Demolition Man

The post title refers to the one man demolition job of Blackburn Rovers by the lazy Bulgarian at Old Trafford a short while ago. His 5 goals plus one apiece for Park and Nani saw Man U return to the top of the Prem with an emphatic 7-1 victory.  Berbs came very close to achieving goalscoring immortality in the 88th minute as he very nearly put his 6th in the net denied only by a great save from Paul Robinson.

And so on to the days betting.  So far it’s been three out of three for me with successful bets in the Villa v Arse match, Man U v Blackburn, and most recently after Villareal scored their second goal away to Real Zaragoza.  My next intended bet is in the Dortmund v M’Gladbach match that kicked off  25 minutes ago…I have been watching the action and waiting for the price of the 0-0 half time score to drop and have now submitted my bet, a lay of 0-0 in the half time market, so I’m off to watch the rest of the half.  Later on I hope to be getting something from the Dinamo Bucharest match.  Back later.

 UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I stopped off at the Sevilla match on the way to the Dinamo Bucharest game and picked up a few more pounds.  I’m currently waiting for the floodgates to open in Bucharest as I’ve layed the 0-0 half time score there.  Very frustrating trying to find a feed to watch this match but I’m not really surprised.  Probably similar probs for the Betfair suspend monkey as I watched a good 6 minutes or so of play before the match was turned in play on Betfair…would’ve been a free for all if a goal had gone in.  I’m off again to find another feed…back for the Espanyol game.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  A scoreless first half and no decent feed for the game in Romania dampened my spirits a bit.  I’m the first to say that you shouldn’t get involved in the mug football leagues but there I go breaking my own rules however I wouldn’t have gone there had I not thought that it would have paid off.  So the first loss of the day for me and I’m now on over 2.5 goals in the Juve match.  I’ll probably trade out if I get a goal early enough (assuming Juve don’t continue to squander what are some excellent opportunities…not discounting the Viola who are more than capable of scoring from a break).  Bring on the goals.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well that was a thoroughly entertaining second half even though I lost money.  The Fiora keeper was the hero of the day making a series of vital saves to deny Juve the 3 points.  Juve managed to pull a goal back though it came late in the match and try as they might they couldn’t find the winner.  I couldn’t trade out of my overs position as the price didn’t drop sufficiently.  In fact I backed it again when Juve pressure looked like prevailing but it wasn’t to be.

I noticed the final score in Bucharest was a very dismal goalless draw which stinks given Dinamo’s propensity for scoring at home (all of their home games have gone over 2.5 goals this season barring today).  I really must stay away from this shite.

Betting on the Juve game was pretty much a knee jerk reaction for me following the losses on the Dinamo game – the intention was to wait for the Atl Madrid v Espanyol game.  Obviously there have been goals in that match just to piss me off so I’m going to take a look at the second period of the game and see if I can pick something up to take the sting out of pretty much spending a whole day at my pc for a net loss of  £0.67 instead of the £57.05 that I was up before the Romanian crap.  More to follow.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The Espanyol match was very kind to me as the second half goalfest saw three successful correct score lays go my way and the final one went against me to give a little back but a pleasing game both from a betting standpoint and from a spectators one as well.  Wish every match I watch had as much commitment.

I ended the night with a visit to Colombia for the shitefest between Tolima and La Equidad.  These two teams are truly awful but it is their underlying atrociousness that serves to unwittingly create chances from which goals are scored and this match didn’t disappoint. 

I missed the first goal as I was fiddling about trying to undercut the price to lay the 0-0 score.  A long range shot that my dog could have saved went bobbling over the top of the prone keeper.  After the market reorganised itself I layed the 1-0 half time score and had to sit through some truly terrible football including an open goal miss from 3 yards out but the second goal came as the visitors somehow managed to barge their way through a shambolic Tolima defence to score and the money was in the bag. 

I’m thankful that today is over as I really should have stopped much earlier in the day but things have a way of swinging against you and then it’s decision time – do you pack it in for the day or carry on to see if you can salvage anything ? I chose the latter and it worked out though it made for a long day.  The trouble is even after all this time I still have a hard time when I have a losing day, but moreso if I don’t have a great deal of money in the betting bank.  Anyway, enough typing for one day, spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    98.34
End Bank        :    129.53
Profit / Loss   :   +31.19 (After Commission)


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