An Open Letter to Bob.Vegas

What’s the fucking matter with you man ? Why can’t you keep your beak out of other peoples’ business.  I am moved to write this post after seeing you putting my name front and centre in front of the mods’ eyes by ttt’ing an old thread on the Betfair forum that refers to my current ban.

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planning a return Cool

It’s pricks like you that are the reason people like me are barred from posting because you have your little agenda that you rigidly execute with extreme prejudice.  The forum doesn’t need you or those like you.  Makes me wonder whether you’re such a dick in person (yes would be my guess).
For info if I was planning a return to the forums, shady or not, do you think for a nanosecond I would share that info with you ?  Not in a million years.  The only thing I would share with you would be disinformation because I know you can’t keep your trap shut and it would be a great way to spread a rumour.
Now, pretty please with fucking sugar on, stay out of my business as it’s really not appreciated.

29 Responses to An Open Letter to Bob.Vegas

  1. frank says:

    well said, the guy is a pain

  2. Bob says:

    oops never meant to rile you Swearbox. i like you. i still do. keep up the good work and hope to see you back on the forum soon. i was hoping to generate support to get you back, so what if TSE see it!?

  3. frank says:

    oh and a vile grasser

  4. Bob says:

    hi frank. im not pal. who are you on the forum?

  5. Stuart says:

    What a complete arse you are Bob, you’re not the forum police, you’re not the forum ringleader – stop acting like it. Everyone’s fed up to the back teeth with your immature shite.

    Nice blog Swearbox – keep up the good work mate

  6. Bob says:

    who are these guys on the forum Swearbox? as you say identity is everything. otherwise just empty words from strangers

  7. Bob says:

    haha frank whatever mate. if you too scared to reveal your forum name we have no further business. why talk to a stranger. all the best

    • frank says:

      I think you will find I am not talking to you but about you, and I have you blocked on the forum you tediuos man

  8. Bob says:

    why would i give a fuck if you blocked me. i don’t even know who you are on there!? prick!

  9. frank says:

    ok grasser we’ll leave it at that then if you have to resort to gutter language

  10. ThreeGreens says:

    Well said SB, Ive bloked the pathetic entity on the forums…he is an utter fuckng muppet ruining the place, its about sports bob you fucking dribble of a man not a hang out for wankers like you, get a life prick

  11. Bob says:

    frank you coward. too scared to reveal your forum name. bless

  12. frank says:

    ha ha ha it’s getting to you isn’t it grasser

  13. BobIsBorrrrrrrring says:

    Hi Swearbox – you were perfectly fine on the forum imo.

    Bob on the other hand is a complete tosser. So immature, boring, unintelligent, worthless posts, bad humour, a troll, windup merchant… in short, everything that is wrong with the forum.

    No enjoyable discussions, simple or detailed, just inane questions, poor “jokes” and slagging off.

    The way he attacked certain threads (especially on the Gen. Betting forum) was clearly malicious in order to ruin the flow of the thread and render it unusable basically. Either that, or he is genuinely retarded and couldn’t see the damage he was doing. However, he continued to pump the thread full of bile despite numerous requests to leave the people alone.

    He needs to go away and hopefully take dellman/metal_micky and erse with him.

    • swearbox says:

      Well thank you for your sentiments at the start of your post – I thought I was fine on the forums too. I suspect the only reason I got the boot was because of grassing and not outright moderator intervention.

      As for Bob he used to wind me right up as my outlook on the forums was live and let live but Bobby seemed to be more about trying to get others the boot. It didn’t sit well with me, particularly after I was banned, but nowadays I couldn’t imagine the forum without him.

      We need the Bob’s and dare I say it the Mickey’s and even (I’m choking to write this) the Stretch Armstrongs of this world. They provide an interesting, albeit childish, diversion from when things haven’t gone your way or are just plain sick of thread after thread about Wazza or Ronnie.

      If you’ve been keeping pace with Chit Chat you’ll see that Stretch has appeared again – this time as Eeyore (very fitting name imo). I was rather hoping for a meltdown on his Wimbledon thread yesterday and we pretty much got it but so far the mods are either oblivious or don’t much care. If it’s the latter then I suspect that they have imminent plans to tweak the forum so that returning banned posters don’t get to come back.

      Thanks again for taking the time to post…I’ve no idea who you might be on the forums though but it’s obviously someone who can string a sentence and spell so that narrows the field down tremendously 🙂 Have a good day mate,


  14. Bob is a gimp says:

    Bob is harmless, a few bricks short of a picnic is all

  15. frank says:

    dont worry eeeyore’s days are numbered

  16. frank says:

    and Vegas is still a twaaaaat

  17. frank says:

    and the donkey twat has been banned again, lovely grass up

    • swearbox says:

      Not by me though Frank. Stretch is a tool and melts down time after time. He has no control over what he types when he starts to seethe. I hate the report feature and have never ever hit the button – even if I wanted Stretch off the forums (and I don’t as he’s great entertainment) there’d be 20 forumites ahead of me in the report queue such is their fondness for that fucking button.

  18. Static Tank says:

    Right how can betfair get rid of bob for good? all suggestions welcome and il pass them on.

  19. frank says:

    no it’s not harsh, the fucking wanker is back again. Why can’t he just die

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