I’m Back On The Horse

Well it’s been a while since I last posted after having gone down with pneumonia but I’m pleased to say I’m pretty much back to my old self again.

I’ve had a few bets since the last blog post though my account keeps yo-yoing up and down to the point it’s pissing me right off.  Anyway, I’m having a bet on a horse later on and it better win as I’m in danger of having a strike rate that is worse than some of the imbeciles that post ten times a day on the Betfair horsey forum.

The nag runs in the 5th race at Sandown in Australia (BPrk on Betfair) at 03.10 am UK time.  It’s name is Atomic and is trading a shade under 2/1 as I type.  The folk in the know reckon it’s a hotpot so I’m following their lead – just hope it does the business.

I’ll be back later on with an update and some spreadsheet screenshots to bring everything up to date.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  At last, a winner, thanks to SOTM on the Aussie horsey forum.  Backed the horse pre race at 3.25 and put up a lay of twice my stake at 1.2 at the off.  I listened to commentary on the Aus racing radio and the race caller made a right balls up at the end calling Vatican the winner then realising his mistake reversed the placings.  Vatican ended up trading at 1.01 while the lowest price that I saw matched for Atomic was 1.10.  It wouldn’t have mattered in my case as my lay at 1.2 was matched so I was green either way but I’m happy that Atomic got it’s nose in front where it counted.  Hope some of you followed as the guy that puts these tips up is rarely out of the money from what I’ve seen and read.

I’m posting up all the missing screenshots of the spreadsheet just so things are kosher but I’m not splitting up the daily P&L’s – I’m just putting up one to cover the whole period going back to the 27th Jan when I last posted.

Start Bank(28th) :    91.55
End Bank  (08th) :    277.95
Profit / Loss    :   +186.40 (After Commission)


6 Responses to I’m Back On The Horse

  1. mark says:

    Hi Swearbox

    Thanks for the heads up about the SOTM, I will try to follow.

    Would you consider adding my blog to your blogroll.
    I have already added yours to mine.

    My blog address is:

    • swearbox says:

      Hi Mark and thanks for your interest – I added you to the blogroll.

      The horse won so I’m thankful for that. I don’t think many UK punters look in very often at the Aus horsey forum and the reason is obvious – they are all tucked up in bed. I live in Canada so I’m 5 hours behind the UK which affords me the time to read their forum and find out what’s going on. There are some really good judges on there and if you are patient and able to sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of the individual posts you’ll find some great priced winners.

  2. Nice one.

    Good to see you are feeling better.

    Take Care


  3. Jason Coote says:

    Hi there,

    I’m interested in exchanging links. Take a look at our blog and see what you think.



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