Lets All Laugh At Arsenal

The first leg of the Carling cup tie between Ipswich Town and Arsenal has now finished and I’ll bet there are some mighty pissed off punters out there.  I was nearly one of them.  Pre match everyone was predicting that it would be a cake walk for the Gooners because, after all, this was only Ipswich they were playing, not a decent club, so team selection wouldn’t really be that much of an issue.  Oh really ?

Arsenal were shit to a man today – Arshavin and Bendtner were on the pitch in body alone, their minds clearly somewhere else.  They (Arsenal) tried their usual pass pass pass walk the ball about routine and it got them nowhere.  Ipswich, on the other hand, gritted their teeth and played with spirit throughout and I tip my hat to them.    Their long ball down the middle eventually paid off though in fairness it was offside but wtf – the Arse get their share of dodgy decisions.  They’ll probably win the return leg at the Emirates 4-0 and that’s fine by me if they don’t dick around like they did today.

I have to confess to having been swayed by the opinions of the masses pre game and I opted for a starting bet that I rarely resort to, that being a back of any unquoted at half time.  I expected Arsenal to push hard from the get go and try to nick an early lead thereby giving me a chance to trade out for a profit.  As time ticked by I decided to lay the 0-0 half time score as well when the price became a bit more acceptable.  I really did think we’d see a goal before half time.

At the start of the second half I was determined to recoup my first half losses and I thought that as long as there was at least a goal I should get my money back plus a little bit more if I backed accordingly but it was a nail biter for a long time.  All but £16 of my account balance was committed and I have to admit that it was a totally foolish thing to do in hindsight but I got lucky.

It’s not the first really dumb thing I’ve done this week – on Monday night, after a fairly decent Monday afternoon on the footy,  I visited the Aussie racing forum in search of some jewels but it turned into a disaster as I ended up giving back everything I’d won during the day.  Stupid boy.

Back to today – the only other game I bothered with earlier this afternoon was the Villareal v Sevilla match that ended in a 3-3 goalfest though I took no part in the match after the first half having secured a bit of money by laying the 0-0 ht score.

Nothing more for me today, just glad it didn’t all end in tears which it so very nearly did.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank(10th) :    267.50
End Bank         :    258.56
Profit / Loss    :   -8.94 (After Commission)

Start Bank(11th) :    258.56
End Bank         :    265.27
Profit / Loss    :   +6.71 (After Commission)

Start Bank(12th) :    265.27
End Bank         :    313.61
Profit / Loss    :   +48.34 (After Commission)


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