Once More Unto The Breach…

…which, as everyone who is reading this probably knows, is Shakespearean bollocks for ‘Let’s have another crack at it.’.  I am of course referring to bunging yet more money into my Betfair account and pressing on in search of that elusive thing called ‘winning over the longer term’.

My first bet following the reload turned out to be a loser thanks to the once mighty Chelsea shitting themselves at home to Bolton yesterday.  A very nervous Chelsea turned in a display in the first half that rivalled some of the very worst Copa Libertadores action that I have witnessed.  Case in point – Drogba’s early free kick from the LEFT SIDE of the pitch not far out from the 18 yard box which, when it came back down to earth, alighted 3 or 4 yards short of the RIGHT HAND corner flag and into touch for a Bolton throw in.  Needless to say my usual lay of the 0-0 half time score went down the pan so a bad start.

Today’s in play action was a maudling selection of games from every corner of the planet and utter boredom forced me to try something different.  I bet in two games today and both actually went my way.  I layed over 4.5 goals in the Zulte-Waregem v Gent game and as the game progressed and the prices shifted I traded out of my position to produce green all round.  Buoyed by this success I did exactly the same thing in the Lokeren v Genk game.  This method is obviously a licence to print money and I endorse it fully.

There are a couple of games left that are available to bet in play and at the time of writing I haven’t decided whether or not to bother with either of them (but I probably will of course).  I will post some sort of update later on and will add in the spreadsheet then as well.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Didn’t bother with the Mexican friendly pish after all so here’s the spreadsheet.  I may be having a small interest in a horse that runs on Saturday night (all being well).  I’ll post it up when I know the score.  Footy tomorrow looks dire so might miss that.  Good luck if you play.

Start Bank      :     100.00
End Bank        :      83.67
Profit / Loss   :   -16.33 (After Commission)


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