Wednesday Copa Goalfest

Goalfest on the cards tonight.  Laying 0-0 HT score and backing 2-2 in CS market to begin with. Reasoning – both Goias and Independiente are shit in defence…cue 0-0 at full time.  Back at HT.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  All going well so far except Inde haven’t really troubled the Goias goalkeeper (unless I missed something when I went to brew up).  The goals are far from finished in this match – Goias want to put daylight between themselves and the visitors in preparation for the return leg and Inde really need a goal or more to get back into this game but more importantly get the away goal(s).  If goals do come I really need Inde to score first as then it gives me more options to trade in the CS market since I now have 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, and 3-2 covered.  I’m thinking the final result here will be 3-1 but we’ll just have to see.  Back after it’s done.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well another disastrous result with no further goals going in.  Inde got a man sent off but they carried on taking the game to Goias but it has to be said they were clueless – absolutely no creativity whatsoever which helped out Goias tremendously as their defence never really got tested.  So with me having every result apart from 2-0  covered after having layed it, and I really thought hard about laying the 2-0 score given that had I done nothing I wouldn’t have lost anything on this game due to the good result in the first half, it just wasn’t to be and my account now dips into the danger zone once again.  Fuck I hate this game sometimes.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :     88.90
End Bank        :     53.94
Profit / Loss   :   -34.96 (After Commission)


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