Fan Power

With a weekend of high profile games (now completed) that saw Real Madrid beat Barca and practically seal the league title, Man Utd chuck away a 4-2 lead, and Man City steal two vital points off Utd by beating lowly Wolves, you might be forgiven for not noticing the shenanigans going on in the game on Sunday between Genoa and Siena.

Genoa Ultras, disgusted by their team’s performance, called a timeout and halted the game and then demanded that the team players surrender their jerseys as, in their eyes, they weren’t fit to wear them.  And like scolded children, one by one the players gave up their shirts –  all bar Giuseppe Sculli and the goalkeeper Sebastien Frey.

The fans’ no nonsense reaction to their team’s current performance – trailing 0-4 early on in the second half – began with the lighting of flares and other pyrotechnics and hurling them on the pitch.  As the game came to an abrupt halt the Ultras lay siege to the tunnel preventing the players from leaving the pitch and then the message was sent to Genoa’s captain Marco Rossi that they must hand over their shirts.

Rossi went round collecting the shirts but two of his players, Sculli and Frey, stood their ground and argued it out with representatives of the pissed off hooligans.  It may be the fact that Giuseppe Sculli (who is reported to be the grandson of a former Mafia boss whose wiki page can be found here ), got away with his actions because of who he is.

Eventually after almost a 45 minute delay Sculli’s negotiations appeared to bear fruit and the jerseys were returned to the players who played out the rest of the match without further incident.  Notably Siena only scored one more goal throughout the remainder of the game – in their own net.  Final score 1-4.  Check out video footage of the incident at 101 Great Goals .


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