Recording Your Bets

Whether you’re new to betting or a seasoned punter one of the habits you really should try to adopt is to record your bets meticulously.  Yes, I know the online bookies do it for you and generating a P&L isn’t that much bother but there’s nothing like a proper visual that you can refer to if things take a turn for the worst.  Identifying and rectifying your punting mistakes, and more often than not these are simply periods of indiscipline where you veer off your normal course, are made far simpler if you keep your own records and update them bet by bet.

Anyone who has read my blog will see that I maintain a spreadsheet detailing every single bet that I make.  What makes things a little simpler in my case is that I use Betfair exclusively, no one else.  Because I’m feeling benevolent I’ve made a copy of the exact spreadsheet that I use and it’s free and available  for anyone that wants to download it and use it to start recording their own bets.  Click here to download my spreadsheet.  All the formulae needed are programmed in, all you would have to do would be to start at the top and change the starting bank amount then edit in your bets in place of the ones that I’ve left in of mine that are there to show you how I fill mine in.  And for anyone wondering – yes it’s clean.

Anyway, moving swiftly on – I started watching the Union San Felipe v Union Espanola match and the first half was a free scoring affair so I decided that maybe the second half would follow the first so I layed the 2-2 score in the correct score market.  Imagine my surprise to see no-one has troubled the nets so far in the second half.  I’m getting that nasty feeling that anyone backing further goals in this match will be put to the sword.  I hope I’m wrong as I have a large chunk of my bank on the score changing…only 20 odd minutes left.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I was still trying to figure out how to insert a downloadable file into my post when the 5th goal went in so my fears of a goalless second half were unfounded.  The home team looked the better side in the first half but ended up surrendering a 2 goal lead to eventually suffer a 2-4 loss.  Funny old game.  I had a mickey mouse back of the unquoted in the half time market really late into the half that failed but the correct score lay recouped and added a little back to the bank.  No more footy for me tonight.  Enjoy using the spreadsheet if you think it’s useful and if anyone has any questions about it just ask away and I’ll answer either via email or comments.

Start Bank      :    88.93
End Bank        :    98.34
Profit / Loss   :   +9.41 (After Commission)


4 Responses to Recording Your Bets

  1. mully1 says:

    I’ve spotted you’re now on
    R Schofield-Not Ross is it? 😀

  2. swearbox says:

    Hey up – if you remember you altered my url a few days ago after I wrote to you about the change. The R is for Rob not Ross.

  3. geoff says:

    Cheers for the spreadsheet- useful tool.

  4. swearbox says:

    You’re very welcome Geoff. Hope it proves as useful to you as it does to me.

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