Free Money

September 13, 2012

I think it’s safe enough to write this piece now that the virtual ATM appears to have been fixed.  I’m referring to what appears to have been a bot operating on Betfair that went haywire and literally gave away money this past few days in the in play Footy markets.

I first noticed it during the River Plate vs Newells match on the 9th Sept.  The prices for Any Unquoted Half Time score were doing really odd things…up and down like a whores drawers.  One minute the back side was offering prices upward of 36.0 and the next it’s back down to 4.5 ish…then the money is snapped up and I saw the same thing happen again.  At the time the match was probably 30 minutes old and the score was 2-1 in favour of the home side so plenty of time for a third goal to send the market unquoted yet someone was offering huge prices…financial suicide almost.

I dipped my toe in the water and availed myself of some 34.0 and immediately upon being matched I layed back my stake plus more at around the 5.0 mark…green is good.  The first half played out and remained 2-1 at the break and I got paid.  I didn’t really think anything of it as I’ve seen similar things happen in the past when bots or amateurs get things wrong but blow me down if it didn’t happen again yesterday (can’t speak about the 10th & 11th as I played very little due to other stuff getting in the way).
I was actually looking out for similar odd occurrences in the evenings’ Half Time markets and I wasn’t disappointed as most of the in play games appeared to be affected in some way so I waded in for more free money during the first half betting in three separate games, one MLS and two in Brazil.  Then, just when I was beginning to enjoy myself, I noticed some cretin had posted up on the Toronto v Chicago match thread that there was free money to be had.  It didn’t take long before every man and his dog was now privy to what was going on and the rot set in.

Why on Earth would you alert the rest of the world to the fact that if you went to certain markets there was an aberration that meant you could pretty well make money hand over fist without really trying?  It’s akin to finding a tap out machine that dispenses tenners every time you press a button on the keypad then passing that info on to the local radio station for fucks sake.

As news went round it became more difficult to get on as you had to constantly try to undercut the most current offers and this was all happening in play so a goal could have upset the applecart majorly if the wrong bet went down at the wrong time.  That said there was, during the Toronto vs Chicago match, the opportunity to lay the 0-0 half time score AFTER Chicago had gone a goal up so in that case a goal didn’t really alter things too much.

The fun carried through til the early games of the day today where there were some ridiculous prices to be had about Any Unquoted in the Hong Kong Div 1 game between Kitchee and Southern District RSA.  I managed to lay the Any Unquoted in the CS market at 1.77 pretty much at the off…ten or fifteen minutes later it was trading at 2.62 on the back side…no brainer…I’d have let it run but I had to leave for work.  Game finished 3-0 to the home side and my largest green was for unquoted not to come in.

There’s still talk about this rare but welcome event on random threads on the Footy forum and who knows, it might well happen again soon.  Hopefully next time the people who think they are doing everyone a favour by blabbing it all over the forum will keep their traps shut and just quietly help themselves.

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