The Tree Is Down

Yes readers, the tree and other sundry crimbo spangly things  got packed away in boxes today thereby signalling the end to yet another festive season.  A string of outside lights still remain lit but I refuse to go outside and take them down as it is snowing and freezing cold to boot but their days are numbered.

I’m typing this whilst watching the Villareal v Almeria game (well, part of the window showing the game is obscured but I can hear the Spanish commentary just fine even though I haven’t a clue what they are saying).  The only bit I’m interested in is where the commentator shouts GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL and as that cry has already gone up once it means I’m a happy camper as this means my lay of the 0-0 half time score has come in.  More green on the spreadsheet.

I had intended to post yesterday but I didn’t have time as I had to take our last remaining Christmas refugee (Mrs Swearbox’s youngest son) to the airport which is normally a couple of hours drive though I somehow managed it in less than an hour and a half.  A stop off on the way back at a shopping mall took out another hour of my day but I did find a bargain of sorts – ‘Crime’ by Irvine Welsh was on sale in Coles bookshop for $6.99 so I snapped it up.  I like a bit of Irvine Welsh.

As I said yesterday was a but busy on the domestic front but I managed to catch the Wigan v Newcastle game and the only goal of the game came, thankfully, before half time so my 0-0 HT lay came in.  Later on today I’ll probably get involved in the Real Madrid game unless Mrs Swearbox makes me go to her mothers to show her mum how to work her new netbook.  Back later on with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well so far it’s been one step forward and 1.7 steps back as my lay of the 0-0 HT score in the Villareal match was negated when I layed the 2-0 full time score with around 25 mins to play.  Undeterred I pressed on to the match that is currently playing – Getafe v Real Madrid.  I placed my lay of 0-0 HT and the counter stopped with 3 secs to go whereupon the suspend came up in response to the penalty awarded to RM.  Christiano slotted home and I missed my chance.  As it was early in the first half I layed the 0-1 HT score and I’m pleased to say the commentator has just shouted GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALL after RM scored their second.  I intend to play about in the goals market from here on in and will report back later.  This could easily end up unquoted if RM feel like banging more goals in.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> The second half is just 5 minutes old and I’ve backed over 4.5 goals for the same amount that I won off laying the 0-1 in the first half.  Depending on when, not if, the next goal gets scored I might lay off my stake plus a little bit more so that I get green whatever happens.  Back after the match concludes.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> A pleasing result overall with RM running out the winners by 3 goals to 2.  Following the fourth goal I layed off my stake plus 25% to give me a result whatever happened after that.  I’m quite keen on sacrificing potential winnings to avoid a total loss if things don’t go your way and whether you agree or disagree with that style of playing you can’t argue with the fact that a totally green book is better than half red and half green IF the result doesn’t go your way.  Anyway, enough of that shite as I have to go out now and demonstrate the finer points of the mother in law’s netbook to her.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :     98.98
End Bank        :    117.13
Profit / Loss   :   +18.15 (After Commission)


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