Banned From Betfair Forum…..AGAIN

Well if ever there was something that I feel strongly enough about to warrant reviving this blog it’s the shambolic way the BF forums are handled and moderated.

On Friday night (three days ago) I was catching up on the days events in the Footy forum and all hell was breaking loose.  A couple of forumites had previously decided to set up an alternative site ( to provide tips and info as a result of being ‘hounded off’ the Footy forum (so I understand from reading through a myriad of posts).

Then it turns out that the guys who set the site up get accused of all sorts of chicanery after the site unexpectedly gets taken down.  More threads are created and amongst them a thread was started that suggested that I was one of the people who had paid money to be a part of the site that was no longer available.  For the record I have never even spoken directly, either electronically or otherwise, to the site’s creators about the site nor have I parted with any money to become involved on a membership basis.

Anyway, moving on, the creator of the thread associating me with elitebetting is one of a handful of forumites with whom I regularly exchange insults and general pisstakery and it’s all done in fun and in the spirit of having a laugh when things are quiet (or so I thought).

The thread finally died a death around 4.30AM.  My gf had just arrived home from work so I made my excuses and departed the thread.  The following morning (Saturday) I had to re login to BF as a Windows update had forced a restart of my pc.  I opened up a Forum window and discovered my account had been ‘suspended or banned’.  A quick check of Outlook revealed an email from informing me of a ban following a comment that I made on the thread the night before. Wording of the email suggests it is a lifer ban.

You’re probably wondering (if you actually find this post) what heinous words were deemed so offensive to warrant a straight red.  Here’s the post (but I warn you not to let your children or pets see this in case they end up in shock or some other such unfortunate state)…

Poster (actually the thread starter):    “I’m off to the gym”

Me:    “Heading to the gym ? Is that some kind of euphemism for I’m off for a bit of batty boy back door action down Bondi beach ?”

…there, I told you it was bad.

Now, at the time of writing this I’m still waiting to see if the ban was as a result of direct forum moderation or someone reporting the post.  I would like to think it was the former but given the time of day (night) I strongly suspect the latter.  Several threads have appeared since news of the ban got out, one being created by the poster who the comment above was aimed at where he states that he was the one responsible.  I sincerely hope that’s not the case, I really do, as that would change things dramatically for that poster going forward.  He goes on to say that it was a revenge job for another very prolific poster who was banned a couple of weeks ago.  Again I’ll go on record here and state categorically that I had nothing to do with his removal.  In fact i was one of the first to voice my disgust at his being reported and ultimately banned.

You might wonder why I’ve gone to all the trouble to create this post.  It’s a mixture of things really…boredom, because I can, but mostly because of the shambles that TSE Global have made of the forums.  Because they can’t be arsed to actively police the forums they rely heavily on the Report feature that gives the babies backstabbers and sensitive types the power to have anyone and everyone removed from the forum just because they deem a certain post (or poster) to be in contravention of forum T&C’s.

I could easily pick 50 forumites in the space of an hour and report them for contravening T&C’s but I’m not that small.  As a result of the way the forum is governed we now have posters creating accounts with bogus details purely for posting purposes to circumvent a previous, and in some cases, unwarranted ban.  Some are creating several identities a day, and in one case recently several per hour!  This is what it’s come to.  The mods are run ragged chasing the serial account creators all over the fora…it’s laughable.

Then you have the issue of double standards.  What’s OK for one guy to post is unacceptable for another.  There’s also the case where previously banned posters come back with a new name and everyone knows who they used to be yet the mods do nothing UNLESS someone reports them.  There are those on the forums who are clearly not there to make the forums a nicer place and they should be weeded out and removed but as things stand a new username is only a few minutes typing away.  I’m sure this will be addressed in future releases of the code that governs how users are created, what IP address they come from, what other accounts may be tied to one person etc etc but for now chaos reigns.

I’m really torn right now between rising above all this and just moving on or simply going against all I’ve said before and becoming a snake in the grass and targeting certain posters looking for something that clearly contravenes TSE’s terms and conditions.   Why not? it appears to very fashionable right now and as I said earlier it would be a piece of piss to do.  Time will tell.  A lot hinges on what TSE say if they ever get off their lazy arses and reply to my email.

For now I’ll content myself with just reading as opposed to actually posting though that may change.  For all the grassers out there and all the ones out to cause an upset your cards are well and truly marked.  Have a great day.





180 Responses to Banned From Betfair Forum…..AGAIN

  1. not slicer! says:

    Ha, ha, ha! I have just received my first forum ban from Chit-Chat! I’m looking at ways of getting back on there! I’m guessing they ban your ip [will change my address] and common registration details [my new account details will be moody]! I did post a few porn pictures without getting them ‘approved’!
    I didn’t even get an email. I just can’t post anything. Do you think my ban is temporary, or permanent?

    • swearbox says:

      Erm…hello not slicer! and thanks for your comment.

      As far as whether your ban is temp or permanent I couldn’t say but they usually send an email to let you know why you were banned. As far as IP bans go I don’t think they are doing that yet though I could be wrong. Word of warning though – I would be careful not to piss them off too much if you use the site for betting purposes – if you get up their nose they will think nothing of banning you from the exchange as well.

      Recently there’s been a tremendous amount of subversion going on especially on the footy forum and I’ve mailed Betfair (well TSEG) about it and brought to light a couple of things for their attention but they haven’t even had the decency to acknowledge my email(s). For now I have to content myself with just reading but it pisses me off mightily that a couple of forumites remain intact who really do have their own agendas where it comes to getting rid of other posters. Their time will come…Tick Tock….

  2. not slicer! says:

    feck, I didn’t realise that you’re, swearbox! I don’t know your relationship with, JackCole, but he got banned too and has been posting about it on BDP;
    fecking sheet this innit!
    I reckon that they are banning ip addys, as I have tried to re-register on my computer, using moody but legit registration details, it didn’t work. I done it just to test the water, seems like a sign up in an internet cafe, then a home ip addy change is in order!

    • swearbox says:

      LOL…I think the giveaway is in the url plus I’ve signed off comments with swearbox a few times if I recall. I know Jack, or Mr Winkle as he used to be. We often had some excellent entertainment with resident rudeboy Brainsurgeon (and many of his alter egos). One thing me and Jack don’t see eye to eye on is speed cameras…but that’s fine…both of us are banned so we can’t argue about them anyway.

      As far as you trying to get back on the site goes it’s the legit details that are screwing you up. If your banned account legit details tie in with your ‘moody’ account details then you’re gonna get nowhere. Take a leaf out of Frimpong’s book and register an account with completely bogus details and you’ll be posting in no time. You can use your other account (the one that’s currently banned ) for betting purposes so you get the best of both worlds. Here’s another tip though…use different browsers when you log in…what I mean by that is login using IE for say your banned from posting account (your primary account) so that you can place bets and login from Firefox using your bogus account so you can post. NEVER login to both at the same time from the same pc…you’ll have to logoff from one to use the other…and in between sessions (when you’re going to switch accounts so say from IE to Firefox) make sure you delete your cookies from both browsers or you run the risk of them trapping you. Finally if you want to be really fancy Google “IP changer” and see if you can find something that alters your IP for you…that way you can get round the IP ban thing IF they are using that method which I don’t think they are (but not certain so I could well be dead wrong).

      Good luck with getting back on the forum…it’s a piece of piss to do…I can’t say I’m at my wits end at the ban as I can still read the posts but it’s small things like contributing to a footy thread when the whole forum is involved in the game. Plus I didn’t mind answering the odd computer help question…I’ll miss that for sure. The worst thing about it all is having my 10 yr old ‘identity’ chucked in the bin…that pisses me off…and if that prick that grassed me up ever reads this he should know that he’s only 1 bad post away from joining me. All the best


  3. SelkirkAgain says:

    Haha a rogue’s gallery in here. I can’t be arsed getting back on there anymore, too many grasses (Irishone on the greyhound forum is one nasty piece of work).

  4. SelkirkAgain says:

    Btw…hello Swearbox. Regards to Winkle from me 😉

    • swearbox says:

      Hi Selkirk,
      I can’t really say hello to Winkle cos I’m banned (but you know that)…unless you think Winkle was me as well in which case I must disappoint you cos we aren’t the same guy.

      The forums are bolloxed. The mods have literally allowed the lunatics to rule the asylum by adding the Report button which now gives anyone the power to stamp their feet, throw their toys out the pram, and have someone else removed for the most trivial of offences. And further to that you get the tit for tat reporting that even I got involved in – first time in 10 years. There’s a lot of good guys banned from that place and a lot of pure arseholes too. If they’d stuck by their original rules that you couldn’t post unless you’d funded your account and placed a bet then there wouldn’t be half as much cuntery going on.

  5. SelkirkAgain says:

    No mate, I know that you’re not the same person but last time I looked he had crept back on with another name so I thought you may have as well.

    I’ve been using that forum on and off since 2001 when i was a regular bettor but over the following three years I knocked the game on the head but still used to post. I was first yellow-carded in 2004 after being reported and informed that if I didn’t fund my account then I couldn’t use the chat forum. Fair enough, I sloped off then returned in 2007 with a new account coupled with using the site’s betting facilities.

    More to follow….

  6. Bob says:

    Hi guys. only just read this. I have once again fallen at the hand of the betfair police. there’s a guy on there now called Threegreens who people thougnt was either swearbox or selkirk. guess he isn’t.


    • swearbox says:

      Threegreens is a mate of mine and a straight up guy…and he’s definitely NOT one of my alter ego usernames nor is he Selkirk Again.

      I’m currently IP banned and all of my three usernames are banned. I know I can get around this by using proxies or whatever but what’s the point ? I miss being able to contribute but that’s just how it goes.

      I read a couple of threads on the footy forum tonight and I have to say you aren’t doing yourself any favours Paul. Threatening to have threegreens banned at your earliest opportunity – wtf is that all about? We all have differences of opinion but taking that kind of stance is plain wrong and I’ve mentioned that to you before on the forums when you were frimpong. I’m really suspicious of your motives and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you had a hand in any of my bannings (with the exception of the swearbox name as I know who claims to be responsible for that). You can’t vent your spleen on others just because you think you got a raw deal at the hand of the mods – it’s not threegreens fault and it’s not the fault of others who I’m sure you had a hand in their removal (revengeofpaddy comes to mind). You’re quite welcome to defend your end on here, unlike TSE I won’t moderate you off, but as far as I’m concerned you’re skating on thin ice as far as my patience with you goes.

      • Bob says:

        hi thanks for replying mate. hope you’re well. i have no idea who Threegreens is yet he claims i started threads about him. i dont want him banned. i want him to be honest with me then i will support him all the way. at the moment it just seems like some unknown starting lies about me.

        also i had nothing to do with paddy or yourself getting banned. i just want to get on really. we are on the same side against TSE and its nice to be unmoderated here 🙂

        im guessing you or Threegreens wont tell me who he was so that’s a shame

        you would see a big difference in my tone to him if he’d be upfront…

        • swearbox says:

          Paul this all goes back to your seemingly insatiable interest in who current forumites ‘used to be’. Why is that? There are loads of posts on the forums making you out to be a serial reporter of folk and they all seem to be made after someone’s former name has been revealed to you then they end up banned. Maybe everyone is putting 2+2 together and coming up with 5 but it’s a mighty coincidence.

          And while we’re on the subject of previous usernames you’ve had more names than anyone I know of and you’re still posting away. Anyone who’s been around for a while knows who you are and who you used to be yet they leave you alone even though you have this relentless dogged quest for outing previously banned users. Obviously I know who threegreens is but I’m not about to be splashing it all over here.

  7. Bob says:

    i understand swearbox. i really have no interest in threegreens apart from him claiming on the forum (before i’d even been aware of him) that i’d started several threads about him which he refuses to ttt or tell me who he is. beyond that i have no interest. if he won’t be honest and upfront then i guess we’ll continue to quarrel. how is it everyone intantly knows who he is anyway?

    • swearbox says:

      Knowing who is who on the forums comes from reading many many posts and threads and becoming intimately familiar with the way people post to the point that some users are instantly spottable the second they reappear from (or during) a ban under a new guise. Being able to successfully cloak oneself and thereby shielding your previous identity is essential to prevent the folk with nothing better to do from hitting the report button or mailing in. You better believe that if I don’t get my posting rights back soon – and I took some steps today that hopefully will help me achieve this – then I’m going to have to do what you and christ knows how many others are doing and cheat the system.

  8. Bob says:

    do it swearbox. i liked what you wrote about “identity is everything”. i agree hence me not hiding at all. therefore, why does this threegreens do such? i know mr winkle is TMP and you don’t see me starting threads or reporting him. sorry to be blunt but it needs to be said. i also stand up for mad dogs/surg. what annoys me is threegreens lack of honesty. can you find a thread i started about him using the search cos i think he’s lying and it doesnt exist. or tell me on here his previous with a clue? just so we’re all on the same page? then i can support him and be his pal too like i am Surge

    • swearbox says:

      No can do Paul – if TG wants you to know who he is then it’s up to him to enlighten you not me. If you read the right threads you’d know in an instant who he is.

  9. Bob says:

    what threads? throw me a bone here mate. whats the big secret?? he started writing about me before i even knew of his existence. and he calls me a stalker. is he Six Gun?

    also what steps have you undertook to get back on mate? i dont fancy your chances in the normal ways. TSE and betfair are none forgiving

  10. Bob says:

    ok so ThreeGreens refers back to this thread in a post other day.

    so he’s either paddy or six gun?

    • swearbox says:

      As I have no idea what prompted TG to send you that link I can’t really comment – and I’m not about to go scrolling through 11 pages of bluster to find any clues.

  11. Bob says:

    no he claims i started threads about him. im sure i havnt. anyway if you wont say i’ll continue to start speculation threads if people are gonna accuse me of things without backup. once someone lets me know i’ll support him all the way. so mate, what methods you taking to come back to forum?

    • swearbox says:

      “anyway if you wont say i’ll continue to start speculation threads if people are gonna accuse me of things without backup”

      …speculation about what exactly? If I were you I’d just let it go because the more you intrude into people’s personal spaces (albeit virtual) the more you’ll alienate yourself and get shut out. On top of that there’s always the very real threat of someone dobbing you in to the mods just because they feel like it and let’s face it you can hardly complain.

      As far as my attempts to return to the forums go I’m saying nothing – it’ll either work or it won’t. I’d like to think that Betfair actually do employ some people with the ability to look at something objectively and see it for what it is (my comment that got me booted) and then overturn the ban.

  12. Bob says:

    someone accused me, unprovoked, of something i didnt do. all i ask is some honesty. in private is fine. then i’ll let it go. you think i care if someone dobs me in? good luck with your overturn

    • swearbox says:

      Well you can continue to wage your forum war as it really doesn’t affect me one way or the other but I do have a question for you – how come you aren’t IP banned like I am ? Serious question – I get banned once and they IP ban me yet you get banned dozens of times and my guess is that you aren’t.

  13. Bob says:

    not sure if i am or not

    • swearbox says:

      You’d know if you were. Let’s say you get IP banned and the IP address that is banned is that of your router at home. That means that if you go ahead and create a new account with bogus details (regardless of which computer you use to create that account, ie at home or in a library or at a mates house) then you’ll be able to post on the forum from any location EXCEPT from your home computer because it is tied to the IP address that is banned.

  14. Bob says:

    Threegreens gone now. still don’t know who he was/is. if i did that wouldn’t have happened. his choice

    • swearbox says:

      Yes I am aware that he’s gone…IP banned also it seems. Paul why do you do this to people ? Words fail me.

      • Bob says:

        not sure if he’s IP banned. you spoke to him? another forumite also proved to me who he was. if he had just been upfront with me from day one no problem. you see swearbox mate? i kept saying just be honest… his choice

        • swearbox says:

          No I don’t see Paul. You’re running amok on the forum as self appointed judge jury and executioner where it comes to guys who’ve previously been banned and the absolute irony is that you are a worse case than they are – you’ve had probably 50 accounts by now and it isn’t anyone else’s fault but your own that you were exchange banned in the first place so why take it out on others? I really don’t get your twisted agenda and I cannot for the life of me comprehend how you aren’t IP banned yourself.

          You mention in one of your comments that you now know who threegreens ‘used to be’…I hope for the sake of everyone involved that you got the right chap or else some other poor fucker is probably going to wake up one of these fine mornings and find his posting rights are gone because you fucked up. Again.

  15. Bob says:

    oh and by the way, i had nothing to do with his initial ban. something he wrongly accused me of.

  16. StaticTank says:

    What a pathetic and truly sad entity this bob is, did he honestly get some one banned? there is no excuse for that bob, absolutely shameful and embarrasing for an adult to be so pathetic…time to evaluate your life, but let a proffesional in a white coat do it.

    • swearbox says:

      Static Tank there are few people on the forums that can come close to the way Paul operates (thanks for dropping in by the way) with the exception of maybe Stretch Armstrong. In some ways I’m almost glad that I don’t have posting rights because these days we’re all one swearword away from a red card at the hands of these idiot grasses.

  17. Bob says:

    yep we are one swearword from a life ban. i suffered the same fate. come back swearbox. i got banned today even

  18. Bob says:

    yes when are you coming back?

    • swearbox says:

      Well Paul that wouldn’t be for me to decide unless of course I did what you appear to be tremendously successful at doing but I don’t want to go down that road and end up exchange banned as well as forum banned.

  19. StaticTank says:

    And after that SB, bob.cairns…..have you ever seen the like? how one person can be aloud to run riot and destroy a international forum is beyond me….bob you should be ashamed, if not you’re not mentaly capable of being left alone un supervised and should get help at the earliest oppurtunity. SB thought you’d know who Static Tank 😉

  20. Bob says:

    what you got against me Static?

    • StaticTank says:

      You’re a nobhead that has ruined the place, everyone thinks you’re an utter bellend, you get folk banned for your own sad little agenda, you constantly harass people for personel info, day noon and night you are there on every thread being an arse….for starters bob

  21. Bob says:

    ok fair enough. not sure we’ve “met”. what is your forum name? i have nothing against you fella

  22. StaticTank says:

    Strictly a need to know basis that bob & you dont need to know.

  23. Bob says:

    fair enough. calm down then my dear. life’s too short x

  24. StaticTank says:

    Ha, you really are simple soul bob, you franticaly bash away all day on a forum seething away not knowing how to win, not knowing who people are and not knowing previous user names, you constantly harras and pester people who want nothing to do with you, you squeal like a spoilt little girl to betfair and get decent people banned for NO reason and you tell me to calm down!

  25. Bob says:

    i dont know who you are on the forum so whatever you say chap. if you want to cowardly hide from your forum username that’s fine but this conversation has nowhere to go. now run along dear

  26. Bob says:

    Swearbox – gonna come back to the forum then bud?

  27. Bob says:

    betfair will never allow it in the way you desire. why not just come in the back door like everyone else does?

    • swearbox says:

      Because there are too many retards who think it’s funny to grass up a banned guy once they know who he ‘used’ to be…that fucking clown Stretch Armstrong would have no qualms about grassing me up if he found me masquerading under a new pseudonym…there are others too…and it only takes a sharp eyed mod to spot a post on a likely looking thread where some dick posts up ‘so and so used to be Swearbox’…then I’ll be fucked again.

  28. Bob says:

    surely you don’t think betfair/TSE are just suddently gonna change their minds? believe me i know how it all works after hours of phone calls

    • swearbox says:

      You can’t directly call the people at TSE as they simply don’t take calls…calling the Betfair help desk is a waste of time as they don’t look after the forum. I find emailing TSE every now and then very therapeutic…I like to be nice and sarcastic but at the same time polite and courteous 🙂

  29. Bob says:

    fact remains they won’t change their minds. what’s their latest email say, for example?

  30. Bob says:

    yep so change your IP then. only way

  31. Bob says:

    ring your ISP and ask them how you change your IP address

    • swearbox says:

      I already have…there’s no easy way except to take down the cable modem for a night and hope your address gets snapped up by someone else…and there’s no guarantees that it will. So what do you do to change yours?

  32. Static Tank says:

    Howdo SB, you been reading the forums? see bob still obsessed with questioning and harrasing folk, see the ‘goodnight fred’ on chit chat, or ‘a mid night tale’ on footy, and the ‘p/l threads’ on footy… and the latest hoot he claims he’s got a bird lol..if he has he hasnt spoke with her since 2007..hope all well on the other side of the pond mate.

  33. Bob says:

    this Static Tank is a seething stalking lurking mess. who is this coward who won’t even say who he is on the forum yet comes here to anonymously diss me haha

    • swearbox says:

      Why not try and focus on answering my question Paul – how is it you can change your ip so frequently…is it some feature of BT’s system that allows you to do this?

  34. Bob says:

    i have no idea to be honest SB. do you know Mr Winkle? he seems to know his stuff

    • swearbox says:

      Paul that’s some bullshit reply if ever there was one. You change your IP almost at will. BT doesn’t keep changing it so you must be doing something. All I’m asking is how you manage to change your IP so often. I’m in Canada so there’s no BT…I’m also a guy with an honours degree in computing so I don’t real;ly need to ask Mr Winkle anything…I’m quite familiar with proxy servers and all that shite…so would you please humour me and address my question.

  35. Bob says:

    best to call your ISP speak to the techy guys there

    • Bob says:

      no Swearbox i have a dynamic IP it turns out but if that works for Mr Winkle why do you not just try that? who knows…

      • swearbox says:

        You must think I came in on the last banana boat…everyone has a dynamic IP UNLESS they specifically pay more for a static one so trying to fob me off with that excuse is simply lame. Your IP address changes multiple times a day Paul…that’s not how things work in ISP land…so you’re doing something to force those changes, not BT. So what exactly do you do to force the change…it’s a simple question, and you don’t need Mr Winkle or anyone else to help you answer it.

  36. Bob says:

    hmm what is the advantage of a static IP that someone would pay for? why would i want to fob you off on this matter?

    • swearbox says:

      There’s no advantage unless you’re running some sort of server or doing web hosting…and once again you failed to answer my question.

      What is it that you do to force a change of your IP so readily? That is the question. If you can’t answer it and fuck me around with bullshit then you’re just wasting my time and your own.

  37. Static Tank says:

    Pointless asking this twat a question SB, he never answers…Rop asked him several times yesterday ‘why do you get folk banned’ would he answer? no.

    The guys a freak, addicted to the internet and needs the help of people in white coats.

  38. Bob says:

    Static Tank you are a joke. still too scared to reveal your forum name yet come on here to stalk and abuse me!? you’re the one who needs help chap.

    ok… Swearbox – ok i live on the same street as an internet cafe and i go there and resign up when banned or just do it at work. a large office which i doubt they’d IP ban.

    Static Twat – i don’t get people banned. just TMO cos he is unfriendly. nothing to do with Paddy’s

    now one for you… what’s your forum name?

  39. Static Tank says:

    errr and what about threegreens further up this thread you thick turd and spudz or spuds…

  40. Bob says:

    no to spuds. yes to greens cos he was being a clown. no to paddy. HTH coward

    • Static Tank says:

      So you got someone banned because you thought they were a clown…just fuck off you sad little man.

  41. Static Tank says:

    SB that internet cafe yarn is bollocks because bnob is posting till 4am some days…I cant see a cafe staying open for a frothing freak sitting in the corner with a smoking keyboard.

  42. Bob says:

    no that’s not what i meant. my god you are one seething mess of a man static. i feel sorry for ya chap

  43. Bob says:

    and yes i got threegreens banned cos he was being a clown and accusing me of things i hadn’t done. i did warn him and gave him every chance to be friends. he left me no other option

  44. Static Tank says:

    yes he did you pathetic entity you could have just ignored him, like everyone else you’ve had banned….dont you see how pathetic all this grassing is? your supposed to be an adult ie a man, real men dont cry to bf..sad twat

  45. Bob says:

    yes he did what Tank?

    • Bob says:

      why are you scared to say who you are on the forum? maybe it’s you who need to measure his dick and check on his own manhood fool

  46. Static Tank says:

    Questions questions one sad internet trolling freak, I just find it hard to accept a grass, the big boys caling you names where they? boo hoo, pathetic, in real life Id punch you right in your feable fucking face.

  47. Bob says:

    whatever coward. if you havn’t the balls to even admit your forum name what chance do you have at anything else

  48. Static Tank says:

    lol are you for real? As a rule I generaly dont give personal info to oddball mental cases…

  49. Bob says:

    personal information!? your name on the betfair forum. haha you sad fecker

  50. Static Tank says:

    and have you ban me…again, and you call me a sad pathetic little freak.

  51. Bob says:

    i just wanna be your friend. i got you banned cos you wouldn’t be friendly

  52. Static Tank says:

    You still dont get it do you retard….getting someone banned because they’re are not friendly with you is the lowest of the low, what gives you the right? you pathetic little turd

  53. Bob says:

    you accused me of getting paddy banned. i didnt. you shudnt wrongly accuse people of things and then reject their olive branch. show some maturity

    • swearbox says:

      Paul I seriously think you should take a look at some of the stuff you are putting out. Just because you have a difference of opinion with someone, or they reject your ‘olive branch’ offering it is most definitely not an excuse to go blabbing to TSEG and getting folk banned from posting. What the fuck goes through your head to make you do this?

      I’ve openly admitted to getting Torres9 the boot but it was tit for tat, nothing else, after he got me a lifer ban back in January. I’m really not proud of it but you seem to pursue your cause as if there’s some sort of award waiting for you. Now your asking all about Static Tank and who is he and also Frank who commented earlier. Why can’t you just stfu and get on with life instead of acting as if it’s your own fucking private forum ? For christ’s sake get a grip man. Work calls so no replies from me til way later (sadly).

  54. Static Tank says:

    lol what a fukwit, ‘show some maturity’ says the little girl who cries to bf…and I didnt accuse you of anything apart from being a bellend a grass and a little girl….which are all facts not accusations

  55. Bob says:

    dear me. im here under no illusion. im bob_vegas on the forum. static tank and frank come here to diss me “anonymously”. that in itself is pathetic.

    i got threegreens banned because he accused me of something i didnt do!! how many times must i explain that

    if he was open about who he was and we maturley discussed and concluded it wasnt me who got paddy banned then no problem. all friends

  56. Bob says:

    Static Tank are you Paddy? if so did you think i got the paddy name banned? lets see if we can sort this once and for all…

  57. Static Tank says:

    OMFG, you still dont get it ffs….you running to betfair is pathetic, forget names, just the fact you get people banned its pathetic and you cant see it…I dont want to get into the reason why you do it for certain people just the fact a supposed adult does it. tell tales because an anonymous person on the web said something you dont agree with, PATHETIC feable and weak. You dont even bet on the site yet you have the arrogance to think you rule the forums PATHETIC

  58. Bob says:

    ok lets stop all these insults. a few things will sort this out.

    1. Are you paddy?

    the answer to this will lead onto other points to bring this to a close if you’re willing

  59. Static Tank says:

    There is nothing to sort out bob, you’re a pathetic low life grass trolling a companies website you cant even bet on….

  60. Bob says:

    ok who have i grassed up?

    do you believe i was responsible for the banning of Paddy username?

  61. Static Tank says:

    Jesus bob you are the thickest and most persistant freak Ive ever encountered..I dont care for names as Ive said over and over, its the fact you do it, and on a website you cant even use. PATHETIC

  62. Bob says:

    hmm ok Paddy but i didnt get you banned so why did we ever fall out in the first place? what exactly is our feud about?

  63. Static Tank says:

    Wrong again bob….

  64. Bob says:

    ahh what’s the point. nothing more to discuss or argue over

  65. Static Tank says:

    You fail yet again then to explain why you get folk banned, you sad lonely pathetic little man….

  66. Bob says:

    all different. who shall i start with?

  67. Static Tank says:

    Are you being this thick on purpose? its not who they where or what they did its why you run to betfair crying? ffs I cant make it any simpler for you…Do you get it yet? forget the name forget what they did, why cry like a sniveling little shit? they get banned and come back on, the whole to do is just fuking pathetic….why grass in the first place? does it get you off you sad little turd

  68. Bob says:

    hmm well i got grassed in the very first time i got banned too. what can i say to make amends between us?

  69. Bob says:

    any chance of us calling a truce?

  70. Bob says:

    Swearbox – Paddy/Static Tank wont make a truce. what can i do?

  71. Static Tank says:

    Paddy? you’re way off wierdo

  72. Bob says:

    haha course Paddy

  73. Mad Dogs says:

    why not just come clean paddy and get on with bob? easier that way get the nutter off ya back 🙂

  74. Static Tank says:

    What ever floats your boat

  75. Bob says:

    so why not tell me who you are on forum so we can start having banter on there with Mr Winkle and that? remember the GHD and static tank threads?

  76. Static Tank says:

    nope and no I dont know them threads

  77. Bob says:

    what threads do you know? how long you been on the forum? i started one on static tank’s just now 🙂 did you know Threegreens? he had to go away for a while 🙂

  78. Static Tank says:

    fook off sad case, only you cares…

  79. Static Tank says:

    And still he cries to betfair the sad prick, why bob why? and to reiterate Im not interested in what he said to you that made you into a little girl, but why try and report someone? it is fucking pathetic!!

    Date Joined: 13 Oct 11

    Oh I’m still here Shane! Bob apparently even tried reporting me to the Betfair Helpdesk today! LaughLaugh

    Somehow I doubt he’s shifting me that easily….
    Date Joined: 27 Apr 12

    did i? Grin

  80. Bob says:

    private joke which you missed Static. i didnt get paddy banned.

    anyway no one cares. moving on

    Swearbox – when ya coming back?

  81. Static Tank says:

    You care bob you fucking retard, enough to cry snitching like a sad twat..for what? what do you gain from it you pathetic spineless prick..why you rattling on about paddy ffs I care for him as much you..

  82. Bob says:

    course mate. that ship has sailed.

  83. Static Tank says:

    What does that mean?

  84. Bob says:

    lemme see. why do you suspect i typed the Mad Dogs bit?

  85. Bob says:

    ok what ya wanna know

  86. Rop says:

    YOu know what numbnuts, Ive only asked you 32 times….wy you pretending to be surg on here and harrassing a fella under 2 names?

  87. Bob says:

    what makes you think it isn’t surge? why you using Static Tank and Rop?

    • swearbox says:

      Bob, before you get an ulcer I can tell you that Rop’s posts and ST’s posts are from different IP addresses and the sign in emails are different…I know this because I can see this when posts come in. Now, even using your limited imagination it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how that information got to the respective posters.

  88. Bob says:

    fair enough mate. how what information got to each poster?

  89. Bob says:

    yeah i did. i have it on good authority that Static is Rop. please don’t insult me by saying it’s not. who gives a shit. so anyway, me and you are cool Swearbox?

    • swearbox says:

      You appear to give a shit Paul or you wouldn’t keep on about it on here and on Betfair but you can’t be trusted to know who is who any more so as far as who is ROP and who is Static Tank and who is Frank goes I’m keeping my gob shut, even though I know.

  90. Bob says:

    i know who Rop and Static are. same person too. someone told me. why cant i be trusted with such information?

    • swearbox says:

      You can’t be trusted to know who is who Paul because at some point in the future when you decide someone isn’t being nice enough to you you’ll use what you know to get that someone banned from the forum…extremely immature and childish if you ask me. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have 28 degrees centigrade of sunshine in my back garden that is calling me away.

  91. Rop says:

    Lol at bob all confused, how do SB, thanks for putting him straight but I doubt he’ll listen…..for the record bob which other delinquent clown thinks Im static tank? give us a laugh on a boring sunday

  92. Bob says:

    not confused at all Rop. i have information from a reliable source through pm. lets move on shall we?

  93. Rop says:

    You really are an idiot, your reliable source is as reliable as a chocolate fire guard bob…but you carry on as no one else gives a fuck.

  94. Bob says:

    how sad you are now talking to yourself (Static Tank) 🙂

  95. Bob says:

    Swearbox – why would TSE grant you a legit return? in which millenia?


    Why did MadDogs ask if Swearbox had a blog at 11-30 p..m yesterday, when he posted on here on the 16th of May AT 4-30 p.m.

    • swearbox says:

      Hi TMP……the answer to your q would be because it wasn’t actually Brainsurgeon who posted on the 16th of May…it was Bob.Vegas pretending to be Brainsurgeon (maddogs) in a pathetic attempt to get info out of Rop.

  97. Bob says:

    yeah it was i admit. there!

    Swearbox i know you wont say your name and that’s cool but is it right you’re already back on the forum? how you manage it mate?

    • swearbox says:

      Bob I’ve been their customer since 2002. Back in the very early days it was ‘de rigeur’ to have several alter egos for the purpose of winding others up. Unfortunately my primary username Swearbox has been condemned to death but that’s OK, you can’t kill his spirit. As for whether or not I’m active on the forums right now that’s not really for me to say as there are prying eyes everywhere and I wouldn’t want the likes of the sniffers at TSE jumping all over me again.

  98. Rop says:

    lol you’ve done it now SB, he’ll be pestering anyone who registered in 2002 and has a low post count…its like throwing a stick for an excited jack russel

  99. Rop says:

    I might see if I can use one of the originals for myself….2004 though I cant remember the password

  100. Bob says:

    remember what i said last night Rop. we are now at peace.
    Swearbox – just seems odd all the chat about getting back on when you were already happily posting away :/

  101. Bob says:

    Swearbox – can i ask a favour mate. do you know who banned forumite LMansini is now on the forum?

  102. Bob says:

    nasty git by all accounts

  103. Bob says:

    Rop that is a new low best mates now with The Form Man haha

  104. Rop says:

    I dont even know who that is but if talks sports then thats what the forum is for, not your pathetic little play ground you utter fuckwit, you’re about as welcome as a peado at the school gates but wont fuck off….last time I talk to you this bob so my parting words, seek help you’re wasting your life addicted to being a prick on bf.

  105. Bob says:

    aww i thought we turned a corner? peace and love mate?

  106. Bob says:

    Rop blocked me on the forum Swearbox 🙂

  107. Bob says:

    i just got banned 🙂 back no though

  108. Bob says:

    Swearbox how are you?

    • swearbox says:

      I am well Paul, though not looking forward to a day of toil in 30 degree sunshine. I see you are still causing grief on the forums. You should get a job Paul, unpleasant as that sounds, it will take your focus off the likes of poor Pistachio and ROP and Aaronh, et al.

  109. Bob says:

    no problem with Rop and Aaron now. what is it you do in the searing hear then mate?

  110. Bob says:

    hello ?

  111. Bob says:

    got a bit fruity with Pistachio last night swearbox. You see?

  112. Bob says:

    Swearbox you fallen out with me old chum?

  113. aaronh says:

    bob-vegas needs professional help

  114. Bob says:

    aaron why you being mean?

  115. Bob says:

    Swearbox i got banned again 😦 any news on your return or you not bothering now?

  116. aaronh says:

    seriously 7 user names in 24 hours? you do need help and I actually feel sorry for you even though you’re a fuking idiot.

  117. Bob says:

    why am i a fucking idiot? don’t feel sorry for me you little fucking emo virgin. starting on me when i’ve said nothing to you. prick!

    • swearbox says:

      Crikey Bob, that’s quite a massive seethe…bordering on Stretch magnitude.

      I see they’ve booted you again…hurry back, you’re missed 🙂

  118. Bob says:

    never ends. i hear you’re back?

  119. aaronh says:

    fuck welcome back, he’s an utter tool thats ruining the forum, along with 6 other addict retards.

  120. aaronh says:

    bob that is

  121. Bob says:

    sorry on this thread all the bob’s are me i think

  122. matt says:

    Betfair forum is pretty much finished now. these posts are from a few years ago and the forum is pretty much done for today. Some of them can get away with full on bullying and then some get a straight red (permanent ban) for just saying something like “tosser”. One bloke on there now does nothing but harass people, “you utter scum” yet as never even been given a minimum one month ban. yet I was banned permanently for calling the same user a “shitebag” lol. the forum is a joke.

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