How Not To Lose Money On Football Matches

Don’t fucking bet on them.

I know, I know, not what you wanted to read after being suckered in by the post title but after losing money following a string of fucking retarded decisions by the guy that just refereed the Toronto FC v Santos Laguna match it’s how I feel right now.

And before I rant on here’s a stonewall money spinning tip – pile as much money as you can on Santos Laguna beating Toronto in Mexico…back the Any Unquoted scoreline, even if it starts odds on, because they will tear them to pieces on home soil following tonight’s debacle.  Of course my post title suggests that you shouldn’t bet on footy any more but place this one bet then stop.  Seriously.

It’s no secret that MLS footy is shit, we all know that but tonights game wasn’t MLS, it was CONCACAF – a fancy acronym for Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football.  And not only that it was the first leg of one semi final of the CONCACAF Champions league.  There are four teams left in it (duh !) and three are Mexican and one Canadian.  Toronto shouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of progressing which is why I chose to bet on tonights match.

Santos Laguna thrashed Seattle on home soil 6-1.  Seattle thrashed Toronto 3-1 on home soil.  If you apply some basic horseracing form study you see that if A beats B, and B beats C, it follows A should beat C.  I know it doesn’t always work out that way but that’s the way the horsey boys work so it’s good enough for me.

But then in horse racing you don’t have biased referees.  The idiot that was in charge of this game failed to give a nailed on penalty towards the end of the first half in favour of the away side.  The score was tied at 1-1 at the time but Santos Laguna weren’t even out of first gear for the most part.  A clear through ball put the Laguna striker basically one on one with the keeper and a lunging attack from behind which served to clip his heels and then follow up with a push to the back rendering the guy face first in the turf was waved away by the prick of a ref. WTF?

The half finished 1-1 and so I settled down for the second half having won a small bet on a lay of the 0-0 HT score.  I had two correct score bets that I placed pre kick off in favour of the away side.  I chose to lay the 1-1 as I was sure the gears would be stepped up in the second half and Laguna would cruise to a fairly comfortable win, if only by the odd goal.

There was the usual plethora of fluffed chances and misplaced passes that could have been golden had they found their intended target but I still felt confident of a goal.  Then came the referee’s second stupid decision.  He red carded a Laguna player who got fouled while he still had the ball.  Even the commentators were bemused.  Was the ref blind?  Was he having a mental breakdown? Why did he red card a guy who had the ball and stretched out to pass it before he got clattered to the ground?  He’s a fucking chump that’s why.

So we’re ten minutes from time and now Laguna are down to ten so they naturally don’t bother to play any more.  Toronto don’t have the talent to break down ten special olympics players let alone a talented Mexican outfit so I knew right there and then my dough was down the pan.  As I watched the dying seconds play out another red card gets dished out against Laguna causing a mass brawl on the pitch.  The replay doesn’t really capture the off the ball action but it does show that the ref wasn’t even looking in that direction as play had turned away from the Toronto box and made it’s way back to midfield.  There must have been linesman intervention but the whole thing stunk of a heavy bias towards the home side.

This is a crappy post I know.  I’m just venting because I hate losing money when things aren’t all above board.  If two teams are trying their hearts out and the officiating is good I’ll happily part with money if my call is wrong but in cases like tonight it really gets under my skin.

Make a note in your diaries….4th April…back Any Unquoted in the return leg.  Toronto are carthorses with one exception – the young lad Plata who came on as a sub appears to have some ability.  He won’t be in MLS long as he’s way too talented for that league.  Thank me later.

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