Onwards And Upwards

The whistle has just sounded to signal the start of tonight’s Copa Sudamericana semi final second leg between Independiente and LDU Quito and that’s my port of call for the evening after having scored earlier in the day with a lay of the 0-1 half time score in the Qatar v Yemen match. 

Qatar were pretty much all over Yemen though they found themselves a goal behind fairly early on but the pace of the match plus a lot of really good chances being created but ultimately squandered suggested that more goals were to come if the strikers could just get their act together.  Anyway the goal that I needed came with about 15 minutes left of the first half so that was me done and dusted and the account now climbs to 3 figures WOOHOO !!

Whilst I was typing the above the feed for the Copa match was lost so Betfair have suspended betting until pictures return.  I had no bets on the match pre kick off so it’s a case of wait and see what happens.  FFS, betting unsuspended again so I’ll watch for a bit then decide what to do.  Back in a bit…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Not sure what to make of the first half given that Independiente scored first (offside) but instead of shutting up shop they kept pressing throughout the first half and Quito seemed happy to soak up the pressure.  That made no sense to me as Independiente were technically going through if they managed to successfully defend their lead so that led me to thinking that Quito were maybe trying to hold on and not concede any more and then come out all guns blazing in the second half.  I was almost right – they decided to attack right at the end of the half and levelled the score.  This sets up the second half nicely as Independiente are once again on the back foot so have no option but to attack so one way or another I think there will be more goals to come.  I’m going to lay the 1-1 scoreline in the correct score market and wait for my goal to come.  Back with a final update later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well that turned out nice, I’d barely finished typing and Independiente scored…laying the 2-1 score now…back later

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>   I layed the 2-1 score to lose exactly what I made from laying 1-1 so no harm done but I have to say it’s frustrating betting in matches between gash teams like these.  Passes going astray left and right, balls played into spaces where there is no one to receive them, unforced errors left right and centre and one piece of play I spotted had me asking out loud “Why did he do that ?”.  I’m referring to a ball played forward by Independiente towards the right hand side of Quito’s 18 yard box…no-one was there to receive it and no one chased after it…the Quito fullback let it go through back towards the goalie.  Now this is with 18 minutes left on the clock and Quito are out of the final if the score remains as it is so what does the goalie do ?  Does he pick it up quick and get the ball back out pronto to one of his team mates ?  No does he fuck.  He let’s it go out for a goalkick following which the ball is turned back over to Independiente.  It’s cluelessness like that that has me wondering how some of these retards sleep at night given the shocking performances they put in.  Anyway it’s over now and I’m a little bit miffed that I gave back what I made but there we are.

I’m toying with the Pumas v Monterrey game that kicks off in just under 5 minutes.  These two last met in Monterrey back in August with Monterrey running out winners by 5 goals to 2 but all was square at half time.  The damage came in the second half after Pumas had a man sent off so maybe that scoreline flattered Monterrey a little.  Tonight’s match is the first leg of an Apertura playoff and I’m going to start as I usually do by watching and if goals look likely I’ll be laying the 0-0 half time score.  Back in a bit…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The Mexican game was pish to say the least unless you like throw ins, in which case you’d be in heaven.  I’ve never seen so many throw ins in a match in my entire life.  Apart from the single chance that fell to Monterrey when they managed to hit the post this has been a case of two teams running round like headless chickens and the home team are shiteing it big time judging by the amount of ball that’s been passed square and backwards instead of forwards. These two won’t be troubling the nets today so I’m done with this dross.  Spready below.

Start Bank      :    96.14
End Bank        :    88.93
Profit / Loss   :   -7.21 (After Commission)


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