An Early Chrissy Present From Betfair

Well, who’d have thought it ? I’m sitting at home minding my own business and into my inbox pops an email from Betfair telling me I have money in a Betfair account that I haven’t used for 12 months. Well that’s cool I’m thinking to myself. I read on and find out that if the account inactivity reaches 13 months they are going to charge me an inactivity fee (a fiver a month I think it is). I got on the blower to Betfair without further ado.

I explained to the chap about the email and told him I didn’t know which account it was that contained the dosh as my primary account is bare right now so it must be one of my other accounts. Turned out I had 6 accounts so we went through them and pruned them down to just two. As long as I log into my secondary account before the month is up my balance of 95p is safe as houses.

Anyway, during the course of discovering all these accounts I explained why they existed. A couple were created to circumvent previous forum bans I had received in the past…a couple more were failed attempts at opening accounts using bank accounts in Canada (not recommended as most banks here have crap cards that either you can’t register due to not enough numbers in the card number or the banks themselves restrict you from funding a gambling account using their cards). The guy I spoke with picked up on the fact that I had been banned previously and he also noticed I was currently prevented from posting on the forums having been delivered a lifetime ban by some overzealous mod back in February.

We chatted about the circumstances surrounding that ban (plus I’m sure he was reading the notes on my account that detailed the heinous post that resulted in the ban) and he promptly announced that he was going to overturn it there and then. Result. Woohoooooo !!

I have to say I was quite chuffed to say the least as I’ve been sending regular-ish mails pleading with them to overturn their decision but every time it’s fallen on deaf ears.  Whether you like the forums or loathe them they are useful sometimes and it’s a royal pain in the arse when your posting privileges are revoked and you need to ask a question notwithstanding the navigation problems that arise when you try to read stuff.

As far as the account goes I’m not sure whether or not I’ll reload this side of Christmas.  I’ve been working on a. n. other site that I’m going to try and monetize and if that works out then I’ll reveal all (has nowt to do with betting).  I’d be interested to know if anyone out there who might be reading this and who currently has any form of monetization on their blogs is getting on, ie are they getting conversions (sales from banner ads and affiliate links).  Rather than discuss it via comments I’d welcome any emails on the subject.  My email addy is swearbox2002 at ya h00 dot com.

Right, that’s me for now.  Merry Christmas to anyone who’s reading 🙂


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