Anyone For Overs ?

I’ve been watching the Spurs v Liverpool match and while it was a fairly clueless affair for the most part the game came alive in the final 5 minutes with a goal for the Scousers and missed chances at both ends, though the best chances fell to Liverpool who really should have converted at least one of those and be sitting pretty with a 2 goal lead going into half time.

My normal plan of attack with most matches is to lay the 0-0 HT score, or the current score if there is a very early goal, say withing the first 5 minutes.  If it pays off I will leave the game and look for my next target.  I’m switching things up a bit though, probably because the snow is on the ground outside and it’s a fairly easy decision to watch the second half of the Spurs game, but more because that burst of action towards the tail end of the first half has me thinking there’s a bit more to come at White Hart Lane.  I’m backing over 2.5 goals and will either trade or stick depending on when (or even if) the goals come.  Back in a bit.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Christ that was hard to watch if you were backing goals.  First of all a missed Spurs penalty, a couple of further (albeit dubious) penalty shouts turned down, then a disallowed goal all conspiring to give me a heart attack.  Goal backers had to wait until the 92nd minute for the bet to land but it was a great effort by Aaron Lennon, described as ‘the sprinter with a go faster stripe on his head’ by commentator Jon Champion, who, after controlling a pacy cross with his chest, blasted forward past the last man and on  into the penalty box to push the ball past the outstretched Pepe Reina to score.

I’m currently waiting on a goal in the Athetic Bilbao match but it’s not looking good with only 10 minutes left of the first half but as ever you have to remain optimistic.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  What a vile match, still 0-0 as I type and only a few minutes left.  I’m moving on to the Palermo Roma game where I’m going to lay the 0-0 HT score to start with and go from there.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Taking a chance on laying the 0-0 HT score in the Uni De Chile game which is currently 21 minutes old.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The Palermo game turned out OK with a goal in the first half so my lay of 0-0 HT came in.  The Uni De Chile game left me frustrated as is usual with this standard of football.  There was tons of enthusiasm but not much content.  Both teams seemed to adopt some kind of ‘swarm’ strategy whenever the opposition drew close to their 18 yard box as the attacker would fall prey to a horde of opposing players and inevitably lose the ball. 

Uni should by rights have closed the half a goal up as they hit the post then a short while later screwed up a simple ball that had pretty much bounced on the penalty spot and was begging to be smashed into the net only for the striker to half heartedly tap it into the keepers arms.  More money down the pan.

Finally I ventured to lay the 0-0 HT score in the River Plate match against Olimpo and while things were starting to look grim River managed to convert from a corner in the 32nd minute to score what so far is the only goal of the match.

Only two more in play offerings left, both from Mexico with one being the second leg of the match up between Monterrey and Pumas UNAM which ended is a dismal 0-0 draw a few days ago.  Not sure what to do yet but I’ll more than likely succumb and get involved in one or both of these pish fixtures.  That’s it for now.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Decided to go with the Santos Laguna match and I’m very glad I did.  I picked up the action at the start of the second half and thankfully it was a goalfest.  I basically layed the current score then after a goal went in layed the next current score and so on.  I actually missed out on laying the 1-1 score as the Betfair market hadn’t recovered before the home team made it 2-1.  Anyway it was a really good match to be involved in finishing 3-3 and helped me to end the day up instead of down.  I didn’t bother with the Monterrey game and I’m thankful for that as once again a scoreless first half would have done me no good at all.

That’s it for tonight, spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    129.53
End Bank        :    143.03
Profit / Loss   :   +13.50 (After Commission)


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