When Will All The Cheating Stop ?

I was really looking forward to what has to be arguably the highest profile game of the day and I am referring of course to the FA Cup 3rd Round match at Old Trafford.  As a Man Utd fan you can count on one hand the number of teams that we have to stick it to, Liverpool probably occupy the number 2 spot,  but I’m a great believer in fair play and the way we won today was nothing short of embarassing.  Liverpool is always a great scalp to take but not in today’s circumstances.

Berba’s obvious dive was reprehensible though I have to say I’ve seen worse but what really troubles me is the prevalence of such play.  There isn’t a day goes by without players attempting to con the referee by diving about the place or rolling round as if shot.  This never happened in the days when Sir Bobby Charlton graced the pitch that’s for sure.  In those days if a player rolled about the floor it’s because they’d been clattered good and properly by some brute of a defender (Norman Hunter springs to mind for some reason).  All in all it makes for a poor game and does absolutely zero for the image of the game.  I get stick all the time about ‘Soccer’ as they call it here in Canada – it’s no wonder the sport hasn’t really taken off here like it should have.

The sending off was another controversial point in the game and my take on it is that Gerrard should have been bollocked and yellow carded.  It’s not like the game was being played in the spirit of an Old Firm game at the time.  I pretty much lost interest following that as the rest of the first half was scrappy to say the least. 

Chelsea took their sweet time to get going against Ipswich but get going they did and I’m glad as they got me back the money I lost on the United game and the lame arsed 0-0 draw between Chievo and Palermo.  Lots of goals in Spain have meant that my account climbs a little further towards the clouds and I’m still considering another foray into the Real Madrid match as I don’t think we are finished with the goals there.  That’s all for now but I will be back later as there’s plenty of footy left yet.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I got the extra goals I needed in the Real Madrid game thanks to Christiano Ronaldo.  What a player.  He can play act with the best of  ’em and that I don’t like but when he decides to play football look out because he’s almost (almost) up there with Messi.

A drubbing for Juve at the hands of Napoli added a few more coppers to the tin and that was it for footy.  I had a bit of a rest to watch TV for a bit and then had a look in at the Aussie racing.  Not much going on there really so calling it a day.  Spready below

Start Bank (8th):    248.29
End Bank        :    204.90
Profit / Loss   :   -43.39 (After Commission)

Start Bank (9th):    204.90
End Bank        :    267.50
Profit / Loss   :   +62.60 (After Commission)


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