My First Bet Following A Betfair Reload

Well folks, I’m off and running again and so begins a new campaign to build a mountain of cash from a molehill of a betting bank.  My intended target match for my first public wager since March was always going to be the Rangers v Man U game though work commitments saw to it that I missed the first half hour of the game.

After tuning in to Setanta and settling down to watch the match I toyed with the idea of laying the 0-0 half time score, a favourite bet of mine, but I held out in favour of getting into the over 1.5 goals market which I duly bet on at the beginning of the second half at a shade over evens.

By minute 75 I was getting a little bit twitchy as no one had really come close to scoring but I still thought there may be something to come as Man Utd are not the sort of team to settle for a scoreless draw regardless of the quality of the opposition.  The only real way to avoid losing money IF the score changed was obviously to lay the current score so with around 9 minutes to play that’s what I did, staking appropriately to recoup my losses in the over 1.5 market (assuming only 1 goal being scored) and make a little on top.

When the penalty was awarded and Wayne Rooney picked up the ball I thought for sure he was going to screw it up as, since his return in the red jersey, he’s still miles off recapturing the form we know he’s capable of.  My misgivings were unfounded and the penalty was a peach and the way he celebrated said a lot about just how much he needed to get that ball in the net.  Let’s hope that it will serve as a catalyst to galvanise him into finding the goalscoring form we’re used to.

Now there is one more in play match tonight that gets underway in a little over half an hour though in reality the teams will probably still be snorting lines instead of trotting out onto the pitch.  I am of course referring to the Copa Sudamericana Semi Final 2nd leg between Palmeiras and Goias.  Pal are a goal to the good following a scrappy affair in the first leg so a draw will do for them.  Goias were relegated last weekend so they really don’t have much going for them league wise so hopefully they will make a match of it and go for the win tonight to put them through for a shot at the silverware.  Time will tell.  Personally I can’t stand Palmeiras having been fucked over by them previously but hopefully tonight’s offering will see both teams come out and give it a square go.  I’ll be back later on with an update if I decide to get involved in that match.  The updated spreadsheet is below.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Layed the 0-0 Half time score in the Palmeiras match so off to watch it and report back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well, that worked out OK…1-1 at half time and 1-2 to the visitors at full time…updated spready below.

Start Bank      :    80.00
End Bank        :    96.14
Profit / Loss    : +16.14 (After Commission)


2 Responses to My First Bet Following A Betfair Reload

  1. john says:

    jesus, just stumbled across your blog, makes a bloody nice change to read one written by somebody who can string a few words together, keeps it interesting and is open about his betting strategy. cheers mate!

  2. swearbox says:

    You’re very welcome John…getting comments like yours now and then is really really appreciated and I thank you for it.


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