We’ll Give You Two Goals Start

Just finished watching the Atletico Goianiense v Santa Helena match and I’m sure that’s what Atletico must have said to the away side before the match.  “We’ll give you two goals start but from there you’re on your own”.  The away side were two up inside 15 minutes and then the rest of the match was all Atletico.  They went in at half time 0-2 and shortly after the break the first of Atletico’s 3 goals went in. 

Prior to Atletico’s first goal the prices on Betfair were crazy with the correct score market favouring the home side while the Match odds market had them as no hopers (almost).  I initially started off with a lay of the away side after they had scored the second goal and the play became a bit one sided in favour of Atletico.  I placed a number of other small bets on the correct score market and again in the match odds market and thankfully I came away from the match with a small profit.

Earlier in the day I had received an email from a friend detailing some lay bets he had lined up on the horses so I had a bit of a dabble.  The first lay (Silicium) looked like it was going to win and I’m sure it traded as low as 1.03 but the heavy ground at Fakenham took it’s toll and AP McCoy had to settle for second place.  The next race I got involved in was a 3 runner event and while the advice on the email had correctly identified McCoy’s mount as a lay I opted instead to back the rag of the race hoping for a big run with a view to trading out.  The selection ran a great race and while it finished last of the three it was bang in there with a chance two out.  It’s price dropped significantly enough for a quick trade to be successfully made and that was that.

Yesterday was a total disaster – the Spurs game finished 0-0 so I lost money there and then Real Madrid let me down by scoring no goals before half time.  They always score before half time ffs.  Anyway, those were the only two bets of the day yesterday and they cost me almost 50% of my bank.

Nothing more for today, spready below.

Start Bank(16th) :    201.57 (after £300 withdrawal)
End Bank         :    107.37
Profit / Loss    :   -94.20 (After Commission)

Start Bank(17th) :    107.37
End Bank         :    147.09
Profit / Loss    :   +39.72 (After Commission)

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Got bored and had a dabble on the Aussie racing which has changed the figures a bit so rather than fiddle about changing spready inserts and editing the final P&L I’m adding it below.  There is definitely no more updates to this post as I’m signing off on a winner (even though I gave back a fair bit by laying it off in running).  Amended spready etc below.

Start Bank(17th) :    107.37
End Bank         :    184.34
Profit / Loss    :   +76.97 (After Commission)


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