We’re Betfair And We Do What We Want

Another day another howler from what’s fast becoming the most hated exchange on the planet.  In their infinite wisdom Betfair have decided to ‘relocate’ the Forums and re-tool the Community tab to push their latest moneygrab shite ‘Super Slots’.  It’s unbelievable how far removed this site is from the one that I joined 10 years ago.

They have posted an explanation on several of the most popular forums and left their post unlocked so that forumites can give their feedback.  Quoting directly from their topic post this is what they say….

“You may have noticed that the Community tab in the header of Betfair.com has changed. We want to explain why this has been done, and also to invite your views and comments: therefore, this thread is not locked and you will be able to leave your feedback. All customer posts will be read and considered.

This change is a trial which we have implemented ahead of the upcoming Cheltenham Festival as it allows us to use the tab to promote other key content on Betfair.com.

The Community and the forums within it are still a very valuable part of Betfair.com: there is a link to the Community in the Top Features area of the homepage, and links are still in place on the sports, football and horse racing home pages.

In the coming months, we will be making changes and improvements which will mean forum content will be easier to find, as well as relevant to the pages and markets it is on.”

One hundred percent of the feedback I read is unequivocal…we don’t like it and we don’t want your latest virtual cocaine.  One look at the tabs on the homepage shows you exactly which way this company is heading and regardless of how much people whine and complain they’ll simply ignore the noise and do exactly what they want giving scant regard for the customers, some of whom have been there since Betfair was formed back in 2000.

Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Exchange Games, Arcade, and now Super Slots…anyone who still claims to have a Sharp Mind should heed the warning and fuck off right now because you aren’t being catered to.  It’s the compulsives they seek to groom and nurture.  The exchange is too much of a hassle what with all the crashes on big days, bots are pretty much running the day to day in the smaller markets.  It’s just not a very nice place to be and it’s only getting worse.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if the phasing out of the forums had been tabled already at Betfair towers.  The users are treated as third class citizens.  Hell, Betfair don’t even moderate their own forums they outsource that job to TSE Global who have made a right arse of the job, probably because it’s not really their own baby so they couldn’t care less.  I get a tremendous amount of traffic coming my way as a result of simple organic searches related to being banned from the Betfair forum.  At the rate people are getting the boot there won’t be much call for a forum before too long.  Can the last guy out turn off the lights please.

But I’m digressing.  Here’s just one post I took from the Horse Racing forum’s thread on the subject of shifting the Forum off to a less noticeable spot to make room for ‘other key content’ care of  ‘themover’…

themover 10 Mar 12 01:20

Minutes of the meeting ;Bob: “ok we need to promote our slots some more, who’s got an idea?”
Steve: “how about we put it on a tab on the homepage”
Bob: “that’s a great idea, lets do it before Cheltenham, we can even put a NEW thingy above it pointing it out”
Steve: “oh hang on we haven’t got any spare tabs”
Bob : “ok what can we replace?”
Steve: “well we’ve got a Casino a Live Casino and an Arcade tab”
Bob: “no we need all them as they’re money for old rope”
Steve : “ok lets replace the community link we don’t need to promote that as it doesn’t make money and a pop-up will do them”
Bob : “good plan”
This is what happens when you let bean counters call the shots…incrementally shittier products.  The sad thing is though that unless and until a really serious competitor comes along who is prepared to listen to what their customers want, as opposed to having all this virtual betting shit forced upon them by this monopoly company, Betfair will continue to do as they please and walk rough shod over the very people that placed them upon their lofty perch, namely you and me.

4 Responses to We’re Betfair And We Do What We Want

  1. mully1 says:

    At this rate I can’t see there being a Betfair in it’s current guise in another ten years. It’s certainly not the site I used to love and couldn’t keep away from ten years ago.

    • swearbox says:

      Alas, you may well be right Mully. What irks me the most is the way they ignore their customers’ feedback and simply do as they please. This approach will surely bite them on the arse at some point (hopefully). They obviously make some serious money from their online games offerings and from a business standpoint it makes sense to include them somewhere on the site. The prominence in which they are displayed suggests to me though that there are more mugs out there than I first thought.

  2. gundulf says:

    Interesting post. The most interesting part, for me, was that I hadn’t noticed! I’ve so little interest in the ‘games’ that I never look at them, and find the forums to be a mixture of useful insight (25%) and pure unadulterated web warriorship and bollox (75%) so rarely look there either.

    As someone who works at the high end of a service market I find Betfair’s attitude appalling and incomprehensible in roughly equal measure. Makes no sense to me at all. But neither does the seeming unwillingness of any competitor to step up to the mark. strange times to be sure.

  3. Steve says:

    Hi mate,

    Nice post and as requested, you’ve now got a link on my blog. All the best


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