Tuesday Night

Just a quickie post.  Only 1 game for me today and that’s the only one left in play on Betfair.  I missed the lay of 0-0 HT as I was waiting for the price to tick down a bit before I stepped in but Velez scored.  I’ve layed the 1-0 HT score and had bets on 3-0 and 3-1 in the FT market which hopefully will give me a trading chance if more goals get scored.  That’s it – back in a bit.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Argie football has to be the muggiest game on the planet.  Anyone who witnessed this spectacle will know what I’m saying.  Final score was 2-1 when Velez should have gone unquoted but failed to convert piss simple chances in both halves.

Add to this the shite day I had yesterday (though I didn’t post) and my account now sits just a few pounds above it’s starting balance.  With Crimbo just around the corner I really need some decent football but the time difference is a killer during the week with me being 5 hrs behind UK time – all the better football is on while I’m out at work so the only time I get a decent few games to pick from is weekends.  Ah well, enough pissing and moaning – spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    113.70
End Bank        :     88.90
Profit / Loss   :   -24.80 (After Commission)


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