Unwanted Ads

I’ve been running this blog since 2010 and I never noticed until today that there were ads running on pretty much all the pages. At first I thought I’d been hacked but further investigation revealed that if your blog is a free WordPress blog (as this one is) then chances are you’re in the same boat.

According to WordPress they’ve been running ads on free blogs since 2006 and the only way to get rid of them is to purchase a No Ads ‘upgrade’ at a cost of  $29.97 per blog per year.  Thanks…but no thanks.

Can’t believe some of the bullshit my blog is now touting and I’m going to be working as fast as I can to get a new site up and running where I don’t have to put up with this crap.  I know some will say it’s a free blog so they have to pay for it somehow but unless you read the terms & conditions from end to end you’ll be blissfully unaware that you’ll be hosting ads for companies you probably wouldn’t want be seen dead inside their building.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest as advertising, whether it be spam, tv, radio, or popup shit on websites, is garbage conjured up by clowns who think they are marketing to people who have been certified gullible and stupid.  Christ almighty, I can feel my blood pressure rising when I think of the shit they pump out during ad breaks on TV.  You think you have it bad where you live…try some of the crap we have to put up with here in Canada…if there’s an ad break in the program you are watching then it’s nigh on guaranteed it’ll be an ad break on any other channel you surf to.  What’s more they even schedule the same ad BACK TO BACK in the same ad segment.  Imagine seeing those fucking stupid Swiffer adverts or Charmin cartoon bears advertising bog roll back to back.  They run the ad then it finishes then they run the ad again. WTF?

OK, I have to stop now as my eyes are beginning to bleed and I’m getting lightheaded.   Normal service will be resumed next post.



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