Why Is It So Difficult To Post A Comment To A Blogger Blog???

<Begin Rant> For crying out loud Blogger sort it out.  How fucking difficult do you have to make it?  I go to the trouble of posting a comment on a Blogspot.com blog and then I have to clear security that Fort Knox would be proud of before it gets published.  That’s all fine and dandy, I’m all for being able to moderate posts that come into my blog and to be honest I’ve no idea how hard it is for readers to get their comments published, ie what hoops they must jump through but I’ve had a torrid time today.

On one site I must have refreshed the captcha code things 30 times and on at least 5 of those times I was absolutely 100% sure I’d got the words rights but no…apparently I’d failed.  In frustration I ended up closing the comment box down so who knows whether or not it got through? Pain in the arse.

On another occasion I wrote my comment then filled in the bit that asks you where you’re coming from (in my case I’m posting as a WordPress blogger) and all that happens is the page refreshes…no message to say that the comment would appear after moderation…so I’m left like a lemon resubmitting again and again and I still get the same outcome.

In this day and age posting a comment to a blog that’s hosted on a different blogging platform to your own simply should not be this frustratingly difficult.  Sort your act out for fucks sake. <Ed Rant>

4 Responses to Why Is It So Difficult To Post A Comment To A Blogger Blog???

  1. Hate your language, but have to agree. If it’s blogspot, don’t bother to try to comment.

    • swearbox says:

      Hello Mr Ellison and thank you for your comment but you leave me a little mystified. How on earth does a man who appears to be immersed in church life find his way to my blog which is clearly about things that are quite a way removed from godliness?

      Moving to the subject matter that led to your post I have found ways to get around this tiny irritation – I simply created a Google account and use those login credentials to get my comments posted. I can’t just very well not bother commenting on Blogger blogs as the majority of my blogroll links are to Blogger blogs.

      Thanks for stopping by, whichever path brought you here 🙂

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