WordPress Bug – Not In The Slightest Bit Interesting

I just noticed a bug.  When I started this blog two years ago the URL was different.  Back then it didn’t say swearbox.wordpress.com it said something else.  I realised I’d fkd up so after a while I created the blog you now see and I migrated all my previous content to the new swearbox.wordpress.com site.  It all appeared to migrate OK and after a few more small tweaks I was happy and so the old version of the blog was left alone but not scrapped – it still is live if you know the URL.

Earlier on I posted my main blog post for the day and did a bit of site maintenance and what not and I took a look at where my days visitors were coming from.  I hopped off to a recent blog that I’ve added to my blogroll as it appears I’m now getting traffic from there so I figured my request to be added to that site’s blogroll must now have been fulfilled.  I looked at the comments and it’s there in black and white…”Added Swearbox”…but I couldn’t see my blog post of only an hour or so old listed.  So I got to rooting through the blogroll and I finally found myself right at the bottom of the pile showing my last post as being 2 years ago.  WTF?

Now, in between finishing my last blog post (Re: Second Guessing) and doing the above I was looking through a few of my older posts going right back to the day I started.  I read through a couple as I was going to try and create a widget to highlight some of the older posts that are now buried but I feel deserve to be made available on my home page.  Reading through one post dated Feb 21 2010 I spotted a spelling mistake and corrected it.  It was that update that has caused my blog to appear to be untouched for 2 years – and this is on everybody’s blogroll that it appears on.  The issue has to be something to do with updating a post that originally appeared on my other blog URL so I’m thinking the only way to correct this is to create this post to get me back into the here and now on other people’s blogrolls.

Sorry for any inconvenience…and please don’t boot me off due to 2 years inactivity LOL.

2 Responses to WordPress Bug – Not In The Slightest Bit Interesting

  1. SoccerDude says:

    Hi Swearbox

    I just noticed your blog at the bottom of my list, and marked as being last updated two years ago. And I thought what the hell is going on. But your update has popped you to the top of the list now, so all sorted.

    All very strange though.

    Eddie @ footballtraderspath.

    • swearbox says:

      Yep…that’s the only reason I created this post to address that issue. If I can be arsed I’ll give WordPress a heads up as I’m not the only one that’ll have had this issue (in fact someone else is bound to have already given them the heads up). Anyway, all is sorted for now 🙂


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