(un)Happy Valentines Day

What a crappy day.  Back to back 0-0’s have crippled my account just about and I’m currently about to go even further behind as yet another 0-0 looks to be on the cards.

I wasn’t doing too badly towards the tail and of last week then Saturday came and the Blackburn match (another 0-0) took away a fair percentage of my bank.  Sunday was a good day where I didn’t do too much wrong and managed to get back to some semblance of normality and push my balance back over the £200 mark.  Then came today.  I almost got out of jail in the Fulham v Chelsea match (another 0-0) when a last minute penalty for Fulham looked like saving the day but it was too good to be true.  A truly lousy penalty by Clint Dempsey saw any chance of loss recovery blown out of the water and to add insult to injury instead of leaving Eider Gudjohnsen to tap the rebound in he attempted a Rooney overhead kick which failed spectacularly.  All in all a miserable end to what was a miserable match.

I’m currently waiting on goals in what is arguably the shittiest league in world football.  I am of course referring to the crap served up in the Argie Primera and todays football masterclass is between Lanus and Arsenal.  My correct score bet of 2-1 for trading purposes looks doomed though it is only half time but the score is (you guessed it) currently 0-0.

Moving on from these sorry tales I have to report an impending horsey bet that runs at Mornington in Australia.  The selection’s name is Masthead and it runs in the 6th race which I believe is the 3.45 am (UK time) race on Wednesday morning.  As those who read my stuff know I keep a close watch on the Aussie Betfair forum and this is the horse that I am most interested in backing next.

That’s it for now.  I have to get ready to take Mrs Swearbox out to dinner this evening as you do on V Day.  No doubt the Argie match will just kick into life as I’m going out the door and my chances of trading out of my position will be lost.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  It appears that the Argie match played out the way most of them go with no goals in the first half then a goal frenzy in the last few minutes of the game.  The final score was 3-1 to Lanus and thankfully I was still around to take advantage as the scores changed.  I layed the 1-0 scoreline and when it went 2-1 I also layed that scoreline to ensure that I took something reasonable away from the match regardless of whether the score remained at 2-1 or didn’t.  It was a wise move as the homeside scored yet again to finish the match 3-1 to the good.  There is a thread on Betfair showing the amount of money wagered on under 3.5 goals – over £40k traded at 1.01…ouch !

That match pretty much rescued the day for me as it left me in profit on the day as opposed to what could have been a fairly significant loss so I’m thankful for that.  Looking forward to tomorrow, particularly the race in the early hours.  Here’s the spreadsheet for the past couple of days.

Start Bank(12th) :    259.31
End Bank  (14th) :    252.74
Profit / Loss    :   -6.57 (After Commission)


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