Neural Network Betting App Setback

Got an email today asking me to ring the folks at Brisnet as they had an update for me regarding the PDF files I was going to use to source the data for my app.  I rang up and was informed that there’s a very strong chance that they won’t be available at all in a few weeks time.  Apparently they are doing some data migration between servers and they have been looking at what should and shouldn’t be included in the work.  Apparently it’s felt that certain data sources aren’t being used as much as they could be and as a result may not be available in the future.  The Yank racing PDF’s that I use on the UK Brisnet site are not long for this world so it would appear so if you’re a user then you’d best start looking elsewhere for your form guides.

This is a real pisser as I’ve already begun populating my spreadsheet using their data though thankfully I’m only a few races into it but nevertheless it’s a lot of work down the pan.  I now have to look elsewhere to source the info.  Ideally I want something that I don’t have to pay for.  The US Brisnet site has race card info available but they want money for them.  I might take a look over at the DRF site to see what’s available there.

I mentioned in a previous post that data consistency is absolutely key to a project like this so I need to find a site where I can source all of my info in the same place each and every time.  If anyone is familiar with what I am trying to achieve then please do comment, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll leave it there for now and disappear to see what I can find out in internet land.  There’s tons of stuff I know, it’s just finding stuff that’s easy to understand, is free, and is available to download for future reference (in case tweaks are needed).  Back soon with good news (I hope).

Oh, before I go…and there’s not a cat in hells chance of them reading this…but congratulations to Travis & Jackie on your windfall.  Jackie phoned earlier today to announce that they had won the Lotto 649 to the tune of $1,000,000.  Actually they didn’t win the lottery itself, they won what’s called the ‘Encore’, something I never play if I buy a ticket.  Travis is in a work syndicate and took their ticket to the local shop to get it scanned to see if they’d won anything.  The lights on the machine started flashing and the bells and whistles sounded and Travis asked what the hell all of that meant.  The lady behind the counter said, and I quote, “You’ve won a million fucking dollars.”.  And so they had.  Split 18 ways (the downside) each syndicate member trousers $55000 each.  Nice work if you can get it.

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