An Open Letter to Bob.Vegas

May 14, 2012

What’s the fucking matter with you man ? Why can’t you keep your beak out of other peoples’ business.  I am moved to write this post after seeing you putting my name front and centre in front of the mods’ eyes by ttt’ing an old thread on the Betfair forum that refers to my current ban.

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planning a return Cool

It’s pricks like you that are the reason people like me are barred from posting because you have your little agenda that you rigidly execute with extreme prejudice.  The forum doesn’t need you or those like you.  Makes me wonder whether you’re such a dick in person (yes would be my guess).
For info if I was planning a return to the forums, shady or not, do you think for a nanosecond I would share that info with you ?  Not in a million years.  The only thing I would share with you would be disinformation because I know you can’t keep your trap shut and it would be a great way to spread a rumour.
Now, pretty please with fucking sugar on, stay out of my business as it’s really not appreciated.

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