Free P&L Spreadsheet

It appears that a lot of people are searching for something that enables them to record their bets as they go along.  This is a basic must do if you take your betting seriously.  Back in November 2010 I wrote a short piece about recording bets and I made available for download the spreadsheet template that I use.  Since that post is now buried in the past I’ve created a widget on the right side of the page that allows you to look at and download the same spreadsheet if you think it’ll be of any use.

Onto today’s business.  There’s a lot of games on today and the focus for most will be on the high profile games at Anfield and the Camp Nou.  I may or may not get involved depending on how things go in the interim.

My day started badly with a poorly timed lay.  Galatasaray went a goal up after around 4 minutes so I rooted out a feed to see if I could get a feel for how up for it they were.  Lots of effort convinced me that they were looking for a second but as I prepared to lay the 1-0  HT score the suspend sign came up.  My feed showed the ball out for a throw in.  The HT market cleared and resettled to reflect a 2-0 scoreline but my feed was still yet to show the goal.  Eventually it came and I decided to lay the 2-0 HT score as Gala looked to still have their minds focussed on another goal.  It never came so I start my day with a reversal.  Moving on…

I’ve got two bets on currently.  I’ve pretty much dutched the 3-0 and 3-1 scorelines in the Luton v Mansfield match.  Luton have been immense at home while Mansfield have struggled away.  The stats point to a Luton victory but I’m not fond of backing teams outright especially at 6/4 on hence the reason why I’ve gone for a correct score bet.  A quick check of the HT market shows there’s still no score so I’m covering the two bets I already have with a lay of 0-0 HT…there, it’s done.  Now all I need is a goal before HT, hopefully to Luton and things start to look up a bit.  Back with an update later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Ugh.  A vile first half played in a stadium with less atmosphere than there is on the Moon.  Mansfield had a penalty shout turned down but the replay shows a clear handball in the Luton box.  At the other end Luton hit the bar but overall a very disappointing first half with very little creativity and lots of messy ball control.  It was more of the same in the second half with misplaced passes galore.  Any chances that either side got either finished in row Z if you were Mansfield or tamely passed to the keeper if you were Luton.  All in all a dire display of toothless headless chicken  school playground stuff…give me a 0-0 Copa Lib fix anyday over this…at least the Copa fans make up for the shoddy on pitch rubbish.

Todays disastrous results so far have now triggered chase mode.  Next bet is Any Unquoted in the Brazilian game between Paulista & Commercial SP.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well chase mode isn’t serving me very well.  The Paulista mob could only manage 3-0 so no payout there.  In desperation after watching the Paulista game’s first half I squandered a tenner late on in the Barca too got left behind.

My account is seriously depleted now so it’s Mickey Mouse betting time for a bit…either that or just bung the lot on some event or other happening.  I have a fancy for a Red Card in the Internacional v Once Caldas match later on.  The ref is extremely fond of producing the card and if the stats I’ve found are correct he’s dished out at least one red in 14 of his last 20 games.  Let’s hope tonights match produces another. Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  OMFG.  The match looked promising red card wise as three yellows were produced before the first half was only 27 minutes old but two of those players were substituted and only one further yellow was awarded halfway into the second half so a very tame affair for a Copa Lib match.  Very disappointed.

The account stats are horrendous and will take a miracle to bounce back…it’s either that or a reload but I don’t want to do that.  I have been toying with an idea that won’t benefit me in the slightest financially but will demonstrate that it’s possible to earn some decent coin from football betting.  I’ve long complained about small betting banks being a total waste of time UNLESS betting is an out and out hobby for you.  If you do it for reasons other than to make money then a small bank is fine.  If you’re seriously trying to make money you need a big start bank, no question.  Anyway, my thoughts are for sleeping on for now…here’s the details for today

Start Bank       :    134.55
End Bank         :      5.00
Profit / Loss    :   -129.55 (After Commission)


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