. Bob says:

    Date Joined: 22 Feb 12
    Add contact
    03 Oct 12 16:43
    some did go to the police in 2007 he was alleged to have abused a 14 year old but police took no further action. Could be a number of reason why these things take time to surface doesnt really prove guilt /innocence just because hes dead. Of course it would be better that he were alive to stand trial but he would probably strongly deny the charges just like them other pedos johnathon ross and garry glitter.

    surely this deserves a ban?

    potentially libel


  16. Frank says:

    I was talking to SB not you VEGAS now fuck off you grasser

  17. Frank says:

    why can’t we all get along? woof woof

  18. Bob says:

    FYI. they removed the libellous post about jonathan ross but did not ban the guy who posted it. useless pricks. why was i banned for something much less severe!?

  19. Bob says:

    i am emailing them constantly at current. will set up a new hotmail to do so soon. anyone found a 2nd new forumite since August?

    hope your well paddy

  20. Bob says:

    they wont reply tonight. time for a new hotmail by the look of it

  21. Frank says:

    Deluded bellend still thinks he was banned for calling someone a prick, what a spunk stain you are Vegas

  22. Bob says:

    i admit constantly re-signing back up was my downfall too but others did so i followed like the pathetic sheep i am 😦

    i never meant any harm

  23. paddy says:

    Surely you can ban this prick now sb, reasons are he’s a grassing twat (admited above) and he’s hi jacked your blog…this one will go the same as the last one with the boring cunt stuck on repeat

  24. Bob says:

    paddy i mean no harm and i like and respect SB.
    i also hope you are having an enjoyable evening.
    whereas you resort to childish name calling. i am the bigger man here between me and you. good luck with maturing patrick,

  25. Bob says:

    (ps it was micky on auto-loop not me on the last thread. guy doenst know how to converse. thankfully he’s gone)

  26. Bob says:

    paddy i hope one day you can mature and be nice.
    enjoy the rest of your evening
    wish they’d let new people on forum 😦

  27. paddy says:

    sorry bob Im just bored shitless of you ruining every fucking thread and blog with your relentles obsession…its not adult behaviour what you’re doing, neither is spamming betfair or its CUSTOMER services….I wonder how a blog would turn out bob free? the forums improved for sure, every one you’re on is exactly the same you boring repetative grassing fuckwit.

  28. Bob says:

    paddy i am just obsessed with fairness i guess.

    • paddy says:

      you say micky was on autoloop bob, the thread says differently…

      why you get banned fella?
      why you banned micky?
      why were you banned?
      why were you banned?
      micky = dellman41 micky = banned explain please?
      Micky you are Dellman41 yes?
      what do people have against micky/dellman? why was he banned?
      tell me why micky was banned?
      why you rang betfair as dellman wasnt ever banned?
      tell us why micky 3 legs got banned and why you rang betfair to add a card?
      why was micky forum name banned?
      why was micky banned?
      darn. micky why were you banned?
      Can banned forumites return???
      who trying to ban you dellman41?
      tell me how come u posted as metal micky while dellman was available?
      why was dellman41 not available during the mental micky era?
      my question is why wasnt it “available”?
      why you didnt post as dellman during the micky era?
      tell me why you didnt post as dellman during the micky era?
      why would the forum want a banned forumite back on funded or not???
      and you havn’t explained?
      why the forum would want a banned forumite (micky) back?

      you’re a fucking idiot…

  29. Frank says:

    get a life Vegas you will never get back on the BF forums

    • 8 incher says:

      I have not been receiving emails regarding this new blog…..

      But looks like boring BOB is on good form….

      woof woof

      P,S SB

      Was not taking the piss with your opening statement…..

  30. Bob says:

    yeah paddy and he couldn’t answer anything. guy is a waste of time

  31. 8 incher says:

    Boring BOB is the one who does not answer anything….

    woof woof

  32. 8 incher says:

    Some one is calling your name on chit chat?

  33. Bob says:

    mental zzz micky 3 legs 🙂

  34. Bob says:

    betfair wont reply to email. will try another email account

  35. paddy says:

    Start your own blog you boring parasite

  36. Bob says:

    ok what can we talk about instead paddy to not be boring?

  37. paddy says:

    SB didnt take the time to write this blog for you to treat it as your chat page nob, start your own blog and see who wants to chat with you…

  38. Bob says:

    BlueMagic 22 Aug 10 14:24
    post ya bet and past 3month p/l turtleshead then ya fecking c0cksmoking peasant

    BlueMagic 22 Aug 10 14:47
    now feck off and put your mum on ebay so you can deposit again and spunk your money on the fulham game ya fecking tramp

    BlueMagic 22 Aug 10 15:27
    laugh now and enjoy, in the morning you will be delivering my mail and picking up the sh1t in my bins you peasants

    BlueMagic 22 Aug 10 15:31
    getting up at 6am much tomorrow to pick up £6 per hour? thought so, maggotts

    BlueMagic 22 Aug 10 15:51
    not as good as doing what i want and letting mummy and daddy put money in my account for doing feck all you maggott

    BlueMagic 22 Aug 10 16:40
    once again displaying your simpleness by being easily amused by illustrations made by full stops and the letter ‘m’


    who is BlueMagic paddy?

  39. Tobermory says:

    Presumably the Jonathan Ross guy did not get banned as he meant to say Jonathan King

  40. Bob says:

    hi Tobermory. hope you and Sky are well mate 🙂

    what you think of how TSE doesnt ban talk of murder of the mentally disabled, suicide, rape and libel and bans me for calling someone a prick and bans SB for calling someone a batty boy?? is it fair? can you start a thread for me please to gauge opinion??

  41. 8 incher says:

    Same boring dribble.
    Woof woof

  42. Bob says:

    better than “woof” “teapot” etc. micky you boring dullard

  43. Bob says:

    seek help Ponte

  44. 8 incher says:

    Keith,You live in ponte you thick cunt.
    I can now view this blog on my mobile. However, while viewing now at work. Some of the text forms into 2 letters only. I saw the same thing on my laptop while at home. Any ideas?

  45. nomadic ninja says:

    Bobs whole life is literally a relentless obsession with a forum full of ppl he doesnt know which he is not and will not be allowed back on,this is beyond pathetic.
    Will you still be bombarding them with emails and grassing other ppl 4 years from now Bob?

  46. paddy says:

    if you reply to a post instead of starting a new one then it gets thinner like above is down to 2 words a line

    • 8 incher says:

      AHHHH, SO just not me then… Same thing on CHROME…..


      Can you see the problem your end?

      • Bob says:

        who cares micky_dull?

      • swearbox says:

        I have applied a fix Dell…the problem was that I had changed something in the setup that allowed thread comments to be nested 10 deep…so each comment reply to a reply (ie mini thread) got increasingly shorter of space…I did it to try to help maintain a bit of clarity so that each comment that had more than one reply would be easier to read…looks like I went a bit too far…thx for the heads up 🙂

        • 8 incher says:


          YEAH…. You have fixed it my end fella….

          Nice one….

          However, boring Bob, woof woof… Is still the same…

          How do we tackle this one?

  47. Bob says:

    paddy why not? you know i log posts. i could post messages i’ve had about you from selkirk and from Surge and also one i had from the chit chatter who told me you were paddy…

  48. Bob says:

    micky – what did paddy pm you?

  49. paddy says:

    what do you think the P in PM stands for ffs….

    • 8 incher says:

      BOB ( Keith )

      He said you are a cunt.

      Hope this answers 1 of 1599 questions


      • Bob says:

        right micky i’m sorry but my next target is to get dellman41 banned from the forum. if you can’t be open and honest you leave me no choice. WOOF WOOF!

        • Bob says:

          if you doubt my ability may i remind you of TMO, HorseRacingExpert, TSO…. TAR x

        • 8 incher says:


          Go ahead, I will forward all information from here and other BLOG and get betfair to sue you over cyber stalking. They have your address, so should not be a problem.

          Just compiling the email now….

          WOOF WOOF


          Got a tenner off them the other day….

        • Bob says:

          who am i “stalking” ?

  50. Bob says:

    yeah Private from greenviking to you. so why tell micky? what’s he gotta do with it?

  51. turquoise norseman says:

    Bobby boy headed for the mental unit,full steam ahead

  52. paddy says:

    Message of greenviking for you bob…

    Report this message:
    Oct 12, 11:30PM

    Ha,ha.Ask him why he has become so bitter when all I have done is tried to help him by being truthful and offering practical,useful advice.Cheers

  53. Bob says:

    oh ok paddy fair enough. thanks. that was just now i see.
    what was the one previously you allude to here:

    “had a few unreads, couple off greenviking about bob that were funny, sure he wont mind me quoting him, il pm you”

    i’ll send you some stuff if you tell me that. fair’s fair

  54. paddy says:

    i dont want know ‘stuff’ neither do I care….gv asked you a valid question not me…

  55. Frank says:

    you want a good kicking VEGAS you slimey grassing cunt

  56. Bob says:

    i just wanna get along frank/paddy/micky but why did paddy send a pm to micky of what gv wrote and wont post it here. and if micky wont post it here then i must take action

  57. paddy says:

    thread fixed, cheers sb can read it now

  58. Bob says:

    so paddy what did greenviking pm you about?

  59. turquoise norseman says:

    Implosion imminent

  60. Bob says:

    norseman you must give good head that’s all i can say

  61. Frank says:

    think I’ll post on the footie forum now, are you coming Bob 🙂

  62. turquoise norseman says:

    Being repeatedly rafted up the dumper while confined to a basement does go some way to explaining your mental state Bob.Some way but not quite completely

  63. Bob says:

    have you and your tube mate bukkake’d your wife lately viking?

  64. Bob says:

    paddy viking sent you it in PRIVATE, so why send it to micky?

  65. turquoise norseman says:

    Oh I had no problems with him sending it to Micky,none whatsoever-Paddy knew this

  66. turquoise norseman says:

    put up your email addy Bob-ill send a few to you

  67. paddy says:

    post it here if you DARE lol dare ffs, how old is this mental case…real life and the anonymous virtual world is just a big confusing mess to some I guess

  68. Bob says:

    knew you wouldn’t dare as i would 0wn you with my witty retorts. go away GV old man

    • turquoise norseman says:

      You dont even own a clean pair of underpants Bob.
      Forget fantasizing about witty retorts you muppet-it took you a whole year to figure out what fishing meant,ha ha ha!
      By the way Im about the same age as you old man

  69. Bob says:

    but viking private but your happy for it to be sent to micky? why is that? and why you scared of posting it here?

    • turquoise norseman says:

      Private mail between those of us who are righteous enough to still be on BF forum.You were too much of a cunt to remain there hence its none of your business you infetcious germ

      • Bob says:

        you have typed some of the vilest stuff i’ve ever read on there viking you nasty cunt. for some reason the mods won’t touch you. i sent them some quotes the other day from 2010 of yours and they just removed them and obviously didnt even email you. some vile stuff it was too. i kept screenshots however.

  70. Bob says:

    (Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we do not have a set date as to when we will be allowing new forum registrations.
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind Regards)

  71. paddy says:

    Are you proud of the tragic obssesion you have bob? you seem it, of course everyone else thinks you’re just a pathetic entity with a mental illness…

  72. turquoise norseman says:

    The foulest of foul cretins is what he is,despicable excuse for a life form.Like u say Paddy appears to wear it as a badge of honour too,what a lowlife

  73. Bob says:

    paddy i just would like to get on really.

  74. turquoise norseman says:

    By the way lest we forget-he comes in peace

  75. Bob says:

    so GV why won’t betfair ban you?

  76. turquoise norseman says:

    Appears he got there before me,ha ha ha ha

  77. Bob says:

    so why won’t they ban you? i sent them screenshots of the worst abuse i’ve seen on there

  78. turquoise norseman says:

    I have explained that to you twice before you amnesiac piece of tadpole spunk

  79. turquoise norseman says:

    Simply because I am only there to discuss betting,peace,love and harmony are in fact my middle names Bob.
    I come in peace and tey know it.
    Whereas you are nothing but a lecherous boil which must be removed and incinerated for the common good

  80. paddy says:

    and yet again the parasite vegas hijacks someone elses blog…

  81. turquoise norseman says:

    He cant help it Paddy wherever he goes,he stirs it up and drags the tone down.Its how he is,truly toiletworthy

  82. Bob says:

    viking you encouraged the murder of a forumite’s mentally ill friend amongst other things. betfair seem to condone this. you evil fuck!!

  83. turquoise norseman says:

    Bob you really need to clean your ears out

  84. turquoise norseman says:

    With a gun

  85. Bob says:


    what religion are you?
    how old are you?
    why are you seemingly unbannable by TSE?

  86. Frank says:

    Bob have you been bummed by Jimmy Saville? Is that why you are a fruit job?

  87. turquoise norseman says:

    Im 29 Bob.
    I have my own set of beliefs about certain things,I dont class them as a religion.
    Explained twice before,check your files

    • paddy says:

      dont answer him gv! here i just a selection of his questions from the other blog swearbox was forced to close…..are you ready!

      why you get banned fella?
      why you banned micky?
      who were/are you on the forum then?
      why were you banned?
      do you really never want me back Bobbin?
      ROP you being very careful not to get banned?
      why should anyone be on there who’s ever been banned if we can’t be??
      why were you banned?
      micky = dellman41 micky = banned explain please?
      Micky you are Dellman41 yes?
      what do people have against micky/dellman? why was he banned?
      anything to report/assist SB?
      tell me why micky was banned?
      why you rang betfair as dellman wasnt ever banned?
      any new member? found one yet?
      how are you/we getting back on? waiting til rule ends?
      tell us why micky 3 legs got banned and why you rang betfair to add a card?
      so who are you on the forum?
      do you keep friends in real life?
      why was micky forum name banned?
      why was micky banned?
      do you have any real-life friends?
      why is TEAPOTS a piss take?
      darn. micky why were you banned?
      why is he not banned?
      anyone about?
      why should i be banned and he isn’t?
      start a thread with my TMO thing on will ya please?
      does debbie find you boring too?
      is that why she never slept with you?
      not gonna post it up paddy?
      what’s rude?
      what you on about 62 with your plank?
      how was i rude paddy?
      so what’s the plank and 62 link paddy?
      how’s the forum today guys?
      who are you on the forum mate?
      do you have something to hide?
      why so scared to say your forum name?
      scared i’d own ya?
      that implies you have some wrong-doing which i could report?
      how are you planning to return?
      why should TMO post?
      why not banned now?
      what did stretch ever do to anyone?
      who are you on the forum Dumpey?
      why i got a life ban and not a month ban like you?
      what name do you believe he is posting under currently?
      you rang the helpdesk EZ?
      why should any banned user post?
      fair is fair surely?
      why would i know why it got pulled!?
      what was it about?
      who started it?
      anyone get banned?
      what was it about?
      who started it?
      anyone get banned?
      hows your job/betting going mate?
      what’s your beef now?
      what you got against me fella?
      people think i’m a grass?
      are you being sarcastical?
      Can banned forumites return???
      did you see my CODE RED above 8??
      paddy is TMO banned like Hudson, Stretch and I?
      paddy are you and TMO banned?
      why are you banned?
      how we all gonna get back on paddy??
      Paddy how you get back on?
      what’s your “new” chatname then?
      also is TMO banned or what?
      Tobes – is TMO banned?
      why would they email you?
      Tobes – is TMO banned?
      why the support for TMO?
      where was the support when i was banned fella?
      what abuse bud?
      what’s your chatname fella?
      o you admit you told a few lies?
      you’re desperate munter, right?
      why are you assuming it was my doing?
      what’s all this baloney micky?
      what does a forum ban have to do with your bank card or the un-helpdesk!?
      why not say you were maggot all along?
      so who are ya?
      are you a Football or Chit Chat man?
      SB who are dumpey and frank?
      why not be nice to me for a change?
      what am i supposed to have done?
      why do you want that Charlie?
      and you are?
      what for paddy?
      old chatname you’re using then paddy?
      why all the abuse back?
      why would you want to find me Tree?
      why do you think that?
      given up on getting back on Hudson?
      any new members yet?
      why is that?
      why is that?
      why would a betfair email say they aren’t there if they are?
      what have i ever done to you?
      why would you Tree?
      still lying about new members patrick?
      paddy you found a new forumite yet mate?
      who trying to ban you dellman41?
      dumpey – can we put things behind us and get along?
      you gonna post bets?
      how McChicken??
      why the hell are you banned mate!?
      was it you all along?
      McChicken when have you ever been nice to me!?
      who was the OP!?
      what i ever do to you Mr Tree?
      and you are??
      who does this desperatemunter prick think he is?
      what have we talked about on here from your first post?
      you ever entered the quiz league clique zone?
      did betfair email you about your ban?
      and why woudn’t they ban you?
      have you ever entered the quiz clique league mibbit room?
      you get my email the other day mate?
      your banned??
      how’s the betting going mate?
      anyone still awake?
      you logged out of the forum now then?
      tell me how come u posted as metal micky while dellman was available?
      how you do today mate?
      why was dellman41 not available during the mental micky era?
      my question is why wasnt it “available”?
      why would i have anything against you?
      you logged out yet or still able to post?
      who you reckon is HorseRacingMongboy?
      why would a more comprehensive ban list bother you?
      are you protecting that HorseRacingFormMan twat?
      what does “leave him post…” mean?
      well you are banned on several accounts Correct?
      what’s the difference?
      what is your problem?
      what’s your 130am bets then mate?
      why you didnt post as dellman during the micky era?
      so “leave him post” isn’t a typo?
      what’s the difference?
      you post “illegally” yes?
      what’s your bets then mate?
      when can we rear axle rape your wife you sick fuck?
      does yo’ momma count?
      tell me why you didnt post as dellman during the micky era?
      do you do straight conversation?
      are you the zany dull geeky guy where you work?
      why not a PPI manager comment micky?
      you will be angrier once the back on the forum is that?
      why would i?
      why cant we be civil paddy?
      you ok EZ? Kal about?
      Keith Lard?
      remind me where you work?
      team leader for Coca Cola?
      based where in Yorkshire is that?
      how so?
      in which town do you find employment? Ponte? Wakey? Donny?
      what hours did you work today/tomorrow?
      why would the forum want a banned forumite back on funded or not???
      as twomatchpoints?
      and you havn’t explained?
      why the forum would want a banned forumite (micky) back?
      what do you doubt paddy?
      do you bet?
      Jason – your forum name?
      who are you on the forum Jason?
      obssessed much?
      post ya bet
      micky why does everyone on the forum think you’re irrelevant?
      why not try the quiz league by Nibbs?
      can you start a Football forum shout out for Kal and EZ please?
      could you not just have banned/blocked the dog bumming idiot?
      when you say harsh you mean frank and dumpey on me?
      fresh start please?
      let’s just play nicely hey?
      where’s the contradiction?
      what’s wrong with questions?
      what you guys reckon?
      Ok so why was i life banned
      Ok so why was i life banned for calling someone a prick?
      surely even you agree with that?
      anyone tried to sign up as a new member? i havn’t bothered tonite
      admitting there is no new forumites except one then?
      anyone found a 2nd new forumite since August?

  88. Bob says:

    ok GV thanks for responding properly. credit where it’s due is something i strongly believe in.

    ok had a leaf through the files. is it something to do with you living in hammersmith? give me a clue

  89. turquoise norseman says:

    You need to check earlier files

  90. 8 incher says:

    what is wrong with questions? FFS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  91. Bob says:

    i have no idea then viking. it really is something when SB is banned for calling someone a batty boy and you aren’t for encouraging the murder of another forumite’s mentally distressed friend

  92. Bob says:

    so why answer the previous 3 questions viking? ignore this irrelevance micky. you’re much more interesting, if evil

  93. Bob says:

    im interested to know “the purpose” of you answering them seen as you mentioned there was a “purpose”

  94. Bob says:

    i would reveal lots and answer many things simply if you would do the same so why refuse to answer things?

  95. turquoise norseman says:

    I have answered all for tonight.Now I must rest

  96. Bob says:

    just answer me the purpose of answering my questions 3 please?

  97. larrence says:

    Howdi folks , hope all is well.

    • swearbox says:

      Hello Larrence, thanks for dropping in. I quite enjoy your music threads on BF and usually contribute (obviously when my usernames are not banned as they currently are). Hope you don’t mind the foul language on here…I would moderate it off but if I did that there’d be no comments left LOL. Anyway, feel free to roam around 🙂


  98. paddy says:

    cheers for the pm gv, il let micky know too… its a good purpose bob well worth the wait.

  99. Bob says:

    well worth what wait?

  100. paddy says:

    just wait and see

  101. Bob says:

    ah i get it. just had an email off the guy who told me you were Threegreens. fair cop

  102. Bob says:

    you on GV? well rested i trust?

  103. paddy says:

    no ideas what your on about, in other news the net is closing

  104. Bob says:

    you do. what net?

  105. turquoise norseman says:

    Well rested,well fed and revitalised.Been running earlier today and then out for dinner to the Terra restaurant with wifey and a few others,nice.
    Whats kickin round here me ol muckers?

  106. Bob says:

    lets just be civil shall we viking.

    “Normaly I wouldnt but there is a purpose to these answers”

    what purpose?

    • turquoise norseman says:

      Where was the uncivilty in my last comment?Im bemused by this aggression

      • Bob says:

        i just mean generally GV. chat football and betting etc…

        “Normaly I wouldnt but there is a purpose to these answers”

        what purpose was that?

    • 8 incher says:

      Viking got your PM fella… lol lol lol

      Can not believe betfair are that upset and are considering legal action….

      Well, lets us watch this space.

  107. paddy says:

    why bob when you ask a question and the person asked doesnt answer you continue with the same question over and over, do you think after the 10th time of asking they will answer?

  108. Frank says:

    just seen a post today off someone who joined on
    Joined: 02 Oct 12
    Replies: 5

    1.01 VEGAS asks for a link

  109. Bob says:

    your such a tool frank. the fact you cant post the name straight off says it all. zzz

  110. Frank says:

    little bobbys seething because theyve let another one in 🙂

  111. Bob says:

    who then? TEAPOT

  112. paddy says:

    I hope we get called as witnesses micky lol…bob floundering in the net

  113. Bob says:

    ok paddy. there’s no law breakin’ gone on here let’s just get that clear

  114. Bob says:

    post it here micky

  115. paddy says:

    I dont have it, I was just asked for a statement….speak with your buddy pudephat

  116. Bob says:

    lee only hangs up on me, worried now.

    so why did GV answer those 3 questions? what was the purpose?

  117. Frank says:

    this has made my day………see you in court Bobsy or I might read it in the sun

  118. Bob says:

    im worried frank. what have i done? help me?

  119. Frank says:

    do they have internet in the nick?

  120. Bob says:

    greenviking on?

  121. Frank says:

    you wont be coming in peace in there Bobsy, youre gonna be some big butch cons bitch hahahahahahahah

  122. paddy says:

    new user name for bob ‘ben dover’

  123. Bob says:

    PADDY – “its a good purpose bob well worth the wait”

    what purpose?

  124. Bob says:

    “I seriously sent all your emails to betfair regarding how you was stalking them”

    how would you have got access to my sent email folder?

  125. paddy says:

    Im guessing bf thought locking the forum would see you off bob, but it didnt…obviously they, like us, have had enough

  126. Bob says:

    well i await them to ring me. hell i’ve been trying to speak to them for over a year so will be ironic!!

    paddy what was the purpose of gv answering me?

  127. Frank says:

    well done Dell, I always knew with your patience Vegas would slip up sometime and you would nail him. We’ll have to meet up for a beer when he is in court but no woof woofing from the gallery.

    • 8 incher says:

      frank and paddy,

      Look at the guy who called “TOM DALEY” a woofter… they soon caught him… BOB ( KEITH ) is far worse than this. Obviously spamming their email and switchboard with pointless calls, they have polity told HIM TO fuck off but he is too thick to heed the warning. Enough is enough, and I say “well done BETFAIR”

  128. Bob says:

    help me paddy. im sorry for getting you banned as Threegreens

  129. Bob says:

    and yet you’re banned too micky. it’s a topsy turvy world

  130. paddy says:

    Cant blame him if he does..

  131. paddy says:

    Chaos at HMP Leeds this morning, a HGV of vaseline blocked the road….inmates obviously been reading sb’s blog!

    • paddy says:

      banned probably lol, sb thinking of canada next year any pointers were to start chap?

      • 8 incher says:

        took a while too sink in that, but hopefully you are inviting the yorkshire terriers along?

      • swearbox says:

        Depends what you want Paddy…if you want work then Toronto is full of it…unfortunately it’s full of idiots with guns too. If you want mental cases and old people and lots of water you won’t do better than the area I live in (Georgian Bay).

  132. paddy says:

    Cheers SB, just a holiday first with a view to a move if we like it…8″ it wasnt meant to be a pun but I get it now haha, is Labrador in Canada?

  133. 8 incher says:

    Paddy, Yeah,,, I sort of read it wrong and right… lol


    Was expecting replies from you know who, he is probably annoying the fuck out of people on home phones asking if they want PPI and if they fancy joining betfair…..

  134. paddy says:

    Georgian Bay looks stunning!

    • 8 incher says:

      Always fancied skiing in Canada but never got around to it. Just did France and Switzerland.

      Have you both ever tried it?

      My knees are fucked now though, do not think they could take the strain.

      • swearbox says:

        Only ever went skiing once…on a dry slope in Aviemore in jockland…fell off the fooking ski lift and then fell on the slope which hurt like hell. Never been skiing on snow.

        • 8 incher says:

          Best Holidays I ever went on… Not sure if you have children SB, but seeing kids as young as 3 or 4 flying down slops at MACH 3 without any fear and a big smile on the face, is such a heart warming feeling.

        • swearbox says:

          No kids here Dell…hate the little bastards…rather have a dog (and actually do…we have 4).

        • 8 incher says:


          Was on about your own, not BOB (KEITH ) Vegas…..

        • swearbox says:

          Just read a thread by Money Tree on footy asking about if anyone’s seen the Dawsy youtube clip calling out Hornets…ask the cretin to post a link pls mate…TAR.

        • 8 incher says:

          asK DAWSY or Money Tree? Which One? should I be nice? or Nasty?

        • swearbox says:

          Ask Money Tree on the thread he started today at 20.51. Tell him he’s a dick for not putting up a link or at least a clue so the rest of us can go and find it.

        • 8 incher says:


        • swearbox says:

          For fucks sake man…are you a retard? I pretty much pointed it out chapter and verse…thread about Dawsy calling out hornets…on Footy forum…started by MT at 20.51…currently showing 31 views…all I’m asking for the love of all things bright and shiny is that you (or someone) please ask MT ON THAT THREAD to give us a link to the youtube vid or give us a clue as to how to find it. In the meantime I’ll go and have a lie down as my blood pressure is about to go through the facking roof. Innit.

        • swearbox says:

          I see you have now posted…I thank you…all we need now is for MT not to be up to his neck in shitty nappies and unable to post.

          Christ my life seems to be so small these days.

        • 8 incher says:


          Think you missed the point with my question mark entry…..

          LOL LOL

        • swearbox says:

          Yes…now I see where you were going with it.

          And sure as eggs is eggs MT isn’t fooking well around to post the link. Who posts a thread about a youtube vid without the link FFS? Cretins like MT that’s who.

    • swearbox says:

      To be fair it is Paddy…but if you’re a pauper like myself you can’t really enjoy all it has to offer…need a boat round these parts and preferably a house right on the water so you don’t have to piss about launching your watercraft from the Town dock. Speaking of which I’ve spent the best part of the last 4 hours hauling out two big arsed boat lifts from G Bay…pain in the fooking arsehole I can tell ya…they can’t be left in the water year round because the ice will smash them to a pulp.

  135. Bob says:

    evening guys. what’s the pun paddy? i need a laugh. hard day selling PPI in Ponte 😦

  136. Bob says:

    also is GREENVIKING about?

  137. Frank says:

    send us a visiting order Booby when you get banged up

  138. Bob says:

    SB – hi mate what did you mean by “Christ my life seems to be so small these days” ?

    i’m currently emailing TSE Global on 4 fronts.

    i see Steveirrl is blocking micky now 🙂 you are a dullard people on Football are realising like i did!!

  139. Bob says:

    SB – hi mate what did you mean by “Christ my life seems to be so small these days” ?

    Paddy – what was the purpose of GV answering my questions?

    Viking – you on?

    • swearbox says:

      “SB – hi mate what did you mean by “Christ my life seems to be so small these days” ?”

      I was referring to the fact that I was going out of my way just to try and see a youtube vid of Dawsy threatening Hornets (as per Money Tree’s thread on footy where the silly prick didn’t post a fucking link).

  140. Bob says:

    thanks SB. hope you’re well mate.

    paddy – hope you’re well too. what was the purpose of GV answering my questions?

    • paddy says:

      Are you ill bob?

      what was the purpose of GV answering my questions?
      Paddy – what was the purpose of GV answering my questions?
      paddy what was the purpose of gv answering me?
      PADDY – “its a good purpose bob well worth the wait” what purpose?
      what was the purpose?
      what purpose was that?
      what purpose?
      just answer me the purpose
      im interested to know “the purpose” of you answering them?
      the purpose being?
      what purpose?

  141. paddy says:

    12 posts same question, you’re just a spamming mental case

  142. Bob says:

    just had to set up another email to bombard TSE

  143. Bob says:

    SB is the most decent chap on here. a true gent.

    • Bob says:

      “the dog comments are just a waste of your time and mine as they’ll be going straight into the bin”

      SB anything we can do about micky?

      micky was it when debbie refused sex with you that you became destined to live a lonely life? you live alone right?

  144. Bob says:

    how else would one interact on such a medium? a series of statements? answer my question micky. be serious for once. it’s much more interesting than your drivel by the way, you live alone, right?

  145. Bob says:

    i give up micky. SB he’s spouting boring dog spam again zzz

  146. 8 incher says:



  147. Bob says:

    haha look at how boring this cunt is. dear me

    • Bob says:

      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. no more micky. no more. go to sleep please.

      • 8 incher says:

        BORING keith,

        WHAT WAS YOUR BEST THREAD CREATION ON BETFAIR? please talk to me twomatchpoints, IS THE ANSWER

        WHAT A CUNT FLAP you are….



  148. Bob says:

    at last a semi-decent post. ok can you ttt this thread just now?

  149. swearbox says:

    OK fellas I’ve just had to trawl through all the comments on this thread and remove all the stupid dog related ones like I said I would. There were 21 in all and every one bar one was posted by just one guy (no fucking prizes for guessing who).

    Stop with the daft fucking comments or I go Betfair on your arses and you’re gone.

    And I suppose while I’m in rant mode I have to ask why everyone needs to spit out the same abuse towards BV day in day out. I’m not condoning some of the stunts Bob has pulled off but he’s about the only one posting on here who doesn’t resort to calling someone a cunt or similar in every post. If you want to argue then for fucks sake argue like adults and stop showing yourselves up as having the vocabularies of neanderthals.

    I encouraged people to post on here so that the banned folk could interact with those that still had forum access. You can be civil to each other – it’s not a crime.

  150. Bob says:

    thanks SB. i take alot of abuse on here and in the main don’t give it out. you are a gent

  151. Bob says:

    and regards your ethos of a place for banned forumites to hang out. hear hear! lets fight the common enemy. TSE Global 🙂

    • 8 incher says:

      Stop with the daft fucking comments or I go Betfair on your arses and you’re gone.

      How the fuck can you got to betfair?

      • Bob says:

        you’re not the brightest are you

      • swearbox says:

        I didn’t say I’d go TO Betfair…I said I’d GO Betfair, in other words I’d moderate you off my forum if you didn’t respect a polite (ish) request to quit with all the stupid dog comments. You ignored me and as a result you got binned…not my choice, all yours.

  152. Bob says:

    sb/paddy – how are you tonight?

  153. Bob says:

    i’m trying to be civil here and micky types that. SB can you have a word mate 😦

  154. swearbox says:

    It would appear that some toys have been thrown out of some prams. I’m a fair bloke and all I asked for was less of the kiddie talk and a bit more of the adult. Seems that request was a bit much for some posters.

    Frank I don’t want to do anything with your cock thanks all the same. You’re blocked.

    Dell I’m not a twat so don’t treat me like one. You’re gone too.

  155. swearbox says:

    As a result of the above I’ve temporarily altered things so that I have to moderate EVERY comment that is sent in so if you comment and you don’t see it appear right away it’s because I haven’t got around to reading / approving it. This will change in due course after I delve into the settings that enable me to block individual users so that normal service can be resumed.

    Fucking kids…who’d have em?.

    • paddy says:

      Just get rid of bob, thats the root cause of it all sb

      • Bob says:

        paddy i know you have it in for me historically but read up this blog and the other and you won’t find many/if any posts where i attack/insult someone without provocation.

      • swearbox says:

        This blog was never intended to be some sort of Betfair plugin for all the poor fuckers that got the boot but seeing as I’m actually one of them it makes sense to allow it to function that way (via the comments).

        I just had to get rid of two folk because it seems they couldn’t comply with a fairly reasonable request. Like fucking babies they start hurling shit my way as if I just nicked their fucking ice creams. To be fair if Bob wasn’t a contributor here there would be way less comments than there has been so it’s not a coincidence that he’s not banned. Besides, as I said in an earlier reply, Bob hasn’t done anything on here to warrant getting the boot. If the comments drop away as a result of Frank and Dell getting the heave ho then so be it. I can live with that. What I can’t have is being taken for a mug on my own patch.

  156. paddy says:

    fair enough…still think bobs the problem tho, but id like to see him banned from the internet altogether.

  157. swearbox says:

    I made the changes I referred to in my 6.13 post. Those who aren’t barred and who have previously commented won’t have to wait on me before they see their comments appear.

  158. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    dont plan on setting foot on BF again Captain Scarlett, you will be grassed as fast as VEGAS

    • swearbox says:

      Hello ‘Frank’, I thought I’d allow this one through for a laugh. Now, I have my own ideas as to who you are on the forum after I did a little bit of digging following the comment that got you the boot and if I’m correct then it makes sense that you would whine to Betfair if I got back on there as I’ve given you stick on the forum before…many times…but I’m not the only one so maybe you’re the problem not me.

      If I get back on the forum I very much look forward to crossing swords with you again where you’ll be made to look like the twat you appear to be many times over. I fucking hate grasses who do it just because they dislike someone else who makes them look small…buy a dictionary instead and work out how to hold your own rather than pussy out and hit the report button. Fucking fanny.

  159. Bob says:

    evening those left. hope we’re all ok? had a couple of bets today on a horse that lost but then made it back on Tipsarevic in the tennis. anyone else?

  160. paddy says:

    SB do you promote this blog anywhere?

    • swearbox says:

      Nope, except for the fact that it appears on a shedload of other gambling blogs so I get traffic from folk reading other gambling related blogs where my blog is listed in their blogroll. Whenever there’s a post linking to it on Betfair the site traffic usually spikes up so I quite like that aspect…there are plenty out there who know it exists and regularly take a look in but it’s always nice to get new folk taking a look. Thing is you have to write stuff that people want to read or might get a kick out of reading but it’s hard to really turn out interesting stuff every time which is why there are so many P&L only blogs out there…mine had a bit of both when I was a bit more prolific in my writing.

  161. Bob says:

    hi paddy. any bets lately?

    what was the purpose of greenviking answering my 3 questions by the way?

    • paddy says:

      I find this more offensive than dog related posts SB

      what was the purpose of GV answering my questions?
      Paddy – what was the purpose of GV answering my questions?
      paddy what was the purpose of gv answering me?
      PADDY – “its a good purpose bob well worth the wait” what purpose?
      what was the purpose?
      what purpose was that?
      what purpose?
      just answer me the purpose
      im interested to know “the purpose” of you answering them?
      the purpose being?
      what purpose?
      you havn’t answered yet paddy
      so what was it paddy mate?
      what was the purpose of greenviking answering my 3 questions by the way?

  162. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    hey penguin shagger you aint got a fucking clue who I am, you would never guess in a million years I am not as stupid as that twat VEGAS

    • swearbox says:

      I’m assuming by ‘penguin shagger’ you are referring to the part of the world I live in…well here’s some news Mr ‘I’m not as stupid as Bob Vegas’…apart from in a zoo you won’t find any penguins in Canada…thick cunt.

  163. turquoise norseman says:

    Yo Yo Yo

  164. paddy says:

    I see SB, Im new to all this blogging stuff, in fact yours is the only one I’ve read and was just wondering how it worked, promoting etc..

    howdo gv

    • swearbox says:

      If you’re thinking of starting one up give me a shout and I’ll pass on what I know. Blogging is as straight forward as posting on Betfair…the platform (WordPress or Blogger for example) does all the hard work…all you have to do is post up your pearls of wisdom.

  165. Bob says:

    viking hello. can i ask the purpose of you answering my 3 questions? thanks


        BOB has not changed much. Still the un-liked boring cunt from the forum.

      • Bob says:

        how is that spam paddy?

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          You have not changed Paul, still the same paranoid boring cunt that you was BOB VEGAS on Bumfart. You never posted a decent interesting thread apart from “TWOMATCHPOINTS, Why are you ignoring me?” He was ignoring you because you are a boring cunt. You have nothing to offer life, apart for the same boring questions day in day out. Why not give it a rest? You are obviously doing the question thing now, as you think it is really funny. However, change you wind up you thick cunt…

  166. Bob says:

    i dont think it’s funny Stretch. i don’t believe you are Stretch. prove it somehow.


      I do not need to prove anything to you Paul, you are the one with the problem. What is wrong with you? You seem to feel that with having a banning for life, you should bore everyone else in the world with your tales of woe. You got banned, you are boring. Get over it and join the train spotters club. I am sure they would love you.


      I have been posting on the forum for months now with an incognito user name, not to flamboyant and just now and again….

      • Bob says:

        ok Stretch. still 50/50 it’s you. in Jekyll mode you were one of the most friendly forumites to be fair.

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          This blog is not all you about Paul. Are you that fucking thick that you can not see or maybe read?

          Are you seriously mentally retarded?

          Anyway, off to go post on betfair, not saying which forum, will let you search through, keeps your hand off your cock for an hour.

        • swearbox says:

          If you’re Stretch Armstrong my cock’s a kipper. Stretch hates me and wouldn’t post on here if his life depended on it.

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          Left a message for you on the forum Paul….. Have a look when you have finished licking Scarlets arse.

  167. paddy says:

    Stretch, bit of advice just ignor bob vegas, he’s just a spammer that hijacks any thread or blog he posts on.

  168. Bob says:

    paddy spam where? i just wanna chat nicely. why not answer a simple polite question?

  169. Bob says:

    you’re right SB. not Stretch’s posting style at all. too pathetically angry and vicious for him

  170. Bob says:

    anyone on today? any good bets?

  171. Bob says:

    the forum is fine without the likes of me. paddy i’m not a bad guy really. cut me some slackage?

  172. Bob says:

    just had a chat with a maltese lass at TSE. told her she was lovely and i wudnt hurt a fly which kind of makes a mockey of my ban. D’oh

  173. Bob says:

    god it was flirtatious and lovely. shame her screen painted me as a “bad man”. not me at all 😦

  174. turquoise norseman says:

    Alright Pad hows it going?

  175. Bob says:

    im just trying to get back on forum but still no new sign-ups nearly 3 months on.

  176. Bob says:

    hi Greenviking. you ok? what was the purpose of you answering those 3 questions i asked you the other day?

  177. Bob says:

    SB i think more blocking is in order for micky/stretch armstrong sadly 😦



      You are leading a very very sad life, just watching your email system go bleep bleep when you receive an inbox message. Take care you deluded fool.

  178. paddy says:

    How does grassing help in anyway with you getting on the forum? IT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN!! YOU WILL NEVER POST AGAIN ON THERE….when will it sink in and you just fuck off and leave pople alone?

  179. Bob says:

    im not grassing anyone. so paddy hows your betting going? also what was the purpose of GV answering my 3 questions the other day bud? you never said…

  180. Bob says:

    “Dear Sir
    Thank you for your email. Apologies but due to technical issues we are not adding any new members to the forum currently. We hope this will be rectified soon and new users will be accepted.”

    technical issues haha

    GREENVIKING you there dude?

  181. Bob says:

    metal_micky_3_legs 31 Jul 12 23:25
    DROLL is too kind for that character, sent our lasses glass eye to sleep the other night when she read one of his threads.

    micky you are about as covert as a glass window



      You are deluded, do I need to repeat again. YOUR world is the internet and your obsession is betfair. You are very boring and you have nothing to offer this world. Please seek help before the rope takes hold.

  182. Bob says:

    a quick search of posts relating to sleeping glass eyes brings up the following:


    coincidence? i think not



      you are deluded, why are you quoting things from another site, is your brain power incapable of stating original facts. I would start your suicide note now. You seem to be on the slippery slide oit of life here…..

  183. Bob says:

    The Magic Flea 12 May 12 18:58
    he is an annoying little sh1t. would fit in perfectly in the football forum

  184. Bob says:

    SB – so who is frank posting on here as now? are you allowing him and micky to stay for a second chance then now?

  185. Bob says:

    micky and paddy didnt always “get on”

    121.5 the racist………….

    by metal_micky_3_legs
    01 Aug 12 23:38

    Let us not forget all the racist comments he made, but he hounded the most intelligent formumite to death….


    And he has the cheek to slag off other people who are bring the forum to life.


    still smoking the weed MICKY?

  186. Bob says:

    revengeofpaddy 23 Jan 12 16:23
    Not really, if I was banned again I wouldnt be back…

    haha really paddy?

    SB – who was the forumite, Elvis Parsley?

  187. Bob says:

    seems the real Stretch was very active on Chit Chat in 2010 and had an obssession with parsley 🙂


      FIND it Paul,

      you seem to want to find every other little boring facts.

    • swearbox says:

      Something for your files Bob (just in case you have any gaps)…Steretch’s name history

      Stretch Armstrong
      Hawkings and Simmonds (changed from Team_GB during name change episode – back to Team_GB now)

  188. Bob says:

    also micky’s chatname, “brownstain_in_GREEN_undies”

    DELLMAN can i have the login details please? 🙂

  189. Bob says:

    login details micky?



      you are deluded, please leave a note on here or next to your stalking machine before you pull the rope over your head.

      • Bob says:


        same TROLL

        EGG seems to have left you alone recently. you’re lucky i’m not on the forum at present micky

  190. Bob says:

    boring again micky. ever just attempted a normal conversation and answered a question without your dull attempt at “humour” ?

    no-one else is laughing with you i assure you

  191. Bob says:

    mental micky is 43, single and has a Dell computer hence his current username.


  192. Bob says:

    see. cant answer a straight question. zzz

  193. Bob says:

    micky do you still work with 2 blokes from Portugal… 1 guy from Jamaica..,1 guy from Angola..1 guy from Zimbabwe… 1 guy from Iraq… 6 guys from Poland and 1 from Lithuania…
    and, 1 guy from Bermuda??

  194. Bob says:

    How did the dellman41 blood line?

    PADDY – i see you used to own micky back in the day:

    and now you lick his arse 🙂

  195. Bob says:

    micky did you ever shag kitty? she’s what 37 now?

  196. paddy says:

    SB ban this obssesed prick will you pleeeease, 53 new posts and nothing of interest just nobhead vegas and his addiction trashing yet another blog…

  197. Bob says:

    paddy you used to totally own micky now you like his arse. turncoat

  198. Bob says:

    Swearbox – after doing some research i can say with 99% certainty that micky/dellman was also


    any memory of this troll incarnation?

  199. Bob says:

    paddy, kenny mann and micky all racist?

  200. Bob says:

    lucky for DELLMAN TSE don’t seem interested in his past as tesco_TROLLIED

  201. Bob says:


    we could have some good chats about the old (2010) days if you’d chill out a bit. do you remember Selkirk Again?

  202. Bob says:

    MICKY – were you “ImSoLuckyLucky!”

    ? ? Paddy/SB – any link?

  203. paddy says:

    fair do’s SB, please except my apology

  204. Bob says:

    fair do’s what. SB didnt post anything..?

  205. Bob says:


    10 Sep 10 13:27

    If you have a view on anything, anything at all and the forum grass doesnt agree…betfair ban you permanently.

    who was it who got you banned in 2010 then pad?

  206. Bob says:

    SB – tell me about MrFresh mate 🙂

    • swearbox says:

      Don’t know who MrFresh is or was Bob…never come across him I don’t think.

      • Bob says:

        ok fella. have read some right stuff tonight. seems the Search only goes back to 2010 mostly. Tobermory would know.

        what about micky being “ImSoLuckyLucky!” look it up. same posting style. would be a right scoop that as i think he had previous before dellman41

  207. swearbox says:

    I’mSoLuckyLucky not Dell IMO…join date of ’04 for a start…Dell is a relatively new addition to BF.

  208. swearbox says:

    I think this used to be the place to go for Betfair Forum Searches to get the older stuff that you couldn’t find after they changed the forums…

  209. Bob says:

    yeah. amazing what you can dig up. wonder why no threads pre-2006

  210. swearbox says:

    Here Bob…you might not have seen these….I made them specially for my old mate Brainsurgeon when he was Master Of Multys and RudeBoy…. rudeMong Fetish Multys smokes
    blokes RudeMong Gets punished

  211. Tobermory says:

    The Gubbed and Fred77 searches were the archives before they were disabled by the ‘upgrade’ in May 2010 .Had every thread from Sep 2006 onwards (though BF deleted 3 years worth in late 2009)

  212. Tobermory says:

    They were so,so very much better than the search functions now.You could find absolutely any thread from those years in a couple of minutes.You could enter someones forum name and instantly bring up every single thread they had started (or had mentioned them in title) in an instant.

    • Bob says:

      sounds good Tobermory. reckon they’ll let us banned guys back on soon?

      dellman41 05 Aug 10 15:44
      Mr Moody,
      Not very nice comments, but hey, you fit into most around here…
      Been around these parts before, and found no problems. Maybe it is time to upgrade from your 486 pc mate…

      also what was dellman/micky’s name before dellman41??

  213. Bob says:

    oh and Tobes does the forum know Hammer/Barca-Martillo is the latest to be banned?? good lad Hammer was

  214. Tobermory says:

    I don’t know about him being banned . They won’t put the forum back to how it was 3 months ago thats for sure .Will be funded/verified accounts only that get the option .As i’ve said before they might not bother anyway .Could let the forum run down then close it in a year or so .Certainly they don;t seem to prioritize enabling it for new customers.

  215. Tobermory says:

    As for Dellman, the funny thing is i remember his original name from early 2009 i think it was .Amusing as the guys on Chit Chat list all his old names from 2010 on (as above) but forget the original , even though he operated in the same way; annoying people on Chit Chat and poppin over to the football forum now and then to post Leeds stuff.

  216. Tobermory says:

    ha ha i wouldn’t say .

  217. Tobermory says:

    In any case having looked it up he has no surviving threads from then, just the odd post, as that name didn’t make it as far as Nov 2009 , when 3 years of threads were deleted .So theres nothing to see from that name anyway

  218. Tobermory says:

    I don’t think its right to reveal old names when there are people who will try and use that to get the new name banned

    • Bob says:

      Tobermory if i wanted to try and get him banned i simply have to use the micky 3 legs name which is all over the forum so no harm in revealing a much more obscure name is there?

  219. Tobermory says:

    But theres no point revealing it as virtually nothing (not even 1 of his threads ) survives. It may amuse him though that the people who dislike him on Chit Chat don’t remember so he might like to keep it that way.

  220. Tobermory says:

    I mean they would remember the original forumite but it hasn’t clicked that it was him .

    • Bob says:

      i cant post on the forum Tobes as you may have noticed but as you know i take a keen interest in forum history. no harm in telling me his original. go on

  221. Tobermory says:

    Well no, people from Chit Chat look in here . If he wants to own up to it thats up to him.

    • Bob says:

      he wont Tobermory. the guy is like a child he cant even answer any simple question and barely string a sentence together. i just wanted to see if he was the same in his very old chatname. his name “metal micky 3 legs” is banned so naming another old usernames can do no harm whatsoever. please Tobes. play the game mate. i cant even post on bf

  222. Tobermory says:

    No Bob, just ask Dellman! I’m not revealing old names on principle . Why would it interest you anyway, as you’d not recognise the name, or have anything from that name to read? The only people who would be vaguely bothered would be the people on Chit Chat who don’t like him as Mickey etc and didn’t like the original, but don’t know it was the same guy. I doubt they’d be overly exicited really anyway . But Dellman may like it that, when they list all his old names, they leave off the one he had longest.

    • Bob says:

      i cant ask dellman as dellman is a child and cannot answer anything without his dull jokes.

      “you’d not recognise the name, or have anything from that name to read?”

      some of his posts survive though?

  223. Tobermory says:

    his post count is single figures, though of course he posted thousands of times before the post count came in ( because some of the threads he posted on still exist) Just random Dellman type posts.

  224. Tobermory says:

    No Bob lol ,it is really pointless .You would have no interest in any of the posts . All you would do is say to Dellman on here ”you used to be ******* ”, ”were you banned as ********?’ etc

  225. Bob says:

    hmm ok Tobes if you wont play the game i will. this was also Dellman by the look of it, not the chatname you are keeping to yourself but still:



  226. Tobermory says:

    i don;t remember that one . The one i have in mind was a forumite who just posted in exactly the same was as Dellman from early 2009 for about 6-8 months i think. The only reason i even thought about it is that when Everythings Gone Green (Dellman’s arch enemy) posts lists of Dellman’s previous names , he never lists the 2009 one ,even though EGG used to argue with him also for much the same reasons .EGG would be the only person interested , and then only for a moment as he’d kick himself for not realizing . But i doubt he’d be too excited about it himself and can’t see why anyone else would care less in all honesty.

  227. Tobermory says:

    Well Dellman might possibly care, so its not my business to say the name , as he hasn’t done me any harm .

  228. Tobermory says:

    No lol its certainly not Joe Jordan

  229. Tobermory says:

    No! There is no way you could possibly guess it .

  230. Tobermory says:

    From 2009! 99.5% of threads pre Nov 2009 are gone.

  231. Bob says:

    yeah some banned name on a thread with EGG from 2009??

  232. Tobermory says:

    He has less than 10 surviving posts on about 4 threads that i could find . From those posts i would not have identified him .The threads he was on that survive were not started by him or about him .He has just made a few random comments on them in response to the thread title . I know it was him from the typical stuff i remember him posting regularly under that name, all of which is long gone .

  233. Bob says:

    fair enough. dellman’s banned now i think

  234. Bob says:

    thought so mate. wonder how long it will take for the Chit Chat elders to latch on with no-one there to mention it 🙂

  235. paddy says:

    dear god you’re a sad cunt get a life bob

    • paddy says:

      Bob says:
      October 12, 2012 at 4:07 pm

      right micky i’m sorry but my next target is to get dellman41 banned from the forum. if you can’t be open and honest you leave me no choice.

      • Bob says:

        he had ample chance. just a simple “yeah i rang up after micky got banned to add a card and they were like fair enough”

        “no worries mate” sorta thing

        no aggro. no insults. no bans

        • Bob says:

          and then the GV pm’s were the icing on the cake

        • paddy says:

          but what business is that of yours? NONE! why on earth you’re so obssesed with this shit is beyond normal understanding….he doesnt want to answer your questions on a blog and you get him banned from betfair ffs…..sorry SB im outta here till this prick is gone, he’s just a fucked up troll with a relentless obssesion of getting everyone banned.

      • Bob says:

        PADDY surely it’s my business if someone is posting pm’s to micky/you about me!?

        • Bob says:

          also PADDY. dellman must have valued the secrecy of that GV pm more than his own right and freedom to post on the forum for the foreeable future.. 😦

  236. Bob says:

    10 days, 100s of emails. not the easiest

    • Bob says:

      see now we’re chatting about normal everyday stuff. much better. all i want paddy. hope you can be cool with me like that too one day. back in April if you had just gone “yeah mate i was paddy now back as Threegreens”

      one simple sentence = no insults, no aggro, no bans 🙂


  237. Bob says:

    anyway i’m here in peace. enjoy your evening!

  238. Bob says:

    SB is dellman able to post here if he wants?

  239. swearbox says:

    Just been leafing through some older threads…I like this one…some of my finest work…

    • Bob says:

      🙂 who was “glitch” ?

      • swearbox says:

        Glitch was a fucking Grade A troll…universally despised by one and all…gone now (obviously)…not sure if he ever came back.

        Here’s another good thread with me Paddy Dell Brainsurgeon and Sunset Cristo waxing poetic about all sorts of shite. Dell actually thought that me and Braindump were actually the same person LOL

        • Bob says:

          not sure dellman will show himself on here again now he’s banned

        • Bob says:

          the good old days? pretty much everyone that thread is banned. dev, paddy, micky, you, hammer, brainsurge. TSE killed the forum.

        • swearbox says:

          TSE didn’t kill the forum all by itself Bob…the fucking snivelling whining fuckwitted bigmouths who could dish it out but not take it killed the forum. The sneaky cunts who wrote in to Betfair and complained about others behind their backs…I’m not talking about you Bob…you’re a special case…like Al Queda you claimed responsibility for your kills…I’m talking about the Dawsy’s and the Torres’s and the rest of their ilk who quietly set about their nefarious tasks to have others removed just because they don’t like them. And Betfair pander to their whims which is the most unsettling part of it all. Makes me want to throw up.

  240. Bob says:

    fair enough.

    reckon Torres9 still posts?

    reckon we’ll see micky on here again?

  241. Bob says:

    any sign of micky, greenviking….? anyone?

  242. Bob says:

    Greenviking/paddy – you there?

  243. Bob says:

    dellman41 10 Sep 12 17:31
    I thought you all agreed that banned formumites should be banned. You can not have both ways?

    SB – the forum still don’t know/care dellman’s been banned

  244. turquoise norseman says:

    We are all here!

  245. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    I come in peace, can’t we all just get along?

  246. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    fuck off VEGAS you filthy grasser

    • swearbox says:

      Not to my knowledge Bob….I only really became aware of him after he fell out with EGG and started creating a pile of stupid usernames. How he was allowed back on the forum at all after all that shite is beyond me but there we go…I don’t run the BF forums so who knows what goes on there.

  247. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    boring freak

    • SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

      • Bob says:

        block time SB?

        • swearbox says:

          Moved to the Trash bin Bob.

          Frank, fucking behave you arsehead.

        • Bob says:

          complete child. laughable

        • turquoise norseman says:

          The purpose was to give you some insight Bob.
          Why did you do that to Dellman?You gained nothing from it

        • swearbox says:

          Your comment was so good you posted twice GV 😉

        • turquoise norseman says:

          System is gone down like a melted wellington boot SB

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          Just for the record, I am not actually banned as such. My account is suspended due to betfart wanting ID for this ID for that,after their usual 3 months.

          Can not be bothered really sending any confirmation of who I am again, as my bank which they were to reluctant to give me back, was far to valuable.

          So, BOB hope you are happy now. I could go back on if I felt liked it and give abuse to the little sniffling shites like you that posted on the dellman thread. But, I am above that. I have better things to do, and that chit chat is just full of boring old cunts that moan moan moan, I blame their cocks.

          Maybe your next challenge is to attack wordpress for cyber abuse….

          Anyway Bob, you Donkey Drippy spunk strained dribble knob, hope you enjoy your life. Do not bother asking me any questions, because I will just answer a question back. Think you were to wrapped up in your own window licking to realise that was my game plan.

          Just before I go, “what goes around, comes around”

          Love that saying.

          TAR for now spunk drip.

        • paddy says:

          We’ve had some banter over the years dell, pity the addicted mental case had to ruin it for everyone, speak soon take it easy out there!

        • SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

          I come in peace, why cant we all get along

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          WE CAN…. PITY that we look away when the GRASSER gets bummed in the showers…..

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:


          yeah man…..


        • swearbox says:

          Which system GV?…been out all day…just got back in.

  248. turquoise norseman says:

    The purpose was to give you some insight Bob.
    Why did you do that to Dellman?You gained nothing from it

  249. turquoise norseman says:

    I am a man of dualities SB

  250. Bob says:

    GV – fair enough. why would i want such insight:

    “Im 29 Bob.
    I have my own set of beliefs about certain things,I dont class them as a religion.”

  251. Bob says:

    GV – fair enough. why would i want such an insight though:

    “Im 29 Bob.
    I have my own set of beliefs about certain things,I dont class them as a religion.”

  252. Bob says:

    GV – fair enough, so what intended insight does this give me? : –

    “Im 29 Bob.
    I have my own set of beliefs
    about certain things,I dont class them as a religion.”

  253. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    we want you back dell but not that cunt VEGAS, horrible fucking grasser. TMP almost has him tracked down and is going to do him


      Mr Shoot,

      Thanks for the words of support, and not really sure who you are. Pissing off from the INTERNET for a while for personal reasons. Betfart was sort of taking over my life, and need to get involved in lifes other projects.

      Speak soon fellow internet keyboard warriors….

  254. SHOOT BOB VEGAS says:

    I come in peace, why cant we all get along?

  255. Bob says:

    oops didnt mean to post my bit 3 times sorry SB. some of the posts seem in none-chronological order :/

  256. paddy says:

    SB/dell type ‘askew’ into google see what happens

  257. Bob says:

    micky almost sad to see you go. i honestly meant no harm but i asked you what GV sent you in pm and you couldn’t answer so what went around did come around couple with all your insults to me. see ya bud


    sniffelling bum lick turns all friendly… ffs…. NOT IN MY WORLD…..




  260. Bob says:

    SB – what is boring micky on about sunshine coach/disabled…?

  261. Bob says:

    GREENVIKING – you there?

  262. turquoise norseman says:

    I am here-Bob you must know the answer

  263. turquoise norseman says:

    Are you there Bob?

  264. turquoise norseman says:

    Are we there yet?

  265. Bob says:

    GV – fair enough. why would i want such an insight though?

    “Im 29 Bob.
    I have my own set of beliefs about certain things,I dont class them as a religion.”

  266. turquoise norseman says:

    Those were the answers to the questions you asked me Bob-so you must know why you wanted that insight yourself.
    Alternatively Perhaps you were 3 sheets at the time?

  267. paddy says:

    in response to what i sent and they’re PRIVATE you sceptic prick

  268. Bob says:

    so private you sent them to michael dellman?

  269. turquoise norseman says:

    Pms must stay that way Bob.Paddy knew I wouldnt mind them going Dells way but that was the outer limit of that game

  270. Bob says:

    so why can’t i know?


    An Open Letter to Bob.Vegas

    What’s the fucking matter with you man ? Why can’t you keep your beak out of other peoples’ business. I am moved to write this post after seeing you putting my name front and centre in front of the mods’ eyes by ttt’ing an old thread on the Betfair forum that refers to my current ban.

    14 May 12 13:09Joined:
    27 Apr 12| Topic/replies: 1,360 | Blogger:’s blog
    planning a return Cool“

    It’s pricks like you that are the reason people like me are barred from posting because you have your little agenda that you rigidly execute with extreme prejudice. The forum doesn’t need you or those like you. Makes me wonder whether you’re such a dick in person (yes would be my guess).
    For info if I was planning a return to the forums, shady or not, do you think for a nanosecond I would share that info with you ? Not in a million years. The only thing I would share with you would be disinformation because I know you can’t keep your trap shut and it would be a great way to spread a rumour.
    Now, pretty please with fucking sugar on, stay out of my business as it’s really not appreciated.

  272. Bob says:

    me and SB are cool now. micky i thought you were having time off? lasted a day?

  273. turquoise norseman says:

    The circle exists Bob.We are righteous.We have prevailed in spite of your efforts to see otherwise


    Calling Bob–Vegas…Anyone Seen Bob ?

    Bang out of order is wot you is Bob and it was 1.01 you wouldn’t be around on the forum by the time the TSE mods had finished their first cup of coffee of the day. I honestly don’t know what you wish to achieve with all the stress you dish out to some of the forumites especially poor old Pistachio. Dragging his extended family into your twisted little arguments is the work of someone who really should be on some sort of medication to control an obvious chemical imbalance in your brain.

    Now, if anyone from TSE is reading this, (hi there, by the way), you could do worse than have a word with his ISP and let them know how he’s abusing their terms and conditions by posting what he does. I know who provides his home IP address so it’s obvious that you do too. It wouldn’t stop him from posting from internet cafe’s or his workplace (if he has one) but it would prevent him from posting from his bedsit. I know it’s only an internet forum but the rest of the paying customers are sick of the place being held to ransom by this tool and afraid of saying the wrong thing to him for fear of getting grassed up and booted off. I’m not usually one for suggesting such draconian measures but needs must…you have to sort it out for the rest of us.

    The end.

  275. Bob says:

    fair enough GV. i respect that. now please what were the pm’s about me?

  276. paddy says:

    the irony

  277. turquoise norseman says:

    You dont want to know Bob,you dont want to know

  278. turquoise norseman says:

    Paddy I have a theory of sorts-pertaining to somehting mentioned on this blog but on the other thread

  279. turquoise norseman says:

    Ill have to send it on BF as I dont think the SB fella would appreciate it on here,let me know if you think Im on the money

    • swearbox says:

      Bloody hell GV…you now have me hooked…if the email address you supplied with your comment is kosher would you mind if I emailed you to get your theory too? If it’s not for my eyes then fair enough, you can tell me to sod off and I’ll understand.

  280. Bob says:

    haha quelle surprise. GV what about my theory about your post on the irish? also you do realise it was your pm that led to micky’s banning?

  281. turquoise norseman says:

    Please enlighten me about my post on the Irish?As far as I know I didnt make one

  282. Bob says:

    i will if you post up your theory here.

  283. turquoise norseman says:

    Well seeing as how I know my posts were about myself and the Dubs then i already know I didnt post about the Irish-dont I!
    Hence I know what you just typed is a substantial crock of fresh donkey excrement

  284. paddy says:

    think you’re onto something gv, I’d forgot about that!

  285. turquoise norseman says:

    Im not slanging-just calling your post.What do you think Dubs are Bob seeing as you read the posts on chit chat where it clearly says so?

  286. turquoise norseman says:

    Paddy keep it in mind and we will see.Perhaps we can use these resources

  287. swearbox says:

    FAO of ‘Frank’ … unless you have something constructive to say I’m not going to be approving any more of your posts because you say the same thing over and over again….Bob’s a cunt etc etc…pointless.

  288. Bob says:

    ah Dublin. ok not reading it tonight. i’m referring to a much older post. interested my theorem?

  289. turquoise norseman says:

    You are reading tonight Bob-dont fib.
    There is nothing you could tell me about the Irish I dont already know

    • Bob says:

      no a theory about something you posted a while back on a popular thread re The Irish. you would be interested in this.

      What’s your “theory” ?

  290. turquoise norseman says:

    If you were still on Bf I could let you know but as you are not there is no point.A few of us will work together on BF to make profit from it

  291. turquoise norseman says:

    My thoughts are as follows:You heinously snitched on Micky to get him banned with no personal gain to yourself.This led to his ban.

  292. turquoise norseman says:

    Purple aint got in play liquidity.Also you are an undisciplined martingaler.
    This needs about 4 people who have patience and a keen eye

  293. paddy says:

    johns up for it gv….he’ll pm you

  294. turquoise norseman says:

    Ok Pad we need one more.What was the name of that humorous bloke on general betting used to always try make himself out to be thick but in reality knew his onions?

  295. turquoise norseman says:

    Bob if you can use BF pm me then

  296. paddy says:

    Possibility…winkle would be better? his field

  297. turquoise norseman says:

    True it is Winkles field but the other guy is preference.Have a think yourself for a few lads and get back to me.We need to start on Sunday though-no point missing the first available shot

    • Bob says:

      GV why am i the only one left out here and treated so badly 😦 all i want is to get on with people and be polite and i’m treated like this? why dude?

  298. turquoise norseman says:

    Bob you prove you can use BF and i will give you a snippet,a small snippet but a snippet none the less.You have said yourself many many times you lack the discipline to take hits and end up martingaling.That is wholly incompatible with this idea

  299. turquoise norseman says:

    To Pad Im logging of now as Im jacked.Ill give you the outlay of the first wave tomorrow and you can tweak it if needs be.
    Anyway goodnight

  300. turquoise norseman says:

    Thats the problem Bob you are too keen,patience is required.Im logging off now as Im hittin the bed.Be back on 2moro

  301. paddy says:

    give it up bob, not one of the group in mind would want you in, just forget what you’ve read tonight.

  302. paddy says:

    not to those in the know, if only you’d not fucked yourself and everyone on the forums you could have had plenty of opportunity to be involved, but those in the know dont tolerate idiots who blindly follow a losing system knowing its a losing system or beg others to be involved in things they have no comprehention of.

    • Bob says:

      i havn’t had the chance to comprehend it. this all goes back to Threegreens paddy as you know. will you ever move on and let us get along?

  303. Bob says:

    anyway i look forward to GV’s post tmrw. this could be a great chance for us all to turn a corner, work together and get along

  304. Bob says:

    and surely if you’re so minted you don’t need this. play fair paddy

  305. Bob says:

    h’anyway i look forward to GV’s post tmrw. this could be a great chance for us all to turn a corner, work together and get along 🙂

  306. Bob says:

    GREENVIKING – you on today dude?

  307. TheRealViking says:

    I’m here bob dude

    whats up pal ?

  308. turquoise norseman says:

    Fucking excel-head is bursting from putting all this together all day.Pad you didnt see the PM chap?

  309. Bob says:

    GV can i get involved then?

  310. turquoise norseman says:

    Just finishing up the last bit of crunching Pad,will send finalised plan soon!

  311. turquoise norseman says:

    Bob prove you can use BF-lets go to a quiet market and you throw some money up on it

    • Bob says:

      that’s a bit risky as how do i know you won’t email betfair and try and ban me? any other way? no one else needs proof!?


        BOB, What does SB mean by the following :-

        An Open Letter to Bob.Vegas

        What’s the fucking matter with you man ? Why can’t you keep your beak out of other peoples’ business?

        • Bob says:

          micky what did you mean by im leaving the internet for a while? obviously not as it reads idiot.

          you have a thread on Chit Chat. hurt not to post back?

  312. swearbox says:

    FAO anyone reading this who still has access to post on Betfair…I’ve just posted a new blog post about spammers…I’d be really really grateful if someone could link to it on the Footy forum and on Chit Chat (Horsey forum if you like but I rarely go in there… when I’m not banned that is). Thanks in advance.


    turquoise whatever you do don’t let this twat VEGAS get involved. You all know what he is like, you really going to trust a grasser like him?

    • Bob says:

      frank you must be the most pointless no-mark i have known on any internet medium. still not willing to even reveal your betfair forum name. seriously a bigger waste of time than dellman

      • paddy says:

        seeth on vegas you pathetic mess


        you don’t know me though do you grasser and that’s what really gets to you. You’re not grassing on me like all the other poor souls BF fun you have spoilt. Turquoise do not let him in you know it is the right thing to do, there are plenty of reliable people on BF who do not have big mouths.


        BOB, What did SB mean by the following?

        It’s pricks like you that are the reason people like me are barred from posting because you have your little agenda that you rigidly execute with extreme prejudice.

        • Bob says:

          “Thanks for the words of support, and not really sure who you are. Pissing off from the INTERNET for a while for personal reasons. Betfart was sort of taking over my life, and need to get involved in lifes other projects. “

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          OH LOOK BOB :-

          Bob says:
          May 15, 2012 at 3:00 pm

          haha frank whatever mate. if you too scared to reveal your forum name we have no further business. why talk to a stranger. all the best

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          oh look at this bob :-

          BobIsBorrrrrrrring says:
          June 28, 2012 at 9:24 pm

          Hi Swearbox – you were perfectly fine on the forum imo.

          Bob on the other hand is a complete tosser. So immature, boring, unintelligent, worthless posts, bad humour, a troll, windup merchant… in short, everything that is wrong with the forum.

          No enjoyable discussions, simple or detailed, just inane questions, poor “jokes” and slagging off.

          The way he attacked certain threads (especially on the Gen. Betting forum) was clearly malicious in order to ruin the flow of the thread and render it unusable basically. Either that, or he is genuinely retarded and couldn’t see the damage he was doing. However, he continued to pump the thread full of bile despite numerous requests to leave the people alone.

          He needs to go away and hopefully take dellman/metal_micky and erse with him.

          swearbox says:
          June 29, 2012 at 6:33 am

          Well thank you for your sentiments at the start of your post – I thought I was fine on the forums too. I suspect the only reason I got the boot was because of grassing and not outright moderator intervention.

          As for Bob he used to wind me right up as my outlook on the forums was live and let live but Bobby seemed to be more about trying to get others the boot. It didn’t sit well with me, particularly after I was banned, but nowadays I couldn’t imagine the forum without him.

          We need the Bob’s and dare I say it the Mickey’s and even (I’m choking to write this) the Stretch Armstrongs of this world. They provide an interesting, albeit childish, diversion from when things haven’t gone your way or are just plain sick of thread after thread about Wazza or Ronnie.

          If you’ve been keeping pace with Chit Chat you’ll see that Stretch has appeared again – this time as Eeyore (very fitting name imo). I was rather hoping for a meltdown on his Wimbledon thread yesterday and we pretty much got it but so far the mods are either oblivious or don’t much care. If it’s the latter then I suspect that they have imminent plans to tweak the forum so that returning banned posters don’t get to come back.

          Thanks again for taking the time to post…I’ve no idea who you might be on the forums though but it’s obviously someone who can string a sentence and spell so that narrows the field down tremendously 🙂 Have a good day mate,


  314. Bob says:

    good point micky. don’t talk to strangers. you know that growing up in the 70s, right?

  315. turquoise norseman says:

    Thats a bit rich coming from u bob being a snidey self admitted serial grasser yourself.Put some money up on a market there is no other way to prove this

  316. Bob says:

    i would paddy but i really have a trust issue here. you must admit it leaves me open to being traced. is there any other way?

  317. Bob says:

    GV – “I admit and apologise now cos some of my comments were a bit abusive.I was just tryin to point out the constant hammering of questions at people will get you nowhere.
    You will not get any info off anyone here that you can go and use to make money off straight away.If you did people would just be shooting themselves in the foot.The best you can hope for are hints and pointers(although you will get more of those on general betting than anywhere else).”

    ok fair point. so please let me get involved in your theory dude with some hints and pointers to work as a team

    • paddy says:

      lol…. to late anyway and you dont have the funds or no idea, you’d be a hinderance and spunk your money and risk ours….it just aint happening grasser

  318. turquoise norseman says:

    Fair point?That comment was a few years ago,fucking hell!In fairness there has been plenty more since!
    I genuinely loled,replying to an ancient comment,fruitball.
    The game is about to begin so as Pad says cant have any passengers on board,only experienced hands at the rudder

  319. turquoise norseman says:

    Nice first voyage Pad it has to be said.Well done.Hopefully we can remain on top of this and keep it goin.
    Ok heads down and let prep begin for the midweek venture

  320. Bob says:

    ok paddy so what do you receive royalty’s for?


    dont tell him who is involved he will throw a girly fit and grass them if he can

  322. turquoise norseman says:

    Spot on

  323. turquoise norseman says:

    We asked you yesterday to put money on a market Bob and you were a no show

  324. Bob says:

    MONEY TREE banned from forum too now!!

    Can someone with posting access let them know Hammer is too.

    place is a joke

  325. Bob says:


    SB – your thoughts on MONEY TREE’s banning?

    • swearbox says:

      Harsh Bob but it had to be someone grassed him up…said that bhoys had an infected anus on some thread somewhere…mods don’t moderate so he was stitched up imo…bhoys likes pretty much everyone so I don’t see him being the one.

      • Bob says:

        bhoys is totally sound yeah

        • swearbox says:

          I found the thread containing the offending post…it’s the third post on the thread I think…24th October…about halfway through the thread another poster says ‘fucking rosebud’ yet he is still alive and well (not that I wish for him to get the boot because I don’t). This is EXACTLY what I’ve been banging on about since I can’t remember…the grasses have all the power on BF…if they want you gone you’ll be got at one fine day when you make that one remark that someone can piss and cry to BF about just because they want rid of you. Lowest of the fucking low imo. I’ve dobbed in two others in my whole 10.5 years on BF…Torres (because he fucked me over then gloated about it) and some cunt called tegz after he threw a shedload of shit my way one night on a late night footy thread. I told him to shut up and he wouldn’t…he started on about how he was going to destroy my wife’s arse etc etc…I gave him one more chance but he ignored me. He was gone the next day. The place is better off without dickheads like that. Torres is a different case and I look forward to the time when I can meet him again on the forum…next time round maybe he’ll think twice about trying to get rid of me…maybe not.

        • Bob says:

          im intreagued as to why Hammer is banned SB. another good egg imo. not one whisper of it on the fora

        • STRETCH ARMSTRONG says:

          Yet again, just ignore what someone has inputted, and just talk about what you want to talk about……. You ARROGANT fool.

  326. Bob says:

    i agree with SB. he speaks sense devman43

  327. dumpey says:

    bob are you a paki?

  328. paddy says:

    sb can you pm me dells email addy cheers chap


    fancy being thought of than lower than a Paki hahahahaha poor old grasser

  330. Bob says:

    i’m english but SB we allowing racism here now?

    • dumpey says:

      are you english asian then?

    • swearbox says:

      I don’t see any racism Bob…and to be honest you’re asking the wrong guy…I’m not and never have been overtly racist but I’m not naive enough to believe that people of a different colour think that all white people are great. I worked out in the Middle East on two occasions and I can tell you I have a healthy distrust and dislike for Arab males. I was born and brought up in Oldham and even at the tender age of 17 it was obvious that for the mostpart young white lads never mixed with young Asian lads. My brother narrowly escaped having his head caved in by a gang of Pakistanis wielding parts of a wrought iron fence who ambushed him and a couple of his mates. I can tell you that it shaped how he views people of Asian descent even to this very day and he turned 50 in July. So, for me you can call anyone anything…it’s only words…there’s too much made about all this racism bollocks…there will never ever be a time when all men of all races and colours get on so we just have to make the best of our own lives and fuck everyone else.

  331. paddy says:

    are you english asian bob? well said sb


    I will answer you if you have a wash PAKI……

  333. Bob says:

    🙂 ahhh so paddy = dumpey. oops

  334. Bob says:

    SB micky is getting very repetitive again.

    BCM – how many do you have then?

  335. paddy says:

    are you english asian bob?

  336. Bob says:

    im genuinely coming to that. why the need for multiple names?

  337. swearbox says:

    I have to follow up on what Paddy said…you were the first one to bring to my attention the fact that Hammer was banned and the same is true for Tree. I found out about TSO earlier this morning after reading a thread on the footy forum.

    For the record Bob did you have anything at all to do with any one (or all) of those three getting a ban?

    • paddy says:

      he posts about a ban before the banned person knows sb, did it to me, tmp, tso, hre, tmo Im sure there is many I’ve missed and now the same for mt and tso again

      • Bob says:

        no SB. i had nothing to do with Tree or Hard Life or Hammer. i only posted about Tree and Hammer and both were after the event.

  338. turquoise norseman says:

    He tried to get me banned a rakeload of times aswell

  339. Money Tree says:

    I was banned for calling Alexander the Greek a poofter which he reported along with a few other comments on my ‘City are Certs’ Thread.

    He then reported me for making a comment about the Bhoys having an infected anus.

    Betfair look to be emplying TSE to phase out the forum as it has went from the equivalent of a full Nou Camp to a half empty double decker bus within 2 years.

  340. paddy says:

    bob was a topic of the twitter crew earlier too, full of nice kind words for him….

  341. swearbox says:

    OK…for the attention of ‘the minority’…things are going from bad to worse where it comes to some of your comments which is why you won’t be seeing them appear.

    This is a public blog and as such can be viewed by all and sundry. Racist remarks like the ones I’ve trashed won’t be tolerated. If I have to tell you fucking dopes one more time there is no coming back, not because I don’t like you, but because you’re mugging me off by continuing to keep testing me. Fucking grow up for Christ’s sake.

  342. Bob says:

    PADDY you tool i posted on here after a 2 page thread on betfair football, horse racing AND chit chat about MT’s ban. do your research before you blindly make claims shit-for-brains

  343. swearbox says:

    There’s a bug in WordPress that screws up the ordering of posts when some posts get deleted. After removing a couple of posts that could ultimately get me in the shit with the law or at the very least bring down some sort of Jihad on my arse the ordering got fucked up so I had to adjust things by removing a couple of normal banter posts by Paddy and Bob. I think the ordering is back to normal now but let me know if you think it’s still screwy.

    • Bob says:

      micky you are one sad, boring fucker. you have a family yet you are posing as me on some random site. jeez. possibly one of the saddest things i’ve ever seen LOL

  344. Bob says:

    well you don’t “know” as i posted here AFTER the threads. and no i’m not bombarding TSE at current no. no need


    hey VEGAS there is a petiton to get banned posters back and your name is not on it you GRASSER hahahahahahaha everyone hates you VEGAS you twat


    BOB…. You have no imagination….


    BET everyone is on mumsnet now…. lol lol lol

  348. Tobermory says:

    Agree MT ,Betfair looking to close the forum down . Bob has asssited them in this ,providing an excuse to stop new sign ups .Doubt there will ever be any. Banning people who are regulars for trivial remarks, while all the time you have people naturally losing touch with it , will just quieter over the months , then they will pull the plug as and say it wasn’t busy enough! The Forum is often a huge embarrassment to them on days when the site goes down and you get dozens of threads saying the company is shit . They will be glad to be rid of it.

    • Bob says:

      this really Tobermory? :/

    • swearbox says:

      Hi Tobes,

      I don’t think BF were looking for an excuse to stop new signups or close down the forum…they really didn’t have any other recourse in the shorter term to prevent the daily interruptions that eventually forced them to do what they did. I’m basing what I write here on a couple of emails I have from someone who knows very well which course their ship is heading…I’ll be mightily pissed off if I’ve been sold a dummy over the course of my conversations.

      As far as the way the forum moderation is handled it has become a complete joke as the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum. I’m sure you’ve read enough of my rants to know where I stand on this. There has to be an alternative to reactive moderation where the cycle of GRASS > MODERATE > BAN seems to be the policy. We’re 12 years on now from when Betfair was just a Flutter seedling and there’s now a boatload of people with a significant amount of that time as a user /contributor under their belts. I’m one of the 10yrs + guys and it fucking pains me to no end to have my posting privileges removed due to some prick grassing me up for a throwaway insult. Things MUST change and hopefully once BF reintroduce forum registrations they’ll put something in place to replace the moderation policy they follow right now.

      • Bob says:

        good post SB. and to TOBES. i was banned for calling someone a prick. yet other people can talk about murder, rape, suicide and make libellous threads about jonathan ross etc… and not get banned. totally messed up it is. a 1 month ban would have stopped me ever breaking the rules again. a life ban made me run riot.

        SB – what are these emails about which way the ship is sailing?

        • swearbox says:

          You have two hopes of ever seeing those and ironically one of them is named after you 😉


          your a liar as well as a grass VEGAS, how many times you thick twat, YOU WAS BANNED FOR FRAUD NOT FOR CALLING SOMEONE A PRICK and that is why you will never get back on the forum hahahahahahahahaha seethe on loser

  349. Bob says:

    huh? 🙂

    dumb it down for me SB

  350. Bob says:

    hmm so how can a forumite have major knowledge on the intentions of betfair/TSE Global? not sure anyone’s spoken/emailed them as much as me

    • swearbox says:

      To be fair Bob I don’t think you’re very high up on their Christmas card list so that’s not too surprising that BF haven’t shared anything remotely useful despite your emails.

  351. Bob says:

    ok fair enough. was gonna say “throw me a bone” but i can see this doggy is gonna go hungry 🙂

  352. Bob says:

    SB who do you reckon “Money Tree” is above?


    still no petition for VEGAS THE GRASSER hahahahahahahahahah

  354. nomadic ninja says:

    Is the dellman fella kicked off of here?

  355. nomadic ninja says:

    Yheres a petition alright-just not what he would hope for

  356. Secret Betfair Agent says:

    that Paul he’s a right stupid bellend

  357. Money Tree says:

    Up in Scotchland for a planned break with a few mates.

    Alexander the Greek provoked me on my ‘City are Certs’ thread and I think the fact that I called him a poofter was why I was banned.

    This was one of 4 posts removed on the same thread so the TSE MODS had plenty of ammunition when Alexander reported the offensive posts.

    The Betfair Forum is finished anyway so no big loss. I can actually see a large exodus of Betfair customers if the new site is imposed on customers as planned at the end of this year.

    People will survive and life will go on after the end of Betfair.

    We should be thankful the TSE Global Mods are only responsible for a 2 bob forum and don’t work in a responsible position.

    • paddy says:

      bob ruined the forum, ok the moderation is beyond rediculous, but before nobhead spammed it every night you could at least just sign up again..

    • Bob says:

      it’s a 0 bob forum right now LOL

      still don’t think this is Tree to be fair. far too lovely and polite 🙂

    • swearbox says:

      ‘Up in Scotchland for a planned break with a few mates.’

      Pretty piss poor planning if you ask me, you being a brand new father and all. If I’d just had my first kid I’d be spending my ‘planned break’ with my wife & newborn. Good try son but you got to do better than that. You aren’t MT.

  358. Bob says:

    we not being pleasant these days GV?

    Micky – we still calling a white flag?

  359. paddy says:

    so thats you? holy fook you’e been the same fruitloop for years

    for the benefit of others:

    Anyone banned by Betfair on here?

    ravinella#1 Posted : Tuesday, December 18, 2007 5:11:49 PM
    Joined: 10/9/2007

    Has anyone on here been banned by Betfair?
    I have been banned for life and they wont let me back.
    I tried opening new accounts but after a few days they block it.
    Anyone know a way round this? HOw are Betfair tracking it back to me?

    #5 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2007 2:21:21 PM
    Joined: 10/9/2007

    Thanks for the wise words mate.

    So, I am intrigued that you used to write for them. In what capacity? Are you a journo? WHo do you write for now?

    Finally, are you the legend that was Teabaghead on Betfair – of so you were the best thing that ever appeared on that forum.

    Oh, and one last question, why were you banned? I was hounded out. What was your crime?

  360. paddy says:

    plenty more… but isnt it all oh so familiar and this was back in 2007!

  361. Bob says:

    that is very familiar. how you find that? so Paddy why the need for multiple chatnames on these blogs?

  362. paddy says:

    #10 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2007 2:37:27 PM
    Joined: 10/9/2007
    Fair play TB.
    Slouch, sorry not sure what you are driving at?

    how long have you been mad for bob??

  363. Secret Betfair Agent says:

    seems I owe the BCM2 an apology, we were chatting last week and he said that he thought Paul was bi-polar seems he was right. Get well soon Paul

  364. Bob says:

    your lying again paddy. find where. prove me wrong….?

  365. paddy says:

    #27 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2007 4:00:15 PM
    Joined: 10/9/2007
    Zayd, what do you mean?

    #29 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2007 4:17:54 PM
    Joined: 10/9/2007
    Zayd, explain please?

    #31 Posted : Thursday, January 03, 2008 5:26:42 PM
    Joined: 10/9/2007
    Zayd, Are you the moderator?

    #17 Posted : Wednesday, December 19, 2007 3:11:50 PM
    Are you aware of anyone who has successfully got round a life ban on there and still posts to this day?

    OMFG….2 bobs or same nutjob?….

  366. Bob says:

    paddy i only found out you were dumpey, aaronh, static tank in the last 48hrs. i am asking you since then why the need for multiple usernames on these blogs. you have yet not answered. why is that??

  367. Secret Betfair Agent says:

    mmmmm what an unusual name Paul, where did you get ravanella from? I’m sure SB will confirm for you that I am not Paddy by the way

  368. Bob says:

    PADDY – good on ya tonight. to be sure to be sure. so where you find the lovely ravanella?

  369. Tobermory says:

    Ravinella was a famous horse from the late 80s and i don’t think Bob has that level of horse knowledge to have chosen it . Certainly sounds like he was separated at birth from Bob with all those same questions though !

    • swearbox says:

      I’m thinking the same. I’m not really all that clued up on Bob’s previous gambling exploits, ie whether he was a horsey man or a football man or a bit of everything. The Ravinella chap does have some very striking ‘Bob like’ characteristics where it comes to posting though. Bob, please enlighten us as to this mystery past of yours.

      • Bob