New Community Registrations Suspended Until Further Notice

August 10, 2012

Betfair, 10th Aug 12, 21.20

“Due to the recent disruption in the Community Forums,  we have suspended all new registrations to the Community with immediate effect until further notice.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.”

Didn’t really have much choice did they?  In over 10 years of being on (and occasionally off) the forums it has never been as bad as in the last few days with wanton forum destruction being acted out nightly by a couple of posters with a grudge to bear.

We like to name names on here because that’s how we roll, well me anyway, so for the very new folk that haven’t a clue who I’m talking about it was Bob and Hudson.

Bob: Originally came to forum life as Paulme  and soon thereafter (or maybe even at the same time) Paulol, later changing his name to Frimpong and then a whole host of Frim and Frin related names before settling for the now legendary Bob Vegas inspired suite of names that number in the low hundreds…probably 🙂  By his own admission Bob says he is banned from betting on the exchange as well as perma banned from the forums for calling Undern something unsavory.  A harsh punishment imvho for an alleged first offence.

Hudson:  First came to our attention as Hudsonhicks though I never really paid him much attention after reading through one of his fishing expeditions…once you’ve seen one you get tired of the next and the next etc etc.  He really began to grate on everyone’s nerves after he started his Polish immigrant bashing via a slew of Job Seeker / Dole scum inspired names that became his wonderful legacy.  Another self confessed exchange banned punter that came about (allegedly) after he created a thread bragging about a 10 grand loan he obtained to use for betting purposes.  My thoughts are that Betfair simply thought he was a cunt and used his post as their excuse to get rid of a ‘problem gambler’.  That way they kill two birds with one stone – get rid of a twat from the forum (probably their primary aim) while at the same time being seen to be proactive where it comes to preventing a gambling problem spiralling out of control (Grrrreat PR).

In both cases above the removal of said forumites from the exchange did not precipitate the desired end result of their expected lack of interest in the forums.  In fact it looks like it became the catalyst that energised both posters to use all of their cunning and guile to overcome their respective forum bans and stick it back to betfair with a very obvious two fingered salute but in the end Betfair will prevail, that I’m sure of.

At the time of writing Bob is still active and I suspect when Betfair close down his current outlet he may well have a couple of plan B’s to fall back on.  Not so sure about Hudson but we’ll see soon enough.

There is a third poster who deserves an honourable mention who is probably feeling a little lonely tonight as yet another of his usernames has been filed into Room 101.  Let’s talk about  Stretch baybee, let’s talk about you and me, la la la la…you know the tune.  Yes, poor little Nikki Minaj fanboy Stretch Armstrong aka christ knows how many other names has also got the boot again today and, unless he took prudent steps like Bob to have a whole bunch of unused aliases on standby for those harder times, we won’t be seeing much of him for the forseeable….awww, shame 😦

It’s fair to say that there are a great many very disgruntled forumites who, if given half a chance, would cheerfully separate all three from their breath though I don’t number myself amongst them as I think a bit of controversy like this adds colour to what could easily become a very stale forum if people continue to get permanently removed from the forums as has been the case in the past year or so.  I’m not saying it should be a weekly occurrence (the interruptions), far from it, all I’m saying is that if we all played nice and got along with each other it would be very very boring.

If you have an opinion, good or bad, then don’t be shy…I don’t bite.  Thanks for reading.

Betfair Grass MisterWinner aka Torres 9

August 2, 2012

Well you finally made your reappearance though you took your time it has to be said.  What I found immensely funny was the fact that your attempt at misleading the rest of the forum by choosing a name that’s already been very prominent in the past (but created by a different person) fell flat on it’s face on the first day.  At least two other forumites had you down as an imposter after your first post LMFAO.

Are we going to see the Torres of old this time around?  Leopards can’t change their spots so I’m assuming the answer would be yes.  So more of your gobbing off that you’re the number 1 on the forums, free money, follow me in, bollocks bollocks bollocks…can’t fooking wait.

I really wish I had a voice on the forums but I don’t so I’ll have to keep my comments to this blog…at least I won’t get banned for calling you a prick on here.  I had toyed with the idea of posting up an email I sent in to Betfair after you grassed me up.  For some, part of the content might be old news, but for many it’ll show you up for the whiny grassing little cunt you are…in fact, fuck it,  here’s a taster of part of it…

…There are several other examples of Torres9’s desire to have others banned. Consider the following posts lifted from a thread way back in June last year( (Thread created by RMB titled The Majority Of You Are A Bunch Of Tarts)


TORRES 9 27 Jun 11 12:18

Good plan Rocket

Let’s face it.

I tip and abuse

But Forumites

Like daveyboymoyes, Calmug just abuse and take the p .

I’m really keen to get them banned. I tried to get rid of moyes but didn’t work


TORRES 9 27 Jun 11 12:24

You can’t tho

It’s in our nature.

We need them banned. I am here to help. I have had 5/6 forumites ask me advice, and has given out my email etc wtc

Guys like moyes and Calmug must go imho


TORRES 9 27 Jun 11 12:57

Totally agree.

Maybe RMB who started the thread can draft a letter.

We really need this cleaned up.

I’m going try and get Calmug & Davey banned by the end of the week.

Cramped and Alex worked a treat-going after these guys now.

And here’s a bit more….

The following is taken from yet another thread where he openly admits to attempting to have another forumite banned…


Thread Title TORRES 9 Free money tips with me T9  17 Dec 11 08:00

TORRES 9 18 Dec 11 00:42

I tried to get Davey banned twice

Don’t care what or anyone thinks about that

I wish I got Alex kicked off – but I can’t take the credit for that


TORRES 9 18 Dec 11 00:44

Davey posted a a picture of a baby in napkins

So I wrote to Betfair saying he posts child pornography


TORRES 9 18 Dec 11 00:53

You deserve a life ban for that sort of thing

It’s not allowed
That’s pretty fucking low trying to pin a child porn complaint on another forumite in a desperate bid to get them the boot.  I hope this post gets around as you are one despicable person that other forumites need to be aware of.  If I’m wrong and this MisterWinner character is not the same guy as Torres 9 then feel free to offer up some proof and I’ll remove this thread without delay.  Have a fooking great day you complete bell end.


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