Calling Bob–Vegas…Anyone Seen Bob ?

Bang out of order is wot you is Bob and it was 1.01 you wouldn’t be around on the forum by the time the TSE mods had finished their first cup of coffee of the day. I honestly don’t know what you wish to achieve with all the stress you dish out to some of the forumites especially poor old Pistachio. Dragging his extended family into your twisted little arguments is the work of someone who really should be on some sort of medication to control an obvious chemical imbalance in your brain.

Now, if anyone from TSE is reading this, (hi there, by the way), you could do worse than have a word with his ISP and let them know how he’s abusing their terms and conditions by posting what he does. I know who provides his home IP address so it’s obvious that you do too. It wouldn’t stop him from posting from internet cafe’s or his workplace (if he has one) but it would prevent him from posting from his bedsit. I know it’s only an internet forum but the rest of the paying customers are sick of the place being held to ransom by this tool and afraid of saying the wrong thing to him for fear of getting grassed up and booted off. I’m not usually one for suggesting such draconian measures but needs must…you have to sort it out for the rest of us.

The end.

12 Responses to Calling Bob–Vegas…Anyone Seen Bob ?

  1. frank says:

    he’s utter scum

  2. Bob says:

    i didnt get banned mate

  3. frank says:

    he’s opened another account but has been grassed up already. good news because he is a nasty little grasser

  4. Bob says:

    frank you anonymous prick. reveal yourself coward

  5. frank says:

    look the grasser is paranoid again, you keep posting them grasser and I’ll keep getting them pulled. have a nice day now

  6. Static Tank says:

    Good work Frank keep it up and we’ll be rid of the little shit

  7. frank says:

    sorry but he is back as Robert,NV and causing trouble again, will have to make sure this one gets banned again.

  8. frank says:

    ha ha ha, he’s gone off on one you can almost see the tears.

  9. Static Tank says:

    The guys lost the plot again, utter prick, ffs wish betfair could get a grip of this wanker

  10. frank says:

    poor Bob’s cryin to be let back in “I just want to be treated like everyone else” PMSL FUCK OFF YOU WEASEL GRASSER!!!!!!

  11. Static Tank says:

    Guys a mental case, everyday the same with the prick, and trying to get others exchange banned is the lowest of the low, a few of us pm’d someting to b/f and they’ve responded positively is all I can say…not long for bob though 😉

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