Done 80% Of My Bank Today

What a day – everything I touched turned to shite.  Got beaten by the Suspend on two occasions which really pissed me off as both times I had picked a potentially winning punt.  In the Panama v El Salvador match I layed the 0-0 half time score only to later on bottle it and back the 0-0 half time score but I had a brain fart as the bet was matching and ended up with a totally red market.  As the price got lower I then decided to lay the 0-0 again and this was one of the games where the suspend came before the bet got matched – 3 seconds short to be precise.  Like a tool I then layed the 1-0 half time score and then regretted it as I watched two completely inept teams scrap it out on a shitty pitch to finish the half 1-0.  There was a little bit clawed back from the Racing v River game that I was playing at the same time as the Panama game but it did little to help me out.

Following the football I progressed (or should that be regressed ?) to Aussie racing and all four picks have lost, the last but one being beat in a photo for first place.  Account is decimated and will take forever to build back up.  Not happy.

Start Bank       :    184.34
End Bank         :    32.07
Profit / Loss    :   -152.27 (After Commission)


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