New Community Registrations Suspended Until Further Notice

Betfair, 10th Aug 12, 21.20

“Due to the recent disruption in the Community Forums,  we have suspended all new registrations to the Community with immediate effect until further notice.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.”

Didn’t really have much choice did they?  In over 10 years of being on (and occasionally off) the forums it has never been as bad as in the last few days with wanton forum destruction being acted out nightly by a couple of posters with a grudge to bear.

We like to name names on here because that’s how we roll, well me anyway, so for the very new folk that haven’t a clue who I’m talking about it was Bob and Hudson.

Bob: Originally came to forum life as Paulme  and soon thereafter (or maybe even at the same time) Paulol, later changing his name to Frimpong and then a whole host of Frim and Frin related names before settling for the now legendary Bob Vegas inspired suite of names that number in the low hundreds…probably 🙂  By his own admission Bob says he is banned from betting on the exchange as well as perma banned from the forums for calling Undern something unsavory.  A harsh punishment imvho for an alleged first offence.

Hudson:  First came to our attention as Hudsonhicks though I never really paid him much attention after reading through one of his fishing expeditions…once you’ve seen one you get tired of the next and the next etc etc.  He really began to grate on everyone’s nerves after he started his Polish immigrant bashing via a slew of Job Seeker / Dole scum inspired names that became his wonderful legacy.  Another self confessed exchange banned punter that came about (allegedly) after he created a thread bragging about a 10 grand loan he obtained to use for betting purposes.  My thoughts are that Betfair simply thought he was a cunt and used his post as their excuse to get rid of a ‘problem gambler’.  That way they kill two birds with one stone – get rid of a twat from the forum (probably their primary aim) while at the same time being seen to be proactive where it comes to preventing a gambling problem spiralling out of control (Grrrreat PR).

In both cases above the removal of said forumites from the exchange did not precipitate the desired end result of their expected lack of interest in the forums.  In fact it looks like it became the catalyst that energised both posters to use all of their cunning and guile to overcome their respective forum bans and stick it back to betfair with a very obvious two fingered salute but in the end Betfair will prevail, that I’m sure of.

At the time of writing Bob is still active and I suspect when Betfair close down his current outlet he may well have a couple of plan B’s to fall back on.  Not so sure about Hudson but we’ll see soon enough.

There is a third poster who deserves an honourable mention who is probably feeling a little lonely tonight as yet another of his usernames has been filed into Room 101.  Let’s talk about  Stretch baybee, let’s talk about you and me, la la la la…you know the tune.  Yes, poor little Nikki Minaj fanboy Stretch Armstrong aka christ knows how many other names has also got the boot again today and, unless he took prudent steps like Bob to have a whole bunch of unused aliases on standby for those harder times, we won’t be seeing much of him for the forseeable….awww, shame 😦

It’s fair to say that there are a great many very disgruntled forumites who, if given half a chance, would cheerfully separate all three from their breath though I don’t number myself amongst them as I think a bit of controversy like this adds colour to what could easily become a very stale forum if people continue to get permanently removed from the forums as has been the case in the past year or so.  I’m not saying it should be a weekly occurrence (the interruptions), far from it, all I’m saying is that if we all played nice and got along with each other it would be very very boring.

If you have an opinion, good or bad, then don’t be shy…I don’t bite.  Thanks for reading.

1,648 Responses to New Community Registrations Suspended Until Further Notice

  1. Bob says:

    Good read

  2. frank says:

    not much you can add to that really except things will be on the up now.

    ps if you need anyone to force feed this trio on live grenades then I am your man

  3. frank says:

    piss off Vegas you cunt it’s fucking brilliant without you twats, go and hav a cry

  4. Bob says:

    dont know who you are frank. run along

  5. frank says:

    I know you dont Vegas, but I kept reporting you and it has worked hahahaha. Enjoy your solitary nights you little weasle, oh you must be seeeeething.

  6. Twomatchpoints says:

    All they had to do to stay was ‘misbehave’ in moderation, not run fucking riot like a group of spotty schoolboys with a wank magazine

  7. sniffmyballs says:

    >out. does seem very quiet. dull even

    somewhere along the line you got the impression that you were ‘lively’ and ‘interesting’.

    in fact, the people that are banned just ‘got in the way’… crying out for attention 24 hours a day. im glad you boring b@stards have been prevented from signing up again.

  8. mylowhangingballstweenmylegs says:

    i agree with tmp

  9. frank says:

    keep reading the forum and seeeeething Vegas hahahaha

  10. Bob says:

    frank you make me sleepy. my ban (as well as micky, hudson and stretch’s) was nothing to do you with you you coward zzz

  11. Bob says:

    sniffmyballs = coward also

  12. frank says:

    oh I assure you it was sap, everytime you had a new ID I reported it including the old ones hahahahaha. Keep seeeeeething wanker

  13. Bob says:

    nope. all your insults wash with me cos i always win due to your lack of balls to admit who you are on the forum. obviously scared i’ll own you when i get back. i win. end of.

  14. frank says:

    you’ll never be back you cretin, keep looking in and seeeeeething hahahahahaha

  15. Bob says:

    i win. you’re scared how i’d own you if i ever returned. GSM

  16. cunt says:

    Ooooh this is just like the old days.

    Who is sadder, Bob or Frank?

  17. frank says:

    you never have and never will own anything you cretinous grass, anyway I am done here as I am giving you another forum aren’t I? so bye bye loser and keep on looking in and seeeeeething at our fun on the betfair forums WHICH YOU CANT JOIN IN, oh how it must hurt you hahahahahahaha seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth

  18. Bob says:

    you are scared to reveal your forum name because you fear me. bye loser 🙂

  19. Bob says:

    i almost pity you. bless

  20. Bob says:

    you are scared to reveal your betfair username due to your fear of me. bye bye loser 🙂

  21. aaronh says:

    Place is well better with out nob vegas and the other mental cases, every forum needs a nutter but nob vegas was another level and I as well as the majority are glad to see the back of the spoilt little fuckwit.

  22. Bob says:

    haha that is not the forum’s own emo virgin student:

    “aaronh it took me a few minutes to recollect who you are? sorry to disappoint you, but a 20 year old socially inept virgin student from Birrrrminigham thinking he has the ability to drive away someone from posting on an anonymous forum after berating Arsenal is the saddest thing I’ve read in a long while, and your post count is now shockingShocked I take it the ‘h’ stand for hermit Laugh
    you make it sound as if posting here is life it’s a poxy gambling forum mate come on get a grip.”

    🙂 0wned

  23. 8 INCH says:

    lol lol lol Proper TEAPOTS

  24. 8 INCH says:

    GOT to book mark this…… TEAPOTS

  25. aaronh says:

    Nob seething but not on the forum, must be killing you and that makes me warm inide, owned by a sociay inept loser…I dont think so..oh whats your post count? 0 🙂

  26. Bob says:

    this is not aaron x

  27. 8 INCH says:


  28. aaronh says:

    They should ban pricks like you from reading the forums

  29. 8 INCH says:

    Oh well, sit on grandma’s Knee

  30. 8 INCH says:


  31. Bob says:

    Kal hello i’ll be back. you’re a top lad. say hello to Bhoys and Smithy for me fella!!

  32. paddy says:

    lol bobs still ranting on the web want me to post for you bob?

  33. Kal84 says:

    evening bob.good to hear from you pal, on the wine 2nite. so how are you planning to return to the forum ?

  34. Aaron says:

    who is this moron pretending to be me AGAIN?

  35. Bob says:

    micky’s here 🙂 this can be like a temporary refuge for banned forumites 🙂

  36. paddy says:

    Only its not tempory bob…

  37. 8 INCH says:

    hello BOB!!!!!!

    We have new life…lol

  38. paddy says:

    ^no life

  39. Bob says:

    it is paddy and dont forget you’re banned too. be careful out there. micky 🙂 – why you get banned fella?

  40. 8 INCH says:

    I am not banned, can not be arsed with the place anymore, full of moaning cunts.

  41. paddy says:

    Bob still obssessed with bans and the forums, yet will never post there again, its possibly the saddest thing I’ve seen

  42. Hudsonhicks says:

    Hello everyone just to let you know don’t count your chickens just yet.

    I WILL be back.

  43. Bob says:

    careful not to get banned agaon R0P

  44. Bob says:

    yep we will be back Hudson. the no new forumite rule can’t last forever

  45. Hudsonhicks says:

    i was never malicious or threatened violence towards anyone. Unlike some of the cretins on there.

    I only spread my Immigration views on the Chit Chat forums. Isn’t that what Chit Chat is for?

    I started Spamming the threads when the moderator was banning me for absolutely no reason what so ever.

    An Eye for an Eye, etc.

    My threads were clearly labeled “Polish Dole” blabla.. if you don’t like them kindly don’t click them,

    There’s far more malicious and annoying people


    • bob virgin says:

      you 2 idiots will never be back.

      If you try and come back i will get you banned.

      The funded account rule will be in soon, then theres no chance of you getting back.

      You should use this opportunity to get a life. It makes me so happy knowing you are sat there seething, reading the forum but cant post.

      Bye bye bob virgin, have a nice life, without betfair haha

  46. frank says:

    aaaahhh now 2 mongs are seeeeeething. Enjoy the rest of your sad lives. pop in and read the forum why dont you. its lovely now you 2 no marks are gone

  47. frank says:

    a song for the seeeeething nutters


  48. Bob says:

    “I started Spamming the threads when the moderator was banning me for absolutely no reason what so ever.

    An Eye for an Eye, etc.”

    Exactly Hudson.

    we will be back. i tried to be well behaved but they kept banning me. made me seethe

  49. BCM says:

    I’ve news for you guys, you wont be back. Whilst the ban on new registrations cant be enforced forever BF have had to look at ways of registering new customers onto the forum, this will be done once an account has been opened and the KYC checks have been completed, although a funded account may not be neccecsary, knowing who you are is.

  50. Bob says:

    haha feable attempt. if that’s BCM then HorseRacingExpert is the greatest gambler of all time 🙂

  51. Dumpey says:

    What BCM says makes perfect sense and will stop the likes of bob, hudson and the other deliquents from ruining the place, i hope they make the forum so that only those registered can read it, these low life mental cases will be stuck in virtual hell not being able to post. ha haaaa.

  52. Kal84 says:

    bob, the forum is very quiet without your antics, at the end of the day it needs characters like you. in other news i have gone PRO, now raking in £3 per day

  53. 8 INCH says:


    You still have a fan club…..

    Oh the irony….

  54. Dumpey says:

    lol Kal, bob the cock vegas offered the square root of fook all to the forum all he did was harrass people and spam the place, how is that character? banter is well and good and the forum has it, now it is just people talking sport with out the blurts trashing the place.

  55. 8 INCH says:

    Forum has the clique banter, upset one and upset 85% of the headless chicken moaning chunt followers.

    Think you are just blind to it……

    Probably the sort that peep over peoples hedges and moan that your neighbour has not trimmed their bush when they should have done.

    Speaking of bush, start a thread regarding sex, and you have more hits that Steve Wonder.

  56. 8 INCH says:

    “””banter is well and good and the forum has it, now it is just people talking sport with out the blurts trashing the place.””””

    Just had a quick look, you have a thread where by people are just posting smiley faces….


    Laugh, I nearly posted a smiley face.

  57. Dumpey says:

    mental mickey you can go and fook yourself, the only one that moans is you, moaning about the ‘clique’ well there is no clique just people chatting, all because you’re an inbred retard fuck that spouts utter bollocks is hardly the fault of the 85%….tosser

    • 8 INCH says:

      Dumper truck, I am not mickey you thick cunt.

      However, get back to your clique, I am sure yourself and the other old bastards can discuss the blue rinse your wife is wearing before fucking off to bingo.

      Enjoy you smelly piss stained old bastard.

    • 8 INCH says:

      dumper truck,

      Do us all a favour, and tell tommy toes he is a boring cunt…..

      Thank you.

  58. Dumpey says:

    Of course you’re not mental mickey….tit its so obvious just with the shite your spouting here, a retard is always spottable…and I know Im younger than you dellman.

    • 8 INCH says:

      “””Of course you’re not mental mickey”””

      I know, just told you that 54 inch waist dumpy. Now fuck off back to tommy toes and his interesting bike thread…

  59. Dumpey says:

    Im not on that thread dellman, forums great by the way without you, nothing more irritating than logging on and seeing 20 threads with you talking utter shite,,bliss, keep seething with your low life scumbag mental cases here, just your bum chum stretch missing, lost without him and the forum aint ya, ha haaa

    • 8 INCH says:

      Dumpey 54 inch waist…

      Think you are fucked in the head Mrs, has the blue rinse finally sent your Dementia over the top?

      Seek advice before your sad piss stained betfair husband masturbates over the thought of which spice he would dribble over first..

      Many thanks

  60. paddy says:

    Bobster have you tried getting back on recently?

  61. Bob says:

    “If Betfair just think things will have calmed down in a short while, and the forum will retain its current serenity when they lift the ban, then they’re going to be taught a lesson. My hope is that they only lift the ban on new posters when they have implemented the funding rules. Follow that up with a rule that new posters can’t post for a couple of weeks, and they’ll definitely keep out Bob and co.
    It would be nice to see the arrogant little ****s ‘outwitted’, since they really seem to think it’s their right to flood the forum with nonsense just for personal pleasure or ‘vindication’… Bob still seems to class himself as a nice fellow!”

    do you really never want me back Bobbin? would that honestly suit you? we go back a long way don’t forget…
    oh and i didnt flood the forum for no reason. only because they kept banning me when i was behaving when i’ve suffered serious abuse on their from active forumites and when many banned forumites (TMO, Dawsy, Winkle) are also still at large!!

  62. Bob says:

    “I would certainly rather get home, log in and see a message announcing that the Forum was closed permanently, than log in to be confronted by 200 threads about Poles On The Dole and the rest of the drivel that was on here 2 weeks ago.”

    Tobermory surely as the Sage of the forum you’d be sad to see it go?

  63. the bhoys says:

    She’s no Millie Clode.

  64. Tobermory says:

    Bob, The Forum is pointless if it is full of the shit that was on there 2 weeks ago so better to shut it down if there was no alternative.

  65. Dumpey says:

    Ill pop that on the forum for you bob if you want?

  66. paddy says:

    No need, tobes has seen it ..

  67. Bob says:

    ROP you being very careful not to get banned? more than ever?

  68. paddy says:

    Why would I get banned bob?

  69. Bob says:

    3 bans already. always endangered. as you know

  70. paddy says:

    Only because of you.& stretch.

  71. Bob says:

    still. one more and you gone like me, micky, hudson, stretch,HRE and erogenous zone 😦 i’m currently working hard behind the scenes to get a couple of forumites banned (not you ROP before you ask!!). it was me who got rid of HRE you see, even though he was rather humouress at times. shame he turned nasty

  72. paddy says:

    I still have a handful of names just in case 😉 why would you want to get people banned when your not even on there?

  73. Bob says:

    due to previous abuse and why should anyone be on there who’s ever been banned if we can’t be??

  74. Bob says:

    post the post of mine about banned list 2 up on forum please if you can?

  75. paddy says:

    Let it go, you’ve given as much as you recieved and lets face it you’re no angel

  76. paddy says:

    what banned list 2?

  77. Bob says:

    im no angel but only in self defence. i only ever came in peace.
    nope i wont let it go. been on phone and email already tonight to them

  78. paddy says:

    What list do you want posting?

  79. Bob says:

    it’s ok tobermory did it. good lad he is. always has been.

  80. Bob says:

    actually you could post the banned list for the record: me, micky, hudson, stretch,HorseRacingExpert (who i was forced to make moves to eliminate unfortunately) and erogenous zone

  81. Bob says:

    ta paddy

  82. paddy says:

    Posted and a remnder you come in peace even though you want people banned?

  83. Kal84 says:

    young bob.vagas

    take your broken wings
    and learn to fly again
    learn to live so free

    on my 3rd bootle 2nite. la riojas finest

  84. frank says:

    another little song for you to sing to Bob Bellend Vegas

    keep on seeeeeeeeeething hahahahahahahahahahaaha

  85. paddy says:

    Bob why did you get HRE banned? he said something to you on an anonymous forum then you spammed the place saying he should fed anthrax and left to die…you had a go back, again on an anonymos forum, so why get him banned? is it just me that doesnt get it?

  86. Bob says:

    he wrote something nasty to me about anthrax. i only ever react in self defence really. ironically i was warming to his threads the days leading upto that 🙂 was gonna big him up

  87. Bob says:

    place misses him to be fair imo

  88. paddy says:

    So he had a go, you had a go back and then got him banned for having a go in the first place….does that sound reasonable to you? can you not see how childish that sounds for an adult to do? and why did you let it get to you on a forum where no one really gives a fuck about whats written about a anonymous username….it just doesnt add up for an adult to behave like that.

  89. Bob says:

    i only really gave a fuck after my first ban. then it became principle.

  90. Kal84 says:


    What is your forum name?

    dont be a coward now

  91. Bob says:

    i was banned for calling Undern a prick in March 2011. he called me a name 2 weeks ago on Football Forum. betfair should ban him for life in fairness. not saying i agree but if it was a fair system…

  92. T.M.O says:

    haha bob you seething fcuking mess,i bet it’s eating u up inside been unable to post,sad chunt

  93. paddy says:

    That is no defence, you had a go back 100 fold so why get him banned? it doesnt add up

  94. paddy says:

    ‘He called me a name’ lol ffs bob

  95. Bob says:

    hey paddy pathetic isn’t it. i don’t make the rules but if i get banned for doing something others don’t i will never let it go

  96. Dumpey says:

    Bob needs the attention of a fucking head doctor, ive never come across someone so pathetic, he called me a name haha im glad you’re banned to bob if thats how you roll you tragic twat

  97. Dawsy says:

    bob is mentally ill

  98. frank says:

    you was banned for trying to fraudently set up an account Vegas you cretin, you think I’m going to tell my forum name to a dirty grasser like you……..

    keep seeeeeeeeeeeething hahahahahahahahaha

  99. Bob says:

    i never mean any harm guys and im genuinely sorry for all the trouble ive caused,i think its partly down to me been gay,myself and my boyfriend chris have been going through a tough time the last 2 years,i hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me,it’s not been easy coming out of the closet,
    all the best.

  100. Dumpey says:

    careful with this Bob prick Frank, he’s obssessed with the forum it his life he still lives there even though hes banned from betting and posting!!, he grasses forumites out of spite and jealousy being the sad twat he is

    Bob says:
    August 21, 2012 at 3:41 pm
    i’m currently working hard behind the scenes to get a couple of forumites banned. it was me who got rid of HRE you see, even though he was rather humouress at times. shame he turned nasty

  101. paddy says:

    Bobs a gayer? :-0

  102. bobsabitofacnut says:

    bob u numpty

  103. Kal1984 says:

    This is real Kal here, Someone else is using Kal84 name. Its not me

  104. Bob says:

    This is no laughing matter,im going through a really tough period guys,most of my family no longer talk to me all because im gay,how sad of them,but ill carry on stronger than ever and the love of my life chris is always here to support me

  105. MONEY TREE says:

    Seriously Bob, or Paul, let it go.

    You are obsessed with a gambling site you cant gamble on, and a forum you cant post on.

    How many hours a day are you wasting obsessing with this site?

    You will never regain full access, so you might aswell move on.

    Get a life.

    Are your parents proud of you? Do they know you are wasting hours a day like this?

    Take a look at yourself.

    You are a virgin. You’ve never had a girlfriend.

    Use this opportunity to sort your life out.

    I really do pity you and feel sorry for you. You have been given the gift of life and you are wasting it.

    You even had to create a pretend girlfriend, as you were embaressed that people on an anonymous gambling forum knew you were a virgin.

    You are clearly socially inept and are scared to talk to real people. You crave attention and are desperate for someone to hear your voice.

    I would suggest you use facebook, but its evident you have NO friends.

    Why dont you use twitter? Its the perfect place for you. There are millions of people on there, much more than on Betfair. Its ideal for you to get the attention you crave so badly and for people to hear your voice.

    Please get help, just think of your parents, or family. They must be so disapointed their child has turned out like you.

    Take a look at yourself. Its never to late to save yourself.

  106. Bob says:

    Kal dont worry mate i know the real you when you post

  107. Kal1984 says:

    ok bob hope all is well mate. No booze for me since Saturday night. Doing well

  108. MONEY TREE says:

    You are wasting your life paulbob. Why are you so obsessed with a website you cant even use? Its pathetic.

    Your parents must be gutted you have turned out like this.

    Seriously get yourself on twitter, its perfect for socially inept virgins that are scared to talk to real people like you.
    You would fit right in.

  109. Bob says:

    Money Tree,you are pathetic,Not sure how you work out that im a virgin when me and chris are fcuking like rabbits everyday,

    Fair play Kal mate hopefully you can keep that up mate,
    im having a few now

  110. MONEY TREE says:

    I have a life. A wife. A house. A child on the way. A job.

    You have a website that you cant use.

  111. Bob says:

    at least im happy you pathetic ugly mug

  112. Tobermory says:

    you don’t come across as being very happy Bob tbh

  113. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    i have always loved you bob

    all the agrression is just pent up frustration

    i cant see you so it makes me….

    seethe like a scouser that just spilled gravy down his white shellsuit

    i hope we can resolve this someday x

  114. frank says:

    ha little VegasVirgin still shooting cornflake dust

  115. MONEY TREE says:

    Happy? LOL

    You have spent the last 2 years of your life seething anger, because you are a shit gambler, and you want people to hand information to you on a plate.

    Im happy, my life is awesome.

    You hate your life, you are constantly angry. You have no idea how to be happy.

    Poor bloke, you have no life, pointless existance.

    And deep down you know all this is true.

    You just want to be heard, and have now resorted to posting on a site read by about 10 people.

    I hope you find what you are looking for. You clearly hate yourself, but maybe one day you will sort yourself out, talk to a real person and maybe even lose your virginity.

    I doubt it though.

    Good luck, get a life, and try to be happy, dont pretend to be happy like you pretended to have a girlfriend.

    • swearbox says:

      “You just want to be heard, and have now resorted to posting on a site read by about 10 people.”

      Cheeky cunt Tree…how very dare you.

  116. Bob says:

    zzz Sleepy Tree

  117. MONEY TREE says:

    Truth hurts you Paul.

  118. Bob says:

    wife and kid yet you’re writing essays to a stranger on here. haha


  119. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    dont be rude MUGGET tree

    lets be honest here, you could replace your forum photo with MON MOME and that would still be an upgrade in looks than the div in the current one

    stones, glass houses ect.

  120. Hudsonhicks says:

    MONEY TREE please don’t try and take the moral high ground with regards to pathetic obsessions and being a complete freak of nature.

    you’re no saint. spending your entire life thinking up “tips” which yourself don’t even back.

  121. Joe Strummer says:

    Bob what are you doing with your life now after Betfair you sad sack of shite

  122. frank says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhhh keep seeeeeeeeeeeeeeething you fucking banned losers hahahahahahaha

  123. Dumpey says:

    Bob says:
    August 21, 2012 at 2:53 pm
    another coward afraid to reveal his forum name.

    And why do you think that is nob? let me help you you pathetic mess

    Bob says:
    August 21, 2012 at 3:41 pm
    i’m currently working hard behind the scenes to get a couple of forumites banned

    What a waste of life you are.

  124. the bhoys says:

    Hudsonhicks and ROP are pathetic idiots and are more stupid than Bergkamp. Poor Bob means well but is a denegerate gambler who needs to realise it’s impossible to win money gambling unless you have a successful edge.

    is it jus me or does millie luk fitter evrday?

    i wud get a job but i might miss nadal play my tennis.

  125. 8 INCH says:

    So, what was the outcome?

    Did dumpey finally dump and is bob bobbing in some river?

    Is frank wanking, and is ROP dropping?

    Is Joe Strummer the forum bummer and is Chicken Dinner the fowl licking winner?




  126. Hudsonhicks says:

    I’ve never seen degenerate gambling low-lives in all my life.

    We have compulsive idiots
    Unemployed Dole-Scrounging Dossers
    Mentally Insane

    The ironic thing is.. I’m not a degenerate, or a pro, or even consistently gamble.

    I can however, with confidence, say I’m overall in profit, from when i started a few years ago, I’m definitely up a few grand.

    People on Betfair dislike me because i’m there to discuss real issues to our country, and hordes of foreigners coming here to exploit us for financial gain.

    If that’s not something to talk about, then what is? Oh sorry MONEYTREES TIPS hahahahahahhahahahaa

  127. the bhoys says:

    people go on the forum to discuss betting strategies and u get pricks lyk the above ruining it for evry1.

  128. the bhoys says:

    just grow up all of u or cut down ur gambling. there is more to life than betting.

  129. the bhoys says:

    im gona go hav a wazz ova millie c u guys.

  130. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    the bhoys is a seatsniffer

    a peculiar individual

  131. the bhoys says:

    i dont no why people wana bet with betfair in the 1st place wen their so greedy and the service is shite. i only use betfair as a last resort these days. wouldnt use em at all but im limited with most the bookies.

  132. the bhoys says:

    super slots my arse

  133. frank says:

    DELLMAN trying to sneak in now with an old alias, WELL YOU HAVE BEEN GRASSED you cunt. hahahahahahahahaha

  134. frank says:

    you’ll be gone soon TOOL

  135. Bob says:

    micky i just rang betfair and they told me you simply added a card.

  136. Bob says:

    Micky you are Dellman41 yes?

  137. frank says:

    upsetting people already the nasty tripod, days are numbered

  138. Bob says:

    what do people have against micky/dellman?

    why was he banned?

  139. Dumpey says:

    Did you see a doctor nob?

  140. Bob says:

    i only respond to people who say who they are on the forum. bye

  141. Dumpey says:

    what does it matter?? both are anonymous you mess

  142. Dumpey says:

    Are you still completely obssessed and gathering evidence still bob???

  143. Bob says:

    see post at 5.16pm above

  144. frank says:

    aaah it’s almost worth having the tosser teapot posting just to wind up Bob Bellend Vegas. keep seeeeeeeeething Vegas you fucking loser

  145. Shifter says:

    Bob are you not on BF forum anymore? I never got chance to pass on a simple 2 market system to you, if you’re still their let me know and I will pm details 😉

  146. Bob says:

    “I have taken the liberty of emailing you…read it and respond. TAR very much.”

    Emailed me or micky?

  147. Bob says:

    anything to report/assist SB?

  148. Dumpey says:

    Spoke to betfair today vegas?

  149. frank says:

    still seeeeeeeeeeeeething Vegas you fucking piss pot hahahahahahahaha

  150. Dumpey says:

    why is bob being ignorant, I come in peace and just want to chat like you guys

  151. paddy says:

    Evening Robert, hows the behind the scenes work going? anyone banned of late?

  152. frank says:

    he’s a fucking lump of knob cheese just like TEAPOT

  153. Bob says:

    no idea who frank is so i just ignore him sb. i’m just trying to be nice

  154. frank says:

    hey Vegas with you having a bit of a cowboys name, you must like line dancing right? So go and fucking dance on them lines down the M6 you fuckking tosser

  155. paddy says:

    Udern, pistachio and various others have no idea who you are bob, they ignored you and you plagued them with vile insults and ruined their threads….and I thought you liked fairness, hey ho.

  156. Bob says:

    yes but i was only trying to be nice to them paddy. this frank prick is not HTH

  157. Bob says:

    i want you to tell me why micky was banned and why you rang betfair as dellman wasnt ever banned

    • 8 INCHER says:


      Who is mickey, banned and dellman?

      why do you ask so many questions, does your other half have problems with your condition?

      How big is your nose?

      and when you wipe your arse, do you sniff your fingers?

  158. frank says:

    Bob come and talk to us all on the forum hahahahahahahahaha

    fuck off TEAPOT you turd

  159. Erse Hole says:

    >i only respond to people who say who they are on the forum. bye

    me too, who are you on the forum?

    hahhaa hahaha

  160. frank says:

    hey Vegas it’s good to talk you shit head

  161. paddy says:

    New forumites knockng around this weekend bob, how did they get on? maybe BCM earlier in this thread was right!

  162. frank says:

    been agreat day on the forums Nob, you would have enjoyed it 🙂

  163. Bob says:

    really paddy? link me to one :/

  164. paddy says:

    I will next time I see one, I cant be arsed looking for them now

  165. Bob says:

    ok. let me know. betfair will then be getting another phone call!!

  166. paddy says:

    About what?

  167. Bob says:

    any new member. found one yet?

  168. knob vegas says:

    im knew here

  169. Hudsonhicks says:

    Hello everyone. Just checking in. I’m currently working full time so don’t have much time for the internet..

    I WILL be back on betfair forums Soon. mark my words.


    PS. i was crying with laughter reading the forums while the Liverpool Man City game was on. Soo many mugs got their banks emptied hahahaha

  170. Bob says:

    guess paddy was lying. thought so

  171. knob vegas says:

    like you then

  172. Bob says:

    no lying here cobber.

    *i just rang betfair to see why Erogenous_Zone got a month ban and i got a life stretch

  173. Bob says:

    We have a responsibility to ensure that we know the identity of our customers. We have recently suspended all access to the forum to new sign ups and some current customers due to the large number of complaints and fake account details being used to set up accounts. We will now be following this procedure to ensure the forum can continue as a respected area within our site.

    • 8 INCHER says:

      Still boring bob?

      • Bob says:

        yes you are micky. unless you tell us why micky 3 legs got banned and why you rang betfair to add a card 🙂

        • 8 INCHER says:


          why are you asking the same question FOR FUCK SAKE?

          Who is MICKY?

          And who rang BETFAIR?

        • 8 INCHER says:


          Why do you ask so many questions?

          does your bird like it up the arse?

          you have a bird?

          do people laugh when you take her out?

          can she fit through normal sized doors?

          does she get stuck on the bog while having a shit?

          do they stink?

          Does your bed lean to one side?

          Do you spend £150 a week feeding her?


  174. paddy says:

    Not lying Bob, I could obviously be mistaken but Im fairly sure there were new guys on at the weekend, why would you phone betfair if there was? will you ever just give up this quest?

  175. frank says:

    hey Bob you pissflap, isn’t it good to see erogenous Zone back on the forums? see you you and Hudson Pricks are still seeeeeething hahahahahahahaha

    • EZ says:

      they said to me that they will reinstate my forum account just to piss of bob. they said something about payback for all those days when the forum became unbearable???!!!

  176. Tobermory says:

    I don’t think there are any new sign ups, easy to mistake an August 2011 join date for a new one as time flies . They won’t be putting it back to the way it was 3 weeks ago though, thats for sure.

  177. paddy says:

    Possibly Tobes, either way bob Im not starting a thread hunting new people and certainly cant be arsed searching..

  178. paddy says:

    lol of course there will bob

  179. Bob says:

    please start one on Football now paddy mentioning me?

  180. paddy says:

    I wont be doing that for anyone bob sorry, I really dont care about the place enough to have my name linked with threads about bans etc…

  181. Bob says:

    d’oh. fair enough

  182. Bob says:

    yes please start a thread for me…

  183. Bob says:

    (8 INCHER)

  184. paddy says:

    What thread do you want to start bob?

  185. Bob says:

    one about new members that you’ve seen paddy. mention me if you need to. TAR

  186. Bob says:

    very DROLL

    micky, we’re both Yorkshire lads. stop the bullshit fella

  187. EZ says:

    1 month ban for me 🙂

  188. Bob says:

    so who are you on the forum?

  189. Bob says:

    micky you boring cunt. go back to Bergkamp!!

  190. Bob says:

    very DROLL

  191. Hudsonhicks says:

    Bob ignore these wasters you are better than them.

    The forum is FUCKED now. Same old boring old mugs chatting shite about how City will Arse-Rape Liverpool.

    The forum is DEAD

  192. Tillutiva says:

    hi all

  193. NomadicNinja says:

    You better hope i dont get the piece of info i am searching for bob.If I do I am straight up to sheffield to put you six feet below

    • 8 INCHER says:


    • Bob says:

      you better hope i don’t get the piece of info i need on you either greenviking you nasty cunt, as i will be straight down to Hammersmith to put you down. but not before bukkake’ing your poor wife!

  194. frank says:

    bob if your birds fanny is too slack then why dont you blow her up a bit more you thick cunt….keep seeeeeeething loser

    Oh Hudson fuck off you gay no-mark

  195. BigKoa says:

    Bob I always liked you, I have something for you.. An old account completely unused.. It can be your way back to the forum.

    Would you be interested in it for 100 quid ?

  196. the bhoys says:

    hudson go away u freak ur a mother fucking tosser.

  197. Dawsy says:

    HA HA HA bob can’t post on Betfair again. Pleasing scenes.

  198. winner winner chicken dinner says:

    I bet £2 on football on betfair as I am a sad bastard.

  199. the bhoys says:

    hudson hicks wanks over polish blokes and revenge of paddy/ROP takes it up the arse from his dad.


  200. Bob says:

    you better hope i don’t get the piece of info i need on you either greenviking you nasty cunt, as i will be straight down to Hammersmith to put you down. but not before bukkake’ing your poor wife!

  201. Bob says:

    Not back on yet EZ. still no sign ups innit?

  202. paddy says:

    Say after a year or 2 you’re not back on bob, do you think you’ll give it up?

  203. Bob says:

    no new forumites for 2 years!? i think not patrick. still no sign of a new forumite i see 🙂 FAIL

  204. paddy says:

    Not no new members bob there will be plenty of them, Im asking you

  205. Bob says:

    surely i’ll be back when new sign ups rule is lifted?

  206. Bob says:

    that you EZ? link me to one new user then

    • EZ says:

      all new registrations for the forum are back dated now to before the ban was implimented and given a random number of posts

  207. Bob says:

    as if. this ain’t EZ no way!!!!! 🙂

  208. Bob says:

    is this is EZ i’m D.R.E.

    and what’s written is bollocks

  209. Bob says:

    i guess they forgot about DRE

  210. Bob says:

    ghetto gospel

  211. Bob says:

    ghetto gospel. me and Hudson will be back

  212. Dumpey says:

    The delusion is unbelievable vegas you fucking runt,,you aint EVER Il say a again EVER getting back on stop wasting your life!

  213. Bob says:

    thanks guys

  214. Dumpey says:

    Seriously bob GO AND SEE A HEAD DOCTOR,

    Bob says:
    August 28, 2012 at 1:52 pm
    i just rang betfair to see why Erogenous_Zone got a month ban and i got a life stretch

  215. Bob says:

    EZ, Kal and Bhoys are the best lads on there.

  216. Bob says:

    i didnt get my marching orders. betfair had to change their whole rules to keep me and others out

  217. Tobermory says:

    Bob you are seriously deluded if you think they are just going to put the forum back to how it was 3 weeks ago with all the Poles Threads and you posting abuse on Undern’s thread etc .Surely you cannot think there is any chance of that? If there are new sign ups in the future (and i agree with you there haven’t been so far) it will just be an option for people when their betting account is verified and they have placed a bet (how it was til May 2010) so can’t see how you’d get round that .Even if you did somehow get back on you’d be Banned within 10 minutes so what would be the point really.

  218. Bob says:

    Hammer your a good lad but why should i leave. you, paddy, TMO. Winkle and Dawsy havn’t so why shoud i pal

  219. Bob says:

    don’t underestimate friends and family Tobes. how’s Sky?

  220. Bob says:

    no Rop i said all along it wasn’t Bhoys. why would i pretend to be Bhoys. one of top lads on forum

    • 8 INCHER says:

      went away and posted on the forum for half an hour BOBBY “Do you remember doing that?”

      However, came back and it is still the same shite as last time I was here.

  221. Tobermory says:

    It’s still shit Bob lol

    Getting a mate or relative to sign up and using their details to post is obviously a long standing way of banned people returning , but Bob you would reported and banned in minutes as the comments on here prove .

    The difference with the people you mention is that none of those fuck up the forum with the stuff that was going on 3 weeks ago. They get banned and come back posting as normal and no one is bothered that they do . Like them or not people can ignore them .They don’t go on crusades trying to get others banned (which is what pisses off people the most), they have enemies they trade insults with but they don’t go further . eg Winkle ,Brainsurgeon don’t get on, they insult each other when they meet on a thread but they don’t start threads trying to get each other banned or phone up Betfair etc

  222. Bob says:

    “Bob one day when you are old you are going to look back and wonder why you have wasted so much of your life watching others live theirs when you cold have done the same.”

    but Hammer lad in that respect there’s no difference between me and any other forumite. we all spend time on there/off there whatever

  223. Bob says:

    “The difference with the people you mention is that none of those fuck up the forum with the stuff that was going on 3 weeks ago. They get banned and come back posting as normal and no one is bothered that they do . ”

    Tobes all i want is to be on there peacefully not getting banned like Hammer, TMO and Dawsy are allowed to. the spamming was a reaction to getting banned for nothing. NO BAN! NO SPAM!

  224. Tobermory says:

    You were posting fairly peacefully for a while, you had an account that lasted a good couple of months, mostly just chatting betting and football etc . Mods must have notice you but did nothing .Then you start with all the stuff about why such and such banned forumite is still on, what was his previous name etc and this pissed people off. You could have just carried on with the regular posts if you’d wanted to but you chose not to.

  225. Bob says:

    Bizzo Undern got me banned for calling him a prick. he called me a name on Football a month ago. surely he should be banned for life from the forum and exchange?

  226. swearbox says:

    Ah…which thread ?

  227. swearbox says:

    Ignore that – I found it…by the way someone (ROP, TOBERMORY, anyone?) might want to copy and paste this post of mine that confirms the guy posting as Bhoys and the guy posting as Chicken_Dinner are not Bob and are also not who they say they are.

  228. Bob says:

    thanks i only post as me sb. i mean no trouble…

  229. swearbox says:

    Yeah I know Bob…I meant for the guys who are reading the forum…

    • 8 INCHER says:


      BAN BOB….


      • Bob says:


        many more

        SAME TROLL

  230. Bob says:

    8 INCHER

    same troll!!

  231. 8 INCHER says:




  232. Bob says:

    very very DROLL

    • 8 INCHER says:


      you not up early asking questions in your PPI CALL centre?

      I am up at the crack of 11 am 2 moz before you ask.

  233. Bob says:

    late start for me. FIZZY POP for you. micky you must miss people on the forum to bounce off. you have no “friends” on there now

    • 8 INCHER says:

      Never had friends, never will… I like it that way. People take me or leave me.

      However, you friends are the ducks on your local pond, must be costing you a fortune feeding them and your fat lass.

  234. Bob says:

    🙂 does that apply to friends in real life too?

  235. Bob says:

    answer please. more interesting than writing “TEAPOTS”

    • 8 INCHER says:

      TEAPOTS, Is a PISS TAKE though.

      I know you ask lots of PPI QUESTIONS at your call centre, but chill out, leave your parrot fashion A4 question sheet at work,

  236. Bob says:

    tell me if you keep friends in real life. this is an interesting topic. i find all your silly talk simply dull.

    if i want to write things like “butter beans” or “cabbage” for kicks i can do it here to my self on notepad zzz

  237. Bob says:

    zzzzzzz so do you keep friends in real life?

  238. Bob says:

    why was micky forum name banned?

    • 8 INCHER says:

      micky was not banned….

      I am off now cabbage, off to go watch that new TOTAL RECALL movie I got off my mate NIGEL….



      BYE BYE

  239. Bob says:

    in what way is TEAPOTS a piss-take?

  240. Bob says:

    knock off nigel 🙂 micky is banned. you are dull. bye

  241. frank says:

    keep on seeeeeeething and crying vegas you knobhead hahahahaha

  242. Bob says:

    why was micky banned? do you have any real-life friends? why is TEAPOTS a piss take?

  243. paddy says:

    When did you last try and register bob?

  244. Bob says:

    may try now and call in paddy. start a thread on new starters please?

    micky i see your spamming tonight :/

  245. Bob says:

    you seem to have replied to half the threads on Football with tosh 🙂

  246. Bob says:

    start a thread about me or Stretch or Hudson please. just spoke to Ray on helpdesk. trying to get forum to get in touch, mentioned TMO

  247. Bob says:

    thank you micky

  248. Bob says:

    darn. micky why were you banned?

  249. Bob says:

    exactly EZ. you know me bud. peace x

  250. Bob says:


  251. Bob says:

    🙂 i miss you EZ/Charlize. Beverly Hills Cop?

  252. Bob says:

    🙂 i remember!!!!! snaaaaaakes snaaaaaakes

    very addictive

  253. Bob says:

    more addictive than crack this video!!

  254. Bob says:

    haha just had the funniest convo with a maltese/essex lass on the late night helpdesk about the aussie forum!! 🙂

  255. Bob says:

    Her: i’m half british, from Essex
    Me: Oh it’s the only way, the only way 🙂

  256. Bob says:

    anyone about?

  257. Bob says:


  258. Bob says:

    sent to betfair… (active)

    banned as: TAKE ME OUT and T.M.O (banned) (active)

    banned as: DawsyReturns (banned)

  259. Bob says:

    oh sorry, TEAPOTS. better?

  260. paddy says:

    Why bob?

  261. Bob says:

    why what paddy?

  262. Bob says:

    banned forumite TAKE ME OUT/TMO now posting as:

    is the guy who signed up 40+ times to abuse the Betfair sign-up bonus yet still posts. proof here:

    2nd post from the bottom

    why is he not banned?


  263. paddy says:

    why have you sent that to bf?

  264. Bob says:

    why should i be banned and he isn’t?

  265. paddy says:

    Thats been told to you many times by many people…..thing is bob bf know who you are and to them you probably come across as a bit obssesed mental even, why do you think calling and emailing daily is going to help your cause?

  266. Bob says:

    i agree they probably think i’m a right freak. i guess i’m just persistent and principled ROP.

    start a thread with my TMO thing on will ya please?

    • 8 INCHER says:



    • frank says:

      still a grass from beyond the grave, according to the votes you are not wanted back on the forum…… must be seeeeeeeeeething Nobby hahahahahahahahaha

      • Bob says:

        I’d have to say ”1”. The whole meltdown thing was hard to look away from.

        With RMB, that’s two votes?


  267. Bob says:

    i don’t think your mum would want that michael

  268. Bob says:

    micky you mong. if JC132 and RMB vote 1 how does that = 0 you thicket. lucky for you i’m not on the forum to call you out dear me

    • 8 INCHER says:

      That have not voted you silly cunt… Your count is still 0….

      • Bob says:

        “I’d have to say ”1”. The whole meltdown thing was hard to look away from.”

        how is that not a vote for 1 you friendless boring prick?

  269. Bob says:

    (PS i know your fishing and have ADHD micky)

  270. Bob says:

    2 micky yes 🙂

  271. Bob says:

    super. it is dull without Stretch. i even miss HorseRacingExpert :><:

  272. frank says:

    you could have 5 fucking million votes, you’re still not getting back in you loser hahahahahahaha. Now fuck off to bed and make latex Lucy do some squeaky noises for you.

  273. Bob says:

    no paddy i did say he was fishing. just a bit of fun. chill out

  274. Bob says:

    micky you are dull. does debbie find you boring too? is that why she never slept with you?

  275. Bob says:

    she never slept with you cos she see’s you as her none-sexual zany dull friend. passed 1 what?

  276. Bob says:

    micky 1.01 you won’t dare post any of my posts about debbie on your thread 🙂

  277. Bob says:

    thoughtso chump 🙂

  278. Bob says:

    put this on your thread:

    micky you are dull. does debbie find you boring too? is that why she never slept with you?

  279. Bob says:

    put it on your thread and i’ll answer you micky

  280. Bob says:

    haha you wont dare you spineless TROLL

  281. Bob says:

    if you started a thread about TMO and the link i put above about him abusing the betfair sign up bonus it would spark some interest

  282. paddy says:

    Threads like that are why you’re banned bob, its a football forum

  283. Bob says:

    not gonna post it up paddy?

  284. paddy says:

    no its a footbal forum

  285. MONEY TREE says:

    Who’s Debbie?

  286. Bob says:

    micky’s friend who won’t sleep with him

  287. MONEY TREE says:

    Friends with benefits?

  288. Bob says:

    🙂 simpleton micky

  289. MONEY TREE says:

    Who’s Micky?

  290. Bob says:

    fuck off back to Forum Money Tree you thicket. Oh and take that pic down it’s offensive on the eyes chap

  291. paddy says:

    me bob?, how rude Il ignore that for now…next time im on the 62 with my plank

  292. Bob says:

    what’s rude? what you on about 62 with your plank?

  293. paddy says:

    its to 8″ and he’ll understand

  294. Bob says:

    ok. how was i rude paddy?

  295. paddy says:

    You wernt bob

  296. Bob says:

    “me bob?, how rude Il ignore that for now”


  297. paddy says:

    ffs keep up

    8 INCHER says:
    August 31, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    ROP and BOB must be the same person.

  298. Bob says:

    ah i get it. thanks. so what’s the plank and 62 link paddy?

  299. Hudsonhicks says:

    ========= Message for Betfair Mugs ====================

    i WILL be back. Mark my words.

  300. frank says:

    hahahahahah no chance Hudson you fucking wanker, one step on and you will be GRASSED. Be sure to tune in today Vegas, will be a good day on the forum today. I love Saturdays on the forum 🙂

  301. Dumpey says:

    Mental case Vegas & his spamming bum chum Hudson will never log into betfair again ha haaaa

  302. Bob says:

    how’s the forum today guys?

  303. Dumpey says:

    great without you being a prick on every fred

  304. Bob says:

    who are you on the forum mate?

  305. Dumpey says:


  306. Dumpey says:

    Why? what difference does it make both anonymous you addicted freak

  307. Bob says:

    forum identity is everything fool. you scared?

  308. Dumpey says:

    Admit it freak you want the info to go crying to betfair just as youve done above to tmo dawsey and others

  309. Bob says:

    no. do you have something to hide?

  310. Dumpey says:

    im ff to chat football with decent people enjoy banging on the glass outside crying to be let in

  311. Bob says:

    why so scared to say your forum name? scared i’d own ya?

  312. Dumpey says:

    Nope just dont want a pathetic grass crying to a helpdesk of a company he cant use and how do you own someone on an anonymous forum you cant post on??sort your life out

  313. Bob says:

    but surely that implies you have some wrong-doing which i could report?

  314. Dumpey says:

    its none of your business either way youre banned for good so it matters not but still you froth over the forum

  315. Bob says:

    coward. run along

  316. Dumpey says:

    ah bless the freaks all on his own gotta feel sorry for the poor kid locked out of his life

  317. Dumpey says:

    Seeth on vegas

  318. Dumpey says:

    do you want me to say hello to tso for you bob, hes back

  319. Bob says:

    ok yeah. it’s an old account he had in preparation for this time from 2nd July

  320. Hudsonhicks says:

    Bob, you’re like Big Brother. Watching from above, but unable to make any input yourself.

    Do you do forum searches for “Bob” every day

  321. Bob says:

    Hudson how are you planning to return? the forum needs us

  322. Bob says:

    “Dear Sir
    Thank you for your email.
    We cannot investigate any issue posted on an external forum.
    If there are breaches to the betfair forum terms and conditions then please forward the thread category, title and copy of the post if possible.
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.”

    the external forum in question is:

    (2nd post from the bottom)

  323. paddy says:

    Jesus bob you’re getting worse lad

  324. Bob says:

    why should TMO post?

  325. paddy says:

    there are probably hundreds of at least once banned folk bob not just tmo, when will you let it drop?

  326. Tobermory says:

    Trying to get people banned is why most don’t want you back Bob. In any case why do you suppose the guy on that forum is ‘our’ TMO .That thread is from Sep 2009, TAKE ME OUT TV show from where the forum name comes was never even broadcast until January 2010 according to Wiki ,and the forumite 1st appeared on Betfair around then so IT IS NOT HIM!

  327. Bob says:

    hi Tobes. no i think he names himself after a wrestling phrase not the TV show.

  328. paddy says:

    no it was from ‘take me out’ bob and he used to start threads i/r…good work tobes but bob will ignore it

  329. Tobermory says:

    His original name was TAKE ME OUT, he joined around the time the show began and there were always threads on football forum about it .I never opened one myself but they would get hundreds of replies when the show was on . People chatting to him simply abbreviated his name to the initials . So he was called TMO by others anyway and so came back with that name.
    TMO ,Wrestling brings up nothing in Google .

  330. Bob says:

    fair enough Tobermory. as i said on the forum, you are the forum Sage so i won’t question you mate 🙂

  331. Bob says:

    he’s still banned regardless so shouldn’t be there

  332. Bob says:

    Can you ttt one of those TAKE ME OUT IR threads Tobes?

  333. Dumpey says:

    youre banned stop asking people to post for you you mess

  334. Tobermory says:

    but wtf has he done to you!!?? This is the strange thing that people don’t like, trying to get people banned because you have some particular feud is one thing, going on crusades to ban people who have had noting to do with you just seems weird.

    When you got The Special One banned he wasn’t even sure who you were, so wtf you do it . Trying to get TMP banned also, done you no harm.

    As for the 2009 47 sign up guy, i’d guess ….


    which is more what you’d expect on a sports gambling site than a name from some chav TV shyte

  335. Bob says:

    i never tried to get Winkle banned tobes. TMO was nasty to me in my early days.

  336. Bob says:

    BFF’s 🙂

    Stretch Armstrong 29 Jan 11 20:24
    Hi TMO hope you enjoyed the footy,i’m glad you made it back in time
    let the crumpet see the butter

  337. Tobermory says:

    You did try to ban him, ttt’n threads undeer his banned names for no other reason

  338. Dumpey says:

    you noticed how nice the forums been, noone talking about bannings, previous names, noone banned since you fucked off or hounding of winning forumites, and long may it remain that way

  339. Bob says:

    that wasn’t to try and ban him Tobes. he is a fellow victim of the TSE banning policy. it was like solitude. Dumpey i wouldn’t of talked about bans either if it was a fair playing field.

    please ttt it Tobes will get some good banter going on a Sunday Evening

  340. Dumpey says:

    banter you cant join in lol what wreck

  341. Bob says:


    “Nashwan was the ruler of this forum for about 6 years .
    Not everybody like him by any means , but he set the tone of the place with his forthright opinions, starting 10 threads a day typically.
    He was generally popular.
    Liverpool fan, part turkish i think, owned a hotel somewhere , placed bets in the thousands , partied with 2k an hour hookers
    Though a few people thought he was full of sh!t and lived in a bedsit.
    Was banned mid-2008 , came back 18 months later under another name for about 6 months and that was that as far as i know.”

  342. Dumpey says:

    you’ll look back on all this one day and cry, your life is wasting away on something your not involved with but its gotta complete hold over you, your banned now fuck off and do something else with your life

  343. Bob says:

    i have no idea who you are Dumpey. yours words are rendered meaningless. *yawn*

  344. Dumpey says:

    I have no idea wwho you are bob, and i offer words of truth, i come in peace, stop wasting your life no one cares

  345. frank says:

    poor old bellend Bob

  346. Bob says:

    T.M.O 19 Nov 11 23:44
    what did stretch ever do to anyone?

  347. Bob says:

    TAKE ME OUT (banned betfair forum name)
    Date Joined: 13 Feb 10

    TAKE ME OUT (ITV) began airing on ITV in the UK and TV3 in the Republic of Ireland on 2 January 2010.

  348. Dumpey says:

    who you talking to nob? no one gives a fuck

    catflappo 30 Aug 12 18:57
    I’m still here, Investor. I’m on holiday in Croatia at the moment so haven’t been on tinternet much. Good to see the thread bob-free

    see no one decent misses you

  349. Bob says:

    who are you on the forum Dumpey? nothing else matters

  350. Dumpey says:

    Doesnt matter, does to you obviously

  351. Bob says:

    every word you write here is irrelevant due to your cowardly anonymity. what’s your problem? why not just say so we can get down to some real nitty gritty

  352. Bob says:

    😦 ok pal. wonder why i got a life ban and not a month ban like you

  353. EZ says:

    because i had to sleep with BCM2 and let him do un-imaginable things to me.

  354. paddy says:

    Productive day I see bob…

  355. Bob says:

    Hammer ttt some threads like the one above like the old days mate

  356. paddy says:

    same as what I said the other day bob I aint geting involved with the banning stuff, it doesnt interest me or the forum

  357. Bob says:

    spice up the forum paddy. lighten up dude

  358. Bob says:

    just sending some banned forumites lists to the forum team and asking if they are allowed to return then can i do so aswell please…

  359. MONEY TREE says:

    Paul, I thought you were only interested in discussing betting and learning strategies etc?

  360. Bob says:

    what name do you believe he is posting under currently?

  361. Bob says:

    “Dear Sir
    Thank you for your email.
    We do not allow banned users to return to the forum.
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.”

    i see :/

  362. MONEY TREE says:

    There are plenty of other sites where you can discuss betting and strategies. Have you tried them?

    Seems like you are just wasting your life obsessing with a site you cant use, when the information you say youre looking for is available elsewhere with a bit of research.

  363. Bob says:

    Dear Sir
    Thank you for your email.
    We do not allow banned users to return to the forum.
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.

  364. frank says:

    here is another tune for Vegas the Grasser

  365. nomadicninja says:

    A daytrip to Sheffield with a machete could prove to be very productive in eradicating this Bob virus

    • Bob says:

      A daytrip to Hammersmith with a machete, uzi and bukkake device for his poor wife could prove to be very productive in eradicating this greenviking/nomadicninja virus

  366. Dumpey says:

    Hows the grassing going vegas ya snake??

  367. paddy says:

    whats new bobster? spoke with bf today?

  368. Bob says:

    couple of emails just flown in. they said they’d investigate a list of names so just getting an update on that really. how’s the forum?

  369. paddy says:

    Really bob? what do you hope to achieve by doing that?

  370. Bob says:

    well paddy i was told on email that:

    “We do not allow banned users to return to the forum.”

    therefore why should there be many on there breaking this rule if i can’t come back

  371. paddy says:

    I dont see the point in getting others banned when you know its not possible for you to return, you know this though so why do it?

  372. frank says:

    go and suck on another dummy you fucking grasser. nobody wants you back on there that much is very clear

  373. Bob says:

    why should any banned user post?

  374. paddy says:

    You did until you fucked it for yourself

  375. Bob says:

    just sent another 5 emails in

  376. Bob says:

    i know i really wish i’d played it differently paddy 😦

  377. Bob says:

    haha EZ. this blog has more posts than some tennis grand slam final threads 🙂

  378. paddy says:

    I just dont see how getting others banned is going to help your cause

  379. Bob says:

    it won’t but fair is fair surely?

  380. Bob says:

    this email says it all:

    Dear Sir
    Thank you for your email.
    We do not allow banned users to return to the forum.
    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.

  381. paddy says:

    So where do you hope all this will end?

  382. Bob says:

    well only fair if other banned forumites are banished like me.

  383. Bob says:

    i managed to get HorseRacingExpert banned but i must admit the forum misses him :/

  384. paddy says:

    Its not your forum tho, you’re banned so why police it? and you cant blame no-one but yourself for the way things are now, so no its not fair if others get banned for posting about sport.

  385. Bob says:

    but they are banned for a reason like me. it’s not consistent paddy. so i’m not policing it. just pointing out it’s flaws

  386. paddy says:

    It is flawed and you took advantage of that too, so you cant point the fault of that on others

  387. Bob says:

    yes and now i’m shut out so the likes of TMO, Dawsey etc… should be too unfortunately

  388. paddy says:

    Or you could say you were just unluky (all spamming aside)

  389. Bob says:

    no i will keep fighting for fairness

  390. paddy says:

    So you get a few banned then what? your still banned

  391. Bob says:

    yeah but at least it’s fair. they should be banned for life along with many others

  392. Tobermory says:

    EZ says:
    September 2, 2012 at 3:29 pm
    i aint getting involved with that shit mate. i couldnt care less who still posts on the forum or what, doesnt bother me one jot

    What EZ says there is what everyone’s attitude to the forum is, except you Bob

  393. Bob says:

    yeah but i’m the only one NOT on the forum tobes. hence my differing attitude

  394. paddy says:

    Surely you’ve better things to be doing tho, you’re an adult bob does it all not seem a tad nuts to you? sorry I just dont get the obsession

  395. Tobermory says:

    You are not on the forum because of posting endless threads trying to get others banned .You were on there , as frimpong, for months, and could have continued , but you had to start getting people banned. You got TSO banned FOR WHAT REASON? It wasn’t because he could post and you couldn’t, as you were a returned forumite posting under a new name just as he was.

    • paddy says:

      true tobes, he got me banned for no reason to, I didnt even know who he was..

      • Bob says:

        paddy that was because, before i even knew you, i saw you blaming me on Politics (which i’d never used) and other forums for your ban and then not telling me who you were as ThreeGreens. your initial ban was nothing to do with me, infact i had been enjoying your posts and banter with BrainSurge. i also was gonna start a thread in support of HorseRacingExpert saying how funny he was before he turned on me. Oh, the irony!

  396. MONEY TREE says:

    He doesnt have anything better to do. The forum was his life.

    He has no interest in learning about betting, hes just a troll with no friends that used the forum for social interaction.

    Now hes wasting his life on here, and obsessing over a site he cant use.

    Just a pointless person really.

  397. paddy says:

    Any ideas how sad that sounds to adults bob? meaningless words on an anonyous forum and you have to get them banned…

  398. Bob says:

    hey pad. if i had it my way no-one would be banned and it wouldn’t be a topic

  399. Bob says:

    Undern is sad too then for crying when i called him a prick

  400. paddy says:

    sorry fella you wont convince me or anyone else I imagine, that you’re doing the right thing

  401. nomadicninja says:

    Are you implying hiring a hotel in Sheffield and sniping me down?Bob u witless clown

  402. nomadicninja says:

    If only his address could be made public-then his balls could be hacked off,giving him something other than the Betfair forum to think about

  403. nomadicninja says:

    Following that hunt down the two cunts who spawned such a despicable rodent and give them a slow,torturous death for the passing on to the world of this particular brand of diarrohea

    • Bob says:

      i think a better idea would be to make greenviking’s address public, so we can track down your cunt grandparents and start with them in wiping out your whole obviously wretching clan, but not before ruthlessly bukkake’ing all the women including your bitch of a wife. HTH sicko

  404. frank says:

    Vegas you dumb wanker, you were banned for trying to fraudently open an account something the others you mentioned have not stooped to do. So enjoy your LIFE BAN and do your fucking porridge you cunt. HAHAHAHAHAHA fucking Fred West will be back in circulation before you 🙂

  405. 8 INCHER says:



  406. Joe Strummer says:

    Bob you sad sack of shit
    Get a fvcking life
    Deluded cooooooooooooooont

    • frank says:

      still no support for Fred West Vegas I see hahahahahaha treat the blow up bird to a relaxing bath vegas you cunt

  407. paddy says:

    bob why did the arsenal murderers thread get pulled?

  408. paddy says:

    dont know guessing about couple of hours ago

  409. Bob says:

    nothing to do with me Paddy. tell me more. why would i know why it got pulled!?

  410. paddy says:

    lol you’re a touch paranoid bob….i made no suggestion you had anything to do with it, just thought you were probably reading it.

  411. Bob says:

    nah i have a job padstock. what was it about? who started it? anyone get banned?

  412. frank says:

    hey I have seen 2 new posters today who joined on Sunday hahahahahaha how fucking funny is that KNOB VEGAS

  413. Bob says:

    he’s lying. sad man. he won’t be able to prove it

  414. paddy says:

    who’s on the lists you sent in to bf bob?

  415. Bob says:

    answer me first please padstock

  416. EZ says:

    answer me first please

  417. paddy says:

    answer what bob?

  418. Bob says:

    what was it about? who started it? anyone get banned?

    • EZ says:

      they got banned but then they just re-signed up a minute later under a slightly different name. think they added a – or a . or something

  419. Bob says:

    hehehe EZ. were they “deep undercover”?

  420. paddy says:

    christ bob, Ive no idea hence why i asked you and as i said thought you might of been reading…

  421. Bob says:

    ok fair play paddy but do you even know what murders the thread was about?

  422. Tobermory says:

    guy from london was murdered in liverpool saturday night, 3 arsenal fans were arrested at Anfield for it

  423. Tobermory says:

    thread title was pretty stupid considering legal implications etc

  424. paddy says:

    the arsenal fans murderers bob for crying out loud, it was in the question i asked and on the forum as what happened to the arsenal murderers you know what forget it….

  425. Tobermory says:

    just pulled as soon as a moderator looked in and saw the title i expect

  426. paddy says:

    cheers tobes

  427. Bob says:

    thanks guys. i have a job with no internet access and work longs hours at the moment so don’t see the news. hope you guys aew having a nice evening :/ wish i could join in on there 😦

  428. Kal1984 says:

    good evening everyone!

  429. Bob says:

    hi Kal. hows your job/betting going mate?

  430. Bob says:

    just sent a more comprehensive banned list to betfair mods

  431. Kal1984 says:

    Yeah all is well Bob. Got some time off work so cant complain. Hows things with you?

    • EZ says:

      kal! not been on forum much mate? theres a distinct lack of late night music threads on football 😉

      • Kal1984 says:

        Hi mate. Having a few issues with betfair but hoping i will be back on the forum by next week. Hope all is well with you. I am on overs in the Swindon game (seen ur fred on the forum)

  432. Bob says:

    not bad Kal. would like to get back on forum for some booze and corrie threads but the door remains locked :/

    • 8 INCHER says:


    • Kal1984 says:

      yeah mate hopefully if i get back on the forum i will get the booze/music/corrie freds going again. On the booze 2nite and hopefully see Del Boy smash Roddick into oblivion. Do you think ul get back on the forum?

  433. donut says:

    Bob you bell end

  434. Dawsy says:

    I’m so glad I can still post on the Betfair forum 🙂

  435. Dumpey says:

    nob vegas is just a fucking fisherman he aint sent no list in he just wants people chatting to him here as he has no life, no friends and no forum

  436. frank says:

    come on chaps leave Knob Vegas alone lets all go to the betfair forums. Are you going to have your nose up to the window looking in Vegas? hahahahahahahha you fucking window licker 🙂

  437. Bob says:

    what’s your beef now Paddy?

  438. paddy says:

    What you on about now bob?

  439. paddy says:

    I think he just plays dumb and strings things out to keep me here for someone to talk to 8″

  440. paddy says:

    No response bob? what beef?

  441. Bob says:

    “bob will never be back and if he did manage it every one bar you hates him”

    what you got against me fella?

    • 8 INCHER says:

      HEY BOB,




  442. Bob says:

    yes he’s called dellman41/micky 3 legs. some other names. same CUNT

  443. paddy says:

    Its not just me bob, its pretty much everyone…no-one wants you back and you know why…

  444. Bob says:

    because people think i’m a grass?

  445. paddy says:

    thats just one of a many reasons bob but you know this, 650 posts above of abuse aimed at you by many, plus all the love on the forum for you..need you ask

  446. Bob says:

    650 posts by about 4 people to be fair!! 🙂

  447. Bob says:

    love on the forum? really, or are you being sarcastical?

    • 8 INCHER says:


      Are you having problems understanding how annoying asking so many questions is?

      • frank says:

        people dont think you are a grass, they know you are a grass window licker 🙂 now fuck off and service your blow up girlfriend

  448. Bob says:

    RED ALERT! ALERT!! Banned forumite using forum now!!‏

    Started this thread,

    OP was banned forumite:

    Can banned forumites return???

  449. Bob says:

    did you see my CODE RED above 8″?

  450. paddy says:

    Do you not think you’re wasting your life with this addiction/obssesion bob?

  451. Bob says:

    erm i’m just passing the time watching Murray fella. you?

    “plus all the love on the forum for you”


  452. paddy says:

    You cant be that thick bob that you cant sense a hint of sarcasm…like I said earlier you drag things out so people talk to you longer, a truly sad existance monitoring the forum, emailing betfair and clinging to convesation connected to the forum as you cant post.

  453. Bob says:

    paddy is TMO banned like Hudson, Stretch and I? :/

  454. Bob says:

    paddy are you and TMO banned like Hudson, HorseRacingExpert, Stretch and I?

  455. paddy says:

    no, and you fooked it for yourself we’ve been thru this less than 24 hours ago ffs

  456. Bob says:

    i think you might be fella. try and post

  457. Bob says:

    FAO Scarlet – the helpdesk don’t have a clue about the forum and it’s goings on

  458. paddy says:

    what a sad twat you are, guess il have to find a blog somewhere , cry like a pre menstral bitch and beg for people to post for me…

  459. 8 INCHER says:

    Could send you round the twist this….. lol

  460. Bob says:

    sad twat why? we share a common enemy paddy – betfair moderation 😦

  461. paddy says:

    On your list you sent in bob, I was in the hands of a mental case banned out of fairness no doubt same with eveyone else you’ve had banned, what a tosser

  462. Bob says:

    no you weren’t actually paddy. Dawsy was and he’s still at large 😦 injustice!

  463. Bob says:

    no SB just Dawsy and TMO. anyone else is not my doing

  464. paddy says:

    why ask me if Im banned then tell me I am bob? we’re not all as fucking thick as you…

  465. Bob says:

    it’s not clear these days, used to say “this profile is no longer available”. how we all gonna get back on paddy??

  466. paddy says:

    fuck off bob you sad twat, sb speak soon chap.

  467. Kal1984 says:

    Paddy = Bob has never done anythin 2 me. Always a sound lad IMO.

  468. Joe Strummer says:

    TMO is on the forum
    Even the special one has found a way back in

    Bob you’re alone

  469. frank says:

    BOB you are a cunt, keep window licking

  470. Bob says:

    Paddy how you get back on? i need to get back on too. also is TMO banned? :/

  471. paddy says:

    Its easy bob but if you think id tell a dribbling piss bag like yourself, you can think again..

  472. Bob says:

    ah you must have an old account from before the restricitons. well done. wish i did

  473. paddy says:

    The forum is glad you dont…and yet you still pine to come back, when this blog evetually dies, as they do, what will you do all on your own still addicted to a website you cant use, still reading everynight, still emailing and calling bf, still losing thousands lol, what a truly pathetic human you are bobster

  474. Bob says:

    be nice paddy. no need for all the aggro, what’s your “new” chatname then? also is TMO banned or what?

  475. Bob says:

    interesting post on flight to the moon Rop by the way

  476. paddy says:

    fuck off bob.

  477. Bob says:

    no i’m serious. im into all that stuff. space etc… calm down paddy jeez

  478. dawsy says:

    red alert

  479. Tobermory says:

    wtf do Betfair take any notice of what Bob writes on here

  480. Bob says:

    they don’t Tobes. Tobes – is TMO banned?

  481. paddy says:

    tobes they dont but he still emails betfair reporting people and if he’s asking if tmo is banned then he obviously is…another name on his list with a cross through it….sad twat that he is

    • 8 INCHER says:


      He has tried reporting me…… Had an email from Betfair.

      No surprise, as there is plenty more trying to do it….

      However, me good boy now.

      • Bob says:

        don’t believe you micky. why would they email you? anyway not sure you were ever a “bad boy”. just dull

      • 8 INCHER says:


        They have emailed me saying that there is police action pending offence words used on another forum.

  482. Bob says:

    Tobermory is a forumite i very much respect

  483. Bob says:

    silly micky 3 legs

    • 8 INCHER says:


      I am not been silly and you know that, would post the email from betfair, but their legal team have advised not to. Very surprised you have gone to these lengths.

  484. Bob says:

    Tobes – is TMO banned?

  485. Tobermory says:

    well he seems to be, so wtf do you do that

  486. paddy says:

    He’s had at least 4 banned tobes, out of fairness apparently…

  487. Bob says:

    do what? the common enemy is betfair moderation. i can’t get back on, and no banned forumites should ever have been back on apparently 😦

  488. Tobermory says:

    so you got Paddy banned too, who has hardly done fuck all to you

  489. paddy says:

    and brainsurgeon tobes

  490. Bob says:

    no Tobes, just TMO and Dawsy (who’s still on despite being banned). Paddy – name the 4 :/

  491. paddy says:

    why did you ask me last night if I was banned bob? I replied no and you said I think you are try and post….I logged in to find I was banned….how did you know?

  492. Tobermory says:

    Bob you are just malicous really .All this shit about ‘fairness’ is really shit isn’t it? The notion that you are just trying to get people banned because you shouild all be on an equal footing as previously banned is obviously crap .BECAUSE ……you started doing this in January when you got TSO banned .He was not a banned forumite able to post while you were not .YOU WERE ABLE TO POST AT THAT TIME (as Frimpong) AS WELL . This is just a continuation of that .Denying you got Paddy banned just like you denied TSO .But you are announcing people’s bans before they even know themselves .AND HOW IS THAT ? BECAUSE YOU ARE CLICKING ON THEIR USERNAMES TO SEE IF THEY HAVE A PROFILE ANYMORE! And the only reason you would have to do that would be if you are in communication with Betfair (having reported them) and so have reason to believe a ban is imminent.

  493. Bob says:

    i regularly check on different people paddy. i’ve been banned so it’s something of interest to me. wish we could all just use the forum happily 😦

    • paddy says:

      what reason would i have to be banned? no spats, no enemies…just a jealous malicious grass who’s taken stalking to a whole new level

    • 8 INCHER says:

      No PADDY,

      What he means is the following :-

      If you 2 did a bank job together and you managed to escape from a police chase.. He would dob you in…

      enough said…..

  494. Bob says:

    Tobes i just want what’s fair. Why should i be serving a life sentence and look out of my cell window to see murderer’s and rapists roaming free, so to speak…

  495. Bob says:

    also reading your forum posts TMO why the support for TMO when you didn’t show that support for me or your confusion at the mod’s actions then? what’s the difference?

  496. Tobermory says:

    who are you asking that to?

  497. Bob says:

    you Tobes. also ignore micky the loony. no police involved whatsoever. guy spouts crap

  498. Bob says:

    Tobes you wrote:

    “Bizarre IMO that Betfair are taking action from his relentless e mails
    No one that uses the place wanted TMO banned but they kick him out because someone who can’t use it asks them ”

    where was the support and confusion at betfair’s actions when i was banned fella? 😦

  499. Tobermory says:

    Never had much to do with TMO myself . Seems ok though, contributes to the fun of the place, runs a competition for people (which is now fucked thanks to you) so why would i want him banned. Some may dislike him but they can argue with him or ignore him so they wouldn’t want him banned either . As for you Bob i was aware you were banned for swearing when you fell out with that guy on GB , and a life ban was certainly harsh for that so i had no problem with you coming back as Frimpong etc and you thread asking questions about betting were fine with me and didn’t see the need for people to seethe about them myself but threads about betting are not what you are about though is it? All of this year you have dedicated yourself to trying to get people banned . Starting threads asking what was so and sos old name , why were they banned, ttt’n the threads when they fell off the board because no else gave a shit if the particular guy had been banned, on and on , all the while no doubt phoning/emailing to try and get them banned.This is what you did while you were able to post so nothing to do with ‘fairness’ you wanted them banned and to carry on posting yourself .

  500. Bob says:

    fair enough. in fairness, to summise, TMO and myself didn’t deserve our bans

  501. Bob says:

    careful EZ i’m your bud don’t forget!? undern and pistachio deserved it for being ignorant…

    • EZ says:

      you can be alright bob and a good laugh, but the abuse you dished out deserved you to be banned for 100 life sentences, I dont know why you did it and I dont know why you cant see that. they was ignoring you because they thought you were a cock, and its entirely up to them if they didnt want to speak to you :/

  502. Charlie says:

    Yes you did. Such a sad sad case. How any grown adult can act like this is beyond me. Seriously take a long long long look at yourself.

  503. Bob says:

    another coward to ignore here.

    EZ mate – what abuse bud?

  504. Charlie says:

    Coward? Literally 4 letters off my username and i’m a coward?

    Then again if you actually read what people posted instead of fishing about looking for people to get banned then you’d notice.

  505. paddy says:

    coward or another sensible pissed off forumite who’s glad to be rid of you?…

  506. Bob says:

    ok Charlie what’s your chatname fella?

  507. Hudsonhicks says:

    Signups Disabled Due to the recent disruption in the Community Forums, we have suspended new registrations to the Community with immediate effect until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. You can still visit the Betfair Community by clicking here.

  508. Mr Chicken Diner says:




  509. paddy says:

    nobs already dead inside, just look at how he spends his life obssesed with a website he cant even use

  510. dawsy says:

    you need help bob

  511. frank says:

    Tobes he wasn’t life banned for swearing let’s get this straight once and for all. he was life banned for fraudently setting up an account which is more serious and totally different. he is nothing but a dirty filthy lowlife grasser.OOOOOOOOHHHHHh I come in peace why, can’t we all just get on,it’s not fair blah blah fucking blah

  512. Bob says:

    i really am a sad case,sorry

    • 8 INCHER says:

      i was banned for swearing. However, after my 12 month ban and several accounts later I phoned betfair. Who in all honesty surprised me by giving me another chance. I think you might have blown it now BOB.

  513. Coalman says:

    I can’t believe Betfair listen to this little toad

  514. dumpey says:

    haha what sad twat phones up to check on people on a website they cant fucking use?? seek help you fucked up inbred

  515. Bob says:

    not really micky. so you admit you told a few lies?

    • 8 INCHER says:

      ffs…. let me just hit head against wall…. bang bang bang….

      Ahhhhhh, better…. told lies to who bob?

  516. dumpey says:


  517. Bob says:

    betfair didnt unban “dellman41”. dellman41 was NEVER banned

  518. 8 INCHER says:



  519. dumpey says:

    if swearbox banned you nob would you end it all?

  520. Bob says:

    i miss the forum micky yeah. dumpey no response to you as i don’t know who you are on the forum.

  521. dumpey says:

    what does that matter fruit cake its anonymous as well

  522. Bob says:

    if it doesnt matter then just say. no other response to anything you or frank say…..

  523. Bob says:

    no i wudnt micky but SB is a good guy

  524. dumpey says:

    ah so you want to get me banned to then nob? ive been banned loads and still there you seething runt, so i aint likely to give you a forum name being the litle weazle you are

  525. Bob says:

    then dont speak to me here please. i have no interest without your forum identity in ever conversing here with you or anyone else i dont know the forum name of. Bye

  526. 8 INCHER says:



  527. Bob says:

    the Forum is dull currently. misses the fallen

  528. dumpey says:

    lol you utter fucking waste of a life, the only reason you wnt a forum name is to get me banned how sad is that, 8incher knows who i am and give you a clue before just you’re to fuking thick

  529. frank says:

    dont ell him Dumpey thats all the dirty grasser is interested in. He’ll be on the phone to betfair in a flash if he thinks he can get you banned, he sits there wanking over the thought thats how sad his life is

    • dumpey says:

      to true frank, bob ive caled you a wanker on the forums may times, i come here to do the same as you’ll alwys be outside crying to get back in

  530. frank says:

    I guarantee he is watching every post 8 incher makes in the hope he can pounce and grass him up because he knows who he is

    • 8 INCHER says:


      Just like 30% of others on there….. I know my boundaries and what is acceptable / unacceptable reporting material. Bob never learned and never will.

  531. Bob says:

    i have no desire for micky to be banned. Dumpey i wudnt want you banned either unless you are Dawsy or desperatemunter. tell me who you are and you will be pleasantly surprised at the response

  532. dumpey says:

    all he gets here is abuse but still here everynight clinging to his last forum thread, would piss me pants if swearbox closed this blog.

  533. frank says:

    oh please dumpey tell me who you are please ohohoh dribble shut up you fucking grasser

  534. Bob says:

    zzz night boys. no forum names, no response. byee x

  535. frank says:

    and no forum posts for you BOBBY GRASSER

  536. dumpey says:

    bob vegas is an ignorant prick

  537. dumpey says:

    why would you want dawsy and dm banned?

  538. dumpey says:

    why do you so desperately want get back on the forums vegas? when you know many inluding myself will just report you again and get you banned, i probably reported you 10 times at least.

  539. Bob says:

    *no comment to unknown people*
    *many comments to known people*

  540. Bob says:

    you’re desperate munter, right?

  541. Bob says:

    just reported someone else on forum. sick of reading his digs at me

  542. frank says:

    well this is my last post here, not fair on SB’s blog. Guys I would also urge you to stop posting , lets cut off the grassers oxygen supply and then he can keep on seeeeeeeeething and window licking on his own for eternity. So cheerio Vegas you warty pissflap and I hope the rest of your life is a fucking truly miserable one 🙂

  543. Bob says:

    i’m the one seething? 🙂

    *no comment to unknown people*
    *many comments to known people*

  544. nomadicninja says:

    No comment to unknown people-you are the tool that had many a childish ultra seethe over people not responding to your comments on BF forum.
    You used to try and justify it by comparing it to a situation in the pub where somone point blank ignored you,thus equating forum carry on with real life(proving you dont have a life of any worth in doing so).
    At least try and be consistent Bob,you are thick as two short planks everyone can plainly see that but try and maintain consistency.

    • Bob says:

      oh yeah i agree viking you prick.

      but only when people are themselves. hence:

      *many comments to known people*


    lt looks like silly bollocks has reported me, i was banned this afternoon.

    • 8 INCHER says:

      Did you have a funded Account TWOMATCHPOINTS?

      If not, they will suspend your account, trust me, I know these things.

      If you were funded, then BOB is a cunt.

  546. Tobermory says:

    well done Bob on being the most despised person ever to appear on the forum

  547. paddy says:

    Its just pathetic TMP aint it, some random anonymous prick getting people banned and Im sure he now thinks we’re all in this together and will form some sort of group and beg to get back on….so thats ROP,TMP,TMO,brainsurgeon…sad wanker bob i with greenviking you should be hunted and sorted

  548. paddy says:

    I forgot HRE too, and he’s reported dawsey and desperetmunter….

  549. bob says:

    sorry Tobes why are you assuming it was my doing? FFS

  550. bob says:

    also Paddy why do you get so miffed when people get banned and not when i did? like you say, we’re all on the same team of victims

    • 8 INCHER says:

      FFS BOB


      swearbox swearbox swearbox…..

      come on sir…. LET US DELETE THIS SHITE NOW… I SAY 5 VOTES and we start on one of your other blogs..

      MY VOTE IS A BIG 1

        • 8 INCHER says:


          Read your threads about your whiskey days etc etc very amusing… come on, lets delete this shite now… Getting far to boring now….. Start one on something else fella… Let common sense take over…

        • swearbox says:

          I used to write fairly frequently on here and try to entertain a bit with old war stories and whatnot so maybe I should get around to penning something new, however it won’t stop people posting comments on this thread or any other for that matter.

  551. bob says:

    all i want is us all back on there posting happily away 😦

  552. Bob says:

    Tobes why do you assume it was my doing!?
    Paddy – why do you get so miffed when others get banned and not when i did? we are all victims on the same team.
    basically all i want is us all back on there posting happily away 😦
    i miss posting on there
    with that i shall sign off for the night guys…

  553. paddy says:

    Fuck off bob you deluded repetative prick

  554. Mr Chicken Diner says:


    dumpey is the forumite known as ‘maggot’

    you know what to do from here…

  555. WWCD says:

    ^^Bob pretending to be me. What a sad bassa you are. I really pity the sad sight that lays behind his keyboard keyboard. Its just a shame you Dad didnt pull out and finish the business over your mums face, instead the world ended up with you

  556. WWCD says:

    With teenage pregnancy rates always rising, a picture of Bob would be a good safe sex advert. This “insert pic of Bob” is what could happen.

  557. dumpey says:

    its not chicken diner, but lets see what bob the pathetic mess does next

    • Bob says:

      “depends on many cards he has used. Maybe a phone call to betfair would suffice….”

      what’s all this baloney micky? what does a forum ban have to do with your bank card (s) or the un-helpdesk!?

      • 8 INCHER says:


        Just because your call centre PPI manner is off putting for 99.99% of this country. Some people can actually put their hands up and say yes “I FUCKED UP” SORRY

  558. 8 INCHER says:

    Double standards on the forum now……

    All moaning that in all fairness a banned formumite, has now been banned…. Is this not what the chit chat faithful wanted?

  559. Bob says:

    if dumpey is maggot then fair enough it explains alot as they are both horrible cretins. however, AFAIK maggot (surprisingly) has never been banned so it is of no consequence

  560. Bob says:

    MICKY – im happy to say sorry, supply a new card and live happily ever after. they won’t even entertain it or tell me why i’m banned. what do you think of that?

    • 8 INCHER says:


      to be honest BOB…

      I am sort of getting bored now of posting here and having to answer a question when I get here. I have posted several times now over this question business.

      As for you you getting back on the site, have you applied for the site cleaners job, you know, maybe just wiping the threads that have not made 2 replies off the bottom of the screen?

  561. dumpey says:

    I think its great you addicted mental cunt

    • 8 INCHER says:

      I am marching to the bottom of the site….

      • Bob says:

        “How do you know bob vegas got him banned, typical bad mouthing from people that should really take a step back.”

        well said. how sweet of you. where was this reaction from the regulars when Stretch and I were ejected!?

  562. bob says:

    dumpey/maggot now we’ve met we can chat away. why not say you were maggot all along? nothing to fear there except being an utter cunt surely?

  563. Bob says:

    dumpey/maggot now that we’ve met we can chat away. why not say you were maggot all along? nothing to fear there except being an utter cunt surely?

  564. dumpey says:

    im not maggot you fuckwit…

  565. Bob says:

    so who are ya shy boy?

  566. 8 INCHER says:


  567. Bob says:

    it’s the only thing that will ever be of interest regards dumpey. anything else he writes is irrelevant

  568. dumpey says:

    its just a random anonymous name nob it matters little to normal people

  569. Bob says:

    it matters everything on betfair forum. are you a Football or Chit Chat man?

  570. dumpey says:

    lol that sums up how sad your life is nob

  571. 8 INCHER says:

    sick of getting the emails

  572. Bob says:

    “im done with this now…. one of you will have to take over if you want to carry it on
    cant be bothered with this place anymore, most of the good posters i like are gone and its got really boring. plus apparently im about to get banned again anyway
    peace out”

    this genuinely has saddened me. the forum is not what it once was

  573. paddy says:

    due to you you fucking mental case

  574. WWCD says:

    You’re to blame Bob, when will you be happy? when know is left to post

  575. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    i am the real chicken diner

    the imoster is a seething seatsniffer


    dumpey is prob maggot, not 1.01 more 1.10

    you know u want to erase the maggot anyway……go down in a blaze of glory

  576. Mr Chicken Diner says:


  577. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    evening binman YEW drongo

  578. WWCD says:

    Bob talking to himself, get a life you twat

  579. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    ^ i have been rumbled by this sharp mind. i am actually bob, now go and sniff your hamsters anus you silly WALLOPER

  580. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    i see i am being closely monitored by the MUGS on the phorum…

  581. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    a wise man once said small eggcorns grow into bigger eggcorns

    well bob, u were the ordinairy punter when u first appeared, but soon became a powerful warlord like figure

    let them hate, so long as they fear

    and frank and dumpey certainly fear, hiding behind their anonynmity

  582. WWCD says:

    Ah I see, a seething haggis muncher

  583. Bob says:

    SB who are dumpey and frank?

  584. paddy says:

    couple of minutes here and there to hurl abuse at the prick who ruined the forum for everyone does no harm ez…


    Ask the mentally retarded one who signed in as SirThomasOfToes on Nibbs chatroom late one night and posted this


    And dellman, FYI have NEVER used a credit card.

    And for the mentally retarded one, you got rid of TMP but you never got rid of me All you have done is stop TMP putting placepot comp scores on the competition threads, which I have been doing since 2005, so well done you for ruining 110 peoples idea of fun as I can’t post them race by race now. I shall now email the scores to Pumphol, and he wilL post them after the last race each day .So the competition goes on. .All you need to do now is try and guess which of 3 active and funded accounts I am STILL using. You dumb cunt, I know at least 19 people on Befair personally, and 3 of those are bookies, and I work for 2 of those 3 . The forum is only anonymous to you , and other trolling mentally retarded cunts like you, who have no friends.

    • 8 INCHER says:


      i was asking if you had a funded account, if not, betfair will suspend the account.

      Hope this hops.

      • TWOMATCHPOINTS says:

        Okay smart arse, answer me this.

        Are Betfair just plucking unfunded account names at random from the thousands of names on their client list ?

        Because if I was in charge of the task of finding unfunded accounts, I’d start at those beginning with the letter A, and work my way through to Z, as any person with common sense would.

        I know of at least 5 unfunded accounts (people who were banned but came back and behaved) that come alphabetically before T (For TMP) . They are still posting.

        Therefore, I was grassed.

        They know who I am because they can trace the internet address, but they dare not touch my funded accounts, and as I’m not a scamming cunt like Vegas. I have done nothing illegal, so I won’t be exchange banned, like Vegas.

        And if it wasn’t for your mentally retarded colleagues Vegas and Armstrong starting at least 10 names a week, all this would have been avoided.

      • 8 INCHER says:

        They kept suspending my accounts and did the same to metal_micky. I cheekily phoned them expecting them to put the phone down. However, my account was re-instated under the understanding I do not swear and follow the terms and conditions.

        No need for the smart arse comment, I was only trying to help.

        As for my colleagues as you put it, I can not control them.

  587. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    that is good news TMP

  588. Hudsonhicks says:

    Moorcroft, McKenzie Hall and Bluestone debt reoverty companies are phoning me every day ROFL

    FUcking mongs

  589. paddy says:

    New forum been set up without moderation it seems, enough banned folk, thanks to bob, to use it…

  590. paddy says:

    lol first user on there ‘bob vegas’…

  591. Bob says:

    “as I’m not a scamming cunt like Vegas. I have done nothing illegal, so I won’t be exchange banned, like Vegas.”

    you’re making blind accusations again TMP. what am i supposed to have done?

  592. Bob says:

    no micky it is not me. i have a job. no time or interest in that shite. people misunderstand me. i just wanna get back on the bf forum

    • 8 INCHER says:

      send a letter to your local MP then, explain that your human rights are been affected.

      • Bob says:

        “I cheekily phoned them expecting them to put the phone down. However, my account was re-instated under the understanding I do not swear and follow the terms and conditions.”

        no i’ll just do that thanks mickey

  593. Tobermory says:

    All the people banned the other day were due to Bob, no doubt whatever. Amazing coincidence that they banned the ones Bob obsessively listed and did not ban any of the 2 dozen or so life banned people posting under different names i know of that Bob has not mentioned.

  594. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    you will not last 1 day Vegas, everyone hates you and you cannot help yourself you will soon be grassed up. What goes around comes around

  595. Bob says:

    Tobes a list of people i like/respect/have time for on the forum for what it’s worth:

    you, Hammer, Bhoys, Hammer, Kal, Smithy, CaptScarlet, Coachbuster, Biscuit (to a lesser extent)


  596. MONEY TREE says:

    You will never be back Paul

    And if you try to get back, me and a lot of others will grass you up and get you banned straight away.

    The sooner you realise this, the better for your mental health

  597. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    see even the twat MT hates you Vegas you cunt


    September 10, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Ask the mentally retarded one who signed in as SirThomasOfToes
    on Nibbs chatroom late one night and posted this

    Bob says:
    September 10, 2012 at 2:56 pm
    that isn’t me TMP, and is not my style. why not be nice to me for a change?
    Bob says:
    September 10, 2012 at 2:58 pm
    how dare you pin things on me and call me mentally retarded when i’ve done nothing wrong. who the fuck do you think you are

    I’m a bit smarter than you.

    My post says ‘The mentally retarded one’ it doesn’t mention your name.

    At 2-56 p.m. you said ‘it isnt me’

    At 2-58 pm. you asked ‘how dare you put thinks about me?’

    Once again, I never mentioned your name your name, you dumb grassing cunt.



    so his first name is Paul ?

    Any idea of his surname ?

  600. Tobermory says:

    Paulol was his original forum name

  601. paddy says:


    Anyone else a victim of the sad grassing little shit?

  602. Bob says:

    it does a bit micky. i always liked TMP too. his ban wasn’t even my doing

  603. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    yes it was you horrible bastard

  604. paddy says:

    seen a doctor yet bob?

  605. Bob says:

    what for paddy?

  606. paddy says:

    your mental illness and addiction..

  607. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    ^ LOL seethe rating, 8/10

  608. paddy says:

    1 month without nobhead 🙂

  609. MONEY TREE says:

    His name is Paul

    He is from Leeds

    He claims to work in a PPI call centre

    Shouldn’t be too hard to find him

    • Bob says:

      not heard of Pontefract then chump? 🙂

      why would you want to find me Tree? how sweet… :/

      anyway if we wanted to find you it would be easy as you have a picture of yourself on your betfair profile. ugly dumb cunt!!

  610. Bob says:

    spare old chatname you’re using then paddy?

  611. paddy says:

    like id tell you bob ffs

  612. MONEY TREE says:

    Epic seethe from Paul.

    I can bet

    I can use the forum

    You can’t!!!

  613. MONEY TREE says:


    Bye bye, I’m off to have a bet then post on the forum.

    Have fun hammering the refresh key, praying someone will talk to you.

  614. Bob says:

    TMP keeps banning me from quiz chatroom 😦

    no idea why he is so against me and where it all stems from :/

    • swearbox says:

      Bob you cannot be that thick…TMP is under the impression that your emails/calls to BF resulted in him getting the boot from the forum. Either you did or didn’t call and mention him specifically, there’s no in between. If you did mention him and it got him the heave ho then understandably he’d be fucking fuming with you because I would if it were me. So, what’s the story…are you to blame or not…if not then stop pussy footing around and let everyone know it wasn’t you.

      • Bob says:

        it wasnt me sb. i openly admitted to TMP and Dawsy (attempted) and HRE. i’ve never had anything against TMP and not sure why he had/has it in for me 😦

      • nomadicninja says:

        Billions of people cannot be that thick but this odious worm can,proven by himself in embarrassing fashion over and over again and will continue to be so…………….

  615. Bob says:

    *the first TMP should read TMO. d’oh!

  616. Bob says:

    beat me to it SB. good evening to you mate

  617. paddy says:

    SB how many times did bob start threads calling winkle/tmp, how many times did he hassle him on the forum and via pm as to previous bans, bob had it in for tmp due to bobs obssesion with bans and usernames….bob stop being a fucking coward.

  618. Bob says:

    “Bob joined July 2009, but he was never seen on the forum til 2011.So , for 18 months, Bob had a funded, verified, all above board account, under which he could post all he liked, but he never bothered with the forum at all”

    good post TOBERMORY. it’s true i was introduced to betfair by a good friend and didnt really notice the forum until Jan 2011. it is ironic that before the forum i had a clean, totally above-board mug betting account. crazy how all the problems are about the forum, nothing to do with the betting exchange itself. there is no reason whatsoever why i shudnt be ok to bet there 😦

    • 8 INCHER says:


      My mate has managed to join today via telephone, he has been advised that he can post on the forum in a few weeks though.

      He is betting happily though.

      Hope this hops.

  619. dumpey says:

    Forum doesnt want you, betfair dont want you, take the hint you addicted freak

  620. Available on request says:

    Bob Vegas rinsed by Betfair

  621. Hornets says:

    Bob i just want to say your a absolute cock of the highest order and sick in the head wanker

  622. Bob says:

    micky – there was never a ban on new betfair bettors. HTH

    hornets – why do you think that about someone who has only ever supported you?

  623. paddy says:

    They wont let bob on, he’s begged like a pathetic kid for months and the answer is always the same “fuck off”.they even took to hanging up on him when he called,he spammed the forum slating there customer services, even tho he’s not a customer,bob will never post or bet again he’s simply a seething adict…

  624. paddy says:

    not on betfair nobend

  625. Hudsonhicks says:

    Bob, give it up dude it’s getting embarressing now.

    I check this page every few days in the hopes you’ve finally seen sense.

  626. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    3 cheers for BETFAIR, never mind Mr Vegas you phucking tool

  627. bobsabitofacnut says:

    getting people from the forum banned you are fucking mentally unstable.

    I hope you get your internet disconnected for your own safety.


  628. bobsabitofacnut says:

    is the sillllekhunt rimming his blow up betfair sign????

  629. Joe Strummer says:


  630. Bob says:

    zzz given up on getting back on Hudson?

  631. dumpey says:

    he probably has a life bob unlike yourself

  632. Bob says:

    any new members yet? havn’t tried for a few days

  633. dumpey says:


  634. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    yes I have seen 3 new ones, dont look as though you will be back Vegas you tool

  635. Bob says:

    no you havn’t. prove it. link me to 1.

    1.01 you can’t
    1000 you can


  636. paddy says:

    yep there is a few newbies, I sent a pm to one bob he had a genuine 1st time account and had to fund then call for forum approval….doesnt concern a banned ex customer like you tho bob

  637. Bob says:

    “doesnt concern a banned ex customer like you tho bob”

    you’re a banned ex-customer too don’t forget paddy.

    as for new forumites, you’ve claimed this before and still not managed a link to a new profile after 10th August…

    why is that?

  638. paddy says:

    im not banned ffs

  639. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    hey VEGAS have you noticed the posts getting fewer here? soon you will be talking to yourselg in cyberspace you cunt mwoooooaaahhhaha

  640. Bob says:

    Paddy – you’ve claimed new forumites twice now and still not managed a link to 1 new profile.

    why is that?

    • BOB… Just seen this on football :-

      Betfair Community Manager 2 18 Sep 12 08:40
      The Champions League group stages are here, the new domestic football season is gaining pace – so how would you like to have £35 drop into your account? Perhaps even more than once?

      Betfair’s Refer and Earn scheme has just got better: now for every friend you introduce who goes on to place £25-worth of matched bets in the first 31 days after joining, you will receive £35 . . . and so will they.

      And that first £25 your friend has to wager doesn’t need to be in one lump: it can be five £5 bets or a collection of smaller bets. As long as they have £25 in bets matched and settled in 31 days after they join Betfair, both you and they will receive £35 in your account.

      So boost your own bank for the Champions League – and make sure your friends don’t have to settle for less!

      To learn more, and to start referring friends, click here:

      apart from

    • paddy says:

      why should I be arsed doing that bob? I care very little

  641. Bob says:

    erm no you can’t.

    A Market to help :

    Chance of betfair ever allowing new forum users 1.10
    Chance of me finding a way back on the forum one day 1.30
    Chance paddy has an account at current with posting 1.90
    Chance paddy knows of a new forumite since the rule 1000

    Place your bets.

  642. paddy says:

    No wonder you’re a loser, you should be 1000 for getiing back on and all the rest busted freak

  643. Bob says:

    find me one new member “BCM” you stupid prick

  644. paddy says:

    Why bob what use is that info to you?

  645. Bob says:

    proves i’m right as usual. and BCM’s paste is about new betfair members not the forum. thick cunt, probably micky

  646. Bob says:

    just now…

    Thank you for your email. Until further notice new forum users are not being accepted. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    If you have any further issues arising from the Betfair forum please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards


  647. paddy says:

    lol why does the forum need you bob? no-one wants you back so why does it NEED you?

  648. Bob says:

    paddy how do you explain a betfair email proving you as bullshit?

  649. paddy says:

    Why are you, a permanently banned ex customer, so bothered about new forum members? they’re there, they’re nothing to do with you, you’re banned for life, why wont it sink in fruit loop?

  650. Bob says:

    ok let’s level.

    i’m bothered about new forum members cos i want to be one.
    they aren’t there.
    why would a betfair email say they aren’t there if they are?

  651. MONEY TREE says:

    You will never be back Paul.

    If you try I will get you banned straight away. You wont last an hour.

  652. paddy says:

    You’ve had you chances and you fuked it, new members and your addiction have nothing in common and knowing who they are is irrelevant

  653. Bob says:

    why would you Tree? what have i ever done to you?

  654. MONEY TREE says:

    You tried to destroy the forum.

    You got several established and popular members banned becuase you were jealous, and you couldnt handle that you are a shit clueless gambler.

    You will never be forgiven for this.

    • paddy says:

      well said tree, bob has memory issues and thinks he’s done nothing wrong…deluded, thick and perma banned I honestly dont know why I give him the time of day.

    • swearbox says:

      MT said – “You got several established and popular members banned becuase you were jealous, and you couldnt handle that you are a shit clueless gambler.

      Pot Kettle black imo…ROFFLE.

  655. Bob says:

    Tree you’ve just had a baby. let’s put things into perspective and get along. i was banned just like these “established and popular members”. we are all victims of moderation and should all be equal. peace x

  656. Bob says:

    paddy you seem to have problems with reading.

    for the third time of exposing you:


  657. paddy says:

    as you answer everyone elses questions with questions bob Im answering none of yours…

  658. MONEY TREE says:

    You were never established, or popular.

    No-one else tried to destroy the forum.

    You are just a massive attention seeker with no life or friends.

    And now you are stuck posting on a shitty blog read by about 4 people,and half of them are only here to take the piss out of you.

    And the best thing is, its all your own fault. It you had acted like a normal person and listened to the advice given to you. you would still be able to bet, and post on betfair.

    Now you will NEVER be able to do either. HA HA

    • swearbox says:

      MT said “And now you are stuck posting on a shitty blog read by about 4 people,and half of them are only here to take the piss out of you.”

      You fucking prick Tree…this is my life’s work here…my own fucking masterpiece if you will. I should become ruthless like Betfair and moderate you into oblivion for your fucking rudeness but as you occasionally provide me with the opportunity to mock you I will let you stay around a while longer.

      • paddy says:

        I didnt read it like that sb, I hope mt meant what I read, as in bobs last thread to cling to is here, where all he gets is abuse and exposed for what he is, moderation free..’shitty blog’ not the best way to put it but im sure he didnt mean to offend…

        • swearbox says:

          I’m fuming here Paddy…steam is coming out of every orifice…I’m at war with Tree now for his unkind remarks…I will crush him via the medium of text.

    • Bob says:

      “You are just a massive attention seeker with no life or friends.”

      the irony is of epic proportions from the ugly divkid

  659. Bob says:

    paddy – i just answered yours above and am willing to answer more. yet you can’t answer that because it exposes you as being very wrong

  660. paddy says:

    Exposes me? what a retard you are bob…the rest of us just sit back and watch as someone throws a stick for the mental puppy

  661. Bob says:

    zzz good night patrick

    • BOB

      Has it not dawned on you that nobody is having a civil conversation on here with you. This is due to you asking the same questions over and over again. You did the same thing on the forum. Why would anyone be interested in listening to such drivel again? I know you will just answer this with a question that everyone reading here has heard before.

  662. Hudsonhicks says:


    Please may i come back to the forum please?

    I was never malicious, sure i was anoying and my Pole threads might have grated on a few, but there was no real harm done.

    I’d like to come back and re-intergrate into the community and talk about football and shrewd tips and bets.


  663. paddy says:

    bob still begging for people to start threads lol …how many years of your life are you going to waste on this sad crusade bob

  664. Bob says:

    still lying about new members patrick?

  665. Bob says:

    EZ – thanks bud

  666. paddy says:

    Still answering questions with question you boring freak?….lying bob? or baiting the mental case and laughing at the bite?

  667. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    hey knobhead, how many have signed your petition? No fucker that’s how many, what does that tell you cunt?

  668. Bob says:

    sign the thread if you want answers stranger

  669. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    you think I would sign a petiton to get you back? you’re a dopier cunt than I first thought

    • 8 INCHER says:


      I started one on the football forum and you got 1 vote….. and I think that was your mothers account

      Hope this hops

    • Bob says:

      stranger sign against the petition dumb fuck

      • 8 INCHER says:


      • dumpey says:

        lol bob not as dumb as you is he,if he posts on the thread you then have a username to go crying to bf with,dumb fuck nob

  670. Bob says:

    micky you can’t count

  671. dumpey says:

    200 000 forumites, how many votes you got sad act?

  672. Bob says:

    zzz no idea who you are dumpey.

    EZ – what you think of Kal’s plans to go full-time? you working at current? i like Kal he’s a good lad so wish him all the best from me. tough challenge ahead though

  673. dumpey says:

    il take that as a big fat zero then sad act,kal is a deliquent drunken mug punter, i can see why you like him nob,and youve no idea who anyone is fuckwit AUTOFOOKINGLOOP

  674. Bob says:

    ok paddy you start an interesting conversation…

  675. paddy says:

    Will do, not here tho as this is a blog about the nobheads who ruined the forum, il start one on the forum bob join in if you like, over and out.

  676. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    oh well I’m off also, looks like you’ll just have to cry to dumpey knobhead, enjoy your sad life

    • dumpey says:

      fook that,i only come here to hurl abuse at the prick but bored shitless of autoloop now, bye bob

      • Bob says:

        Signups Disabled Due to the recent disruption in the Community Forums, we have suspended new registrations to the Community with immediate effect until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. You can still visit the Betfair Community by clicking

  677. Bob says:

    paddy you found a new forumite yet mate?

    dumpey – can we put things behind us and get along?

  678. Bob says:

    Re: TOBERMORY on KAL’s thread, as you say; surely just trying to pick winners or lay losers’s is the route to the poor house which i sadly inhabit 😦

  679. Bob says:

    can someone please start a thread decalring dellman41 as the dullest ever forumite.

    the guy is surely a virgin after debbie rebuffed his one and only attempt to lose his cherry

  680. dumpey says:

    Bed? thought the wardrobe was your place? 😉

    • 8 INCHER says:

      Ha ha Dumpey,

      Up early, have changed my shift pattern again……

      Getting bored of the wardrobe thing now and Big Winston wants me to stop in there…..

      Speak soon……


      PITY AUTOLOOP CUNT does not have your intelligence…. 🙂

  681. dumpey says:

    likewise 😉

  682. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    see the petition thread has fallen off the bottom he he


  683. Kal1984 says:

    Bob the forum isnt the same pal. Hope your good mate!

  684. Suso30 says:

    I Miss you Bob 😦

  685. Bob says:

    hi mate. been enjoying your thread. good luck with it all. you gonna post bets?

  686. Mr Chicken Diner says:


    there are ways and means to re emerge on the forum

    not easy in yr situation, but not impossible

    you need to think creatively

  687. Kal1984 says:

    Thanks mate. i am taking a couple of weeks out mate. Just want to chill for a while and then get going. forum is full of absolute mugs these days.
    U still workin?

  688. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    bob as you can see you have enough sympathizers to make a comeback

    it would be the greatest comeback since jesus rose from the dead, or noel edmonds resurrected his career with deal or no deal

    teh forum needs your late night entertainment

  689. Hoagy says:

    Tommy: Unfortunately, the other ‘ruiner’ Dellman (braindead) 41 was poxing the place up. It seems like there’s no escape from them.

  690. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    btw i think i have an idea who dumpey is, maybe a few of the others

    cant figure out who frank is though, seems very primitive, just repeating himself like a broken record. perhaps a member of the chit chat racist pensioner brigade

  691. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    i’ll write more tomorrow as its late, cant say everyting explicitly though as there are informers reading this too

    but sooner or later the sign up ban will be removed, not everything revolves around this, but certain windows of oppurtunity can be presented.

    remember someone banned now under the current embargo is less likely to return. a chance to remove some currently active forum enemies to clear the path of grassers and reportes should u return……

  692. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    bob, essentially nothing can be done until the sign up ban is lifted, but that will happen, the plan from there isnt revolutionary, but if executed smoothly should work

    you need to identify the biggest threats to your potential future forum life in the meantime

    you are wasting your time with dawsy, tmo as they prob wont grass you if you behave

    the chit chat brigade and the profil/loss regs are prob the biggest threat

  693. swearbox says:

    I would be grateful if anyone reading who can still post on the forums wouldn’t mind posting something for me…the comment is meant for the Britain’s Most Rancid Beer thread on chit chat…my nomination would be Hoegaarden as it tastes like an infusion of boquet garni and stale cat lant.

  694. Kal1984 says:

    will do EZ mate. Can you do me a favour and post a comment on the forum from me?

  695. Kal1984 says:

    A thread on the forum called – Countdown To A Bookies Massacre At Ayr On Saturday. Can you tell Mactheknife that i am banned from the forum and all the best for his selections at Ayr 2moro. Cheers EZ. Will drop you an email soon mate

  696. Bob says:

    Kal why the hell are you banned mate!?

    McChicken when have you ever been nice to me!?

  697. Bob says:

    haha EZ. was it you all along? really wanna get on there and ttt a few threads. super dull it is these days! who u reckon dumpey was?

  698. Bob says:

    get that and some other good ‘uns ttt’d EZ. try spice up the forum on a Friday. it needs it! 🙂

  699. Bob says:

    Return_Of_Dawsy 17 Jun 12 17:42
    You massive cretin.
    Tell me who you are right now or I will phone Betfair and find out.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    awww i wanna get on there lol

  700. Bob says:

    look at that sad cock munter. always analysing me even when i’m not on the forum, yet it’s him who’s obssessed with me. let him read this and realise the sad fucking nobody!!

  701. Bob says:

    Biscuit missed pasting the above post 😦

  702. Bob says:

    hudsonhicks 24 Sep 11 04:03
    “alot of the missfits on here at this time blatently don’t have a social life. people with friends go out for a few pints on a friday night.
    the same names online now are also online late at night in the week as well.. which leads me to believe they have no job either
    so basically you ****g mugs have NO FRIENDS, NO JOB, NO SOCIAL LIFE,

    a year ago tonight 🙂

  703. MONEY TREE says:

    You will never be back Paul, I will make sure of that

    Get a life sad act

  704. Bob says:

    what i ever do to you Mr Tree?

  705. BCM says:

    GRASSER NEWS: Bob reported Kal so that Kal would post here or that other forum, giving Bob a friend to talk to.

  706. Bob says:

    nope. i like Kal. always have. however that nobody desperatemunter needs a banning. prick!

  707. BCM says:

    Yes you did and before you send in another email regarding desperatemunter, can I remind you you are banned for life, the forum has nothing to do with you. Stop stalking the place.

  708. Bob says:

    and you are??

  709. Bob says:

    “and so he starts it all over again.
    Nobby, ‘we’, disparate bunch that we are, are all here to discuss football related matters ONLY. All other material belongs elsewhere.
    ‘We’ like it like that.
    Some of ‘us’ may be morons and nobs of the highest order – but it’ll still be football related.
    Your content is not football related.
    Are you one of ‘us'(people who talk football/betting ONLY) nobby, or do you see yourself as different to that?”

    who does this desperatemunter prick think he is? us!? he’s a nobody. can someone tell him he is very much in the top3 of my ban list

  710. dumpey says:

    you sad sad tragic little wank stain bob, ban list ffs get over it and get a life

  711. Mr Chicken Diner says:


    i am not the forumites mcchicken sandwich or winer winner chicken diner

    i cannot reveal my identity as it would endanger my forum life, lets just say im a man of mystery…..

  712. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    by the way, im 95% sure that the person posting here under the name ‘nomadic ninja’ is GREENVIKING

    and im 90% sure DUMPEY is a member of the chit chat grassing squadron

    if you were ever to return to the forum GV would need to be dealt with beforehand, a bitter and callous individual

  713. dumpey says:

    You are incorrect chik din, not on chit chat,on bf rarely and grassing twts are the lowest of the low,lower than the shit in the bottom of a barrel,see nob vegas as a perfect example

  714. Bob says:

    oh ok Chicken Diner. nice to have some support. if people are ok with me i’m cool with them. yes nomadicninja is definitely greenviking. a truly despicable cretin. tried to get him banned many times and have much damning evidence on the guy, but for some reason he never has been. beggars belief. not sure who dumpey and frank etc… are.

    • dumpey says:

      tried to get him banned many times? ffs you sad cunt what did he do call you a nasty name?? are you still in fucking nappies you pathetic little growth?

      • Bob says:

        yeah some nasty stuff. unprovoked. i’m only banned for calling Undern a prick in March 2011 so that’s all it takes…

  715. dumpey says:

    oh yeah nasty stuff on an anonymous forum,cry like a bitch you utter low life grassing pathetic obssessed addicted inbred daddy wanking freak, why cant you just walk away and leave the adults to chat fuckwit??

  716. Bob says:

    zzz i don’t talk to strangers. good night

  717. dumpey says:

    But you just did AUTOLOOP you boring twat and on the fora they’re all strangers you wanker

  718. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    GV is probably in contact with betfair also, as a countermeasure to your attempts to have him banned. he probably has anticipated your actions and will try to portray himself in a positive light or whatever.

    the thing is, i noticed with him, he regularly oversteps the mark of normal banter/conversation and comes out with some vindictive and disturbing thoughts.people have surely been banned for saying far less.

    keep the evidence as he can be done under the ‘harassment/abusive language’ condition. ultimately if you have copies of what he has said previously it would be very hard not to ban him under that policy, as it is clearly hateful speech.

  719. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    LOL at dumpey

    talks about adult convo then throws a tantrum full of childish insults

  720. Bob says:

    well said McC

  721. Bob says:

    here’s a great one about GV:

    he proceeds to say on page 2 how mentally unstable people should be killed about a fellow forumites friend

  722. dumpey says:

    ‘keep the evidence as he can be done under the ‘harassment/abusive language’ condition’

    lol have you pair of wankers listened to yourselves, seriously seek help

  723. Mr Chicken Diner says:

    looking at that thread, even by gv’s standards, he outdid himself there

    a dead man walking, in the forum sense of course

  724. THE VEGAS HATER says:

    little wankstain vegas bleating he was banned for calling Undern a prick, you wre banned for fraud you thick cunt that’s why it’s a life ban. go and wank over your grassing hitlist you fucking nomark

  725. dumpey says:

    so nob you got ez to ttt some freds for u,noone was interested,you got someone to start a petition, again noone was interested,youre gathering ‘evidence’ and magically supply links to freds long gone, noone is interested,you email and call betfair by the hour,theyre not interested,you even invented a girlfriend (lol) doing a degree,girls aint interested

    when will it sink in the place isbetter without you,youre not wanted and noone is interested??? for your own good do something worthwhile with your life as tragic as it is

  726. dumpey says:

    just look at youself sitting there on a sat night franticaly clickin refresh just hoping for someone to talk to about a site your PERMANENTLY banned from and thats the best answer you can give ‘z’?? so you dont care how sad your life is???

  727. THE VEGAS HATER says:

  728. Bob says:

    identity is everything on betfair forum and it’s spin-offs. without it you are irrelevant in any way imaginable and the only response you deserve is: