Inconsistency In Refereeing

I don’t know much about how referees are taught their trade but I do know that they supposedly all go by the same set of rules so it makes me wonder why there is such a difference in refereeing standards from one match to the next.

Take that Flamini challenge yesterday in the AC Milan v Spuds game.  I’m no ref but I know a two footed tackle with both feet off the ground is a red card, no question, yet he was just cautioned with a yellow.  What the fuck ref ?

I had the misfortune to be watching and betting on the Velez Sarsfield match later in the day and 12 minutes into the first half a flailing arm from one of the Caracas players caught a chasing Velez player somewhere around the throat region.  Velez guy goes down as if shot and the result is an instant red for the Caracas guy.  Different scenario I know but a straight red ? I think not.

Every day we see play constantly stop for minor petty infringements because the ref is over officiating and then that will be tempered with a match where the ref will keep play going at all costs.

The whole point of this little piece is that ultimately if you bet money on football your dough is literally in the hands of the ref.  I lost out yesterday after Milan’s goal was disallowed following a shove in the back.  Christ the 18 yard box is like a fucking mosh pit most of the time and if you really look at every incident that is taking place as a corner or cross or free kick comes in you could stop play every time but refs see what they want to see and act as they see fit.  Of course there are times when the ref’s decision will be in your favour, for example there are so many dodgy penalties awarded in South American football, and many a time I have been saved when this has been the case and a goal is the result.

Anyway, that’s my whinge over with.  Bring on the video referee is what I say – at least the playing field will be a bit more level where dubious decisions are concerned.

Moving on, I am pleased to report that the horse I have been waiting for, Masthead, won it’s race early this morning in Australia.  I listened to the commentary and once the jockey took the brakes off it was game over.  That result literally saved the day for me after a day of giving money away on the football so I’m back above £300 again and hoping for a better day today.

Just going back to football for a moment has anyone ever wondered why Betfair offer so many shite games in their daily in play markets ?  Who in their right mind would want to get involved in women’s football, youth games, and reserve games ?  If they must offer these games then put them in the coupons where betting is suspended at kick off ffs. 

OK, now I’m definitely finished ranting until possibly later on in the day if I lose money due to inept play, crappy refs, non trying, or whatever.  Looking ahead to the Arsenal Barca game I hope it’s an open game rather than the cagey ‘let’s not lose’ approach that seems to be the norm in this competition.  If Barca turn up and opt to play for the win then they’ll destroy Arsenal in my opinion, 0-3, or 1-3.  Whatever the outcome, as long as both sides try, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.

Right, I’m off for a bit, but will return later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The Arsenal match surprised me I have to say.  They were taught how football is played in the first half and the game could have been over and done with if Messi hadn’t missed that little chip early on.  However the Arse battled really well in the second half and to their credit ran out worthy winners in the end.  I still think they lose in the return leg but we’ll have to wait and see.

Between that game, the Roma game,  and a nondescript Copa Lib game I managed to add a few quid to the account then I went and got involved in that game between Jaguares and Jorge Wilstermann.  Jags were 1/5 at ko and while they demonstrated they were the superior side in the first half their typically Mexican style of play saw to it that half time finished 0-0.  I was really seething watching this game as so many good chances were buggered up, so much so I was crying ‘fix’ to anyone who was within earshot (which would have been one of my dogs as I was alone in the house at the time).

The second half wasn’t much different and I had a fair amount of money either already lost (in the first half) or about to be lost in the second half.  I pressed on as I was sure there would be a result here that I could find to save my arse and backed Over 1.5 goals with about 20 minutes to go as Jags were actually trying a bit harder.  No sooner had I been matched than the first goal (lucky goal at that) went in.  I traded out of Overs for my stake plus a few extra pennies then I layed the 1-0 which also worked out as Jags finished the tie with another goal which actually looked offside  but what the hell.  So that whole 90 minutes plus interval was for a loss of 2 quid or thereabouts – it could have been so much more but for a bit of luck.

I finished off the night with a couple of picks on the Aussie racing, the first of which bolted in at a nice price, so my account balance creeps ever closer to a point where I can take some out.  There are two horses that I may potentially back, again in Australia, that run in the wee small hours of Friday morning (UK time), though I’m not yet privy to their names.  That’s it for now, spreadsheet etc below.

Start Bank(15th) :    252.74
End Bank  (16th) :    406.55
Profit / Loss    :   +153.81 (After Commission)


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