Betfair Hates Me

We all know about the recent site issues that have enraged punters so much so that Betfair organised an online chat session yesterday to address some of the many grievances their customers had with reference to site performance.  I actually emailed them myself regarding the amount of memory that iexplore gobbles up the longer you remain logged in to their site…yesterday taskmanager showed over 750,000K allocated to the one iexplore process that Betfair was running in.  But I’m in danger of going slightly off topic here…the title of the post says Betfair hates me, though I’m sure they hate others in Canada too.

I was online yesterday and the last bet I placed was on an Aussie race that occurred at 20 minutes to midnight my time, which is 5 hours behind UK time.  The horse lost so I called it a night.  I got up this morning and refreshed the Aussie forum to see how things had gone after I had left.  The forum refreshed OK, I read the posts then I popped into the Footy forum.  I then attempted to navigate on the main site from the horse racing page to Friday’s in play football.  No dice.  The page wouldn’t load so I basically shut everything down, cleared out the cache and attempted to log back in.  No dice. 

Apparently Betfair have done a series of tests earlier today to ensure their site issue gremlins have disappeared for good.  They report that all went well.  I beg to differ Betfair – all is not well as I now cannot login.

I have spoken to their helpdesk and gone through a bunch of things to try and get logged in but nothing works.  I even tried from another pc just to rule my own out as the fly in the ointment and still no joy.  The helpdesk guy said he wasn’t aware of any other issues but I’ll bet he is by the end of the day.  I just can’t have it that I’m alone in this – there must be others here in Canada who are affected because as I have already stated I had no issues yesterday and the only thing that has happened between 20 minutes to midnight last night and 9 am this morning is a series of Betfair ‘tests’.

If anyone reading this happens to be in my neck of the woods would you be so kind as to try logging out then logging back in again and report back.  Thanks in advance.  I will post back later on with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well it’s more than 6 hours since I spoke with Betfair and I still can’t login though I did try a little test of my own just for shits and giggles.  I got my brother to try and log into my account and he lives in the UK – result = success.  So there isn’t an account issue, there must be some screw up in some piece of code that basically treats my login attempt from my own pc as invisible.  It doesn’t even moan when I try to login with an incorrect password.  Anyway I’ve emailed Betfair with this new snippet of info in the hope that it will find it’s way to the right guy who knows how to fix it.

Moving on to betting activities I’ve had a few bets over the past couple of days though the net result has been less than pleasing.  My account balance soared past the £300 mark briefly then after a series of no hoper horses it tumbled back down below £250 and there it rests until this account problem gets fixed.  More later on, including my spreadsheet as I know you all love it.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>   Well as of 8.23 pm my time it appears I can now log in again though my account balance won’t load properly but hey it’s a start.  Not sure if I’m going to bother with anything this evening or not as I’ve only just discovered I can get back in.  Gonna do a bit of a trawl through the forums then decide what to do.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Since I last posted I had just the one bet which was successful – a lay of the 0-0 half time score in the Necaxa v CF America match.  Spreadsheet etc below (only one p&l to cover several days).

Looking forward to the Manchester derby tomorrow and hoping that Utd can do the business but City are playing well at the moment so potentially a gripping game awaits us.  Back tomorrow.

Start Bank(09th) :    277.95
End Bank  (11th) :    259.31
Profit / Loss    :   -18.64 (After Commission)


2 Responses to Betfair Hates Me

  1. Make sure your Brother doesn’t clean out your Account 😉

    I’m in the UK so in the event of it happening again, just send me all your details…………

    Honest Sports Punter

    Offices in Nigeria and London,

    • swearbox says:

      Hi SP,

      There ain’t much in my account for him to clean out, especially after today’s shite. Betfair have come back to me and blamed my ISP so I did a couple of tests of my own and they might be right. Anyway, at present all appears to be functioning OK thankfully. Just in case of future outages I’ve sent all my details to your office in Nigeria so your guys there can take a look see on my behalf.

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