I See Stretch Armstrong Is Back On Betfair

At least I think he is…my spider senses are tingling like fuck and they are telling me that the idiot is back.  Hope I’m right as it’ll mean the almost completely sterile forums will soon be witnessing another of his now famous meltdowns.  Can you guess his new nicknames?  I’ll give you all a clue – he posted on the horsey forum earlier today using both his names on the same thread where he had a pop at another forumite (fancy that !!!) questioning his sexuality.  Won’t be long before people cotton on to what the names are that he’s currently using.

Stretchy, if you’re reading feel free to comment, good or bad I’ll accept it and publish it.  Because of dicks like you I’m unable to get on the forum so for now my comments are restricted to this blog.  Let me know how things are going….how’s your ‘big 4×4’ ?…what’s the food like at Membury Services?…what medication are you currently on?…so many questions.  Say what you like, I really don’t mind, it’s all good.  Later ‘bruv’.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Further scrutiny of the horsey forum leads me to have to make a correction.  The above text in the first paragraph suggests our deranged friend posted under two usernames on the same thread.  That appears to be incorrect.  I also stated that he was knocking another forumite and questioning his sexual preferences.  I’ll take that back too as a second reading would suggest that he’s actually sticking up for someone who is getting grief from another forumite.  To be honest there isn’t a great deal to go on but I’ll stick to what I said at the start of the post – he’s back.

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