FAO Betfair Forumite Bergkamp93

Bergy I told you many times on many threads that you were probably the thickest forumite ever to have posted on the BF forums. I still stick by that but I feel duty bound to let you know that regardless of your double digit IQ you’re actually not a bad guy but the company you keep stinks to high heaven.

I’m well aware of all the bollocks that’s being splashed all over the forums by that ultra moronic stretch armstrong prick (currently masquerading under the forum name of Eeyore which is a very fucking fitting name too if you ask me) and my beady eyes have been over every thread that the moron has started or posted on for the past 24 hours.

“What’s this got to do with me?” I hear you ask. Well, it appears that you and my mate stretch appear to be quite pally. I’ve mentioned it on this blog in a previous post but i don’t think I mentioned your username. Cast your mind back to February or thereabouts when that twat stretch (Quality_Treat as he was then) came onto the footy forum and outed one of my usernames to you. I seem to recall you mentioning that you couldn’t wait to pass on the info to your partner in stupidity Torres9. The following day my account was banned so I’m putting 2 and 2 together and getting something approximately equal to 4, ie I believe that you had something to do with the banning of one of my usernames albeit through naivety as opposed to anything more sinister.

Moving on, fast forward to today on the tennis forum and once again I see stretch making a beeline for you and gleefully announcing that I’m now posting as Captain Scarlet. Two people know for sure how true that statement is, me and the Captain Scarlet guy. Unfortunately for the latter he’s the one taking the stick on the forums from stretch, not me. But that’s not really why I started this post – I couldn’t care a fuck what’s written by dickheads on Betfair about me as I know who I am and what I stand for but it pisses me off when decent forumites (I’m talking about YOU now – yes, I used the word decent, read it again if you think your eyes deceived you) write shit about me because they believe some of the stuff they either read or get told directly on the forums.

So here’s a bit of the tennis thread I mentioned…

30 Jun 12 22:23

30 Jun 12 22:18
These threads are comical lol

They are when that cooont Swearbox (Captain Scarlet) isn’t on them


30 Jun 12 22:24
Seethebox is captain Scarlet Shocked ??


30 Jun 12 22:31
yes defo and Rop is revengeofpaddy


30 Jun 12 22:36
Eeeyore • June 30, 2012 10:31 PM BST
yes defo and Rop is revengeofpaddy
Haha couple of seethers they are lol…Torres9 used to own them, and swearbox is MUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGDid not know he was back as captain scarlet right enough, should be fun lol


30 Jun 12 22:41
I hope you inform Torres about your find  WinkHappy


30 Jun 12 22:49
I know all about getting banned Sad Torres just needs to open a new account.i can’t believe that stalking cooont swearbox all he wants to do is find me and then out me on here .I hope you give him a hard time i won’t be posting under this name much longer cos of all the grief i’m getting .All the best Bergkamp give it some wellie my friend Happy


30 Jun 12 22:58

Yes I think Torres can get back on the forum if he wants to….. but he is deciding to stay away as when I last talked to him he was doing brilliant on his betting and so he wanted to concentrate more on it as forum was dragging him back Cool

But he did say in a thread a couple of months ago that he will be back some time

Why did swearbox get you banned previously pal ?


30 Jun 12 22:58
He is a MUG banning people


30 Jun 12 23:03
He caused me so much grief it was inevitable i would lose it with bad language.he’s such a vile nasty charachter it’s unbelievable


30 Jun 12 23:09

He is I am afraid he bites and bites until you eventually lose the rag with him …And bang he reports you …

He needs to get a permanent ban can’t beleieve he is back under captain scarlet and that he has not had a bite at me …I though he already got the permanent banShocked

OK, there’s the excerpt from the thread and here’s where I point out the reason for this post.  You ask stretch why I got him banned previously then call me a mug for getting people banned.  I had FUCK ALL to do with any of stretch’s previous bans.  I have NEVER called for his removal or banning from the forum to the BF mods.  On one occasion I asked for a thread about me to be removed from chit chat when he was Wheelbarrow_Oil because the fucking idiot would not stop bumping it which was causing the rest of the forum to get pissed off.  The thread never got pulled but he was banned 2 days later due to multiple reports from other forumites but never once did I report him.
Then this –  “He is I am afraid he bites and bites until you eventually lose the rag with him …And bang he reports you …”
Not my style and you should know that.  I was up for all kids of shenanigans when I wasn’t banned and enjoyed the run ins with you and T9 and TSO and braindead and a ton of others.  I openly berated anyone who made threats of reporting or getting others banned.  Sadly T9, the fat fucking woman that he is, couldn’t handle being made to look a twat repeatedly by the likes of myself and Hammer and others so he grassed a really lame remark to Betfair and I got perma banned.
As I’ve written elsewhere on this blog I deliberately set about to have him booted the same way he did to me.  That’s the only guy I’ve done that to.  For info I had the same plan for you after you outed my second username to Torres but before I got the chance to stick the knife in you posted up a comment about wishing death upon Gareth Bale and you got sin binned for a month.  It was nothing personal, just a revenge thing and it’s forgotten so we’re cool (well I am at least) but at least I’m big enough to let you know.
I’m telling you all this just to set you straight on a few things not to have a go in front of all and sundry.  I can’t do it of the forums cos I’m not on the forums or I’d have PM’d you long ago.  Stretch Armstrong is not to be trusted…you rub him up the wrong way and you’ll get the same as me, The Leopard, Hammer, Bito, Crisp, Kenny Mann, and a whole host of others…torrents of abuse.  Stretch is deranged and his buttons are easily pushed but stretch tells tall tales and you’d be well served to ignore the daft prick.
And just before I sign off Torres9 never owned ANYONE on the forums, least of all me  Cool
Good luck Bergy and hope you don’t take this the wrong way.

16 Responses to FAO Betfair Forumite Bergkamp93

  1. frank says:

    he’s not decent, he’s another phucking bellend

  2. frank says:

    ah little bob the grass has gone crying to him

  3. Bergkamp93 says:


  4. Bergkamp93 says:

    Just checking to see if I could post, ( 1 of my thick moments ) haha

  5. Bergkamp93 says:

    Very surprised to hear that you got me banned for the month, I though it was all the spurs fans on the thread : 0

    To be fair I deserved the ban as it was unacceptable !!

    Why though ???

    I don’t get people banned it is spineless and pointless, and well we are all adults here not back at school

    And I think you know exactly who got you banned but you just want a name to say so you picked me 😦

    As for T9 I have not spoke to him since January, (Yes January)…As you must see yourself he is no longer on the forum so I have no other contact with him so I could not have possibly spread on to him what eeeyore wanted me to say

    • Bergkamp93 says:

      Just to confirm I did not get you banned***

      forgot to say above..

      • Bergkamp93 says:

        (Not my style and you should know that. I was up for all kids of shenanigans when I wasn’t banned and enjoyed the run ins with you and T9 and TSO and braindead and a ton of others.)

        As for this I totally agree was all up for the banter, infact you may have seen me post on the forum numerous of times that I miss having a bite or 2 with all the guys you mentioned above including you ….Forum is a bit dead now with people getting banned 😦

    • swearbox says:

      FFS Bergy read the blog post again…I said I was going to do to you what I did to Torres but before I got a chance someone grassed you for the Bale comment. I had nothing whatsoever to do with your one month ban.

      • Bergkamp93 says:

        Oh sh!t 😦 ….My bad sorry pal, been a long day haha

        Long post you got there, was hard to stay focused the whole way…was trading a bet at the same time lol

        Then we are all good man, lol

  6. Bergkamp93 says:

    ((“He is I am afraid he bites and bites until you eventually lose the rag with him …And bang he reports you …” ))

    As for this that I recently posted on a thread :

    I was just repeating what I was told by three different forum members that you ban people when you cannot take the abuse,

    I don’t know what to believe with that topic

    • swearbox says:

      Bergy if my old mum were alive today I’d be swearing on her life…I don’t report people just because they give me some stick. Dunno who told you that I did but I’d appreciate you outing the fuckers and they’ll be getting treated royally to a new arsehole tearing. I’m guessing the three are probably T9 and two derivatives of Stretch Armstrong, lying pricks that they are. I’m up front Bergy at all times. Most of the stuff I’ve written on the BF forums you’ll see repeated on here somewhere in various posts. My whole swearbox persona on the forums was the real me…I’m ex RAF, I live in Canada, and I don’t grass.

      • Bergkamp93 says:

        If I am being honest It never came across my mind pal when we where exchanging banter across the forum, that you did report people 🙂

        I only said that on the thread as that is what I was hearing, but tbh as you know it is hard to fully believe someone over a forum

        So forget what I posted as I always took you as someone that was on the site that liked a bit of agressive banter while waiting for the next match to go in-play like myself reallty , 🙂

        None of this banning sh!t it is POINTLESS … and I swear to God I have only ever reported 1 person on the betfair forum since I joined and that was a spamming cooont who kept posting about free tips

        Also pal If I can’t handle someone on the forum that is why the block button is there 🙂

        And also I would never try to get someone Perma banned as I would not like to be responsible for anyones losing there betting privileges being a gambler myself

        As for you banning me forget about it mate we are cool I deserved it anyway,

  7. Bergkamp93 says:

    You there Swearbox ??

    • Bergkamp93 says:

      ((((The Leopard, Hammer, Bito, Crisp, Kenny Mann, and a whole host of others…torrents of abuse. Stretch is deranged and his buttons are easily pushed but stretch tells tall tales and you’d be well served to ignore the daft prick.)))))


      As for that pal I 100% agree with you I don’t know what the fuck this stretch guys problem with hammer,crisp, bito etc etc is as they are all good lads

      And I will say again I never Knew this stretch guy it was him that approached T9….and then t9 told me about him 🙂

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