Once More Unto The Breach…

December 30, 2010

…which, as everyone who is reading this probably knows, is Shakespearean bollocks for ‘Let’s have another crack at it.’.  I am of course referring to bunging yet more money into my Betfair account and pressing on in search of that elusive thing called ‘winning over the longer term’.

My first bet following the reload turned out to be a loser thanks to the once mighty Chelsea shitting themselves at home to Bolton yesterday.  A very nervous Chelsea turned in a display in the first half that rivalled some of the very worst Copa Libertadores action that I have witnessed.  Case in point – Drogba’s early free kick from the LEFT SIDE of the pitch not far out from the 18 yard box which, when it came back down to earth, alighted 3 or 4 yards short of the RIGHT HAND corner flag and into touch for a Bolton throw in.  Needless to say my usual lay of the 0-0 half time score went down the pan so a bad start.

Today’s in play action was a maudling selection of games from every corner of the planet and utter boredom forced me to try something different.  I bet in two games today and both actually went my way.  I layed over 4.5 goals in the Zulte-Waregem v Gent game and as the game progressed and the prices shifted I traded out of my position to produce green all round.  Buoyed by this success I did exactly the same thing in the Lokeren v Genk game.  This method is obviously a licence to print money and I endorse it fully.

There are a couple of games left that are available to bet in play and at the time of writing I haven’t decided whether or not to bother with either of them (but I probably will of course).  I will post some sort of update later on and will add in the spreadsheet then as well.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Didn’t bother with the Mexican friendly pish after all so here’s the spreadsheet.  I may be having a small interest in a horse that runs on Saturday night (all being well).  I’ll post it up when I know the score.  Footy tomorrow looks dire so might miss that.  Good luck if you play.

Start Bank      :     100.00
End Bank        :      83.67
Profit / Loss   :   -16.33 (After Commission)

An Early Chrissy Present From Betfair

December 20, 2010

Well, who’d have thought it ? I’m sitting at home minding my own business and into my inbox pops an email from Betfair telling me I have money in a Betfair account that I haven’t used for 12 months. Well that’s cool I’m thinking to myself. I read on and find out that if the account inactivity reaches 13 months they are going to charge me an inactivity fee (a fiver a month I think it is). I got on the blower to Betfair without further ado.

I explained to the chap about the email and told him I didn’t know which account it was that contained the dosh as my primary account is bare right now so it must be one of my other accounts. Turned out I had 6 accounts so we went through them and pruned them down to just two. As long as I log into my secondary account before the month is up my balance of 95p is safe as houses.

Anyway, during the course of discovering all these accounts I explained why they existed. A couple were created to circumvent previous forum bans I had received in the past…a couple more were failed attempts at opening accounts using bank accounts in Canada (not recommended as most banks here have crap cards that either you can’t register due to not enough numbers in the card number or the banks themselves restrict you from funding a gambling account using their cards). The guy I spoke with picked up on the fact that I had been banned previously and he also noticed I was currently prevented from posting on the forums having been delivered a lifetime ban by some overzealous mod back in February.

We chatted about the circumstances surrounding that ban (plus I’m sure he was reading the notes on my account that detailed the heinous post that resulted in the ban) and he promptly announced that he was going to overturn it there and then. Result. Woohoooooo !!

I have to say I was quite chuffed to say the least as I’ve been sending regular-ish mails pleading with them to overturn their decision but every time it’s fallen on deaf ears.  Whether you like the forums or loathe them they are useful sometimes and it’s a royal pain in the arse when your posting privileges are revoked and you need to ask a question notwithstanding the navigation problems that arise when you try to read stuff.

As far as the account goes I’m not sure whether or not I’ll reload this side of Christmas.  I’ve been working on a. n. other site that I’m going to try and monetize and if that works out then I’ll reveal all (has nowt to do with betting).  I’d be interested to know if anyone out there who might be reading this and who currently has any form of monetization on their blogs is getting on, ie are they getting conversions (sales from banner ads and affiliate links).  Rather than discuss it via comments I’d welcome any emails on the subject.  My email addy is swearbox2002 at ya h00 dot com.

Right, that’s me for now.  Merry Christmas to anyone who’s reading 🙂

Snowy Sunday Afternoon

December 5, 2010

Well here we are again – it’s Sunday afternoon and it’s snowing.  I don’t particularly hate snow.  After a nice fresh snowfall everything looks like and clean and at night everything is so much brighter out.  But this is Canada and it’s going to keep on snowing until April.  In between now and then there will be a gazillion tons of grit and salt and sand dumped on the roads and snow plows will create snowbanks taller than most people.  The pristine white snow will become a dirty shitty mess.  Freezing rain will turn every surface it reaches into sheet ice.  Every day on your short commute to work you WILL SEE at least one stricken vehicle in a ditch or rammed into a tree.  You’ll just get done shovelling your driveway so your car can get out and the snow plow will come down your street and fill it back in again.  So you shovel out the driveway again and be late for work.  No wonder this is the season that most people really really hate out here (unless you’re into winter sports of course).  So for all those in the UK who are pissing and moaning about the weather you’re currently experiencing I say suck it up princesses cos you don’t know how lucky you are.

Right, back to today.  The day has begun fairly well with 0-0 HT score lays coming good in the Sunderland v West Ham game and the Nurnberg v Borussia Dortmund game.  Having watched the whole first half of the Sunderland game I have to ask “How crap is Carlton Cole ?”.  He is pure manure, slow, clumsy, shits out of 50/50 balls…utter rubbish player in my opinion and all you West Ham fans out there can’t tell me otherwise.

Moving on – the next bet has been struck and that is a lay of the 0-0 HT score in the Silkeborg v Brondby game…STOP PRESS…Silkeborg have gone a goal up so my interest in that particular game has just ceased.  Not sure where to go next but will update when I know.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>   It appears someone else thinks Carlton Cole is shite as you’ll find out if you go here where there’s a whole thread about it.  As for the action since I last wrote I’m beginning to think I’m the man with the midas touch as so far everything has gone my way.  Both the Villareal and Gremio matches have provided a goal before half time and at the time of writing my bank has increased by 60% or thereabouts.  Having said that 60% of next to nothing doesn’t amount to a great deal but it does provide that bit of levity and feeling of safety and warmth that comes from a spell of green.

So where to go next is my dilemma.  I’m tempted to head over to the Goias v Corinthians game for the second half now that the potential upset has temporarily been avoided.  I’m referring to the fact that Goias went a goal up in a game that nobody really expects them to bother taking part in.  Corinthians have since levelled the score in this match that they really must win if they are to have a shout at winning their league.

Having looked at a couple of prices for various outcomes in this match I’m blindly going to back over 3.5 goals in the Goias match and hope Corinthians (or Goias for that matter) get their goal scoring heads on and deliver.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  What a frigging disaster !  And 0/10 for those who thought that Goias weren’t going to turn up.  I backed over 3.5 and when things started to look like that wasn’t going to happen I backed over 2.5 as I was sure someone would find the net but no – a goalless second half brought about as a result of some resolute Goias youngsters not being dictated to by fat has beens like Ronaldo saw to it that my account got drained of pretty much the days profits up to that point.

Undeterred I pressed on looking for a way back and opted for laying the 2-0 score in the Real Sociedad v Atletico Bilbao match.  I had intended to back overs but as I started my navigation through the pages the second goal (an own goal) went in and prices were no longer attractive so I grudgingly settled for laying the 2-0.  Anyway, neither side really looked dangerous in the second half – Sociedad didn’t need to press as they had the 2 goal cushion and Bilbao just couldn’t find the creativity required to break through the Sociedad back lines resulting in no further goals and a hammering of my balance.

With the single figure sum left in my account I have backed over 2.5 goals in the Uni Catolica game, currently it’s 1-1 early in the second half.  I really couldn’t give a flying fuck if no more goals get scored as I’m so tired of this endless pissing around.  There has to be easier and safer ways of earning money than this that don’t mess with your head so much.  Back later with what I hope will be a positive final update for the night.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  So Uni Catolica smashed Everton De Vina 5-0 so the bank job worked out.  I have gone all in again, this time laying the 0-0 HT score in the Monterrey v Santos Laguna match.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Monterrey finished the half a goal to the good so I’m still hanging in there.  Only one match left tonight and I’ve gone all in again on a back of over 1.5 goals in the Lanus v Independient match.  No score at this time but it looks like goals will come as it’s a very lively match.  Back one more time after the match is over (or when 2 goals are scored whichever comes first).

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well so much for listening to what the so called experts think.  This vile match is about 3 minutes away from finishing and it’s goalless.  My account is dry.  I’m glad in a way as I have other things I want to pursue and the football has been getting in the way.  The account will get reloaded again at some point but I’m not sure when…til then good luck out there.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :     30.52
End Bank        :      0.0
Profit / Loss   :   -30.52 (After Commission)

You Know Things Are Bad When…

December 4, 2010

… your first bet of the day is a lay of 0-0 HT in a crappy Danish match but that’s how it is today.  I managed to miss all the EPL games as I was otherwise engaged but hopefully it wasn’t time wasted but more of that little venture as things unfold.  Suffice to say that I’m not gonna be retiring any time soon from my punting exploits.

To bring you up to speed (if there is a ‘you’ still out there) my account took another nosedive on Thursday after my only punt of the day failed.  I rather foolishly decided that another venture across to the Middle East might prove fruitful but the goalless first half in the match between UAE and Saudi Arabia put paid to that idea.  Since then I’ve done no betting apart from laying the 0-0 HT score in the Odense v Aalborg match which is currently 18 minutes old and scoreless.

I’m currently exploring other potential money making options but it does require a tremendous amount of research in order to get a picture in your mind of how everything works, what steps to take and when to take them.  That said, it’s all new stuff for me so at least it’s interesting for the time being.  Speaking of interesting I notice that it’s now 25 minutes into the game and it’s still bereft of goals.  I’m off again for a bit though I would like to ask a question…

More often than not I post in ‘real time’, that is to say I almost post as if I were posting to a forum.  By that I mean I edit the days posts more than once and each new piece of content appears as an UPDATE>>>>>>>>> .  Do you who read my pages care ?  Do you like that style of posting ?

I know most of you who are UK based won’t really care as you are 5 hours in front so only the diehards who stay up late will notice that there may have been new updates to my page.  Anyway I was just wondering…

Back later with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>   It’s been an up and down day so far.  I posted the bit above and then found that Odense had scored so that was good.  I moved on to more top flight football, this time from the Swiss, where Neuchatel Xanax did the honours with a goal before half time to propel my balance even further into the stratosphere (if we can’t take the piss out of ourselves then who can we take the piss out of ?).  Then the tide turned and I’m currently getting fucked over by the Dutch.

Ajax decided they would miss every golden opportunity that came their way so when half time came around I ended up giving 75% of what I’d made back to the backers.  I was going to leave it alone until the Real Madrid match but like an idiot I ploughed on as I thought I’d spotted a golden opportunity in the shape of the PSV v Heracles match.  Market said it was going to be a walkover for PSV.  AUQ in the correct score market was 2.6 to lay before the match had even kicked off !  After watching the start of the game which was being played with a fair amount of snow falling and not a lot happening on the pitch I decided to lay goals.  I plumped for a lay of over 4.5 goals with my reasoning being there’s tons of snow and the players didn’t exactly look like they were enjoying themselves.  No sooner had the lay been matched the away side scored and not long after that the home side scored to level and scored again a few minutes later to see the first half close with 3 goals in the bag.  Over half my account is going down the toilet here as I fully expect PSV to lay waste to the Heracles goal now they’ve got their heads in front.

I don’t think I’ll bother with anything further today as it’ll be plain chasing but I’ll wait until the PSV match concludes before I post the spreadsheet just in case some miracle occurs and there are less than two goals left in this match.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  It’s a bit late to be posting this but things got in the way.  PSV destroyed Heracles but I managed to claw back some of the losses from the over 4.5 market by backing the Unquoted.  The day was basically a loser but it could have been worse.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :     41.62
End Bank        :     30.52
Profit / Loss   :   -11.10 (After Commission)

Wednesday Copa Goalfest

December 1, 2010

Goalfest on the cards tonight.  Laying 0-0 HT score and backing 2-2 in CS market to begin with. Reasoning – both Goias and Independiente are shit in defence…cue 0-0 at full time.  Back at HT.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  All going well so far except Inde haven’t really troubled the Goias goalkeeper (unless I missed something when I went to brew up).  The goals are far from finished in this match – Goias want to put daylight between themselves and the visitors in preparation for the return leg and Inde really need a goal or more to get back into this game but more importantly get the away goal(s).  If goals do come I really need Inde to score first as then it gives me more options to trade in the CS market since I now have 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, and 3-2 covered.  I’m thinking the final result here will be 3-1 but we’ll just have to see.  Back after it’s done.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well another disastrous result with no further goals going in.  Inde got a man sent off but they carried on taking the game to Goias but it has to be said they were clueless – absolutely no creativity whatsoever which helped out Goias tremendously as their defence never really got tested.  So with me having every result apart from 2-0  covered after having layed it, and I really thought hard about laying the 2-0 score given that had I done nothing I wouldn’t have lost anything on this game due to the good result in the first half, it just wasn’t to be and my account now dips into the danger zone once again.  Fuck I hate this game sometimes.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :     88.90
End Bank        :     53.94
Profit / Loss   :   -34.96 (After Commission)

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