Bank Jobs

We all know what they are and we all know that we shouldn’t do them but sometimes needs must.  One of those times is upon me right now.  If you’ve been following my (mis)fortunes of late you’ll know that my account took a pasting the other day.  Since then I’ve slipped further, reaching a low of just £16 and change, then I had a bit of a rally to finish off yesterday with the princely sum of £39.31.  I have taken the decision to wager this whole amount on a game between 2 teams I have never heard of and to be honest I can’t even be arsed to even begin to try and find a stream to watch them (if such a thing exists).

The bet is all in on over 3.5 goals and the reasoning is simple – 3 goals have already been scored and it’s only half time.  The scant bit of research I have done reveals that the home team have scored quite a few late goals in this current season so I’m taking that to mean that they at least are tryers but who knows what they’ll do today ?

If all goes to ratshit then a reload will occur at some point however I am hoping that it won’t be necessary as these two shining stars are sure to produce at least one more goal.  I will of course be back with an update later.  I should really mention the game that my fortunes rest on…it is the Egyptian Prem game between Ismaily and Haras El Hodood.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The bank job went OK and I am now in clover.  I will be paying the PC charge pretty soon if I keep this up.  Flushed with success I am staying with the Egyptian Premier League as it is now my favourite league of all and I have opted to lay the 0-0 half time score between table toppers Zamalek and the team in 8th spot namely El Entag El Harby (as if you didn’t know).   The game is 15 minutes old and before the end of the half I expect my account to have topped the £60 mark.  Back later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Pathetic bunch of Egyptian no marks decided a nil nil draw at half time would suit them just fine.  I watched a really shitty feed and from what I saw I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this game finished nil apiece.  No real chances created with the team in white dominating possession but ultimately doing fuck all with the ball.  A bit like Arsenal really.  Anyway, moving on, I’m not sure what to do next as I really expected a result there so for now I’m going to hang fire for a while.  Back later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I didn’t get chance to post earlier as I got called away to do some work at fairly short notice but I’m pleased to be able to tell you, in an aftertiming kinda way, that I placed my second bank job of the day just before I left to go out.

I lumped all of the £31.82 that was left (after I got fucked over by the non trying Egyptians) onto the 0-0 score in that same game with around 20 minutes left to play.  When I was sure the match had ended I phoned my mrs to ask her to refresh my Betfair account and tell me what the balance was.  The lazy bastards (collectively known as Zamalek and El Entag El Harby) played out the rest of the match without troubling the scoreline any further and my account has swelled up again to almost double the day’s starting balance.

I do have one more bet planned today and that is on the Aussie racing.  The horse is called Intencion and it runs at 02.50 UK time in the second race at Rosehill.  This was tipped up last night on the Aussie horsey forum and as long as it’s price doesn’t get ridiculously short I’ll be on it.  That’s it for a while…back in a bit.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Horse was unplaced so there’s another score out of my account…ffs !  Fucking bugs me as I monitor that forum a lot and last night the guy who tipped up Intencion popped in with one tip that romped in at a decent price (was 8.5 on the Aussie tote / TAB/ whatever it is though I missed the race as I had an early night last night).  At least I didn’t put the whole bank on it thank fuck.  I’m desperate to get past a ton in this account (does it show ?) and I’ll make it before the weekend is out – either that or I’ll go broke.  I’m off to quietly seethe.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank(19th) :    32.07
End Bank         :    36.83
Profit / Loss    :   +4.76 (After Commission)

Start Bank(20th) :    36.83
End Bank         :    39.31
Profit / Loss    :   +2.48 (After Commission)

Start Bank(21st) :    39.31
End Bank         :    54.19
Profit / Loss    :   +14.88 (After Commission)


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