£100 to …. £???

Dumped a ton into my account earlier today as income from working is a tad lean due to it being ‘that time of year’, which is another way of saying I don’t do much in the winter months.  So, in the time honoured tradition of a thousand Betfair challenge threads let’s see how I do with this reload.

I wanted to get this out before the start of my day but that didn’t happen so I’ll have to aftertime the first bet and then go from there.

First bet of the day was a lay of 0-1 HT score in the Anderlecht v Gent match.  Originally I planned on laying the 0-0 HT score but got carried away doing something else and missed the first goal.  Thankfully it went in early  and to the away side to boot giving me confidence that chances were good of another coming before the break.  As I type it’s currently 2-1 to the home side so this one is done and dusted.

My main interest for the day is a dutch of 3-0 and 3-1 in the Torquay v Dagenham game at 15.5 and 13 respectively.  As there’s not much in the account to begin with stakes aren’t huge but will be a nice earner if one or the other comes off and if there are goals, especially in the home sides favour, then an easy trade out should present itself somewhere along the lines in the event of there being any other final score.  I would normally cover my correct score bets with a lay of the 0-0 HT score but Betfair neglected to offer the HT score market in play until I phoned them up to ask about it…that may explain the terrible liquidity in that market…just £813 matched as  I write.  Anyway, that’s it for now.  Will be back with an update later on and may well be backing ESPANYOL outright later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well so far no good.  The Torquay match turned out to be a dud with only the one goal going in so no chance to trade and money down the pan.  I heard it was all Dagenham in the second half and noticed some dramatic moves as either Torquay layers stepped in or Torquay backers removed their offers.  I opted to lay the 1-0 in the correct score market to try and finish with some green but no more goals meant a little more given away.

Onto the Espanyol match…I really expected Espanyol to show up to this match but they were seriously tested by their lower league opposition in the first half.  I expected at least one goal so layed the 0-0 HT score…money down the pan.  As I type the score is currently 1-1 so I’ve thrown caution to the wind and backed Espanyol to win with more than I should have…if they lose or draw then my account is seriously in trouble on day 1.  Oh dear, how sad, never mind.  Back after the conclusion of the match.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Amazing scenes as little Mirandes hoof Espanyol out of the Spanish cup and it was well deserved from what I saw.  Long time readers of this blog (if there are any left – it’s been a while since I updated) will know how I do business.  I usually say what I intend to do before I do it however there are many occasions where I make moves that I don’t publish until afterwards.  I know it sounds dumb and some will say what’s the use of that but ALL of my bets are recorded religiously on a spreadsheet that I post up at the end of each betting day.  By simply looking at my records you can see what I made or lost and how I did it.

As far as the Espanyol match goes I placed two further bets when it became more or less one way traffic in the second half.  I backed Mirandes to win at 7.0 and as soon as the suspended banner disappeared after they went up 2-1 I layed them to ensure at least £50 regardless of the result.  The account currently stands at +17% in profit and as there are two more matches yet to go in play I haven’t decided whether to call it a day or not.  My next post will either be of the spready detailing the days bets or further bets on the remaining games.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  OK, in the Copa Lib match between Arsenal and Sport Huancayo I have two bets on the go.  First one is over 2.5 goals, all of which should come from the home side given that the away side are gash.  The second bet is a cheeky tenner on the ref producing a Red Card in this match.  He dished out 6 in the last Arsenal match he reffed, 5 of which went to Arsenal.  Looking at this refs record he’s not afraid to produce the red and he’s about due for another one. Tonights match looks a pretty quiet affair so far but hopefully someone will do something dumb and I’ll get paid out.  Back in a bit.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well that was pleasing.  It’s nice when one prediction comes in let alone two AND in the same match.  The ref gave Carbonero (Arsenal) his marching orders  in the second half but it didn’t stop them scoring a third goal late on to run out comfortable 3-0 winners.  I did trade out of my overs bet after the market settled down at 2-0.  Some say ride your winnings and take a chance but I’m a big advocate of trying not to lose money…green is good.

All in all I’m quite pleased with today.  I was half tempted to back another goal in the match that’s currently being played between El Nacional and Libertad but I’ll be kicking myself if it stays 1-0 so nothing more for me tonight.  Here’s the figures…

Start Bank  :    100.00
End Bank    :    134.55
Profit / Loss    :   + 34.55 (After Commission)


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