You Know Things Are Bad When…

… your first bet of the day is a lay of 0-0 HT in a crappy Danish match but that’s how it is today.  I managed to miss all the EPL games as I was otherwise engaged but hopefully it wasn’t time wasted but more of that little venture as things unfold.  Suffice to say that I’m not gonna be retiring any time soon from my punting exploits.

To bring you up to speed (if there is a ‘you’ still out there) my account took another nosedive on Thursday after my only punt of the day failed.  I rather foolishly decided that another venture across to the Middle East might prove fruitful but the goalless first half in the match between UAE and Saudi Arabia put paid to that idea.  Since then I’ve done no betting apart from laying the 0-0 HT score in the Odense v Aalborg match which is currently 18 minutes old and scoreless.

I’m currently exploring other potential money making options but it does require a tremendous amount of research in order to get a picture in your mind of how everything works, what steps to take and when to take them.  That said, it’s all new stuff for me so at least it’s interesting for the time being.  Speaking of interesting I notice that it’s now 25 minutes into the game and it’s still bereft of goals.  I’m off again for a bit though I would like to ask a question…

More often than not I post in ‘real time’, that is to say I almost post as if I were posting to a forum.  By that I mean I edit the days posts more than once and each new piece of content appears as an UPDATE>>>>>>>>> .  Do you who read my pages care ?  Do you like that style of posting ?

I know most of you who are UK based won’t really care as you are 5 hours in front so only the diehards who stay up late will notice that there may have been new updates to my page.  Anyway I was just wondering…

Back later with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>   It’s been an up and down day so far.  I posted the bit above and then found that Odense had scored so that was good.  I moved on to more top flight football, this time from the Swiss, where Neuchatel Xanax did the honours with a goal before half time to propel my balance even further into the stratosphere (if we can’t take the piss out of ourselves then who can we take the piss out of ?).  Then the tide turned and I’m currently getting fucked over by the Dutch.

Ajax decided they would miss every golden opportunity that came their way so when half time came around I ended up giving 75% of what I’d made back to the backers.  I was going to leave it alone until the Real Madrid match but like an idiot I ploughed on as I thought I’d spotted a golden opportunity in the shape of the PSV v Heracles match.  Market said it was going to be a walkover for PSV.  AUQ in the correct score market was 2.6 to lay before the match had even kicked off !  After watching the start of the game which was being played with a fair amount of snow falling and not a lot happening on the pitch I decided to lay goals.  I plumped for a lay of over 4.5 goals with my reasoning being there’s tons of snow and the players didn’t exactly look like they were enjoying themselves.  No sooner had the lay been matched the away side scored and not long after that the home side scored to level and scored again a few minutes later to see the first half close with 3 goals in the bag.  Over half my account is going down the toilet here as I fully expect PSV to lay waste to the Heracles goal now they’ve got their heads in front.

I don’t think I’ll bother with anything further today as it’ll be plain chasing but I’ll wait until the PSV match concludes before I post the spreadsheet just in case some miracle occurs and there are less than two goals left in this match.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  It’s a bit late to be posting this but things got in the way.  PSV destroyed Heracles but I managed to claw back some of the losses from the over 4.5 market by backing the Unquoted.  The day was basically a loser but it could have been worse.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :     41.62
End Bank        :     30.52
Profit / Loss   :   -11.10 (After Commission)


One Response to You Know Things Are Bad When…

  1. A worthwhile addition. There are plenty of blogs out there that regularly post tips / wagers without giving any feel as to whether the blogger is profitable or not.

    The only problem is that people like me who use Google Reader for notification of new blog posts don’t catch an update of an existing post, whilst a separate new blog post with your later thoughts would appear on Reader.

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