Not Feeling That Great

Been under the weather since Saturday night and haven’t really been up to much except lying in bed.  Went to the Emergency Room last night cos my fever wouldn’t break and my chest was tight as hell, plus coughing a lot.  Turns out I have fecking pneumonia.  Anyway I now have the required drugs to hopefully put paid to it and with luck it’ll be on it’s way soon.

Not gonna bother running through the past week’s antics as it’s all there in the spreadsheet but the good news is I’ve managed to win a bit on each of the days I’ve had a bet since I last posted. So, before I fall completely asleep due to my drugs, here’s the spready etc.

Start Bank(22nd) :    54.19
End Bank         :    54.52
Profit / Loss    :   +0.33 (After Commission)

Start Bank(23rd) :    54.52
End Bank         :    77.29
Profit / Loss    :   +22.77 (After Commission)

Start Bank(27th) :    77.29
End Bank         :    91.55
Profit / Loss    :   +14.26 (After Commission)


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